2011-10-19: Different Perspectives


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: October 19, 2011

Log Title: Different Perspectives

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

Theo is working on his mental defenses and control. He has a theory, and that theory involves using a computer. He sits at a table in the library, wearing a maroon hoodie over a black tee shirt, and a pair of khaki cargo pants. Outside the rain patters against the window, but he seems oblivious. His laptop is in front of him, and open, plugged into the wall. But he's not looking at it. Theo's eyes are looking out at nothing, but looking very intently. Eyes shift back and forth, his breathing is sped up, he seems to be hyperventilating even.

Padding into the library, wearing no shoes and his typical hippish clothes, is Sage. He needs to do a paper for his mutant studies class and is still learning the basics on research. He walks over to one of the computer terminals in the library an trys to figure out how to use it. There's obvious frustration on his face as he can't quite under stand what it's asking him to enter. "Bloody hell." He mutters with a shake his head as the computer beeps at him for a third time.

Chloe is bored. So very very bored. Which is why she's come to find a good book or three. Maybe five if they're not especially thick books. "Read it, boring… Oh god no… Why is this even in here?" she mutters, heading between the stacks. "I should probably take the time out to figure out what sorting system they use…"

Once more the door opens and closes, and a third individual comes in… and since he's here on a work day, Connor is dressed up by the standards of most present. Black leather riding pants and boots with a white shirt and a black tie. Removing gloves as he looks around a moment, his eyes pan and then snap back before taking him off towards the research section of the library, tacticly avoiding others for the moment.

Theo breaks his focus, and lets out a cough as his attention is snapped free from whatever it was fixed on. He grabs his chest, panting. "That… is a rush," he comments. "Chloe! I have to ask you something," the technopath says, hopping up from his chair to rush over to her. He seems…accelerated, and slightly fidgety. On the computer , a dialogue box suddenly pops up for Sage. What are you trying to do? scrawls across the screen. Connor's entrance goes either unnoticed, or unacknowledged. "Is it a useful mentaldefense against telepaths thatyou think at anacceleratedrate?" His speech is a little faster than normal. He coughs again, and takes a deep breath to slow himself down.
Sage blinks as the message box pops up and backs away from the computer. It's talking to him, it shouldn't talk to him. "That's…enough with that today. I'll um.." He looks around and sees Theo talking to Chole so he doesn't bother them. As he starts to walk around looking for a teacher he spots Connor. "Oh Connor, hello. Do you know if there is a teacher her who can help me find something for research?"

Chloe blinks a few times, then glances between the book she was reaching for and Theo. "Uhm… Have you taken that thing you said you had… The one that we won't mention around people who might get you in trouble," she wonders. "It didn't seem to be much good for Heather, although she's a special case. As for myself… When have any telepaths actually tried attack me? Not once I'll tell you. Oh and if you're somehow on amphetamines please tell me they're prescription ones."

That rapid speech does get a flick of the eyes from the oldest young man in the room, but no words are said in regards to it as he turns to look at Sage, "This was my home away from home in the school, Sage… whatever you need I can probably help you find. The computer systems good, but nothing beats first-hand knowledge." Smiling at the eccentric englishman, he then pats him on the shoulder once, trying to give a warming smile, but it just comes off as uncomfortable, "C'mon… tell me what you're looking for."
"No. I'm experimenting with mental acceleration," Theo says, slowing down. "I'm trying to link my mind to a computer processor to speed up my conscious reactions. I won't be able to move faster, but I think I can cognitively process things faster if I can do it. Which means I'll be able to probably keep track of super fast things as they happen, understand fastspeak, stuff like that, but also be able to do all kinds of good stuff to be able to do more stuff with my time." He grins a little. "I think I'm making progress, I just haven't been able to make a stable connection so that I can focus on anything other than actually paying attention to the connection to the computer. It's just about the only good thing in my life right now, so I hope it works." He glances back at Sage, leaving the dialogue box on the screen, which of course has an "OK" button on it so that it can be dismissed. If Connor is going to help him, he's not going to intercede.

"I have a mutant studies paper due next week about the orginal five X-Men. How they started and why they formed and such." Sage explains as he smiles at Connor. "Thank you for the help. I'm still waiting for this to feel like a home away from home but it's hard." He's not complaining as his voice has more of an optimistic tone to it.He can't help but look over at Theo and blink. "That's really ashame. There is so much in life that should be good that it shouldn't be one thing."

Chloe frowns. "What're you doing about cooling and supplying your brain with nutrients?" she asks pointedly. "My blood pressure is far higher than yours to support the extra processing. You try crank your brain up without taking precautions and you might break something. Make sure you drink lots of water and monitor your temperature too…" She shrugs, then pauses to wave at Sage. "It's good I've caught you Theo, I was hoping I could ask you to make sure you're being cool towards Tyler. People are just starting to get over how much of a jerk you were to Robyn and I'm sure you don't want to restart all that crap again. Right?"

