2010-01-01: Difference Of Opinion


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Summary: A difference of opinions leads to a bit of an argument.

Date: January 1, 2010

Log Title Difference of Opinion

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Mid-afternoon, and with classes ending for the day, many of the school's students have sought to cheerfully ignore their homework needs, to focus on the weekend and its broad potential for distraction. While the pool may be heated, only those few students immune to the bitter winter chill have elected to use it, leaving plenty of space for one of the newer residents of the institute. Bundled up in sweater, scarf, mittens and thick knit cap, Rashmi seems content to take a post at one of the poolside benches, a small stack of books beside her, her current selection resting open in her lap.

Dallas trudges up the path from the dorm. After what amounted to an all-day workout yesterday and then kitchen duties today, he's sore, tired but still fidgety. And since the heated pool and hot tub are usually relaxing (when strange Dr. Doom Jr twins aren't hitting on you), that's where he heads. In sweats and sneakers, with a towel thrown over his shoulder, he notes that the cold air getting /to/ the pool is almost not worth the amazing swim and soak. Almost. He stops when he sees that the area as at least one occupant and sighs faintly. One thing the new school lacks is privacy. In /any/ sense.

There's one other person whose has the same idea as Dallas, Robyn thinks that a nice swim would be nice. It's one of the few things he actually enjoys to do in regards to working out, if he wasn't at Xavier's training with his powers, he'd probably not even do anything to work out. He comes out wearing a pair of black jeans with a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie on, running towards the pool with a towel over his arm. "Oh man it's cold out here." He says to himself before noticing Dallas and Rashmi. "Oh…hey." He says as the presence of others is unexpected.

Rashmi looks up from her books, blinking faintly. A rather apologetic smile and half-wave is given to Dallas, a nod to Robyn. "Hello… um." Looking back and forth between the boys, and the towels on theor shoulders, she clears her throat, closing her book over her finger. "…Should I go? I can if you like, I don't mind…"

Robyn smiles at Rashmi as he's never seen her before, maybe she doesn't know him as 'the frog kid'! "Hey, no it's okay, it's not like I

Dallas nods to Rashmi and Robyn. "Hey." He shucks his clothes quickly and with the unselfconscious quality of a person who plays a lot of team sports. Once he's down to his streamlined Xavier's trunks (in the classic X-Men fanboy black and yellow, of course). The cold air slaps and bites at the same time and he's shivering before he can step away from the pile of clothing he leaves on a chair. "What? Leave? Why? Just don't throw anything electrical in the pool." He plunges in, feet-first, blessedly warm water taking away the sting of winter air.

Robyn smiles at Rashmi as he's never seen her before, maybe she doesn't know him as 'the frog kid'! "Hey, no it's okay, it's not like I'm planning on swimming naked or anything. Sorry, I'm Robyn by the way."" He says waving to Rashmi before stripping down as well. He's not self conscious but he's definately got that skinny, emokid build. The two tattoos he has are visible on his wrists. "Holy moly it's cold! Hey Dallas!" He says before jumping in the pool to warm up.

"I think I can manage that," Rashmi replies, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth once Dallas breaks the surface again. "It's good to meet you Robyn, I'm Rashmi." Dark eyes drop back to her book again, her page marked and set aside. "I still don't see how anyone even wants to use this now— aren't you going to be miserable when you get out?"

Dallas gives the tattoos a curious look since he's never seen anybody their age with them before and grins as the other young man plunges into the water. Looking back to Rashmi, he replies, "Um, yea. But you swim and then soak in the hot tub until you feel like you're going to cook. And then when you can't take anymore, you jump into your sweats and run back to your room for a hot shower. By that time, your muscles are as loose as they can be." He shrugs. "Or at least that's how I do it."

"I just figure when I'm ready I'll just run back to the mansion and then get into my jammies and curl up under some blankets but with a heated pool like this, you have to use it." Robyn says as he dips under the water quickly. "I don't know about the limber muscle things but I'm kind of enjoying being me again so I'm kinda rushing to do everything I missed." He says with a smile.

"Being you again?" Rashmi's eyebrow rises briefly, a questioning glance thrown to Dallas. "…Did I miss something…?"

