2011-06-14: Dining At The Stardust


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Summary: Follows Strange Walk Tyler and Kieran go to the Stardust Diner for dinner and run into Megan there.

Date: June 14, 2011

Log Title: Dining at the Stardust

Rating: PG

NYC- Stardust Diner

The outside of this diner looks like an old subway car, inside it's a 1950's retro theme with waitresses in poodle skirts, and shiny red booths to sit in. The food here is good, but it's not the main attraction to this diner, all the waitress and waiters sing. Taking turns, the wait staff gets up and sings a variety of songs to their customers to provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

It's been a long day spent walking about various parts of the city and boy are feet tired. Tyler wraps an arm around Kieran's shoulder at a crosswalk on Broadway. "There are so many shows playing. I still think we should see Wicked. Do you want to invite your family or would you rather we go out on a date?" They are waiting to cross with the crowd as they are heading towards the Stardust Diner, the food establishment that looks like an old subway car. It seemed like a pretty cool looking place to eat and the boys were starving.

"We can go to see Wicked if you want." Kieran says smiling and not caring if someone gives him a dirty look, he goes to kiss his boy softly on the lips,"So did you like the outfit?" He asks curiously ,"And I don't think most of my family would want to see Wicked, maybe Brian and my mom but that's it. Dates are always fun. Especially since we don't get to see /quite/ as much as we used to." He says laughing softly.

There aren't very many days of classes left before school is out for the summer and most of the students are going to go home. A few months in New York (or at least really close to New York, anyway) has spoiled Megan for the small mining town life she grew up in… She's talking to the teachers at school about staying over the summer and getting a job so that her mum doesn't have to worry about her quite so much. She's seventeen now, after all; she can get a fairly decent job in the mall or something and still be able to have time to hang about with her friends. With that in mind, the butterfly winged girl has spent most of the afternoon flitting through the city loking for somewhere that would hire a mutant teenager over the summer. Now, with dinner time upon her, she's heading for a little diner in search of something eat. She doesn't have to wait for traffic, just flying over the top of everything and landing lightly right outside the door.

Tyler grins into the kiss and when it parts he touches foreheads together. "I did actually. Never thought you'd wear skinny jeans but me likes." Reaches up with the arm not around Kieran to so that his hand can straighten the panel of the dark shirt. Sigh, "It was bound to happen. At least we can visit each other before curfew and around campus. It's not too bad." The crosswalk is signaling a change so he pulls back after leaving a kiss to Ki's forehead. "We'll have a date then. Before you have to leave with your family." They can cross now and as Tyler attempts to take the first step he pauses as a teenaged girl flutters overhead and lands in front of the diner where they are heading. "Her wings are spectacular. Did you see that?"

"Not too bad." Kieran says laughing a little bit as he moves casually,"And I think you should get a pair. I think you'd look hot in them." He says before he does register the winged girl that flutters towards the same diner that they're heading for,"And yeah… They're pretty cool looking." He says laughing softly,"And dates are always good because not sure if we meet up how often we'd be able to ditch Brian since he's taken a shine to you."

Hearing people behind her talking about wings, Megan can't help but turn to see who's talking about here. There certainly isn't anyone else around here that's got wings, after all… It takes a moment for her to isolate the two boys that are obviously a couple looking at her and heading the same place she is, but, when she does, she offers them a friendly little wave, "Noswaith da!" She positively beams at them, offering her own translator service, "Good evening." She glances at the diner, pausing with her hand on the door to enter, "It's a lovely, cute place, isn't it?" Her voice holds a very noticable Welsh accent.

"I'll think about this pants issue later," Tyler chuckles in amusement. Crossing the street like a herd of cattle the bodies move to the next sidewalk then disperse leaving the boys nearby the diner. "I wonder what it would be like to be able to fly. Probably sucks getting into a cab though. Though being this close to Broadway I wonder if I could ever end up there for real. Set designer, crew or something, maybe a dancer." Playfully spins Kieran around by lifting an arm up overhead and moving his wrist then drawing him close. "I think Brian would understand ditching him a few times over the summer. For now, yums!" Then they've been spotted yacking about the winged girl and Tyler offers a cheery wave back in greetings. "Hello there! Yeah, it is pretty neat. Hold the door a sec?" They can catch up with her and enter together.

Spinning playfully thanks to what Tyler's movement of his arm, Kieran laughs happily,"And I hope he will, but he does like you a lot. Least he's not bad. It's official even my dad hates Sean's girlfriend. Apparently she mouthed off to him." He says the last bit with a bit of a wince before he hears Megan,"It's pretty cool looking place." He says casually as he moves along with his boyfriend, squeezing his hand a little bit,"Please do hold the door!"

The door is willingly held and Megan gives the couple a bright smile, "Aye! Of course. After you." She waits for the other two to enter, whether they wish to or not, before walking in herself. Her wings get folded neatly behind her and she moves carefully once inside so as not to accidentally hit anyone else with them, "Enjoying an evening on the town, boyos? It certainly is a good one for it." She's wearing a simple, business-like outfit that still gives her freedom of movement for her wings, her heeled shoes making light taps on the floor as she actually walks to a stool at the bar. It's not like she could sit in a booth, after all… "Would you boys care to join me? It's a lonely thing spending all day flitting about by your lonesome."

