2010-07-12: Difference Of Opinions


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Summary: Jono visits Robyn in the medbay.

Date: July 12, 2010

Log Title: Difference of Opinions

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

He's been sitting by the bedside a while now, doing nothing more than reading on an electronic pad. Jonothon doesn't seem all that enthused about what he's going through, but there's a determined air as he focuses. Then again homework is never all that much fun. Same black clothing, nothing much changed, except that he's gone and gotten another haircut. Hopefully this one lasts more than a week. (Hair tends to reset to the long, shaggy length, if he gets wounded.)

The only reason Robyn's been sleeping is because of the pain killers and then he can't resist the tugs of drowsiness pulling him into a deep sleep. He's been sleeping for the past few hours still recovering from a broken arm, broken ribs, concussions, head wound, road rash and a neck injury. With a groan he starts to wake up, his body is stiff and sore as he isn't able to move much. HIs eyes dart around the room, since he can't move his head due to the neck brace, not spotting a certain someone, he lets out a sigh of relife. But then there's someone else he spots. "Jono? What are you doing here?" He groans, voice filled with sleepiness and pain.

«Homework.» Is the bemused reply. That's what he's been doing here. Reading is put down and the Brit gives Robyn a small smile. «Heard you were hurt, so came to see you. Was glad to find you sleeping.» Jonothon can work the machinery down here, so he saw all the damage. The sigh has the man eyeing Robyn though. Hmm. «What'd you do to piss a car off anyway?» Hasn't heard more than that. Hit by car.

The small smile is returned as he waves a bandaged arm at Jono. "Yeah, the pain killers make me really tired but it's hard to sleep without them." He says since the pain keeps him up or his thoughts do. "It's pretty boring down here but I have my laptop at least." Which is on a rolling table next to him so he can watch movies when bored. "And homework for what?" It's summer, school's out, right? "I didn't do anything to piss off the car, just, bad luck."

Jonothon can only shake his head over it all. «I'm glad you weren't killed.» Relieved by quite a bit over that. «I'm trying to catch up a little, so took on some college classes. Missed out on five years worth of schooling.» Should have been done with the first few years and already onto bigger things, but he didn't get that chance. «I'll be attending proper college once the semester begins. Means I won't be hanging out here as much though.» For that he's a little sad. «Beyond that, anything I can get you that everyone else hasn't already offered to?»

"I am too." Robyn agrees, he doesn't know how close he might have been if Forge didn't show up. "Next year is my last year here, I have to start looking into college, maybe art school." Big surprise there as it's more than just a 'maybe'. "Though is art school proper college?" He says with a smile before pondering at the offer. "Maybe a cure for bordom? I can't really eat solid food right now or move much so it's pretty much movies for me."

There's a shrug of having no idea for art school being proper college. «I have heard people say it didn't help them get the jobs they really needed later on, but I can't say for sure.» Jonothon's certainly not trying for art college. He's not all that artistic. «Doing art is great, but it doesn't pay the bills well unless you get incredibly lucky. You can't count of that though, Robyn. Just consider how you want to live, and try and plan accordingly.» A cure? «That I'm pretty hopeless for.» Admitted with another smile. «Unless getting shot at counts, and I think you're already wounded enough.»

"I don't need a bullet wound in addition to this." Robyn says with a smile but at least he's recovering thanks to the tech down here in the medbay. He'd be in worse condition if it wasn't for them. "Well my Mom is an artist for Children's books and my Dad is a musican. They're not rich or anything but they're doing what they want so I want to live knowing I'm doing what I want to do and being true to me not faking it to be a sucess and losing who I am." Starving artist is his destiny.

There's a nod. Jonothon has been told repeatedly about Robyn's parents, and from Robyn himself. «Just so you don't dismiss possibilities.» Really, he's sure that Robyn will ignore everything he says and go starve, but the man had to have at least tried. «Rashmi was a part of the last shooting. Haven't seen her since, and hope she's alright.» Thankfully that one wasn't hurt too badly. No getting shot for her.

"Shooting? What happened to Rashmi?" Robyn says his voice filling with panic as he tries, for the umpteenth time, to push himself up and fails with a groan of pain. To many injuries both internal and external. "I..I haven't seen her in a while, I've just seen Jinx, Connor and Lucas. If you find out, lemme know if she's okay?"

Jonothon's look is sour enough to suggest he just bit into a nasty lemon. «Will you never learn?» About moving while wounded. «There was another attack in Mutant Town. Rashmi was hit with some sonics and had short term hearing loss. Or I assume so. Everyone else there recovered, so I hope she has. But of course I'll let you know. She did more damage to them than they even came close to on her.» Said with a bit of pride that friends have in one another.

"I didn't hear about the attack in mutant town, damn." Robyn says but then maybe it's cause there has been a lot going on with getting hit by a car among other things. "I just knew Star ran into Sabertooth and for some reason I stepped in to try to save her. Dunno why he ran off once I got there but…Star's okay." Robyn's happy about that. "So what is it you're going to college for?" He's kind of happy to have something to talk about other than 'the accident'.

«Probably because it took place right in front of an Embassy, and they want to keep it quiet. I really don't know.» Jonothon hasn't much watched the news either. «They used some strange kind of goop that snared. Or tried anyway.» He rolls his eyes over it, but then grows serious over Sabretooth. «Sounds like Sabretooth had somewhere to be. I'm relieved she's alright.» No idea what her powers are yet, so can't even suggest that. «Also irked you did that. Could have both been killed.» Not that Jono would have done differently. «Eh, business.» Said with a shrug. «My Da does corporate law, so I grew up with business. Pretty sure I won't be a solicitor, but I wanted to do something and I'm pretty good at it.»

"Well if you saw a school mate, a teammate, being threatened by Sabertooth, would you have just stood their and pressed a panic button while hiding behind a bush?" Robyn asks, not sounding mad but asking for an honest answer. "That's good Jono, that you're going for something. As long as you like it, that's what matters." He hopes Jono likes it. "It's gonna be weird next year with Rashmi being graduated and leaving."

«If it meant both people getting killed, yes.» Jonothon shrugs. «It's not a fair question for me either. There's not a lot of lasting harm that bloke can do me. That said, life is full of painful choices, and sometimes not throwing yourself in harms way is one of them. Not that you'll listen to me. You almost never do.» Another shrug. «It's already strange to not have her around. I'm going to miss her.»

"I am too but she's not gone forever." Robyn says as he closes his eyes and lets out a sigh. "I think I'm gonna try to get more sleep Jono. Getting tired again. And you're right, I don't listen to you." He says sticking his tongue out at Jono. "If I can do something, I'm gonna try. I hate seeing friends hurt." He says as he closes his eyes goes to drift off.

There's a smile for that, even as the man rises to his feet, reader in hand. «Sleep well.» Jonothon can only hope Robyn doesn't do worse to himself for that, but honestly can't chide the teen more. He'd do the same thing, and has done it too. He knows Rashmi isn't gone, but will still miss seeing her around as often. People on college, especially when they are working for two lawyers to boot, get busy. «Cheers.» Leaving Robyn to sleep, he removes himself from the medical bay.

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