2010-06-03: Diffusing The Situation


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Summary: Scout manages to anger Envy. Hosea tries to intervene but only escalates the tension before Domino steps in to talk some sense into everyone.

Log Title: Diffusing the Situation

Rating: PG (LV)

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.


What a horrible day. It was in the 90s for the forth day in a row and the humidity from yesterday's rain really didn't help at all. It is beginning to cool down now, but it still feels like the inside of someone's mouth outside. Many people are outside right now, some of them sitting in the patio sections of the local pubs while others just mill around on the streets and smoke cigarettes or walk in front of cars for no reason.

One woman seems to stand out among the rest. It might be the bright red sundress she's wearing, but it's probably the fact that she's standing in the street yelling at a driver who almost hit her. Eris storms around to the side of the car and reaches into the window to grab the driver by the shirt. "How dare you almost hit me? I have the right of way!" The man in the car just rolls up the window and drives through the red light to escape the woman. She is left standing in the middle of the street fuming at the man.

It's happened again! Hosea Ikbuku wanders the streets, trying to figure out where in creation he is standing. He found the post office long ago, but getting back to the mansion? Not on the radar. He's asked for directions several times, but to no avail. When Eris begins to rant at the man in the car, he pauses, a look of a hurt puppy on his dark brown eyes. This city is crazy.
The tall dark mutant stares at the scene for a moment, until the man drives away. He shakes his head sadly, and looks at the intersection street names. He's obviously lost.

The day had been well spent, interesting at least, bleeding into the night. Domino was not much for shopping for anything, but new sunglasses were a necessity as well as a place to call a temporary station. Both were had to satisfaction and it was a simple enough transit to the more homey side of town. Live right in the middle ground of it all and walking distance ruled out any need for public transit. Those two words made her die a little inside anyway. Her trench coat was on the mend, so the top most layer was a biker style leather coat, left open enough to reveal the swathing of a deep red and black top that would be best described as a cut off tank top, cut-off just beneath the curve of her chest. Cocaine pale complexion shown in bare abdomen to the matching pair of pants. The entirety of what lay beneath appeared to be nearly painted on and liquid in fabrication but it held so much more. She was standing at a vendor, looking mildly amused at the scene…What? It was New York, in a weeks time here she knew this was normal.

If there's one person that the miserably hot weather doesn't seem to bother too much, it's the rather small sized teen walking along the 'protective' rails from pub to pub, the ones that designate this part of the sidewalk is ok to drink on. Scout's clothes are pretty dingy; a holey black t-shirt, pair of pin-striped suit pants converted into shorts with old skate shoes. There's also a new looking green backpack slung across both shoulders; probably stolen. Her normal unwashed smell is magnified from the weather.
The scene unfolding between Eris and the car is about the only thing that could possibly pull her from her current task, which consists of finding any unattended glasses and downing their contents. An event that always gets broken up by some pesky waiter or waitress, but not today. Today she turns around, using one of the rails to lean up against and begin to laugh. The volume is soft at first, but within several seconds, has easily raised to an audible level for anyone standing in the street.

Eris is very much so not in a good mood today. This city has far too many hero types for her liking. The number of people who want to 'save the city' by catching that horrible crystal mutant who've been crawling around Central park has pretty much doubled since her stint with latex girl…Or whatever her name was. The woman is still standing in the street when a Taxi comes up behind her and honks his horn. She turns to give him a venomous glance when she hears the laughter. Glancing over Eric confirms that the laughter is directed toward her. She faces the girl and holds up a hand as though she means to throw something. "Filthy gutter rat, go play in the trash can you were born in." She flicks her wrist at the girl and a diamond needle the size of a pencil is embedded in the table behind her. It was meant as a warning…Probably.

Hosea, also enjoying the weather, is actually wearing long pants. They're ugly, too, he and Scout have something in common there. They look like they've been dragged through the dirt a few too many times, and have stains on them. He watches as the woman flicks the pencil sized crystal at Scout. "Miss," he calls out to Scout, his voice deep and powerful.
"You should not laugh at other people's misfortunes," he instructs, as if he were some sort of father figure. "And you should not throw things," he says, turning to Eris, with his thick Nigerian accent. "What if dat had hit her in dah eyes? It would not be something you could undo. I know this is a big city, and people are often angry, but you should not hurt one anoter."

