2010-12-28: Didgeridoo

Players: David and Vinny

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Summary: David and Vinny talk about being a mutant and play the didgeridoo

Date: December 28, 2010

Log Title: Didgeridoo

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town Condo Association

Even though Mutant Town Condominium Association is one of the bigger and wider buildings in Mutant Town extending ten stories. The building is a square with a whole in the middle that is home to a pool, tennis court and nice grassy area for the residents. Each Apartment. This isn't a place where you go to rent a place but purchase. It's one of the nicer places in Mutant Town, as you have to be a resident to enter it's locked building. In side the lobby are a few elevators that lead up to each floor.

Mid-afternoon finds Vinny sitting out on a bench outside of the Condo complex, he stares intently at the large sinkhole still outside of the building that the city has yet to fix, more specifically he's staring at the water that fills the hole nearly to the top again. The water main was fixed by Magneto some time ago but weather and other drainage have refilled the small crater. A deep reverberating drone emits from the long wooden tube held in Vinny's hands and pressed to his lips under his bill, the sound spiking and stuttering from time to time as he plays on.

Making his way out of the embassy, David is pleased to see the sun out, even though it is cold. He does not enjoy blizzards. But he was grateful for Magneto’s kindness in letting him and some of the students stay at the embassy suite. Dressed in his Institute uniform, an insulated white and gold bodysuit covered with a long white trench coat and yellow cybershades. He walks out and looks about wondering what to help with today. Spotting Mr. Wilks playing the instrument, he walks over, “You play that well. What is it called?”

Vinny seems fairly intent on whatever it is he's doing as his gaze never leaves the pool to water in front of him. The instrument continues to thrum and drone as it's hard to tell how he manages to keep playing without having to stop and breath. The song drifting from the instrument has an almost meditative quality to it and the reasoning for it is soon apparent. A dim light seems to shine in Vinny's eyes for a moment before they turn a solid sapphire blue color and glow brightly. The water in the pool ripples and swirls before a single column of the rather dirty liquid rises from the surface. About a foot thick it stops rising at about six feet and begins to writhe back and forth, like a snake charmer controlling a cobra.

David watches in amazement as he sees the column of dirty water dance about. Almost enthralled, David notes the human platypus’s eyes and ponders, “Hydrokinetic. Though the use of the instrument. Fascinating.” His cybershades flicker as a holographic image of a didgeridoo appears and facts concerning the instrument float about the image of the Australian aboriginal instrument.

Vinny's cheeks puff and deflate constantly with the circular breathing technique needed to play the instrument continuously as he is. His eyes never leaving the water and it's hard to know if he even realizes David is there. The tempo of the melody from the Didgeridoo increases and the column separates at the top and begins to split into two columns of equal size, the added mass of the controlled water causing the pool's level to drop a bit. He almost gets the column completely separated before the glow in his eyes flickers and the water splashes back down into the crater free of his control. He stops playing and takes a breath. "Ah Bloody hell… lost it again."

David hmmmns and the holographic image of the Didgeridoo disappears when the water splashes back into the crater. Hearing Vinny's reaction, David claps, "You play well and you demonstrated fine control with the hydrokinesis. But for the goal of simply removing the water, I such less showy techniques of the water dancing about." David walks over, "Fascinating instrument, the Didgeridoo. Using it for the corroboree. Do you always use it for focus and control?"

Vinny looks over a little surprised at David's insight and grins a bit. "Nice to see somone with a bit of knowledge of the culture. Back when I first figured out I could do that an aboriginal friend of the family suggested it, been playing one of these most of my life but she introduced me to a few fellas that knew the tribal traditions and I've been using it as a focus tool ever since. Don't need it to use the Hydrokenesis, but for using it for anything other than a blunt weapon it certainly helps."

Vinny says, "Wasn't tryin' to drain the hole, but since the pool in the condo is closed for tha season it's the only readily available body of water I got to practice with."

David nods, “Well, that is great. Good to see you again, Vinny. Enjoying the holidays?” David examines the Didgeridoo and looks up it up and down, “Well I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures. It helps to know as much as possible.” He smiles and then holding the instrument, “So simply, yet so beautiful. I bet Kenta or Mason would love to play this. If they even know how. May I try?”

Vinny nods and wipes the mouthpiece off before handing the instrument to David. "It's a bit tricky and the breathin' skill needed to play it in long periods like I was doing is a bit tough to learn, but give it a shot."

