2011-02-19: Dingo's Feint


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Summary: Dingo creates a disturbance to draw out the media and several heroes, making certain that those trying to control him believe that he is unable to do their bidding.

Log Title: Dingo’s Feint

Rating: R

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.


Midnight in the Park, the last of the casual visitors have long since left the area and the few lightposts around the walking paths are the only illumination. Vinny walks down the winding path towards his favorite practice spot, the case carrying his didgeridoo in one hand and a small cooler in the other. Having been coming here to practice his powers every since coming to mutant town the hybrid mutant is at least consistent, if not a bit predictable.

There is a russling in the branches of the trees above as a sudden sand storm cyclones its way down from the sky. Around the time of the Shootings, Dingo had laid a network of sand around the city that he could follow while in sand form. He uses it to travel from the Embassy to the Park and lands in a flurry. The man reconstructs as a human and immediately scans the area for signs of movement. Detecting someone walking around to the north he moves to the source and finds exactly who he was looking for. "Vinny! Perfect!" Dingo is wearing his costume right now, and looks a little out of breath.

Vinny pauses a moment at the sound of the sand whipping through the trees and as Bruce forms he immediately feels the presence on his electrolocation. Turning in the directly of where Bruce formed he steps off the path behind a tree and waits for the disturbance to get closer. He only knows that someone is out there, he doesn't know who.

"Vinny? It's me Bruce. I know you're over there." He glances toward the tree. "Sorry about the other night. I have something I need to talk to you about. Actually I need a favor from you. Something has happened. Something that…Well something that I need your help to fix."

Vinny steps from behind the tree and back onto the path under the lightpost. He nods looking over in Bruce's direction. "G'day Bruce. So what's goin' on that you'd need help to fix it? Figured you'd be lookin' to go to Magneto or somone if you needed somthin' but I'm all ears. What ya need?"

Dingo nods to the other mutant. "I did go to see Magneto. He's handling what he can, but there's something that I need to do, and I think you'd be best suited to make sure things don't go too wrong." He takes a breath. "Alrighty. Well those cops that shot Carmen? They took Lil from the bar. They sent me a message to attack the mayor or they'll kill her. And I need YOU to help the Avengers knock me out before that can happen."

There is a pause as Vinny takes all this in. Frowning a bit "So the Troopers are lookin' to use you as an excuse to come after the rest of us.. bastards. Ok so basically you're lookin' to make a big stink and then take a dive so they can't pull it off. I got the gist of it there?"

Dingo nods, "Exactly. I'm sorry to ask you for help, but you took out my sand pretty quick and I know you can easily control that battle. My other weakness is fire, and I know a few of the Avengers can do a bit of damage to me. You, luckily, can knock back my powers realistically AND keep me from dieing." He pauses. "I need to stage a fight with you outside of Stark Tower…Like right now."

Vinny nods and turns to leave the park. "I'll be there, just try not to pound the hell out of me too badly. My powers may work well against yours but you've got the combat experience. Just do me favor mate, when you make your big attack do somthing the breaks off a fire hydrant. Gonna need a water source that doesn't require having to rip up the pavement myself."

Dingo nods. "No problem buddy. I'll head up that way and prepare. And I plan on being more loud than physical toward you. I don't intend to hurt you at all if I can help it." He turns to head out as well. "Oh…I'm gonna blow up a car there if I need to. I'll point it out when you get there so you know to avoid it. And Vinny…Thank you." He turns to walk away again, pulling out a phone. "Hello? Channel 6? I'd like to give you a tip off…"

Vinny nods and heads out while Bruce makes his preparations, though he tenses a bit when he hears the call to the news. Looks like he's about to be made public alot sooner than he planned. Going to be an interesting night.

NYC - Upper East Side

The Upper East Side of New York City is New York's richest living area. The apartments here are off the most expensive in New York, and in the United States, and the businesses that make their home here are some of the wealthiest companies. Elegant rows of landmark townhouses line the side streets. There aren't as many shops here as there is housing and businesses.