Tyler snorts, "Hopefully I won't run into the witch. We'll see how the summer goes…" Towards the diner they go and arrive at the open door where Tyler smiles, "Thank you." The inside is old school fifties decor and even the staff are dressed in period garb from poodle skirts to those silly white hats that men wore. "We've been walking around for the better part of the day. Were you toiling away at a job or something?" The business attired young woman heads towards the bar and Tyler looks to Kieran when the offer to join her is made. "Sure? Why not?"

"Well whenever I'm with him I'm enjoying the evening." Kieran says laughing a little bit at the whole thing,"You're welcome to join us." He says shrugging a little bit as he looks at Megan, before glancing towards Tyler, but he doesn't say anything. Now he's just sitting there waiting to see what happens now. This is the first time he's been in a place like this, and he's unsure how to act.

"Agch…" Megan wrinkles her nose in sympathy for the ground-bound, "Well a'least you had fun, anyway." She giggles and shakes her head when questioned, "Nay! I was looking for a job. I would like to stay in the States for the summer, but I don't know that I'd be able to stay if I'm not actively taking classes or working, so…" So she'll find a job! She positively beams when the boys join her, waiting for a server to notice them and come by to take their orders, "My mum works in a pub back home, but that's not anything really like anywhere I've seen here. Not really, anyway." Maybe she just hasn't been looking the right places, though.

Having accepted the offer to hang out with young lady Tyler flips a menu around once seated on a stool. "Ahh, a pub. Probably are a lot of them around just have to go looking for them. I'm pretty new to the area so I can't really advise on stuff like that. Hope you get to stay in the States though." Setting the menu down flat to the counter and checking to see that Kieran is alright with hanging out on the stool at the bar he mentions their names. "I'm Tyler and the handsome gentleman beside me is Kieran. It's nice to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. It depends I think. I'd check with the INS, but as long as you're enrolled I think you can stay as long as you aren't going to be missing a couple terms." Kieran says smiling a bit as he seats himself next to Tyler,"Where are you from? I can't place the accent." He says knowing that she's not English and no respecting Welshman would refer to themselves as English anyway. "What kind of job are you looking for?"

"'Tis a pleasure! I'm Megan." The pink haired girl giggles softly when questioned about where she's from, ducking her head a little, "I'm from Wales. Mum is still there, but she's got time off coming and can probably make the trip to come visit me." She likes that idea! Means she won't have to go back to the home that reminds her of the father that hasn't been there since she was a little girl. She positively beams at the helpful information from Kieran and wriggles a little on her seat before turning her attention to her menu, "Thank you! I'll google it when I get back to the school after dinner." She gives the pair a curious look, "Where are you both from?"

"That would be great if it works out that way, Megan. That and your mom coming to visit would be awesome for you both." Tyler turns his menu around on the counter peering down at what there is to offer as music plays from old timey wooden radios with knobs for dials. There's also a jukebox at the far side of the diner that plays old tracks from the 50s as well as a few current tracks. Sitting back a bit so Megan and Kieran can see each other without straining in one direction or another. "We're both from Ohio. Land of good food, lousy weather, and pathetic professional sports teams."

"Where do you go to school?" Kieran asks curiously as he relaxes a little bit,"Yep. We live probably about fifteen minutes away from each other back home." He says casually, as he glances towards Tyler,"And the Reds aren't that bad. Some years they're really awesome for a baseball team." From the way he says it, it's clear Kieran is not a baseball fan. "Course don't really care about the Bungles either." He says smirking a little bit,"We do have good food though."

Megan nods, "Aye! Mum hasn't ever been to New York, so it would be amazing to be able to show her around." Megan grins and looks down at the menu. She blinks a couple of times when the sports are mentioned and giggles, shaking her head, "I don't really keep up with many sports, myself." Then she's being asked where she goes to school and looks up and over at Kieran, "Where? Oh!" She giggles, "Xavier Institute in Westchester. I love it there! The classes are just amazing, the teachers are awesome, and the other students are just so cool." She giggles when both boys mention food and nods, "I miss some of the food back home sometimes, but American food is really good, too!"

The Reds weren't that bad? "Sorry, I don't really watch baseball anymore. For some stupid reason I watch the Bungles sometimes. Ochocinco is funny." Tyler leans to the side to nudge shoulders with Kieran before sitting still again on his stool. "You go to Xavier's? Oh, this is a small world. So do we!" Points a finger back and forth between himself and his boyfriend. A waitress comes over twirling a pencil and holding a small notepad that she flips open. "What can I get you dearies?" Tyler drops his hand to the counter. "Erm, a glass of water and I think this." Points to the item on the menu. The woman scrawls that down then turns to see what the others would like.

