diggeridoo's and dont's


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Summary: A little late night music and small talk.

Date: 1/31/2011

Log Title: Diggeridoo's and dont's

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Late night in mutant town and Vinny is doing what he does every night, practicing with his powers. The Anthro-Platypus is seated on a park bench looking over at a small fountain that has filled with rather dirty water from melting snow and slush. In his hands there's a long tube close to five feet long and 4 inchs across. One end pressed to his lips under his bill. A Deep droning and thruming sound emits from the tube and rumbles eerily through the darkened Park.

The sound of heavy boots clomp on the sidewalks in a state of disrepair, as Vincent walks through the park. Dark brown eyes scan the area, taking stock in the surroundings, number of trees and quality of the benches, and where the people are, and the visible mutants. Vincent might not take pride in his mutant state, but he doesn't keep himself ignorant.

Black sneakers grip the concrete below, nothing too grand about that, simply a man walking through the park. Nothing really giving his mutant status away right now, but he does notice the platypus playing a digeridoo? Well, that's certainly worth a moment of his time. He moves closer to bear witness to the eery yet smooth sounds.

Vinny opens his eyes and stares at the water in the fountain, a blue glow suddenly obscuring the details of his eyes turning them to flat planes of sapphire-blue light. As he plays on a large column of water rises from the fountain to a height of about eight feet and mabye a foot thick. The water begining to writhe and flex as though dancing to the sound of the diggeridoo like a cobra with a snake charmer's flute.

Vincent walks further down the sidewalk and stutters as he trips on his own boot but catches himself. The sight of a large water column really spooks the self healer, and he quickly looks around again, and the sight of a giant platypus really is the first and only thing he notices, and quietly approaches the creature. Circling around the water fountain, keeping as far from it as he can.

Julian nods with the groove even when the water starts to play around to the music. He seems quite entertained at least for the moment. As far as fearing the giant platypus, it's not the weirdest thing he's seen in the last couple years. The telekinetic starts looking about, taking notice of the people watching as well.

Vinny seems rather focused on what he's doing and for the moment doesn't acknowledg the presence of the new arrivals. The circular breathing technique allowing him to play without stop as the water column continues to writhe and undulate to the tones of his instrument. From the bottom the column begins to split, lowering the water level in the fountain as it slowly begins to become two columns of equal size.

Vincent had subconsciously dropped into a combat stance, but he does soften up as he notices that the mutant is just playing an instrument and seeing an old face from long ago, Jules. He gives the telekinetic a nod just in case things could potentially go south. They are in mutant town.

Ahh, yeah, now he remembers. The man on the other side of the fountain is finally recognized, Julian sending back the nod. He starts to walk over to Vincent, not really expecting a long 'Hi how are you doing?' kind of talk. Though he does have a certain amount of cordiality that he uses.

Vinny almost has the Column split into two when the glow from his eyes flickers and fades abruptly and the water drops back down into the fountain with a splash. He stops playing and lowers the instrument "Ah bloody hell.. lost it again. Can never manage to get it to split. Ah well gettin' closer every night." He looks over at the new arrivals, first Vincent and then Julian and gives a smile and short wave. "G'day! Nice night ain't it? Mabye a bit on the cold side but that don't bother me all that much." He takes the diggeridoo and slides it into a long case, putting on the cap and fastening it down.

Vincent blinks as the sloshes around in the fountain after it crashes back to the earth. "It's alright." Vincent says almost cynically, as if he was hoping or expecting more excitement. He shrugs as he starts to continue to walk once more.

Julian simply jumps back a tad, trying to not get wet in the cold weather. "Doesn't really bother me much, not anymore." He replies back to Vinny. As for Vincent, well, he certainly remembers him now. "That was pretty cool, the didg-err-macallit." He never really payed that much attention to the actual instrument, but certainly knows it's unique sound.

Vinny smiles and nods "Diggeridoo, been playing one for years really. Find that it helps me focus when pacticing with this Hydrokenesis stuff. Course I still like the term Waterbendin' better.. like from that cartoon with the bald chinese kid. So what brings ya to the park in the dead of night?"

Vincent keeps to himself for now, not sure really what to say with the whole musical conversation except that he played piano for a while… in his other life.

"I like watching the city. Never know what you're gonna see. Naked Cowboys, pigeons squashed on the street, giant mammals playing the digg-erydoo." The thing about being a mutant is, there's always a new surprise waiting to say hello to you. "Hey, Vincent, where you goin'?" He calls out, not wanting to make the guy feel excluded.

(Scene cut short due to weather-related brownout.)

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