"Oh so you were just practicing. Well that is a great trick to tie in the Didgeridoo. Some techniques at the institute involving using various things to help focus your abilities. I had something of a totem too.” David smiles and then takes the Didgeridoo. “Thanks. And not too worry.” He takes a pose similar to Vinny and begins playing the same haunting somber song that Vinny was playing earlier. Just as well as Vinny, in fact.

Vinny blinks and takes a step back as David recreates his Corroboree. "How in the screamin' blue blazes are you doing that? That bit was taught to me special by an aboriginal Medicine man.. ain't no ways you could know that one."

David smiles, “I love the look on people’s face when I do stuff like that.” He hands the Didgeridoo back to Vinny. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shock you or anything. It’s my mutant powers.” He explains, “I’m a psychomimetic. The way you manipulate water. I manipulate skills. When I first meet someone I instantly gain access to their abilities, talents, knowledge, et cetera, et cetera.” He shrugs, “I can only play the Didgeridoo like that when I am around you. Or the medicine man who taught you. Or anyone else who can play it.”

Vinny frowns a moment than chuckles "Well I supposed that's come in right handy a few times. Thought for a minute there you were one'a them Mind Buggering types. He takes a breath for a moment and relaxes a bit, though if David was paying attention he would notice that when Vinny got a bit worked up for that moment the water in the crater behind him rippled unnaturally. "As for the Holidays, I won't sham ya. Been a bit rough, gettin' a bit homesick I suppose."

Chuckling himself, David offers, “Well it is a form of telepathy. But very limited. I can’t read your thoughts or anything. And I’m homesick too. My parents wanted me home for the holidays, but I couldn’t go after what happened here. Maybe I’ll head back to Chicago for the New Years. Still gotta figure out when I am going to see my girlfriend also.” David did note the work-up in Vinny, but did not want that to be the first thing he asked about, “So. What that ripple in the water? You did that?”
Vinny looks behind him at the pool and shrugs "I didn't do anythin', what did it move?" Seems Vinny's control still has a few kinks in it. He looks back to David "Well this is the first time I been away from family in.. well ever really. Didn't seem to be much point is stayin' home after I got outted and figure least my folks'll have a shot at a bit of normal life if I wasn't there."

David blinks, “Yeah the water had a ripple in it that didn’t seem natural.” Having been a student himself and having been around numerous mutants, David suspects it could be an aftereffect of Vinny’s powers. When hearing about being outted, David feels a bit of sympathy, “Yeah being outted kinda sucks. I was lucky to enough to have two representatives with me from the Institute when Purity found out. But we dealt with them and now my parents are proud and not afraid.” He half-smiles, “If you don’t mind my asking, what’s your story?”

Vinny goes to take a seat again, reclaiming the didgeridoo from David as he does as if the presence of the instrument in his hands is a comfort. Well was born like this.. well not completely like this. Looked normal except for the fur, Docs called it a severe case of Hypertrichosis and left it at that. My folks are good people, might have heard of them actually. Jacob and Jennifer wilks, both were fairly prominant members of a few activists groups back in the day, save the planet, protect the environment, that sort of thing."

David hmmmmns, “No not really, but” David’s cybershades flicker again and a holographic image of keyboards pops up and David begins to type their names. Suddenly a holographic image of Jacob and Jennifer Wilks appears. A photo of the internet and a list of their activities and degrees. David nods, “Impressive.”

Vinny nods "Mostly tutored and such, traveled with my folks most of the time. Then around my 13th birthday we were out in the outback on an expedition when I got sick, really sick. Our guide and friend to the family Hassi guided us to an aboriginal village for shelter while my folks sent some men back to the city to fetch a bush pilot to get me to a hospitol.. didn't think it was safe to travel with me like that. In the next few days, well I turned into this."

David hmmmmns, “Odd how you are from Australia and you ended up becoming essentially a platypus, sometimes I wonder if region plays anything into some powers. There used to be a student at the school who was a from a desert region and she is a pssamokinetic.” He then smiles, “What was the reaction from everyone?”

Vinny sighs a moment, stroking one hand over the instrument. "Tribal leader held a Corroboree, afterwards the medicine man proclaimed I had been touched by the spirits of the dreamtime and carried thier blessing. My folks were shocked to say the least, but I was still thier son and while some things had to change thier acceptance never did. There isn't as much backlash against mutants in Australia yet but they were afraid I'd be hauled off by the government for testing or worse. Thankfully the only people that knew what happened were my folks, Hassi, and a few trusted friends. We let the others go back when the plane arrived and made out way home in secret. Moved out of the city after that to a lakeside home on the outskirts of the Outback. Private, secluded, and safe."