Dallas grins at Robyn. "You'd think you would have like the pool /more/ before. Unless it reminded you of a stew pot." There is a good natured teasing in his tone. At Rashmi's question, he treads water to turn towards her and say, "Um, Robyn got frogged. It's something that apparently happens here. Not, like Mutant High here but New York here. City people." That last phrase knowingly conveys the idea that New Yorkers can and do break every law, even those of nature, pretty much all the time.

"As a Frog I prefered the pond in the Garden, it was too warm and chlorineish here." Though he did use it occasionally. "Yeah, I got turned into a frog, sometimes…things happen. It comes with going to Mutant Hight. And what's wrong with City People?" Robyn says with a smile as he's a New Yorker himself. "I never had anything happen to me in the city, well just got annoyed by super hero fights clogging a commute. I've had more happen here than living in Brooklyn."

Rashmi blinks owlishly for a moment. "…So… um…. huh." The redhead's eyes fall back to the book in her lap, one hand coming up to pull her long, thick braid over her shoulder, worrying at the end. "…And I thought the gangs were bad enough—wait. City People? I grew up there too, you know."

Dallas grins at both of them. "Well, that explains both of /you/ but what happened to me?!" With that (and perhaps to dodge any replies in the form of being zotted by powers) he dives under the water and swims to the deepest part of the pool, lean form casting shadows on the bottom in the wavering blue radiance of the side-lighting in the pool. He comes up laughing and looks back at the other two. "Hey, don't blame me because everybody else in the country things New Yorkers are weird. Blame TV."

Robyn can't help but laugh and he's about to splash some water on Dallas but he moves away to quickly. "Watch it, I'll just jump in your brain and you'll lose five minutes and find yourself out in the middle of the woods in just your swim trunks." He's teasing of course as it's followed by a chuckle. "I never had problems with gangs in New York, which part of the city are you from?"

"…Couple blocks away from Hell's Kitchen," Rashmi responds with a quiet sigh, then throws Dallas a mock-stern glare. "Where mostly people are normal because they don't have the energy for anything else. So *there.* Besides, California." This last, spoken with the utmost assurance that whatever strangeness New Yorkers get up to, any average Californian can top it twice, before breakfast.

Robyn's mock-threat gets a frown and Dallas' shoulders tense a bit but after a second, he relaxes, apparently not believing that his possibly future-friend it /that/ kind of psychic. He grins and shrugs at Rashmi. "Don't look at me, I'm from Illinois. We don't have fr…." He stops and frowns slightly and then shrugs again. "Life's pretty normal there."

Robyn looks at Dallas and notices the slight tense for a second. "Sorry, I was joking about the possesion thing, actually I don't really enjoy it. It's been good when I'm in a situation where I need it but that's about it." He explains as he dips under the water to get the chill off of his face for a bit. "Cool, I'm from Brooklyn, right across the river in Williamsburg."

Rashmi nods her understanding to Robyn, smiling. "I never really left our neighborhood much… If I wasn't in school, I was studying, or working, or helping my parents. Like I said, most people where we live have little energy for more than what the day needs." Trailing off, she gives Dallas a curious, appraising look. "…I think I'd have much to say about that," she says to him, not unkindly, "but it'd probably either bore you or upset you. There usually isn't much else to do, when I get my fingers into such topics."

Dallas waves off Robyn's apology. "Nah. I'm just being a wimp about something. I'll deal. I know you're ok." He rolls his eyes, apparently at his own stupidity and then grins at Rashmi. "We better not talk about it then. I guess I have a way of making people mad or something and I don't want somebody /else/ going off on me." He casts around for another topic and then asks, "Mutant High's most traditional question: What's your deal?"

"I hope I'm okay." Robyn says with a laugh. "Eh, we're all wimps about something Dallas, just be true to yourself, that's what my parents always said. And I've never had a problem with you Dallas, actually you made me laugh a few times when I was getting down about being a frog. Maybe I'm just immunne to your ability to make people mad." He says smiling before he looks at Rashmi curiously when Dallas asks his question.

Rashmi tilts her head slightly, fiddling with the end of her braid again. "'Deal?' Could mean a lot of things, but… probably you want to know what I can do?" Taking a deep breath, she stands from the bench, casting her eyes aound the general area. After a moment, she nods to herself, stepping back another pace from the pool's edge. "Erm… you… may want to be ready to duck. They move fast, when I lose my control of them…"

Dallas swallows as Robyn says that line about 'being true to yourself', looking briefly disturbed. "Sometimes that's not the best id…. duck? I'm neck deep in water. How much more ducked can I get without actually /being/ one?"