30 Minutes Later

The wind is a bit stronger here than it was down in the park. That could cause a few problems for what Dingo is planning. He glances around nervously at the Stark Towers and the Avenger's Mansion, hoping they don't notice him before he can get things set up. The man darts over to an alley way and pulls out a black bag he'd stashed here earlier. He then drags it to a large whit van parked on the side. The man crawls under the van and attaches some sort of device. Once he's done he remains under the van, glancing out at the street for Vinny to arrive.

Vinny emerges onto the scene about 15 minutes after Bruce does. Stepping out of a cab and paying the driver before stepping out onto the sidewalk, a long cylindrical case over his shoulder as he looks around, trying not to look like he's waiting for something. Though the sight of the Hybrid Platypus mutant in his ill-fitting shabby attire definitely stands out as unusual in an area dominated by mansions and the upper crust.

Corrin trots down the steps of Avengers Mansion, having played courier for some documents from SHIELD. Yes, sometimes things have to be delivered personally, and he was 'It' for today. He pauses at the front gates to roll his collar up against the chill, looking both ways. The traffic is light but steady, typical for a Saturday night, and he wonders whether he should find a cab or just walk to the nearest subway station. He does blink at the sight of Vinny — this isn't Mutant Town.

A sudden gust of wind kicks up a large cloud of sand from underneath a white van, blowing the dust at Vinny and swirling around him. Dingo reconstructs himself in front of the platypus and nods to the other mutant. He whispers, "White van, on the corner. Avoid it, it's my backup. There's a hydrant over here." Then he backs up and yells out. "I knew it! I can't believe it was you that sold her out, you BASTARD!" Sand begins streaming out from underneath nearby vehicles. It would appear that Dingo set this whole thing up. The material coalesces into a large Dingo behind the sand mutant, which promptly knocks over a vehicle in a threat display.

Vinny blinks and takes a few steps back as Bruce appears in front of him and starts shouting at him. He frowns and holds his ground "Mate you got 'roos loose in yer top paddock! I ain't sold out nobody so don't start that crap with me! You raisin' hell out here's just gonna get us all killed!" Vinny's eyes turn a flat featureless blue and glow brightly, there's a noticeably shaking in the street and a nearby fire hydrant lurches and trembles for a moment. "Don't make me drop you mate…."

Corrin turns away from Vinny — it isn't polite to stare — and thus he misses Dingo's arrival from beneath the white van. He doesn't miss the multiple swirls of sand flowing out from under the other vehicles in the vicinity, and Dingo's shouting has him spinning to face the angry mutant. What the…? "Dingo!" He takes a step toward him and then the street starts trembling. Oh, this can't be good….

Vinny is the only one who is in the proper position to see the relieved smile that crosses Dingo's face when he hears Corrin shouting at him from behind. He turns suddenly to face the other mutant. "Go home, you traitor to your own species! This does not concern you!" Damn, one won't be enough. Dingo will need to kick things up a bit. He moves back toward the construct and points at Corrin. The sand creature lifts a paw and swats a car at the man, the vehicle catching the hydrant as it moves and causing it to geyser water into the air.

Within the Stark Towers on the 93rd floor Tony is entertaining a guest for brunch as Kaji is off doing his daily training downtown. Pietro and Tony have been discussing what happened earlier in the week in the Mutant Town shooting and Dingo's rampage for the better part of an hour. Tony's part in the affairs has brought forth the names of the officers that were involved and he's brought this information to the Chief of Police. Sometimes it pays to be able to playback a conversation one has at random then take learned information to a database to search through files to be more of assistance.

As Stark is about to finish his third cup of coffee the Towers security goes nuts alerting him to Dingo rampaging at the foot of the main building. Calmly the mug in his hand is sat down on the glass dining room table. "We've got trouble downstairs, Pietro. It would appear that Dingo is throwing a fit towards…a platypus."

Vinny grits his teeth as Bruce starts things off but is silently thankfull that he broke the hydrant before Vinny had to do it himself. Thrusting one hand towards the flying car the water from the hydrant bends and rockets towards it, blasting it away from Corrin and sending it rolling a few yards down the street. The water geysering out of the broken hydrant now flowing to pool at Vinny's feet and begin swirling around him. The fight is on. "That's it Dingo.. maybe a cold shower will put you back in yer good mind."

