2018-05-17:Devoting One's Life


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Summary: Amid the trials, a disciple is chosen.

Date: May 17, 2018

Devoting One's Life

Rating: PG


Sometimes, it's hard to meet with someone. The being known as Magik has refused to be on the earthly plane for a while now, and with good reason. Since the wars have begun, it is not safe. Magic itself is considered anathema. Wielders are either subverted for the government's desires, and used as slaves, as workers, or killed. Magik… could not allow that to happen. It's 2018. The United States are enslaved. And Magik… along with Strange… have come to the decision. They need others. So, on this night, he has entered the dreams of another.

Magik speaks lightly, voice a blend, to prevent knowledge of identity to seep out. "Attend, Devotion. I am giving you this name as a callsign. This is the only thing I will refer to you as. This is the only thing I want you to refer to yourself as in my presence. Your human name bears no matter here. We have things we must discuss, if you wish to secure your future and the future of others."

If there's one thing to be said, it's nice to be in control of the dreams you have. So you don't have nightmares in this hellish time. At least he doesn't think that this is a nightmare. It feels too … right. But to be given a new name in the presence of this, Devotion doesn't have a choice but to agree. "I am here."

Magik would offer a smile, were a face visible behind the armor. The armor of Magik is… to put it bluntly, nearly demonic in appearance. Curled horns from the forehead. The face is covered by a metal mask. The body covered in silver and spikes. And in Magik's hand… a large sword. It could be recognizeable to some who were around for the inferno, years ago. "Good. Devotion… You stand at a crossroads. My name is Magik. I wish to offer you… assistance. Despite my appearance, I am not an enemy. I believe you have it within you. The ability to fight for your world in ways that others would never dream of."

Devotion only let out a small laugh. Taking in the demonic visage of Magik in front of him. "Assistance?" A bit more closer look is given before he takes a step back to appreciate personal boundaries even in a dream realm. He stays silent for a moment before he says, "What kind of abilities. There're many mutants that can do many different things. What can you give me that they can't do?"

There's a laugh. "I can train you and teach you. I can give you a power that the sentinels cannot counter. Sentinels only counter mutant abilities. Aliens are outside their realm. Natural abilities of Atlanteans are outside their realm. Magic… is beyond their comprehension. I find you… full of potential. There is a glimmer. A spark if you will. Enough magic that we can fan it into something more, to give you an edge."

A quirk of a brow and a smile slides over Devotion's features. "An edge?" He seems to mull it over a bit, looking about this dream world for a second before he looks back at Magik. "I accept."

There's a sharp bark of laughter. "You accept? You don't even know what the magic I can teach and grant entails. It takes much more than simply learning. First, you have to master yourself. The magic I have, is double-edged. It feeds on deep negativities you may not know exist. It can give you a dark side. I've worked for years to master mine. I gave in to it before. But then, it cleared. It became… clean and pure. Until human negativity took over here again. The darker the situation, the harder it is to fight. It will try to take you over. Me, I became snappy when I was fighting it. Can you control yourself?"

"Well, I accept your offer." He can't help but smirk a bit at the laughter. At the question, Devotion falls silent, taking in a breath before he nods. "I believe that I can. But to the degree I think you're talking about. I'm going to been further training on that."

There's a whiplash strike of movement from Magik. It may be a dreamworld, but Devotion will feel the effect in dreamtime and in the real world. A thin red welt will appear over his arm, bleeding lightly before a dagger is pressed against it. That dagger pulses and becomes warm to the touch, matching Devotion's body temperature exactly. "First, see how you master this. This… is the key. The SoulDagger. Bound to your sense of self, your presence, and your very soul. Keep it secret. Tell no one. Only summon it when you are alone. When you've spent time with it, learning it… feeling it, then I will return to you. Then, the training may begin. I am choosing two pupils. As is my… cohort… Strange." He explains. Once the dagger is placed in Devotion's hand, it will feel like an extension of himself, and will vanish and reappear as needed. When out… that dark presence rears it's head in the back of Devotion's mind.

He winces just slightly at the welt before he looks down at the dagger. Devotion looks back up at Magik, getting used to calling the dagger in and out of existence a few times before he vanishes it. "Just how hard will the dark … me be to control." He looks down at his hand as the dagger reforms once more, testing the fluidity of his movements with it before he looks back at Magik.

Though Magik's face is not visible… the audible worry is there. "I… do not know. For everyone it is different. For the last Magik, it was simplicity itself. For the Magik before… it ruined lives. For me… column A, column B. But, I came with a gift that helps me. I… cannot speak for it's desires." Magik's head turns away.

Devotion's face goes a bit worrisome before he nods. "I understand." He looks down at the dagger, vanishing it from sight before he lets out a breath. "I guess it's trial and error for me." A soft laugh before he looks back at Magik. "Is there anything else that I should know, Magik?"

"At the moment, no. Just get used to the dagger. I will teach you more as I can. But… for now, keep it secret. None shall know of your abilities until I tell you otherwise. It's very important that people… especially the people in charge… know not that Magic still lives in the world." Magik explains. "Guard that secret with your life. I will be watching. IF the dagger proves more than you can handle… I will attend to matters."

He nods. "I understand." He looks down at his hands before he clenches them into fists. "Let's just hope that it doesn't prove more that I can handle." He laughs softly, trying to lighten the mood. But it's hard when the situation is as dark as this.

"Agreed. You may now return to your dreams. Practice in secret. I shall see you soon. And someday, you may meet your counterpart." Magik says with a laugh before vanishing in a circle of light.

Devotion lets out another small laugh. "Understood, Magik." The light causes him to cover his eyes before the dreamworld seems to swim and implode on itself. Then it's back to the original programming.

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