Luckily Rashmi says to duck ortherwise Dallas and Robyn would be getting into a conversation about if being true to yourself is a good or bad idea. "Duck…what is your power, and like Dallas said, if need be we can just dive under." He is a bit nervous about what she might be doing though.

Rashmi bobs her head. "That was mostly what I meant…" Taking in a deep breath, she closes her eyes, cupping her hands in front of her chest, frowning with the too-heavy concentration that nearly every mutant new to their powers displays, when attempting to do something on purpose. After a few seconds, a shimmering, translucent blue sphere about the size of a shotput fades into view an inch or two above her hands, drifting off of its own accord to set up a lazy orbit around her waist. Shorty after, a second sphere appears, then a third, and more until finally there are six in total, lazily circling her just outside of arm's reach.

Dallas watches the display and then grunts. "Cool. Do they do anything or is it kind of like Dazzler but without the lasers? And disco. And roller skates?" He pauses and says defensively, "What? My parents have her albums and stuff, back from like, the stone age."

"Wow, that's kind of cool, can you do anything else besides just have them rotate around you?" Robyn doesn't know much about them but she's kind of remind of him an atom or something. "Hey, my boyfriend likes Dazzler and he even has her movie and auto biography. He's such a superhero fanboy." He says as Robyn doesn't know much about them at all.

Rashmi nods faintly. "…Well… *I* can't do much," she says, making a gesture as though to scoop one of them up, the sphere gliding closer, never quite touching her hand. As it breaks its orbit, the others follow, connected by some invisible lead that keeps them all moving in the same direction. "The professors tell me, if I practice enough, I can make them all go different ways at once… But it hurts my head to even try, right now. It's like teaching yourself to be ambidextrous… only with six hands. And…" she knocks on the sphere closest to her, producing a hollow, almost metallic sound, "they're pretty hard. When I… y'know, found them… they put some craters in the brick wall…"

Dallas nods and says, "Neat. You're a one-woman bowling team!" He grins at that and says, "See, everybody has cooler powers than me. I need to pray for secondary mutation or something." At the mention of Robyn's boyfriend he just shakes his head, still faintly grinning and looks back to Rashmi. "You know, if your balance doesn't suck, you might be able to fly on those."

Robyn watches Rashmi for bit with raised eyebrows before speaking up. "So you produce energy spheres that you can hurl a people or something? That's kind of neat. And you think your's is bad Dallas, try depending on other people to just function through the day." Though Robyn doesn't really hate his powers. "One foot on each, I guess that could work for flying." He gives Dallas a curious look at the head shake but doesn't say anything.

Rashmi blinks, dropping her 'hold' on the orb. "…Fly? Good Lord no, I'd have to be out of my *mind* to try something like tha—" She trails off as the orbs begin to shudder and tremble in their orbits, jerking outward in random directions. "Oh no, no no no… Um… Boys…? *Duck.*"

Dallas nods at Robyn. "Or a snowboard. Balance it on the spheres. That would be cool." He starts to say something about Robyn's powers when Rashmi gives that warning and he gulps a breath of air and then dives for the bottom of the pool.

"What?" Robyn asks as before he notices Dallas dive under the water and take his own deep breath and dive under the water. He just hopes that he can hold is breath for long enough.

Before the water finishes rippling over the boys' heads, Rashmi looses a sharp cry, and the spheres seem to explode outwards in all directions. Crashing through the trees, sending up violent puffs of snow, ricocheting over the concrete, even splashing across the pool's surface once or twice. For a good couple of minutes, the above-water stretch of the pool is utter chaos… then, as suddenly as it began, all is stillness.

Dallas watches, as best he can, from the bottom of the pool, only catching a few blurry streaks of light and hearing the occasional splash or thud. His lungs are aching by the time it seems quiet again and with no other choice, Dallas surfaces, gasping for air and looking around. "Everybody ok?"

Not being able to hold his breath any longer, Robyn heads up to the surface just in time to take a deep breath and dive back down before a ball skits across the water. He stays down a bit longer before popping back up and breathing hard. "Yeah…*breath*…I'm fine..*more breath*…how about…*breath*… you?" Robyn may be skinny but he's not in great shape.