"You want anything lady?" The vendor asked her with his beady little eyes peering from their perch atop round cheeks. If it was not for the weather the man would rock at Santa Claus with his merry red flush from the temperature and the beady little break-in eyes. Perfectly spooky.
Stepping one stride to the side she moved as if dodging a touch but was distancing herself from him and his stand of processed pig parts and garnishings. "No.." Domino did not have an appetite anyway, not yet at least and the food steaming in small vats in the booth beside her had her sucking in a breath, clamping her lips together as affirmation of disgust before she walked a bit further down, pausing in place as the laughter was responded to in words - not yet noting the shard that zipped past, but the odor of mystery meat was bleeding into some[one]thing else that was nearby.
Distraction was now being sought from the backs of others pushing through the streets and enjoying the stifling temperature that was not comforting to Domino in the slightest. She suffered her own damnation, but at least she was safe right? Safer than the man that was now trying to act as mediator in a cat fight, he was likely going to be picking hook-like claws from his skin in moments, and there she stood, being the voyeur.

Scout's day is apparently getting much better, evidently from her increased laughter, despite the dangerously sharp object hurled in her direction. She's even buckled over, arms tucked into her stomach while her upper torso bends over. "Wow, that cabbie really hates your guts. Low." It takes a while before the teen can even spew those few words out, calming down from the near hysterical fit with slow, heavy breathing. Her eyes fall flatly on the man, now speaking to her. "Why not? It's funny. People like funny. People like it when those around them are having fun." Her lips pull up into a sneer, her eyes narrowing in on the kid. "No one likes a downer." She's not even acknowledging the fact that a sharp, pencil sized object was thrown at her. It's hard to tell if it was simply missed or not just caring.

Eris gives the man a sour look and points at him "Who ARE you? This has nothing to do with you. And if I'd struck her in the eye then maybe she would SHUT UP!" She turns back to the teen and takes an odd stance. The woman is holding out a hand behind her and looks to be concentrating on something quite hard. Seems like there's a bit of aluminum oxyde…chromium…There's always carbon. She'll go with ruby, it matches her dress. A large ruby throwing star seems to grow out of the center of her palm. By the time the crystal is fully grown it is the size and shape of a ceiling fan, though it is much sharper. Eris does a quick spin and sends the deadly crystal sawblade toward Scout. She appears not to have noticed Domino, and if Hosea stays out of her way she will forgive his indiscretion.

Hosea doesn't hesitate when the ruby is thrown. He doesn't stay out of the way, either. He leaps forward, grabbing Scout in a full hug, and then spinning to pull her to the side and out of the path of the ruby. He's fast on his reflexes, and solid in his movements. He keeps his own body inbetween the blade and Scout, and as a result, he takes a nick across the left bicep as the ruby slices past. He quickly releases Scout after the maneuver is complete.
"Girl," he says. "You must stop speaking now." His encouraging powerful mediator voice has turned into a 'shut up' authority voice. Standing at 6'7", he is an imposing person to look at as well. He turns back to Eris without waiting for Scout to answer, "You must stop. I do not wish to hurt you," he states. "But you must be wise in your actions. Do not behave like a child, you are grown, and must behave as a woman should, with dignity and respect." He holds a finger up as he speaks. He doesn't have an angry look on his face, but it is a stern look.

Wallflower was a good vantage point, that and something solid was at her back so she could keep this at her front and in her view. So far there was no reason for her to bother speaking up or getting involved, so she would not. She had noticed the crystal though and pieces were staring to fall together. Friends of Humanity dude in the bad tie was tangenting about a batch of crystals and a mutant raining on Memorial day and the Boys in Blue.
The fit was too perfect and had the one visible brow that lay etched darkly against pale skin rising, it started as a twitch and then drew higher with the growth of a large mutated throwing star that was now being aimed at Scout in her uproarous laughter. Really, it was grating to the senses but such a short fuse?
"Tch" That one sound was all that passed her lips before her hand dropped and within it was a throwing knife. Getting involved in something that was not her business was now the official debate. For now she would wait and give Scout a bit more benefit of the doubt to back her own mouth.
Surprises came in small packages when Hosea jumps in to be more of a hero and save Scout's neck, if moving to gain attention was on the agenda she would have smeared her palm over her face - but still she remained and silent for the moment. Domino afterall liked the element of surprise when and if she was needed.