Pietro spoke of his talk with Dingo as well, and not in any positive terms. In fact there was a good deal of mockery involved. Brows arch as Tony relates this news. "You can't be serious." That the man is down stairs. "What is this about then?" Can't be chance that Dingo is here. Honestly, not after the talk the speedster had with Dingo. That said, he still rises to his feet. "We should go check this out, regardless." Sounds grumpy about it. Then again he almost always sounds grumpy. Since Tony agrees, Pietro seems to shift into costume with the blink of an eye, and he and Iron Man descend from on high thanks to rooftop access. Pietro takes his own way down of course, but hey.

Corrin's eyes go wide as Dingo throws a *car* at him. Yipe! *Ping!* His force field goes on and he dives toward the other mutant, trying to avoid the vehicle entirely. It hits him, he's squished. It sideswipes him, he's still squished. The force field won't take a ton of metal falling on him. "Traitor…? What?!"

Dingo backs up slightly as Corrin lunges at him. The sand Dog steps between Dingo and the other Mutant and tips its head back in a silent Howl. Dingo turns quickly toward the Platypus and speaks low, but loud enough that the other mutant can hear him. "Don't take me out too fast. I need the media here to film this." And then Dingo speaks louder, laughing. "Water? Might work on my sand, but it won't work on ME, mate!" He jumps forward and attempts to land a punch on the Platypus's bill, the sand construct going after Corrin. The car is effectively knocked aside, landing on someone's doorstep and blocking their front door.

Vinny was expecting this to be powers vs powers and wasn't ready for Dingo to turn this into a fist-fight. Trying to back up awkwardly the punch lands and sends the Hybrid sprawling with a pained hiss. Trying to clear the cobwebs he stumbled back to his feet and rather that trying a punch of his own his eyes glow again and the water under his feet shoot him two feet into the air and spin him around quickly, that 5ft tail of his coming into play as a one hundred pound bludgeon of fat and muscle. Vinny has no witty response.. this being his first superbattle. He needs to work on his banter.

Giant sand doggie, twelve o'clock. Corrin dodges again as a paw swipes at him. "Damn it, Dingo! What the hell is going on?!" He's trying hard to think: did something happen this week with… yes, Dingo chased some cops. Corrin is wearing his SHIELD outfit… does Dingo think he's a cop? It isn't making sense to him. "Dingo! Damn it! Talk to me! We can work something out!" He hopes.

With Quicksilver running down the building Iron Man is flying down to where the fight is well under way. Grumbling to himself, "Never can have a peaceful weekend around this place." Already a call is being put in to Damage Control that their services will more than likely be needed at the Towers again in a bit. A scan of the particulars also reveals that Corrin is caught up in what's transpiring. With a construct heading at Corrin and Dingo himself attempting to pummel the platypus Tony comes down where the platypus got knocked back from taking a swing for Dingo's head thinking obviously by knocking out the controller the construct becomes a non issue.

Between one eyeblink and the next a white-haired speedster is at Dingo's side as the sand man boasts. His action is quite simple. He snaps his fingers right near Dingo's head. Of course what happens isn't simple. The sonic boom that goes off is going to be painful. The goal is to daze. Pietro has stopped caring about trying to talk. Also, it should be noted that he's gone the moment that sonic boom goes off. There, snap, and then gone! Maybe he can get that in right before Iron Man connects.

Dingo can hear Corrin yelling behind him, but he really cannot afford to give any sign that this is not an act. He hesitates slightly when he actually strikes Vinny, coughing out a quiet "Sorry" before the other mutant retaliates. Dingo sees the tail coming and transfoms his body into sand. Before the platypus can hit he feels the sands in his body vibrate strongly. His face is then met with Iron Man's fist, which causes his head to explode and reform itself." Dingo returns his face to human form and glances around. "Ah good! Ya decided to join the party." He runs backward and leaps toward his construct, vanishing inside of the massive Dingo as another dozen streams of sand flow out from various hiding places. The construct grows to its maximum three story size and turns on the Avengers.

