2010-05-14: Differences in opinion


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Summary: A chance meeting turns into chiding.

Date: 05-14-2010

Log Title Differences in opinion

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Weight Room

All the weight machines are powered by hydraulics, you set the weight you want and your bench-pressing that many pounds, or even tons in some super strong students' cases. Punching bags, stair machines, bicycles, treadmills, weights, and anything found in your standard gym can be found here.

Well, amongst those in the Gym at this hour of the morning, Proudstar has found it efficient to come in while traffic is light so that he actually can set up some of the hydraulics to give himself a workout without someone else coming and resetting the levels to 'breeze workout.' Currently, he has finished up some crazy squats on that machine and is taking a breather, enjoying some cool refreshing water and pondering if he's gotten his calves enough lately or if he needs to grab one of the leg press machines as well. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail, but other than this, it looks as if he's just started … no sweat broken, he hasn't strained too much. Just between sets, giving a look around to see who else is down in the weight room.

The man who walks in really looks like he could use a few months in here. He also could use a bath. Jonothon is far too skinny to ever have done anything like working out on weight equipment, and nor is he dressed for it. While wearing black, and his costume of long jacket, slacks, and snug top.. he's covered in dried blood and mud. Hair kind of plastered to his skull. Not that the Brit looks injured under that mess. No, he mostly just looks tired as he meanders in to find something the kids have yet again stolen. This is getting to be a really bad habit. Of course he doesn't much get to looking for he has seen Proudstar. There's a faint look of confusion, for he has no idea who the other is. Something is niggling at memory though. «…Hullo.» A bit uncertain that, but the mental voice has a British accent. His lips do move as he speaks though, even if it's not audible.

No classes and no job to go to has Christopher deciding a morning workout is a good idea. With his husband being the exercise buff he is, Christopher has gotten into the habit of some simple exercising routines. Today is cardio day, so he comes in dressed in a well fitted grey t-shirt over a pair of black workout pants. He has a towel and a water bottle with him and he stops right next to Jono. "Wow, are you sure you're in the right place Jono?" He says teasing the other mutant before looking at James Proudstar. "Ah, you must be Jeri's co-leader." He says as he heard that Jeri's co-Hellions leader was similar in size.

Raising a brow between the two, Proudstar looks from the dirty one to the clean one and then back again. "Hello," he offers in kind to the mental voice he'd heard, which he presumes was the one moving lips but making no real sound. "That would be me, co-leader." Though he is still drawn to the other, because of his current appearance. Its like you should expect out of the ordinary occurrences like this, but its even caught Proudstar for the moment. Half a grin, "You know, you're friend's right … that's how most people leave the weight room." Any other place and he might of suggested more, but he doesn't even though the curiosity plays out upon his face.

Is he sure he's in the right place? «No…» It's a plaintive sound too, but done with good humor. Jonothon manages a smile afterwards. Not that the blood smeared across those lips makes it appear anything less than frightening. He's tired, but can't help at laughing at his situation too. «Really, just came for that.» Points at a jacket hanging from a piece of equipment at the back of the room. «Bloody kids. All I want is a shower and I find most my clothing missing from my locker.» A roll of eyes and he shuffles off towards the jacket. As he passes James he lifts a hand in greeting. «I'd shake hands, but I'll spare you the mess. I'm Jonothon Starsmore.» For all it's kind of dirty too, he's wearing a Xcomm too. Partially hidden by the jacket. «And trust me, I'd work out if it would actually do anything for me.»

Christopher does offer a hand to James and a warm smile. "I'm Christopher Parker-Mayfair. Pleasure to meet you." He says as he looks at Jono. "Well I guess they hid your jacket in here cause they knew it'd be the last place you'd look? And I have to be my nosey self and ask, what the hell happened to you. You look as though you had a night out of being a vampire or something with all that blood smeared across your face. I swear I want to drag you into the locker room and shove you into a shower a.s.a.p. You're filthy Jono." Christopher isn't really known to keep his opinions to himself.

A warm shake is given to the man that does offer the hand. Then, raised brow and a grin indeed express Proudstars concurrence with the summation of the other in need of a shower, perhaps more than he would of said himself on the topic for certain. "I have to admit, he's right on that. But what's more concerning is that your clothes are indeed missing from your locker. But you act is if that's routine around here." Looking at the more corporeal type man who actually shakes hands, he throws it out again, "Is it?"