Rashmi is resting against the bench she'd been sitting at, one corner of the back chipped away by a stray orb, chest heaving as she struggles for breath. Turning her gaze toward the pool, she manages a sick half-smile, cheeks flushing. "And… that's why… I'm… here… Sorry, guys…"

Dallas shrugs and says, "It's cool. We'll just call you Grenade Girl and point you at the bad guys and run." He laughs as he says it, though, still treading water. "Ok, that was actually kind of fun in a 'Oh god, oh god, we're all going to die' kind of way."

Robyn is still trying to catch his breath a bit but he can't help but chuckle a bit. "Yeah, I'm still learning control of my powers, I'm not really good with them. At least I've gotten better with keeping my head out of other peoples. Grenade Girl with her Shotput Shenanigans." It's a bad joke but he just goes with it. "Though I could use less 'we're all gonna die' moments."

Rashmi manages a huff, pushing her cap back to get her hair out of her eyes. "…You're both… really lucky… I have a sense… of humor…" After a few moments, she levers herself back up onto the seat. "Grenade Girl… hmpf." Though there's a small, if tired, grin on her face as she shakes her head.

Dallas laughs at Robyn and says, "Totally needs an action figure." He looks back to Rashmi and says, "Are you sure you're ok? You need us to get somebody or something?" Swimming to the edge of the pool, he levers himself up, arms and shoulders bunching and hisses a bit as the cold air flows across wet skin. He gives her a closer, concerned look.
"I can make an action figure, well not a real one but one out of clay?" Robyn says chuckling as he looks up at Rashmi. It's good to hear you have a sense of humour Rashmi, it's a good way to go through life." Then as Dallas goes over to see if she's okay, Robyn feels a bit bad that he didn't think of it and swims after him, willing to help. "Sorry, I should have asked, are you okay?" Yeah, he'll admit he's following Dallas's lead.

Rashmi waves a hand negligently, bending forward to let her head hang. "No, no… I'll be all right… Just need to sit down a bit…" One hand reaches up under the curtain of copper-colored hair, pressing against a temple. "Ow…. it's like my brain ran the Boston Marathon… if that makes any sense…" There's a pause, and a brief shake of her shoulders. "…And it probably does…"

Dallas gives her another long look and then sinks back down in the water, taking the new girl at her word. He glances over at Robyn, arching his eyebrows as though asking what the other boy thinks. After a second he says, "Well, I know that feeling. I did twenty miles on the treadmill yesterday. I thought my legs were just going to drop off. /And/ I forgot my iPod. So, you know, boring."

Robyn nods. "No I know exactly that feeling, all my powers are mental based. It's like when I go to long without absorbing mental energy from someone, my head just gets more and more tired feeling and it's painful. Just relax for a bit, it will eventually fade. Just relax for a bit and take it easy, I wouldn't recommend reading for a bit." Robyn says as he pushes hair that's fallen in his eyes out of his face. "Dallas, I'll be honest, I don't know how you do it, all that working out. I would be bored to death but then, that's just me."

Rashmi tugs her cap off, combing her hair out of her face as she raises her head. "…I probably won't, yeah… Dallas, it's exactly like that feeling, only in your head. Maybe if it happens more, I'll take bets on which ear my brains leak out…?" Managing a slow chuckle, she slumps back on the bench. "So… something I've always wondered. Everyone asks about everyone's powers… but… What d'you want to *do?* I mean, like… doesn't anyone think about what happens if they want to leave this place, after awhile?"

Dallas smiles at Robyn. "Back home, I've always been into sports. So it was constant training and practice. And I'm kind of small so I have to be in /killer/ shape to compete. And, um, it feels good, usually. You stop thinking after a while and get lost in the workout." He shrugs, not really having the vocabulary to explain it. "You stop worrying and stuff. Usually." He looks back at Rashmi and says, "I guess you could leave if you wanted. I'm staying and trying for X-Men, if I don't flunk out on school work or get in more trouble." He frowns faintly, "When you got powers, things changed. You can't undo that and not be …you." And then bizarrely, he argues a bit with his own point, "But that doesn't mean you /have/ to do anything with it. You can just not be a …um… superhero."