Not being able to see what was going on during the spin Vinny failed to notice the arrival of Iron man and ends up whacking the armored Hero with his tail instead of Dingo. Landing and nearly falling over Vinny jumps back and grits his teeth. "Ow ow ow bloody Hell that hurts!" The Platypus then rocked by his proximity to Pietro's sonic boom and stumbles back holding the sides of his head where his ears are presumably. "Gah!.." He's going to need to do something soon he's making a complete fool of himself.

Corrin scrambles to get around the big sand dog, trying to get to Dingo. Not so that he can attack the man — he thinks he can talk to Dingo, maybe even talk him down. (Yes, he is an blithering optimist.) He keeps his force field up, to save him against random sand, if nothing else.

Then… oh, wait. Iron Man? And that streak of blue and white looks like Quicksilver… and…. Corrin shakes his head as Dingo dissolves under multiple attacks, then reforms and joins his dog. "Um." Out of his depth: yes. He'll tap his SHIELD comm. "Agent Kelly: All points. Dingo attacking another mutant outside Stark Towers, my location." Because this situation has definitely gone past the talking phase.

As Iron Man watches his fist go through sand where a head used to be he's struck from behind by the broad platy-tail causing him to rock forward a bit but otherwise no harm to the armor plated man. Dingo appears to be amused by Starks arrival on scene and has move to combine with the construct. "Dammit, that man is slippery for a bunch of sand." Turning around he finally gets a good look at Mr. Platypus as people start vanishing all over the area, Pietro's doing. "Let me get you out of the way. You're erm tail alright?" If Vinny accepts Tony quickly flies the man out of the immediate path of danger before turning back to see what Dingo is doing now.

Since his powers are ineffective on Bruce, Pietro shifts to clearing out those who can be hurt. Bystanders all over begin to disappear, placed several streets away. Corrin too is scooped up, but he's merely placed a short distance away, out of immediate danger. He's also given back his package. "You don't want to lose this I imagine. Were you hurt?" Doesn't look to be, but the speedster asks anyway. Of course he isn't asking poor Vinny. Perhaps he should get around to that.

Dingo appears not to be going after anyone imediately. The construct just stands there for a few moments. If anyone is looking close they'll notice small holes appearing and vanishing around the construct. Dingo is moving his human head around to look around the area, the construct is blind. And then…Ah ha! A news van pulls up and a camera man steps out. Perfect. Dingo appears on top of the construct and points at Iron Man, speaking loudly. "Get out of my way, you pseudo-mutant wannabe! I won't let you stop me from getting him! He was supposed to protect her! I don't have time to deal with the likes of you." He glances behind him to try and get tabs on Pietro. "I'm taking that Platypus out and then it's on to higher people!" He hopes that's enough of a message that the police will think he's in their pocket.

Dingo sinks back into the construct and a third appearance of sand shows up. He must have been preparing for this for hours. Geysers of sand shoot up out of sewer grates in the area and the Dingo raises its head in another silent howl. It still hasn't attacked anyone. He's putting on a show.

Vinny shakes his head a moment and waves off Iron man's offer as he tries to clear the ringing from his ears. "Don't worry bout me mate.. just keep him busy for a minute.. I ain't done yet." He picks up the cylindrical case he was carrying earlier and begins to remove the cap on one end. Vinny's eyes return to that solid blue glow as all the water in the area begins to surf towards him, the broken hydrant still feeding more out onto the street for the Hydrokinetic to use.

Corrin startles as he finds himself suddenly not-where-he-was. "Gah!" Oh, it's Pietro. "Pi… I mean, Quicksilver. I don't know what's going on, but Dingo seems to be on a pro-mutant rampage. He accused that man," he points at Vinny, "Of selling some woman out. I don't know who." And that's about everything he knows.

He looks at the package in Quicksilver's hands. Oh… right. That must have fallen out of his pocket. He'll take it and tuck it away again. "Thanks… yikes!" as sand geysers out of the manhole not ten feet away.