Even though the crystal shuriken nicks the man on it's path, it still continues forward through the door of the bar Scout was standing in front of. There are a few screams of surprise as the blade embeds itself into the bar, somehow having missed everyone inside. The bartender is slightly angry that someone almost killed his patrons, but at the same time, he's got a giant ruby sticking out of his bar right now. He decides he'll forgive Eris for this if he can keep them gem. The people in the immediate area outside decide to scatter, a few of them sticking around to see what's going to happen. A few shouts can be heard, "Hey! It's that Envy chick! I heard she blew up that rally!"

Envy tries to look calm as Hosea removes Scout from the path of her weapon. Despite her attempts she still looks kind of like she wants to bite the man. She calls out into the crowd. "No, I was not at that ralley." And then a little lower, "And such a pity. I would have liked to see it." She returns her attention to the man and the garbage swine. "Why would you interfere? And who are you to threaten me? You're lucky that star only grazed you." She seems to have still not noticed Domino, though the woman has done nothing to make herself known.

"Yeah, who /ARE/ you?" Scout says devoid of any her earlier amusement. She's looking right at him, hands on hip, nostrils flared up. She doesn't even look to the side as the large, bladed ceiling fan is thrown in her direction. Then she's bear hugged and dragged away from the path of the deadly object. It's a humorous little view, the Giant of a man pulling to safety the little 5'4" Latina. It's even more humorous when she begins to fume, fists balled up and shaking as her neck cranes back to get a good look at her rescuer.
"Don't ever touch me! EVER! Did I ask for your help? NO!." Then turning to face her assailant, lips split with a sneer, she pulls one strap of her back pack off her shoulder, pivoting it around so it's now in front of her. For Hosea's vantage, the backpack appears to be jam packed with switch-blades and pocket knifes of all sorts. Carefully, she reaches in to pull out a butterfly, still wrapped inside it's handles, and shoves it into her front pocket. The backpack is then returned to both shoulders. "Throw another one of those at me, and we'll kill you."

Hosea was looking at Eris as Scout was speaking, right up until she said "we'll kill you" at which point he snaps his gaze back. "No, little girl," he says, and then does a double take at her bag. "You should not play with knives!" He looks like he's becoming increasingly frustrated, and he stands between the two so that they can't get a clean shot at each other. "You must learn to forgive! What is dis dat you are willing to kill for? An insult? Have you nevah been spoken harshly to befoh? But yet you will take something small and make it a war? You do not know what you wish for. If you did, you would not wish it." The statement is directed toward both of them, and his head turns back and forth between the two of them, holding out a hand in a stopping signal to both of them.

Hearing about the rally Domino's face set into a firm line, her jaw setting into its place with a firm grind of her teeth. Muscles from jaw to her neck tensed and rolled and then relaxed with the perfection of apathy. The problem at that rally was solved and Envy's mutter of desire to have been there only set the cold edge of blue eyes upon her. She wanted to speak, but she did not - instead her hand clenched a grip around the hilt of the throwing knife that pinkened her knuckles. An unseen motion while the rest that was visible seemed indifferent to anything going on while people fled past or lingered to watch.
( Hosea, our poor hero was now one she focused on, though her eyes remained sliding slowly back and forth between Scout and Envy. Luck was deciding sides if any needed to be taken. )

Eris is the one who laughs now. "You'll KILL me?" She laughs again, "You'll kill me? Who? You and Princess Dianna here? That man seems like he'd rather not step on a spider if he could help it." She motions toward Hosea. "What do you have, a couple of knives? I can make things a bit bigger than that as you've seen." She glances at Hosea. "I kill those who insult me, yes. Like the Hyena kills the gazelle that comes too close, a mutant should kill a human who shows disrespect to the greater species. I only follow the laws of nature." Of course Scout is a human. No self respecting mutant would dress like that.

It doesn't take Scout long to realize the human comment was aimed at her. Well, probably Hosea too, but why would she care if he's insulted? "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" She immediately screams, shoving away from the tall Nigerian and marching straight towards Eris. "Human? HUMAN? Did you really just call me a human?" Left arm swings back with a lone finger pointing at Hosea. "That…" She pauses, twisting her head for a quick glance at the other teen. "… is a human. This…" Left arm is pulled back in and the pointing finger is now used to tap her own sternum. "…is not a human. Make that mistake again, and I will kill you." Just a little agitated? Maybe.