"Oh I plan on leaving, I am going to become a sculpter in Hollywood for animate films. And Dallas, you say you're kinda small, I'm as thin as a dime, but then I'm not an athlete." But then Robyn is significantly taller than Dallas if a lot skinnier. "I guess the same with me an sculpting, the stop thinking thing, I get it. Just differnt ways to relax." Robyn says with a smile. He wants to make stuff for films of the Tim Burton calibur. "And I have a few powers, they're all mental based. I can possess people, go onto the astral plane and I'm still working on forming psychic weapondry. Oh…and I'm a psychic vampire." He say as he's not sure if she was asking jus Dallas but he figures he'll share all as well.

Rashmi smiles warmly at Robyn, nodding as she looks back at Dallas. "That's what I mean, right there. You've got a lot of powers that… um… actually they're sort of creepy just thinking about them… but you want to be an artist, and that doesn't have anything to do with your powers, right? But… I hardly ever hear anyone talk like that… and well, back home it was all some kids ever thought about… mostly since they wanted to get away from the Kitchen…" Shaking her head, the girl sighs. "It's just… I don't know, worrying. Even more than psychic vampires or getting turned into frogs. You said we can't ignore our powers and still be us, right Dallas…? Well…" Tugging her braid back over her shoulder, she relaxes on the bench. "I'm not sure I like the idea that our powers are all we are, either."

Dallas looks uncomfortable, as though the discussion is perhaps hitting a little too close to home in a tangential way. "We aren't just what our genes make us. I'm not just a guy who gets stronger and tougher and stuff when he calls his shadow. /But/…." He pauses, working his way through a personal minefield of hedged thoughts and things he'd rather not even consider, "… if that …difference… is useful and positive and can help people, we have a responsibility to try to learn to do good with it. Even if we don't do it in a costume." He frowns and says, "But if it's, um, just a useless or maybe even /harmful/ difference, we don't need to express it. Or even think about it."

Robyn shakes his head. "They're not all we are Rashmi, but they are part of us. Like me, my dreams of what I wanted to be and doing what I love didn't stop because I came here. I know I need to learn control of my powers and I need to learn how I'm going to function on a daily basis when I don't have Addison around to help with my need to absorb other people's psychic energy. It is scary but the way my powers are, I need to drain other peoples in order to function. Since Addison is a strong mentalist, I don't effect him by draining him since he has so much mental energy. I want to learn to be me out there and not hurt other people. Just because we have powers doesn't mean we have to go off and be XMen and save the world. Some of us, like my boyfriend Jordan, like having powers and want to do more with them. Like I said, you have to be true to who you are. If you're someone with powers, be true to that person and accept what you are, just don't like your powers dictate what or who are. And oh man am I sounding like my mother." Robyn says shaking his head. If there's someone who doesn't have self esteem issues, it's definately Robyn.

Rashmi straightens in her seat, practically beaming at Robyn. "Then your parents are people with good heads on. I mean… look, Dallas… You've got a lot of good thoughts you've said, except one… There's no such thing as a harmful difference. And *never* one you 'don't think about.' I mean, California. All those people who got together and marched because how *dare* anyone treat them like anything other than people just because they were gay! Did it make any difference in what they did for a living, or what they wanted out of life? Probably not. But it was them, so it *mattered.*"

Dallas just sighs and says, "That's so not true. Aren't some kinds of crazy genetic? Or what about people with, um, congenital diseases?" He shakes his head. "And I don't want to talk about the rest of that." His tone is a little flat.

Robyn nods and agrees with Dallas. "We're talking about mutants, let's please not bring that up. As a mutant I've seen some pretty crazy stuff and I know I'm going to be a target for things. I have been a target for a few things, I just recently got turned into a frog. You just have to learn to accept who you are, and they teach you control here so can control your harmful differences. All of us have had some bad experiences with lack of control, some worse than others. It's like having to learn to walk but with your gifts."

"Well it's all the same thi—" Rashmi begins to reply, then flushes, settling back against the bench. "…Sorry… It's just… Sorry…" Snatching up her hat, she tries rather unsuccessfully to fake having trouble rearranging it on her head. "…I did warn you," she says lamely.