Iron Man leaves Vinny be as the platypus seems to be doing well and is in far better shape to tangle with Dingo than either of the Avengers present. "Well, whatever you're going to do make it snappy!" Sand erupting everywhere and the news now on site Tony kills their on site reporting moments after the sand erupted from the ground. Course they've already gotten a great deal of information out to the public and it is then as he's dealing with the electronics in the area that his scans show reveal a bomb underneath one of the vehicles parked near the main tower. The personal jab is ignored as Stark races over to the vehicle to see what sort of bomb he's dealing with under there. If he can safely pick the van up to get it out of the area he will do so otherwise he'll try to disarm the thing on the spot.

Pietro eyes the sand with displeasure, but no real surprise. He didn't miss the news crew arrival, and then this display. "I'm not sure things are as they appear." The man notes in a sour tone. Lifting a hand to his comm to activate it, he asks, "Iron Man, do we have anything that can slow him down?" A glance to Corrin. "Excuse me." And he's gone again. Heads off the scene for some reason.

Dingo has no way of knowing that Iron Man is after his plan B. Unfortunately for him he didn't even think of the fact that someone like Iron Man would have an extremely easy time finding something like a bomb if he got close enough. The geysers of sand swirl upward and form a localized sandstorm around the Dingo. The storm is not much larger than the construct since his sands are already stretched to the borders of his area of influence, and the storm itself is moving at a rather sluggish pace. Again, this appears to be for show rather than anything else.

The construct begins moving forward in the direction he last saw Iron Man. It moves slowly at first and picks up speed, hoping that Vinny will have time to get out of his way. He assumes Iron Man will strike back with some sort of laser, giving Dingo a better lock on his location. He does not realize that Iron Man has moved, however.

Vinny opens the case and removes a long wooden tube painted in aboriginal symbols and pictures, a Diggeridoo. He turns towards Dingo as the water continues to gather around him swirling and cresting in small waves. He looks to be about to retort to Dingo's accusation when he sees the three-story construct come barreling towards him. Not having time to do what he'd planned he thrusts both hands towards the rushing figure and several hundred gallons of water surge towards it in a single wave, turning the lower part of it's forelegs into a sodden mess and hopefully bringing it crashing down before it reaches him.

Corrin barely notices Pietro's exit — he's too busy back pedaling away from a sand geyser. However, he is far enough from the action now that he can get a good look at the pattern of the fight — and a strange pattern it is, too. The only people to have taken hits are Dingo and the platypus, and neither of them has made effective hits, however showy the results. Rather odd… Corrin's impression of Dingo was that the man was a lot more aggressive.

He pulls a pad of paper and a pencil out of a pocket and starts making notes. When in doubt, be a good witness.

Scanning capabilities aside Iron Man is partially under a van working on the bomb to disarm it. It takes a bit of time to make sure that the device is completely incapable of being used at this time and once it can be removed he hovers off the ground noticing that a cruiser has arrived on the scene. A quick flight over as the front legs of the construct turn to mush Tony drops the deactivated explosives into the hands of a freaked out police officer. "It's relatively harmless and evidence. Gotta go! I'm needed on the playground." Dashing back into the scene the Avenger comm is activated to answer Pietro's question. "Fraid not, man. Unless we've got a pocket psychic around we're pretty well screwed but SHIELD is en route."

Pietro returns in short order with some wind. "That's what I thought, and no, I haven't. Heads up. Bringing the wind for a moment." The words are a little oddly spaced, but that happens with speedsters. He doubts it will do much, but perhaps some hurricane force winds concentrated down big city streets can disperse that sand a little. Won't stop Dingo to be sure, but leave him less material to play with. Hopefully Corrin, and his paper, won't mind if they are tucked into a sheltered doorway just before those winds hit. They carry all kinds of things with them too. Small pieces of debris, papers, and even some wet droplets picked up along the way.

The construct stops moving once it is struck by the wave, the front legs of the construct being washed away and pouring down onto the ground. The Dingo manages to keep itself from falling forward by ejecting a new set of legs to replace those that it lost. The sandstorm swirling around the Dog pulls in and replaces the sands that were lost. Dingo has lost his ability to sense movement around the construct, but it is still at full size. He decides that he has put on his display long enough and pops his head out the top of the construct once more. He leaps the creature toward the white van and picks it up in the muzzle of the Dog.