Leaning in to Tyler, Kieran whispers,"Antithesis of Awesome." He pauses for a moment and then glances towards Megan,"It's Jem Savalion, she's rather bad." He says seriously, before looking towards Tyler,"So should I get another pair of these do you think? I haven't worn them often. I got them on a lark but really until today I'd never worn them before." He says laughing a little weakly.

In one hand Tyler picks up his glass of water to sip at while smiling over at Ki. The younger blonde by a handful of weeks figured that Kieran's least favorite person in the world was Jem. A much better topic comes along in the form of fashion which must be paid considerable attention. "I don't know what you've not worn them. They're in right now for guys and you look hot in the them. Maybe get a pair of dark blue to go with some of your shirts."
It is during the fashion commentary that Megan's cell goes off and she must split for an interview came up. The boys bid their farewells and wish her luck on her interview. Her food won't go to waste as they can either devour it themselves of find someone who would like to have it.
"We've got to figure out how we want to work the summer out. This thing with Magneto may happen sooner rather than later so if we're going to go crazy at home we should do that, and then see what happens with this thing otherwise we need to figure out when we want to come back to Westchester." He's thinking later rather than sooner.

"Sure. I can get another pair." Kieran says smiling a little bit at Tyler,"I know they're in normally but I went to a Catholic school. They weren't so popular there." He says laughing a bit,"Course by now they probably are but fashion tends to take a little bit of time to catch on with Catholic schools I think." He says casually,"How come you haven't tried wearing them? It's not like you don't have a nice body." He points out casually.

Tyler slips his arm around behind Kieran as they wait for the foot to show up. "I thought all of the Catholic schools were locked into a certain dress code." Perhaps he's wrong but it didn't matter really since neither of them would be attended school back in the Natti again. "I honestly don't know why I haven't. I suppose I don't pay much attention to what I've got in my closet and what I don't. Glad you think I've got a nice body. It's all thanks to skateboarding and ho-ho's." There's laughter before he explains to the waitress that their friend bailed and she's able to put a stop to the order before it gets made. Turning sideways a touch so that he can see Kieran without looking across his shoulder. "We've certainly had one hell of a day wandering around. I don't think I'll move tomorrow."

"Well you have class tomorrow and maybe I'll come to your room to do homework and we can work on it together." Kieran says smiling at Tyler and kissing Tyler's cheek softly,"We just so you know Brian's expecting you to play soccer with us." He says grinning a bit,"So you're going to need to be able to run a bit." He says laughing softly,"Shame we aren't still Roommate or we could just spend time cuddled together for awhile." He says laughing softly.

"Work on the plan you mean?" Only two more days of homework and then there will be FREEDOM! "I'll be glad when classes are done with Friday. It'll mark the end of my Freshman year and that we can wander off to see the show officially marking the beginning of the summer vacation." Tyler's good cheer deflates rather abruptly at the mention of playing soccer with the O'Toole clan. "You did tell him that I've never kicked a soccer ball in my life right? You didn't….Just what am I getting out of this running for hours on end tripping over my own feet and generally looking like an idiot?" That last bit has him narrowing his gaze upon Kieran in thought. "What's stopping the cuddles despite the new living arrangements? Come over to help me with homework and stick around to watch a movie or something."

"A little of both. You still have some studies left." Kieran says gently can moving to caress his boyfriend's cheek,"I did tell him. Don't worry. He's got a friend joining too that hasn't played before either." He says laughing,"Don't worry. You'll be on Brian's team." He says sounding really amused."And I will be glad come friday as well. As much as I do school work, I am always really glad when it's over." He says simply,"Well cuddles will occur and movie watching unless there's things that need doing." He says getting a silly smile.

"Oh, a handicap even's things up…hey!" Even with the hand upon his cheek Tyler glares. "That's not fair. I think it ought to be a three on one Mr. Captain of the soccer team." The food arrives and is sat before the boys on the counter. The helpful waitress drops off silverware and napkins as others servers burst into song and dance about in the available space in the dining car. Tyler watches them for a moment as if this is the strangest thing he's seen all day which is saying a lot considering they had been in Mutant Town earlier. "If the homework and planning is done then it's cuddle time. That's not hard to figure out and bonus! I can walk you back to your room before curfew."

"Oh trust me. Brian's good to have. He's probably lighter on his feet than I am, but I'm faster and stronger." Kieran says shrugging a little bit at the handicap thing,"I think we can do some cuddling while we do the homework." He says grinning broadly. "Ok. That was a little weird." He says casually as he looks towards the singers and dancers,"And you'll have Sean as a goalie." He points out.

Tyler picks up a french fry from his plate and uses it to emphasize his point. "Sean? Not his evil girlfriend? She'd make a scary goalie." The fry is bitten in half then he glances over towards Kieran with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "Or not. She'd be more likely to catch the ball then crush it flat!" Pops the remainder of his fry into his mouth.
The strange song and dance act was amusing if a bit odd. This place did have a lot of charm and a pretty cool name to boot. The Stardust Diner. Epic. "So we have plans for tonight and Thursday to do work, watch movie and get our cuddle on. Friday is classes then Wicked. Saturday we're having dinner with your family right?"

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