Dallas nods at Robyn and gives Rashmi a quelling look. "Look, I'm here to learn to control my powers and learn from the X-Men. This is not Gossip Girls. I'm not the guy who needs to be taught how to love everybody. I am /not a project/. For ANYBODY." That last bit is firm enough that it's not quite a yell. "So don't start lecturing me and don't get in my face about stuff that is none of your …our… business. Ok? If you can manage that, we're cool." His shadow flickers there and gone more than once as he talks and his tone is, Robyn might notice from previous discussions, atypically hard and fast-coming. Not exactly angry but certainly agitated.

Robyn gets quiet for a bit, unlike Dallas, he is kind of the guy who likes to get along with people as best as possible, but then he tries to let things roll off his back and just figures everyones an individual and respects them for that. "No one called you a project Dallas." He says in hopes of being reassurance. "Just, Rashmi, Xavier's isn't really that bad of a place and it's not like they're brainwashing us to be mutant soliders, they're teaching us to function in a world that doesn't trust us and a world that is…." He thinks of the right way to put it. "That can be after us? I agree with using your powers for good, even if you don't want to be a superhero. Someday you might find yourself in a situation where you can save a life, and hopefully you'll do it because you have the power to. Everyone's different and that's the way of life. Just because we are all dangerous in a sense, doesn't mean we're all the same. We're just a high school of kids with the same gene that makes us unique."

Rashmi throws her hainds into the air. "So you're PEOPLE! That's what I was just trying to say!!" Squeezing her eyes shut, she pinches the bridge of her nose, muttering under her breath in a musical, distinctly foreign tongue. "…Look," she says, finally, her accent noticeably more prominent. "I make a project of no one. Everything that you just said, Robyn, is exactly what I think. Fine." Drawing in a deep breath, she lets it out in a huff. "Okay. So it would be stupid of me to practice the campaign here as well. This is good, sort of. Some things don't change… unless I go to Berkeley. That… helps. Thank you."

Dallas growls. Literally, a wordless, frustrated and annoyed vocalization. He grabs the side of the pool and scrambles out, gasping a little at the air that has become colder even in the time he's been in the pool and starts to put on his clothes, skipping the hot tub entirely. Skipping drying off for that matter, until he gets to the hair and starts scrubbing it vigorously with his towel while he slides on his shoes. After he's done, he sighs and says, "Look, I'm sorry. I just … never mind. I shouldn't be mad at you."

Robyn is kind of confused right now, he doesn't know where the whole arguement came from if she agrees with what he said and to him what Dallas said was how he feels. "Okay…sory Dallas, I didn't mean for it to escalate into anything…" Robyn says as he watches him leave with a bit of a frown. He chews on his lip a bit and slides under the water for a while since he's kind of feeling awkward. Once he pops back up he sighs. "Sorry things got so confusing. I don't know, I'm just trying to live my life and get by. I don't like thinking that my life revolves around some gene that gives me mental abilities. I'm me and I'm happy with that. I guess a swim wasn't as relaxing as it should have been."

"No, Robyn… that was my fault," Rashmi says, closing her eyes, then looking up toward Dallas. "Really, I'm sorry… Look… Twice already, I've spoken to you, and made complete hash of the attempt… And made you leave the pool at speed. So. I will try my hardest to stop playing the political I want to become, and try to be something like a decent friend. Deal?" she asks, sticking her hand out.

Dallas sighs faintly and nods. He says quietly, "It's not you. Just a bad couple of days." He takes her hand and gives it a quick shake. "I just need to get my crap together. Somehow." He looks back towards Robyn and includes him in that. "It's not you either, dude. It's … stuff. You know? Well, you will sooner or later. That's the way this stuff works. Anyway, I need to go clean up after the dinner rush." He starts to go, trying not to shiver, given that he's the one who decided to get his clothing wet.

Robyn watches Dallas for a bit and nods. "Sorry you've had a rough couple of days. The weekend is here Dallas, let me know if you want to go into New York City and hang out or something, sometimes getting out of here can be relaxing. Not feel so restricting." He says trying to help out a potential new friend. He likes Dallas and thinks he's nice. Robyn looks over at Rashmi and smiles as he doesn't have a problem with her either.

Rashmi nods in agreement, returning Robyn's smile. "Then get warm quickly, Dallas… And… take it easy. As Robyn says." Gathering up her books, the redhead climbs to her feet, halting a moment to see if she's likely to tip over. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, she nods. "I should go inside, also. Finish my homework before the weekend."

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