The construct backs up toward one of the buildings and Dingo sinks out the back of the creature right before it bites down on the van. The construct stops moving, looking a bit confused when the van doesn't explode. It shakes its head back and forth a few times and drops the van. "Well damn. I thought I set that WHOA!" He's knocked back a bit as the winds hit him, knocking a few feet off the outer level of the construct before he jumps back inside of it. The Sand Dingo stops losing sand as he condenses it into the density of cement. It will make him less susceptible to wind and water, but physical attacks will be more effective against it.

Vinny is tired of messing around and the arrival of the cops has him definately on edge. As the construct heads towards the van Vinny raises the Diggeridoo to his lips as he gathers water around him once again. "Alright Dingo, time to end-" His speech is cut off as the hurricane-force winds whip up. "Oh crap…" His inexperience in actually using his powers for combat is fairly obvious as he tries to raise a wall of water around himself to deflect the wind but is too slow and is swept off his feet. Tumbling head over tail down the street only to collide with the side of the news van with a subsantial *THUD*

Corrin gahs again, because he's not-where-he-was again. "Damn it, Pietro!" Not that Quicksilver is likely to care about his complaint — or even hear it, given the sudden rise in the wind. Corrin scowls and presses back into his doorway, shield up. "Agent Kelly to base. This is what's happening right now…." He will give a running commentary into the SHIELD comm, and on his pad of paper, make sketches of where the combatants are and in what configurations. Good cop. Good cop. Good cop….

Iron Man hovers out of the range of the hurricane force winds noticing Corrin's position where the man is communicating with SHIELD. Poor Vinny gets plastered up against the news truck as those reporters are on their cells all but screaming details to the broadcasting booth. As Dingo is battered by the wind and water turning more solid Tony flies down in the wake of the winds to fire several small plasma shaped balls at the construct. They're wicked nasty things that will explode on contact which will be a rude awakening if not dealt with. At least these smaller balls will do a fraction of the normal damage they are capable of. The goal is to take Dingo down not kill him.

Quicksilver appears on the top of a building over looking this all, but doesn't appear much satisfied. "I hope you cut his news footage. Just to be spiteful." Over the comm to Tony. "He's clearly here for the show."

Dingo moves upstream of the wind, the force apparently not being enough to keep three stories of solid sand from moving. The shape of the creature changes suddenly, extending walls on either side in an attempt to prevent Quicksilver from moving back and forth so quickly. Tony's shots strike the construct and explode, causing the Dingo to crack and sending off chunks of what look like rocks onto the street. The construct hunkers down and continues to block the road, shrinking down slightly and replacing the parts of it that have been blasted out.

Dingo leaps out of his construct, landing on the street and being pushed back by the winds before they seem to die down. He charges toward Iron Man, his arms turning to sand before the effect spreads to the rest of his body. He runs at Iron Man and takes a swing at him, speaking low as he attacks. "Those bombs won't be enough to convince 'em. Did you do something to my bomb?" He disassimilates and appears behind Iron Man again, dodging attacks and aiming more punches. "Got anything flashier? Once I jump back in my Dog over there I'm gonna need you to blast 'im apart, got it?"

Vinny is getting rather sick of this. He is not going to have his first public outing as a mutant turn him into the Australian Wille E Coyote. Having kept ahold of his didgeridoo he groans and gets into a cross-legged sitting position. Raising the instrument to his lips he begins to play, the droning tones thrumming through the air as he once again gathers the water to his location. The reporters scatter as the water pools underneath him and he raises into the air now sitting atop a 20ft humanoid figure made entirely of water. The form being fed from the constant stream from the broken hydrant as it plods back up the street towards the battle.

Corrin pauses in his narration as Vinny the Giant appears. "Oh, boy… uh, base, this is Agent Kelly. What's your ETA on my position…?" He looks both ways along the street. All the innocent bystanders are gone? Traffic is stopped at both ends of the block? Yes to both questions? Okay. Press back in his corner and hope the fight doesn't come in this direction, then. "Continued: the platypus is now playing some sort of large oboe-like device and he's sitting on a giant man made of water…."