Hosea doesn't comment on whether he's human or a mutant, he's not sure why it would matter. He's starting to get rather frustrated now, though, and he spins back toward Scout, because he's still closer. "Little girl, I did not want to do this like dis," he says. The large African moves quickly, spinning around with a large foot to try to sweep Scout off her feet, quite literally, and follow it with a move to take the backpack from her possession to throw it out of reach. He's strong, and anyone versed in combat could tell that he's not someone who just took a few classes in elementary school.

Domino was staring now, just.outright.staring. Her eyes had gone a little wide, and her lips had begun to part in the jaw dropping moment of the barrage of words back and forth and Hosea's attempt to drop Scout. Really!? Now it was her turn to laugh, a dry throaty sound that seemed to fuel the slow shake of her head. Unless someone was listening for it it likely would be lost amongst the murmuring and gasps of the few stragglers that watched, but what she said next spoke above their heads and through them to the trio who seemed to have lost all reason for the fight in the first place.
"Are you three looking for a purpose to kill boredom, because I think I lost track of why this has even gotten this far." Somewhere during her small speel she had resheathed the throwing dagger and folded her arms across her chest after shoving from the wall.
"It started with laughter and is ending with who you are and why?" Her head tilted as one eye squinted, was she asking for affirmation to get back on track in the cluster-fuck action-packed movie reel. Yes, Domino was calling a pause.

Eris sneers at the girl in front of her, "I meant mutant as in one of the chosen race, not something that crawled out of the sewer and eats garbage for a living." There is a sharp cracking noise under the sidewalk between the two, but other than the sound nothing seems to happen. It would appear that Eris is reconfiguring minerals under the cement. She takes a half step back when Hosea takes action. Interesting, not a fighting style she is familiar with, if it is a style at all.
And then Domino spake and took Eris's attention away from the goings on in front of her. She gives the other woman a once over and decides that she is probably also a mutant simply based on her appearance. She shrugs, "I've had a bad day. That Green Woman's been after me, I almost get hit by a car, and then a filthy rat child laughs at me?" She shrugs and adds nonchalantly, "Why not kill her. If nothing else it will lower our taxes. One less mouth to feed, one less future inmate to house." She glances back to Scout, "Honestly, who could tolerate such disrespect? She needs to be put down for the greater good."

Scout's no match for the much taller and stronger teen, and it doesn't really help she wasn't paying as much attention to him. The sweep is successful as she goes down onto the side walk, toppling over. "Ouch!" She yells out, not at all expecting her backpack to be taken, but she doesn't get angry. No, not at all, there's other plans in motion now, ones that are not in any case complying with the request for a time-out. "Help! Help! I'm being robbed!" Should anyone really happen upon this scene, it would appear that the teen down on the side walk, is in fact being attacked and robbed. For added realism, she holds her hands outwards in defense, as if trying to block any further attacks.
The pose is only held for a couple seconds before the filthy teen realizes all her acting is turning out fruitless. "Someone who's not stuck up?" She quips back, arms crossing over her chest as Hosea receives the stare down. "Funny how the tall glass of water preaching peace turns out to be the one who kicks me. Might want to practice what you preach there buddy."

Hosea, having managed to disarm her from the pack of knives, leaves her to her complaints without giving her any acknowledgment. The African gets back to his feet and starts walking toward Eris at a steady pace, his eyes fixed upon her. "Now you," he commands, a pointing finger at Eris. "You go! And be destructive only to youself if you must destroy anyting." He's still walking toward Eris, but while his appearance hasn't changed, his consistency has. He expects to have more things thrown at him, and if they are, they will pass through him as if her weren't there. "I told them," he says to Domino. "I tell dem to stop? Dey to not stop. I do not want to hurt them. But dey need to learn discipline. Not to run about like children, concerned with silly tings." His accent seems to be growing thicker with his frustration.