On the subject of the X-men, Connor grins a bit more cheerily and then motions for Sage to follow him, "All of the old X-men material is kept in the reference section in files, with backups on the computers. The original owner of the mansion and leader of the X-men was a stickler for paperwork, and was really good about getting information on potential students." Taking Sage back around the corner, he leads him not to books, but to filing cabinets.

Theo's common scowl returns when Chloe gives him warning. "You know, I could really have done without that," he replies dryly. "I didn't do anything to him, and he's been a jerk. I'm just trying to steer clear from him until we can get another rooming arrangement worked out. Emma has a lot to answer for on that, and she thinks it's cute to cause strife between students. She had to do it right when I'm trying to prep for this trial against the guys who tried to kill me last year. Not only that, but Rashmi went and made sure my enemies had one of the best lawyers in New York City. Not to mention everybody who knew what they were doing on the Corsairs is gone. I'm the only one left there. I really wish you were still on our team. Let's not forget that someone I respected decided to compare me to a nazi for fighting for mutant rights." He doesn't cast the glance at Connor, so that he can actually remain anonymous.
"Sorry," he takes a deep breath, glancing between Chloe and Sage. "It's just been a really hard couple of months, just feels like everyone I should be able to count on is turning against me. Ignore my rantings please."
The Corsair looks back at Chloe. "I'm not saying anything to Tyler, so I can't be accused of being a jerk, to answer your question. I'm just trying to keep my head down until it all blows over. And I'm not speeding up my brain, the human brain processes much faster than a computer ever could. I'm just linking my mind to the computer so that I can consciously process things faster, instead of just subconciously processing things faster.

Sage starts to follow Connor but opens his mouth and then shuts it quickly, not wanting to get involved in that rant. Connor might be able to tell Sage is a bit uncomfortable. "Um, thank you Connor. I very much appricate this." He says as he looks at one of the filing cabinets. "Wow, there is so much stuff here. It's almost incredible. Have the X-Men really been around long enough to have all this?"

Connor looks to Sage, taking a moment to look over his shoulder at Theo, and there's something between apologetic and somewhat… unforgiving in his eyes in that glance before he returns to Sage and gives in a slightly more pleasant and agreeable visage, "Well… according to what Doctor McCoy told me once, Professor Xavier began working on the whole mutant genome thing back in college, and discovered how to boost his own psychic abilities with the equipment that became Cerebro, From there he started searching for people who's minds shows their gifts. The first formal class of X-men was formed between the 70s and 80s… it was Mister Summers, Miss Grey, Warren Worthington the 3rd, Mister Drake, and Doctor McCoy. They've got pictures of them too. Doctor McCoy didn't have blue fur or the cattish face back then."

"What the… seriously? I've met him before you know Theo. He's not a bad kid so don't try claim otherwise. You're supposed to be the smart, mature and rational one. You could act like it occasionally," Chloe snaps, before biting her lip. "I heard what Rashmi did and why… Honestly? I can understand why she'd do it and you've got to admit it totally fits with her way of seeing the world. She believes you're right strongly enough that she wants to ensure no-one in the world can doubt it."

Theo clenches his jaw tightly. "Thanks for that, that was really helpful," he grinds out. "Glad to know that because you met him you know more than the person who lives with him, I thought he was pretty nice too before I was rooming with him. I know it fits with Rashmi's way of seeing the world, but her way of seeing the world isn't realistic, and just might result in those guys going free because she thinks that the justice system is actually effective and fair." He glances over his shoulder at Sage, "Don't forget that in your report," he says. "Because the X-men have saved the world time and time again, they are treated by all with dignity and respect. They aren't viewed as enemies of humanity at all. I'm sure it can be found in there somewhere." Sarcastic? Absolutely. "You know, if you're just gonna join the 'hate Theo' club, Chloe, then why bother talking to me? I have enough people judging me and second guessing my motives already."

Sage smiles at Connor and nods. "Thank you very much, I'm sure this will all be very helpful." He says before his smile vanishes and he looks over at Theo. "I understand you are angry right now and instead of trying to find a solution to your problem that doesn't involve anger or a fight you wish to drag everyone around you under your cloud but I would thank you very much to leave me out of your issues. I do not wish to be come involved." He says in a very polite way before going to look through one of the files, looking a document with a very old picture of the orginal X-Men.

As Theo's words wash over him, Connor listens to what Sage says, and then puts a hand on his shoulder, murmuring to him, "I'm sorry… in advance." Then turns, and walks into the main area where the other two are, "Theo… you judge people enough, and you assume we judge you. We don't. We like Theo… we hate the Attitude Problem." Emphasizing the words, "We have the big chip on your shoulder you walk around with like a badge of pride for the world to see. We hate that you sit here and throw all this negativity at everything when you've got the chance to do something great. And we hate that you push, and push… AND PUSH… until you force everything else in your limited view to either conform to what YOU want or it falls outside of YOUR comfort zone. You wanna put an end to the 'Hate Theo' club? Then stop trying to prove you're BETTER than the rest of us."