"The camera's are out but the one is babbling the details into her cell. Too busy to deal with her." Especially now that Dingo has turned himself into a sandman taking physical shots at him. To Dingo Iron man says, "I was unaware that you'd bring explosives to the party. Conviently left out no?" Dodging several punches to attempt a few of his own. "I'll be having a chat with the others after this." No one can hear this conversation so at least the fist fight looks good from a distance. "Reabsorb yourself before this gets further out of hand. You're friends gone and started riding a walking swimming pool. Be ready for the blast." To Pietro the comm opens again, "Pietro. Stay where you are. I'm about to do something incredibly foolish in close quarters. Explain later."

Stay where he is? There's a sigh for that and Pietro simply must ask, "And how is this different from any other time?" Not that he does anything to stop Iron Man. No, the speedster instead watches carefully, poised to move. He's a trick up his sleeve that he hasn't used yet in public and could be useful depending on exactly what Tony is going to try.

Dingo hesitates for a moment, catching a punch to the chest for his loss of concentration. Iron Man's fist passes through him harmlessly before he sandstorms his way behind the Avenger again. "Oh shoot. Try not to hurt him, eh? He's not a bad guy. Make sure he gets home ok." He ports again and continues the little fight. "Sorry about this. Rashmi can explain." And with that the man allows himself to get hit again, feigning injury, though Iron Man can probably tell he struck sand again.

Dingo rejoins his construct again and it stands once more. The construct goes through a horrifying bout of mitosis, budding off a smaller Dingo which charges at Vinny's water construct. The larger one moves toward Iron Man, though it is moving a bit slower than the smaller one.

Vinny plays on from his perch atop of the water golem. His eyes glowing brightly as he pushes the limits of his control to keep the shape intact and moving. As the new Dingo construct emerges to challenge his it surges forward and slams both watery 'fists' into the creation, causing a large explosion of wet sand and water to go flying in all directions. The thrumming of the australian instrument a rather errie soundtrack to the water giant pummeling the sand giant into mush, getting slightly smaller with each blow it hammers down.

Corrin's voice is tense as he relates, "Now there's two Dingos, a big one and a little one. Little one is going for the platypus, the big one for Iron Man…." God, he feels useless, standing here and narrating the fight. He checks the street again, but doesn't move out of his doorway — feeling useless isn't a good excuse to become roadkill.

Iron Man watches Dingo split himself sending a construct off in Vinny's direction and a much bigger one is lumbering towards him. Thinking to himself, "I honestly don't know why I get into things like this." There seems to be no one near the larger construct and Pietro is poised up above. On the Avenger comm, "It is different, Pietro. I swear I'll explain when this settles out." Feels terrible about having kept his friend in the dark but there wasn't a whole lot of time to explain what was going on before it began. "Do me a favor? Suck some debris in front of that large construct and get the hell out of Dodge." If his friend goes ahead with that a gauntlet raises opening vents emitting softball sized plasma bolts that gain speed quickly once Pietro is clear and smacks head on into the larger debris causing a massive explosion as the debris combined with the energy discharge slam the large contruct in a fiery display blowing everything in the area apart.

There's a grumpy look but a "All right." before Quicksilver disappears. Rushing off to gather enough momentum, the speedster works in from the opposite direction his last blast came from because that's where all the trash went. So along with everything that didn't get stuck in things on that first blast of air, this time he purposely picks up everything not nailed down. Briefcases, trash cans, plastic chairs.. you name it and he's got it heading right for Bruce. "Done!" Is called to Iron Man, and as one final act.. Pietro moves Corrin again just because he can. This time though, out of harms way, especially that wind and stuff he brought. Oh, and he makes sure Corrin keeps his paper before clearing the scene entirely.

