2010-05-11: Did You See A Bird?


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Summary: Elizabeth loses one of her drawings and Jono's cleaning up someone's mess.

Date: May 11, 2010

Log Title Did You See A Bird?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Left Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

It used to be a nicely manicured lawn. Until about twenty minutes ago. The causes of this issue are long gone, but Jonothon offered to remain behind and clean up the mess. And wow what a mess it is too. A deep furrow and a high mount of dirt. Grass is everywhere as well, long bits of turf even hanging off the side of the school. Looks like someone had fun! A fun that lead them to a meeting with Scott. That's not all that much fun. So the Brit is out here using his powers to fill in and smooth over that furrow. Can't do much about the grass sadly, but that's a problem for Scott. Jono psy-fire is active of course, making him look like he's on fire as he stands there and dirt moves. Really, it's hardly impressive looking. A skinny guy in black watching that big mount of dirt lower down.

Waling over from the Japanese gardens, Robyn looks a bit disheveled. Maybe cause he fell asleep there for a bit. It's not that he didn't sleep last night, it's that he woke up early cause he -had- to paint his sculpture first thing in the morning. He stops in his tracks as he sees the state of the lawn, and Jono in the midst of all of it. "What happened here?" He asks as he can't help but be nosy about whatever resulted in this kind of damage.

"Good God!" comes a surprised exclamation from Tara as she gets close enough so the damage comes within range of her TK sense. "Who was the disgruntled landscaper?"

It's not quite clear if Elizabeth has even noticed the damage to the garden, as she wanders down the path with a puzzled look on her face. "Has anyone seen an odd bird flying past?" she wonders aloud, clinging onto a book. "It escaped from my sketchbook and I can't tell where it's got to.."

Oh look, people! Jonothon's surprised it took this long for a crowd to gather. Then again the last one fled, so that's probably why. He doesn't stop smoothing things out, but he does turn to answer people. «Apparently someone accepted a dare. I didn't see it, but apparently swan diving from the roof was involved.» The Brit sounds wryly amused. The brilliance of some kids. «I do hope that none of you consider this a good idea.» No, Jono doesn't think any of you that stupid. «Robyn, you okay?» YOu look like you fell asleep outside. «Oh, no bird, sorry.» Bird? Escaped? Oookay.

Robyn shakes his head. "Sorry Elizabeth, I didn't see any bird." He comments before looking at Jono. "Am I okay? Yeah, I'm fine, it was yesterday, it's over with." Robyn comments thinking Jono is talking about something else. "And don't worry, I'm not going to be swan diving off the roof though James…I bet if I dared him he would." He says with a bit of a smile to show it's a joke.

"Nope. Haven't seen anything," casually answers Tara to Elizabeth. Of course, being blind, this is far more accurate than she lets on. "I'd jump off the roof. But you can bet that I'd be using my powers to gently float down instead of leaving a crater."

"I didn't think students were permitted to be up there?" Elizabeth wonders, before frowning up at the roof. "If this was any more embarrasing I think I might just die from the shame." She pauses, hugs her sketchbook a little tighter, and then adds "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of making either of your acquaintances? My name is Elizabeth White and it's a pleasure to meet you both."

«Meant your hair, mate.» Motioning to his own auburn mess while answering Robyn. Wouldn't bring up the Connor thing here, for all he's worried about that too. «Being able to fly doesn't count.» Said to Tara about floating down, but he is smiling. Jonothon doesn't care if fliers jump off the roof. It's the half a ton idiots he's rolling his eyes at. As for being allowed? «No, they aren't.» Students aren't allowed on the roof. Mostly. «That hardly stops them though.» And Six.. don't get him started on Six being on the roof. «I'm Jonothon Starsmore.» Since Elizabeth was so nice in offering her name. «You can call me Jono. Welcome to Xaviers.»

"My hair?" Robyn says runing a hand over the back of it. "Well I took a nap in the garden while just kind of relaxing. I was up early this morning." There's a shrug as he looks over the lawn. "Well how did they get up their if they couldn't fly, and why doesn't flying count?" Well for jumping down Robyn can understand that.

"One of the windows in the Attic opens up," explains Tara. "Six uses it all the time." To Elizabeth she gives a cheery little wave and introduces herself. "I'm Tara Kincaid. Paragon."

Elizabeth blinks a few times, before the squad name seems to sink in. "Oh. I'm in Excelsiors, at least that's what I recall the name being. I find it hard to concentrate on anything after our meetings. Especially if I have drawn anything large for the occasion."

There's a shake of the head for that Robyn fell asleep in the garden. «The school provides you a really nice bed, Mate. Maybe you should use it more than once a week.» Jonothon's in a decent mod today. Even as he gets the last of the dirt smoothed down. «Flying would have meant no bloody hole in the ground for me to have to repair.» That's why flying doesn't count. «And yeah, Tara, he shouldn't be using that.» Storm used to use it all the time before she moved out. «He can land and use the doors like the rest of us.» Elizabeth is eyed a moment, but he decides not to comment on that. Instead he picks up a bit of turf and motions a sigh at it.

"Hey, I used it last night and I'm gonna use it tonight. Tomorrow night though, I'm not sure yet." Robyn says taking the teasing in stride. "So how big was the drawing that got out this time Elizabeth? As big as Cerberus or smaller?" He asks the fellow artist in curiosity.

Tara scowls at Jono. "Well, you can tell him yourself if it's that big a deal," she says. After all, who is she to tell her boyfriend no? But something Robyn says catches her attention. "Wait, what? Got out?"

Elizabeth blushes. "No! Nothing like that and I'm still /very/ sorry about the tree he chewed," she assures. Omitting that it was more like two trees and a few large bushes. "I was drawing some Eastern Bluebirds and I'm not quite sure how, but it flew away." She sighs. "Have you been working on anything interesting?"

Brows arch at Tara. «Well, that was uncalled for.» He just rolls his eyes at her and leaves it there. More confused at her anger than angry himself. Whatever. Jonothon tilts his head at the artists, «Make it three days in a row and shock us all.» Teased back to Robyn. To Elizabeth he asks, «Does it hurt you or anything when they get away?» Doesn't quite understand her power, but he doesn't feel he has to.

Robyn grins at Jono and yawns. "We'll see, that's a tough thing to ask. And speaking of bed, I think I'm gonna head back to the dorm and crash out now. I'm really tired." He says before looking at Elizabeth. "Yeah, I'm almost done with my tiger versus cactus sculpture, but instead of finishing tonight, I'm getting sleep. I hope you find your blue bird, and if not, I hope you're drawing isn't stuck like that." He says as he goes to head inside.

"So things you draw come to life?" asks Tara, awe in her voice. "Cooooooool!" She grins as she starts imagining all kinds of things she'd like to see come to life. It's not a grin that would exactly inspire confidence in her imagination.

Elizabeth nods meekly. "Sometimes it hurts. But the bigger they are the harder they find it to get through by themselves," she explains, waving at Robyn. "To be honest I wish I could just make it stop. The things I like to draw can be… not very safe if they get upset."

Jonothon drags fingers back through his hair as he thinks. «Can you feel them at all?» Trying to figure out if there's anything he can do to help. Odds are not, but he asks anyway. «Like.. if you have a sense for them maybe we can follow. Do you need to get the bird back? Or are you worried about it getting upset?»

"Oooh! You could make T-Rexes… or Godzilla!… or Gamera! He's the friend to all children, you know," starts Tara, beginning to ramble on. "Or… OOOH! /Tribbles!/"

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