And with that, Connor turns and starts walking towards the door, "You have my number, you can call once something penetrates that adamantium stubborn you call a skull."

"So when I told everyone that they were wrong to worry about you being a jerk it was because I was in the hate Theo camp. /Right/. Well thanks for proving me wrong in the worst possible way," Chloe says, hand on her hip. "I was on your side you know. Except you seem intent on making anyone who believes in you look like a fool. As for Rashmi correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't she have far more legal experience than you? Plus she's got one of the most honest lawyers there is involved. Do explain how exactly the trial is going to be a sham and if so why you're bothering to give evidence in the first place? If everything is so corrupt what's the point?"

Sage watches Connor leave and gives him a wave. "Cheers Connor and thank you." He says before looking over at Theo and Chloe. "Theo if you think it's for the best it might not be a bad thing. I'm sorry you're going through a hard time but it seems like you do have friends who wish to help you. There is no shame on leaning on someone when you need it."

Heather passes by Connor before entering into the room, offering him a brief greeting, but it didn't seem that Connor was in that great of a mood. She enters into the library and says, to the gathered teens, "Did someone break Connor?"

Chloe waves at her roomie. "Theo might have been making comments about him and Connor did the bigger man thing and left," she responds in her fastest fast world. Slipping back to normal conversation she adds "Just ask yourself what would Tony Stark do. Then, if it doesn't involve throwing a wild party and getting drunk enough to make the news, try do that."

"Why do I get the impression that you were just talking about me?" Theo asks, but doesn't push the issue. "I think Tony Stark would usually get drunk and hire hookers." He furrows his brow. "Or he'd go out with a friend and just cruise around town. I think the second sounds like a better option. And Connor isn't broken, he's just pissy," he says. "I'm not really good at leaning on people," he admits. "I know it is good and all that jazz. I just…I dunno. I tend to piss people off instead whenever I try to lean on them."

"I don't think Connor was being…um…pissy." Sage says and the word just sounds strange coming from his mouth. There's a certain awkwardness to it. "Theo, when you try to lean on people do you talk to them or do you complain to them? Sometimes it's all about how you say it. I understand that something hard is going on for you currently I cannot pretend to understand exactly what it is though. I think you need to just relax, justice is a powerful thing not to be taken lightly. Karma always works out in the end." Sage says honestly believing it.

"I doubt that he was all that pissy," remarks Heather, glancing over towards Theo, "Pissy is not really how I would describe how he gets. It is more of a righteous indignation." She looks over towards Sage and tilts her head at the response, "What is all of this about, justice? In terms of justice, it all boils down to a game. Fortunately, the one having the dominant strategy is always the one with the truth lining up to what they say. With evenly matched players, the dominant strategy will win."

"It was girl talk," Chloe offers cheerfully. "But maybe when you figure out your mind acceleration thing you'll be able to join in. Something to look forward too!" She grins. "Okay maybe not the hookers either. I'm pretty sure the teachers would find out and get quite annoyed. Same with the drinking. You must have heard what happened to Cloud and Star over a few cheap beers, right?"

"I think you mean self-righteous indignation," Theo corrects Heather. "No, I didn't. I imagine it didn't go over very well." Theo smirks. "I've never been caught with alcohol here." He shrugs, "Maybe I just need to take my mind off of stuff. Anybody want to go to grab some food in a little bit? I'm buying." After all, he's rich. "And we can play those rigged games at the mall and win computers and iPads and stuff."

"Thank you for the offer Theo but I must be working on my paper. I have to take these upstairs and see what I can come up with." Sage says as he starts to head out, stopping to put a gental hand on Theo's sholder. "Be strong Theo. I'm sure by keeping your friends around and by leaning them things will work out and they will get better." He says offering him a friendly smile. "Cheers!" He says to Chloe, Heather and Theo before he heads out of the library.

Heather looks towards Chloe and then says, "He's buying?" She waves at Sage and then nods at Theo and says, "I think that if you're buying I think I would like to get something to eat. It stretches my own financial resources a lot to eat out, but I think your resource pool is greater than mine."

"I guess I could spare some time," Chloe offers, having literally nothing else to amuse herself. "Although I'm not quite sure it's a good idea for you to buy food for us both. It's like feeding a small army. Only with more questionable flavor combinations. Hope your project goes okay Sage."

"See, that's the value of the all-you-can-eat buffet," Theo comments. "Though we'll probably get kicked out with how much you two eat." The technopath closes up his computer. "Well, I'm already hungry, so let's get going."

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