The smaller sand Dingo snaps its jaws at the water golem, loosing a bit of its mass as it is struck with the waves of water. The larger Dingo rears up and lunges toward Iron Man just as the blast goes off, the explosion ripping through the construct and sending sand in all directions. When the dust settles all that remains is an upper arm and head of the construct sticking out of a pile of sand. The smaller construct immediately slumps down, collapsing as well. The water causes much of the smaller construct to wash down the sewer drains. The area is a mess, but none of the sand is moving. It would appear that Dingo has been effectively knocked out.

Vinny stops playing as it seems the battle is over. The water golem turning into a big puddle as he's lowered to the ground. He looks around and manages to locate the case for his instrument, putting it away as he looks around. Dingo is down, the cops are here, Iron man is here.. and how far he's truly in over his head finally dawns on him. "Oh bloody hell… time to go."

Corrin startles and staggers where Pietro left him, clutching his pad and trying not to let the steam burst out his ears. He has the insane urge to shout, "Curse you, Quicksilver!" at the top of his lungs, but he figures the speedster would only get smug if he did. Overgrown brat.

He turns a full circle, getting a good look at where things are and what's happening now. "Kelly to base. It looks like both Dingo constructs are down. Repeat: both Dingo constructs are down. ETA?" A pause. "By the way, there's a broken hydrant here. Can you let city waterworks know?"

With Dingo down Iron Man scans the crowd looking for the platypus. The news reporters are coming out of hiding and the police are starting to swarm on the scene heading towards what's left of the construct. "I hope all of you have really thought this through." A comment that no one will really hear from the armor plated man who takes off towards Vinny scooping up the unsuspecting platypus. "Don't freak out. I can't hold onto you very well and I'm trying to get you out of this." Several roofs over far from the scene is where Vinny will be sat down as gently as can be managed. "You'll be alright from here. I'll tell anyone on site that I took you to get medical help for you busted up your tail on my armor." Meanwhile he hacks Corrin's communication, "Any day now SHIELD. Channel Four got to the scene faster. Hill slacking off up there?"

Dingo glances up through the sewer grate below Vinny, waiting to make sure the other Mutant is safe. He sees Iron Man scoop up the Platypus and nods, turning and taking off down the tunnel moving toward the south. He'll need to lay low for the next couple of days, but he'll try to get a hold of Rashmi to send his thanks to Iron Man and Quicksilver. Hopefully he won't run into any Alligators down here.

Vinny gives a startled yelp as he's scooped up but he really isn't in any shape to fight even if he wanted to. Hanging rather limp for the moment until he's dropped off on the rooftop. He looks up and gives a nod to Iron Man and sighs "Thanks for the lift mate.. that got a bit stranger then planned. Sorry bout whackin' ya with the tail.. kinda knew to this whole super-powered fightin' stuff." He sighs and looks for a way down. "Definately need a bloody drink after this."

Corrin listens at the SHIELD agent on the comm line sputters, "Who is this?!" at Iron Man, but since he's agreeing with Iron Man, he doesn't help him out. He does go to meet the cops and coordinate SHIELD with them. Good cop. Good cop. Good cop….

Iron Man's never met Vinny before this but finds that the platypus is quite brave and actually funny to boot. "It got a bit wild but things like that tend to happen. I was more worried for your tail than myself. If you're alright I need to be heading back." Extending a hand towards Vinny for him to shake should he wish. "You're a brave man, platypus, person….never did catch a name…" To spare Corrin any further squabbling over SHIELD comms Tony shuts down the connection after telling the man that he's glad he was unharmed during the situation and can feel free to come up to the apartment once he's done with sorting out the mess. After saying his goodbyes to Vinny Tony takes off from the roof and heads back to the Towers to speak with the crew there to do cleanup, avoid the press, and send a message to Rashmi that he'd like a word before heading into the building out of sight.

Vinny shakes the offered hand and nods "Vincent Wilks, though most folk just call me Vinny. Course given that everyone's in hero mode tonight I suppose you can call me Outback." At the comment at his brave Vinny gives a pained wince and shakes his head "Not sure if it was brave or just dumb.. course I don't think there's a difference sometimes. G'day to you I better get movin' before the cops call flippin animal control on me." He watchs Iron man take off and manages to scramble down a fire escape, headed back for the relative safety of Mutant Town.

~ Fin ~

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