«That's what I think too.» Why the jacket was put here. The Brit hooks it with a finger and lifts it from where it was hanging. «Yeah, the last few weeks.» Routinely missing. «Don't worry. I know who it is now and it'll stop.» There's a grim smile for that. Jonothon's taken steps. «They never hurt anything.» Just hide it. Could be far worse. The vampire remark had him twitch for a second there too. No vampires. Just memories.
Now, as for what happened, he holds the jacket away from himself and shrugs, «Found a teacher who can handle my powers. Unfortunately his head of teaching is hitting me with all he has and expecting me to survive. Not sure I did tonight.» Rubs fingers over his lips and looks at the rust colored flakes there. «I'm getting bloody good at putting myself back together, let me tell you.» Making light of it to be sure.

Christopher is a father, he's good at being fatherly, so he just crosses his arms and gives Jono that 'mmhmm' look compelete with the single eyebrow raise. "Found a teacher? Who is this teacher pray tell? Sounds like he…or she…is doing a wonderful job of making it look like you just got into a fist fight with a Mack Truck and lost." He's more concerned about whose beating Jono up uas 'training' over whose been stealing Jono's coat. Well being over belongings in his opinion.

Grabbing a towel from around a rail, James puts it over his neck, using the other hand then to lift the ponytail up and throw it over the towel. "I actually have to agree on that - not like I know what sort of special training you require. But, there are limits." Though certainly he's been pushed plenty himself during training but all the same. "I mean, outside these walls, I wouldn't be surprised by such," he lifts a chin to indicate Jonothan's condition. "But I'm probably interloping here on this topic anyways, being the new guy and all."

Jonothon's brows arch right back at Christopher, but there's laughter lurking in those dark eyes, «Oh, and am I some student now that I have to tell you everything and be home by curfew?» And as both men start asking, the Brit lifts hands in defeat. «No, I don't mind it, that's why I'm putting up with it. Even if it means getting the shit beat out of me twice a week.» Laying the jacket down so he doesn't get it dirty, Jono shrugs, «It's Magneto. I know he's not the best of options, but he's literally one of the few who can teach me what I desperately need to know. I'm learning amazing things from him. If this is the price of finally gaining control,» He motions to himself to signify what he means, «Then I'm willing to pay it.»
A little pause before he scratches at some mud on his temple. «I'm also learning why he gets beaten all the time. The Bloke never plans for shit. All that brain and his idea of a good fight is to hit with everything he has, and hope it's enough.» Brown eyes roll. «I'm learning really well how to defeat him. Already giving him back some of what he's dishing out. Really, it's kind of fun.» Fun. Right.

Christopher shakes his head and sighs. "Magneto, that's a wonderful idea." His voice obviously saying that he disagrees with that but then, he's not about to tell Jono 'no'. Like Christopher really does believe that Jono is learning so much how to defeat Magneto. "Well I would just suggest that you maybe talk to Scott that you're training with one of the Worlds Most Wanted Mutant Terrorists, but I guess if you think you're getting the best training you can…." Obviously Christopher doesn't think that Magneto is Jono's only option.

Proudstar offers a shrug, playing the devil's advocate perhaps, "Magneto may be the most wanted terrorist, but he is competent enough to train. I'm not saying he's the best at it, but if he's willing to tackle that issue …" Torn between the time he spent between Magneto/Emma during joint training of New Mutants/Hellions perhaps. "I mean, is it just teaching as regards you're power, or does he offer more, eh, advice during these sessions. I can say I wouldn't trust his motives in this, but that doesn't mean he can't teach …"

Actually Jonothon would agree that Magneto isn't the best option, but he does think it's his only one. The only other with his level of ability is off playing Phoenix. Jono would rather learn from Magneto. He shrugs at Christopher in kind of a helpless manner. «No one here can, or will, teach me, Christopher. I train every day with the X-men, and even X-Force, but I've learned more in the last few weeks with Magneto then I have in years.» To James he shakes his head, «Teaching only. I've no interest in his politics. He knows that. This all started by chance. Honestly I think he was joking when he offered, but I asked. Also made a point of mentioning that as an X-Man we were going to disagree about certain things. We don't discuss them at all.» Jono doesn't want to join Magneto, only train to control his powers.
Psy-fire appears around the Brit, making him look as though he suddenly caught fire. It heralds a ruffling of his clothing and his hair as all that mess is pulled off. Left it there because he was tired, but he's showing something here. It all coalesces into a dark sphere, which Jonothon takes from the air and offers wearily to Christopher. The man and his clothing is now spotless. «I couldn't have done that a month ago. You know any other option and I'll take it.»

Christopher just puts up a hand and shrugs. "Just because I don't agree with your decision doesn't mean I'm telling you knot to do what you want. You're a big kid Jono, but…" Christopher just shrugs as it to say 'whatever'. Jono can do what he wants to do. Does he know of any other options, he can think of a few, but he doesn't say them. Jono says no one here can or will teach him but Christopher honestly wonders who has Jono asked? "Well whatever works for you Jono, but I'm sorry, I'm not taking your grime. Congratulations on your progress though." That he does mean.