"Respect is given where it is due. There are different approaches beside beating your opponents into death or submission. It's no fun that way." The small quirk to the corner of dark stained lips nearly showed a smile on her face, but it faded and died like a candle held to the wind.
"But still, I'm lost.." Her eyes skipped over each of them, arms crossing over her chest and one hip out thrusting to the side in her upright repose, ivories flashing as she chewed her lower lip. Pausing on Hosea and then looking to Scout one hand rose in a waffling gesture and then pointed at Scout. "She has a point.." For one sliver of a moment Scout actually had a valid point in all of this, though the we'll kill you thing…She was still back on 'who the fuck is this we?'
"Dont get me wrong here.." Her eyes skipped back to Envy then and held. "I am not trying to referee, by all means, tear this city apart, but at least have a good goddamn reason to carry the trophy of wins and losses. I am failing to see one right now, is she worth it?" Her foot scuffed over the ground that had seemingly begun to go brittle with Envy's call to power, tapping a toe to wedge a piece of cracked cement loose.
(Hosea started to move, and it was a hulking move that drove him forward, one that read more fight than defense like he was portraying only moments ago. Her eyes rolled and her lips pursed out a slow breath between them. "I know you told them, but you did not take the time to tell them in their own language. Like right now, I can tell you it is best you stop where you are.." Would he listen? She was betting on no.

Envy is actually hesitating. She could easily dispose of both the screeching child and the annoying interloper (she believes), but something about Domino's calm critique of the situation is causing the woman to stay her hand. Envy shifts her stance to one that is rather similar to Domino's. "I am used to being respected, I am not the type of person to sit back and let some child laugh at me in the middle of the street. I needed to set an example." She shrugs slightly, "And the others them mentioned in the news, well they were making some interesting comments about the shootings in this town. Or they owed me money." Odd that a woman who can make diamonds would need to collect on loans. She glances at Hosea, a dangerous look that seems to say 'Don't come any closer'. The ground makes another cracking noise, but the surface damage does not increase.

Though it seems rather pointless considering the state of her clothes, Scout gives her shorts a quick dust off before heading towards her backpack, which is still laying at the spot it was thrown. She keeps her distance, arms crossed over her chest, even after the back is slipped back into place. "You see, we did make a point." She basically repeats what Domino said with a shit-eating grin smacked across her lips. "You're all no fun. Would have laughed too were it me and not you." She shakes her head from side to side in a real slow motion, arms back to being crossed over her chest. The teen looks rather genuinely depressed, head tilted down as she stares at the wear and tear on the sidewalk. Oddly enough, all the shadows in the area begin to pull towards her like out stretched hands with thin long fingers.
Hosea seems unintimidated by either the sound or by Eris' look. He is still progressing forward. "You tink that dere is more power by making people do what you say, but I tell you, it is mercy dat is strength. With kindness you heap burning coals on deh heads of your enemies, so dat they will know they are wrong, yes?"

Envy did have some sense, her hesitation proved it and little points started coming out of the negatives. But the tally she was keeping for her own decision was nothing visible - in fact she kept perfectly neutral. "If my respect held any account to you I would simply respect you for holding your candor while the hyena laughed and fed on the outskirts." A lopsided grin was offered to Envy as eyes darted back to Scout and the Hosea a few steps bringing her closer to Envy, but form a three point safety visual of the others while trying not to implicate herself if it all went south.
"The shooting here in Mutant Town? Yeah, awful shame those, and to think while people are trying to come from the outside to wipe us out, we're here doing to ourselves." It was said flatly but the whole statement was a highlighting point. She knew Envy was not so human, Scouts admission had yet to hold proof and Hosea…Well…Right now he was just a big mother fucker.
Glancing back to Scout she reached within her pocket and withdrew a few bills, holding them out to her. "We need food and a bath, don't we?" Domino was by far not the bleeding heart and she could go from being this nice to putting you in a crosshair but in all reality, she rather liked Mutant Town…In one piece.
( Hosea was not stopping and a slight lean towards Envy had her muttering low. "You gain more power with respect and allies if you choose. Like the saying goes. More flies with honey, even if it has a tinge of arsenic." She could not fully agree with Hosea or disagree there were points here and there but right now she was stepping back, he was walking into his own fight now after two warnings. )

Eris frowns heavily at Domino's words, not because she found them to be incorrect, but because they rang true. Yes, she is picking fights with people in Mutant Town even though it is a time for them to come together. And yet there were those mutants that she fought with in the park a week ago. "You know, right before the last shooting, the big one at the bar. I ran into a bunch of thugs who said they wanted to do something like that. I attacked them and was stopped by two mutants and the Green Woman." She looks over at Domino again, "Those men got away and a few hours later there was a massive attack on this town. Sometimes it is our own kind that needs to be taught not to interfere with those who are willing to take action, even if that action is perhaps not something they would condone."
Eris ignores Scout now for the most part, it seems she does not remember her from a few months ago when they met last. Her attention is instead turned to Hosea, "Did I not tell you to stay back?" She stomps on the ground and there is a horrible shattering noise. The ground cracks further and a few sections of sidewalk are thrust upward a few inches. All in all it makes the sidewalk difficult to traverse. And then…Nothing happens. Eris looks rather confused about this. She sighs and looks rather annoyed. It looks like the cement is a little too thick for her to erupt crystal spikes through it. Another eruption should be able to make it through the cracked portion, but she'll need to set that up, which may take a moment.