Nodding his head, “Well, I’m glad to see that for the most part you were ok, thought having to grow up secluded must have been tough. There’s actually a few Australian mutants I’ve heard of tied to the Dreamtime. Gateway and Bishop.” He exhales, “One is teleporter, the other an energy manipulator.” David then asks, “So why did you come here?”

Vinny nods "Havn't heard of either of them. While it was a bit Lonely I finished my schooling with Hassi and earned a pair of degrees in Biology and Ecology from Online universities. Figured one day I'd pick up where my folks leave off. Still traveled with them by boat when I could, but made sure to stay out of sight when cameras were out or people that couldn't be fully trusted were about. Didn't matter in the middle of a rain forest when we were with friends. But anyway my folks came back from an overseas trip and they looked worried, but wouldn't talk about it. A few days later I'm out in the lake when I hear a boat coming close, so i duck out of sight and this speedboat pulls up to the dock and these 4 guys just open fire on the house."

David’s jaw drops, “Oh my god. That’s horrible.” David takes a seat next to Vinny, “I’m so sorry. If you don’t want to continue, I understand.” David is utterly shocked and sympathetic when he hears about the four men open0firing on the house.

Vinny shakes his head "It's alright, I surfaced and headed towards the boat, wasn't sure what I could really do but figured I had to do somthing. Next thing I know I'm riding a ten foot high wave of water and when I thrust a hand towards the boat to tell them to stop the boat gets shot up onto the beach and sends them sprawling. They buggered off in a big hurry after that. Folks were alright, few minor cuts from busted glass and such. Turns out the men were mercs for a logging company that was clearcutting rain forest and my folks had been protesting against.

"Oh, so they weren't attacked because you are a mutant. That's good, though either way the attack is bad." David gives a sorry look for having said that. "Well, your folks are alive then." David remains quiet to hear the rest of the story.

Vinny nods "The cops caught the guys a few days later, course then the secret was out. The "Water Monster" that had attacked thier boat was revealed and the whole story hit the press. Folks lost a bunch of thier overseas sponsors after coming forward and giving thier stance of Co-existance between humans and mutants. These days they work at the zoo at Melbourne as educators, researchers and animal handlers. Almost all of thier work is in Australia now, no support outside of there. I figured there was no point stayin' after being Outted, read an article online about the mutant situation in the states and figured I should see things first hand, not sure exactly what I'm gonna do yet. But figure just being here is a start.

David hmmmns, “Well, not sure the US is the best place for a mutant given the history with sentinels and whatnot. Though technically it is the land of the free. Though if it’s not sentinels, then it’s government agencies like Operation Zero Tolerance, or mutant villains like Mr. Sinister, or anti-mutant groups, like Purity.” He shrugs, “Though one would think Mutant Town would be a relatively safe place to be and look ho that turned out.” He shrugs, “But we are glad you are here to help out for every negative, there is positive like Xavier’s and the X-Men.”

Vinny nods "Well as dad always said. "If you're going to make a difference, you have to be where the problem is." So here I am, for better or worse right now this is where I need to be. Unfortunatly the old man wasn't too descriptive on what I need to do now." He gives a light laugh.

David laughs as well, “It will come to you. We are each figuring our places in the world, human or mutant.” David likes to think of himself as someone who has it pretty much together, “Even I am. Right now, I’m meant to be at Xavier’s. But who knows after that.” He grimaces having seen a glimpse of a possible future and shakes his head abit.

Vinny smiles "True enough, I figure at least I'll be able to toss a wet blanket on the plans of a few idiots. Or a couple hundred gallons of water." He sits back a bit and sighs "So that's my tale in a nutshell for what it's worth."

David nods, “You don’t see too many hydrokinetics. Seems to be one of the rarer powers. I don’t think I’ve ever met any. Though I’ve met many mutants.” He exhales, “Well, that was quite the tale and definitely worth something. IF anything, I just learned a little more about a new friend.”

Vinny stands from the bench and stretches "Well I was glad to share, friends are always a good thing but I need to take off for a bit. Got a few things to take care of, mabye I'll see you around a bit yeah?"

David nods and stands up as well, “Well it was good chatting with you Vinny and I’ll see you around.”

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