Still between it all, Proudstar does offer, "That is a good change, if you're learning. Just, there is a line between pushed and pushed too far. It can lead to mistakes we may regret." Though its not his business, he is in the middle of it now. Then to the other man who was ready for a workout, "Is there really no one on staff that can work with powers like that? I mean, I met a student named Connor, he's been receiving training of the mental variety and all. I can't speak much on it, its not my domain." As if his size wasn't in indicator of this already.

Jonothon nods agreement with Proudstar. «I'm not blind to the issues here. There's one man here at the school who could, but he's currently host to Phoenix. That scares me. He also avoids me for some reason not known to me, so Magneto is the only other option I've found. I opted for Magneto because he can show me how to differentiate between molecules. He does it on a regular basis.» Lifts a hand and taps the side of his head. The dirt remains a sphere so it doesn't get anything else messy. «He can show me how to rearrange the building blocks of matter. I really need that.» There's the motion of a sigh as he looks down at the dirt ball.

"Addison's strange, he keeps to himself mostly. It's just his way, it's not that he's avoiding you Jono." Christopher says as he doesn't interact much with the red-headed telepath but he does know that Addison has his strage ways. At the sigh though Christopher says. "Well Jono, that's your mess there, but there is garbage can if you want to toss it in there." He has dropped the subject of him disapproving of Jono's choice, there isn't much that's going to make him approve, but he's voiced his opinion.

Christopher then looks to James and nods. "Connor is a different case I guess, I know my husband is going to be working with him a bit as well in regards to his needs." Meaning the OCD.

"Yes, that Connor, an interesting one to say the least," grins Proudstar, "And truth be told, I'm not even sure if the students tell me the whole truth of things. Its like guess work with them." A ponderance, "Accept maybe for your husband … having the Ph.D. in pyschology or whatever it is, probably not too confusing for him." Or so he speculates, then back to Jonothon, "You sure you couldn't get enough of an idea to train yourself more under the safety of the Danger Room? I mean, it sounds like Magneto's giving you hell for training." There is hesitation in that, James not being a huge fan of the DR it would seem, most his own training being of the real variety.

«Yes, as a matter of fact he does.» Jonothon shrugs about it, not willing to go into detail. Proudstar earns another nod, «I'm sure. It's more than just what I can learn in a danger room session.» The fire finally flickers away, leaving the thin Brit clad in black. «At first I was angry about it, but it's not because he's being an arse.» There's another shake of the head. «He's pushing me, and he's not afraid to push too hard. I need that. It's not a fault of the school, or the people here, but in my own head. I step away from the school, with all the baggage I have here, and I have an easier time of it. I know it sounds like I've gone crazy, but I've never had a teacher who was this good for me.»

Christopher nods to Jono's words. "Just remember, there's pushing your hard, and then there's /too hard/. He might not care if you end up not succeeding and die trying to learn." He just wants to warn that as the last thing he says. "Well I actually have to be off, my first class starts in a bit and I guess I never got my work out in." Oh well. "I'll see you later Jono, and it was a pleasure meeting you James." Chrisotpher says as he goes to leave the weight room.

Turning to the man leaving, Proudstar grins, "A pleasure as well, I'm sure we'll have more time to get acquainted as I'm working with your husband now." That said, as the other leaves, he turns back towards Jonothon. "One teacher being good is one thing, but multiple perspectives helps as well. I've been lucky in learning from various individuals since I manifested. Some of them were questionable at times, from Emma to Cable … but what matters is what I took out of it all. I've always been my own man and none could change that. I think some, like that other fellow who just, might be worried that you'll come out someone else all together in this. My opinion doesn't matter, but if you're benefiting from this teaching … then I'm in agreement with your choice in the matter."

Jonothon doesn't reply to Christopher, beyond offering a farewell, «Cheers.» Doesn't feel there's a point in trying. «Mate..» To James. «I've spent eight years getting no where at this school. This isn't something that appeared over night. As I said before, it's not the fault of Xaviers. It's all been in my head. I get the being worried part. I'm very mindful of the possibilities here, but frankly I do have to change. I haven't in nearly a decade and it's ruining everything. This is the first bloke that has me motivated. I'm going to learn what I can.» The Brit really isn't angry, but this is why he hasn't told anyone. Just knew this talk would happen. «I'm going to take my mess and get a shower. Cheers.» With that he picks up his jacket and follows Christopher out.

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