Scout's eyes light up as the money is flashed in her direction. She licks her lips, hesitating to go grab the money from the lady, but the notion wears off quickly as she darts forward taking the bills. "Thanks. We'll use spend this wisely." She gives Domino a curt nod as the money is practically wadded up and shoved down into her front pocket. "Now I believe that's my exit." The words are spouted out to really know one in particular as she begins to gaze around their section of the block, trying to find some decent shade. One of the patio tables appears to be casting a choice shadow, and before you know it, the little teen has hopped the railing and stepped down into the darkness, immediately disappearing.

Hosea continues for a few more steps, though careful examination might show that his feet are no longer lining up with the ground. It seems that his feet have sunk into the ground slightly where the sidewalk has raised, and now that he feels he is close enough, he stands, looking down at Eris. He's not the most eloquent, or even the smartest guy on the block, but he doesn't seem to be afraid, even when Eris buckles the ground. "I heard you, but I do not fear you. I think your enemy has left, you can be at peace now, yes?" he suggests. He doesn't know about the attacks. He looks over his shoulder to confirm that Scout is leaving, giving an opening perhaps if Eris desires to attack him.

Domino's feet did not move from their rooted place when Envy stomped and the ground began to try and rift despite it cracking just between where boots were planted. Hearing her speak of what happened her head tilted a bit. Two sides to every coin, it was the end decisions that made the difference. "You did what you felt was right, there is no scorn in that, but me…Personally, I would have followed them, gained numbers to match theirs, and when they went to strike any doubts in the others would be wiped away and instead of them fighting against you, they'd be fighting with you." Hindsight was always 20/20 but it was a shared thought for next time, if there ever was.
When Scout snagged the money and spoke her eyes could not help but follow the curious youth off, and how she exited brought both brows to jump upward and then fall back into place. "Interesting.."
The big man started talking though and her eyes slowly trailed to him in his stillness. Good enough for her. "I'd say this has been fun, but I am gearing more towards enlightening. Been a long day and I have a bed calling my name. Lovely meeting you…all.." Her eyes skipped from the two to the shadows and then down the alley she had come from earlier before her feet followed the path.

Eris glances up at the man. "You really are asking for a knife in your face aren't you?" She shrugs and shakes her head. "Yes, the horrible rat child ran off somewhere. I won't try to kill her now that she's gone. Now why don't you go rescue a kitten or something before I decide skewering you would be a better way to relieve my stress." So it turns out Scout really is a mutant. The next time she sees the girl she may attack her with slightly less murderous intentions.
Eris looks to Domino, "Yes well it's hard to follow someone when they're coming at you with a knife. And if the other mutants weren't going to help me when they were trying to kill me, I doubt they would have done much when the shooting started." She waves the woman off when she departs and remains standing there with her arms crossed. She taps one of her feet as she looks up at Hosea expectantly. She seems not to have noticed what his feet are doing right now.

To Hosea, being a mutant isn't a defining feature of who he is, so he doesn't try to show off his power. Still, he looks clearly unimpressed with her. "You must learn to sew righteousness if you want to reap love," he says. He looks as if he has some sort of sermon prepared, but he just sighs instead. He turns around, and begins to walk away, satisfied that the strange girl won't be getting herself killed for the night.

The look on Envy's face is priceless when Hosea says his inspirational little phrase to her. It looks like she's having a hard time deciding if she wants to throw up or start laughing, but she's content to just stand there and give him a judgemental look. When he walks away she stands there for a moment and frowns at the sidewalk. That could have been bad, she'll need to figure out how to get around the cement in this city at some point. She sighs and walks into the bar she threw the shuriken into. She places a hand on the counter, "Sorry 'bout the mess. Sell these quick." She picks up her hand to reveal a small pile of gemstones. They won't last, but if he sells them in the next few days that won't be his problem. She turns and walks out of the bar, deciding she might as well go home for the night.

~ Fin ~

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