2012-03-09: Disagreeable Dinning



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Summary: Evelyn has her dinner date with Dracula and Son.

Date: March 9, 2012

Log Title: Disagreeable Dinning

Rating: PG-13

Romania - Tower - Eighth Floor

The walls, floor and ceiling are shades of black in this dark foyer. Along the walls are large portraits of various men and woman with sharp features, pale skin, dark hair and red eyes. Elegant tables rest against the walls with black candelabras which have matching black tapered candles along with vases of red and black roses. The carpet is soft with an intricate red design. In one corner of the foyer is a large complex looking sigil glowing bright blue. Several doors lead off the foyer, all closed except for the middle door which is wide open showing a large dining room.

A long black lacquered tabled stretches across the dining hall with enough chairs to seat twenty people. Matching black chairs line the table up and down. Silver dishes and goblets sit in front of each seat with enough silverware to have what seems like endless courses. Food from all different countries sits up and down the table, making it look overstuffed. Everything is extremely succulent and cooked beyond the most accomplished chefs standards. Windows line the walls on either side of the table, long windows with black pains decorating them, that let the moon shine into the room. A large black iron chandler with black tapered candles hangs in the middle of the room giving flickering light against all the black. On the far wall is a large portrait, a least ten feet tall, of what looks like Count Dracula, that sits above a black fire place.

Evelyn has been summoned and escorted to another area of the tower, via some sort of magical teleportation, to a dining hall. With a bow, Igor leaves her alone and closes the doors behind him. The dining table has been set for three, the head and two seats beside it. Across the table are all sorts of luxurious foods from soups and salads, various finger foods, various types of roasts from fowls to pig to lamb and cow on matching platters. Elegent side dishes sit on platters and in bowls, gravys in boats and almost everythign on the table is made from foods Evelyn can eat. For the moment she's left here alone to wait for her host to make an enterance.

Having finally been advised she would meet the master of the house Evelyn has made a special effort with her outfit. Hair done up in ringlets and with make-up and dress fit for an ambassadorial ball (even if the dress is of a racier cut than her mom would have ever let her wear). She glides with the measured steps drilled in at her numerous boarding schools and makes a slow circuit of the room, feigning interest in the decor while trying desperately to think up some cunning escape plan. "I wonder if all this food will reappear when eaten too…" she muses.

If Evelyn were to look out the windows she'd notice it was just a long way down, and other than the door, there's no other way out. After several minutes the doors open and in walks a very imposing looking figure. Tall, dark hair, long black cape with red lining is the unmistakable figure of one Count Dracula, the other figure behind him though is less imposing. Dressed in black jeans with ripped up knees, leather jacket and his long dark hair and ice blue eyes is a younger looking man, almost teenage looking. With a bow Dracula introduces himself. "Good Evening Evelyn, I am Count Dracula and this is my son Damien." Before he can say anymore there's an obvious scow from Damien. "Geoffrey, not Damien. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nice to meet you and all that crap." The young Vampire says to Evelyn.

Evelyn does a little curtsey. "Good and nice are not exactly terms I would use myself Count. After all I appear to have been kidnapped by some kind of cad," she retorts adopting the tone of an irate Baroness she once heard. "This is a remarkably fine dwelling you have, especially given your reputed fictional nature. One could almost assume you were cheating somehow… Magic 'pretend' furnishings perhaps?"

There's a laugh from Geoffrey at Evelyn's words and he shakes his head. "Wow Dad, you found a real pretentious British bitch here!" He seems quite amused by it. He pulls out a chair for Evelyn as he waits for her to sit. Dracula seems exasperated by the whole thing and lets out a bit of a sigh as he walks over and sits down at the table, pouring some thing from a fancy decanter into a silver goblet and drinks deeply, red liquid slightly staining his lips. "I assure you magic is not pretend nor is it cheating. Though the mundane and simple minded usually tend to think that magic is some foolish power out of a story and Science is the only power that truly exists."

Evelyn takes a seat, then shrugs. "You misunderstand I think, I didn't say /magic/ was pretend. Rather I meant you were using magic to form a castle which wouldn't normally exist and so you could have one of the worlds most expensive violins on hand for guests to play," she explains, pointedly ignoring Geoffrey/Damien. "You also seem to have decided to steal my tail with it. I suppose I should ensure you are aware that my parents nor the British Government will pay you a ransom. They are however likely to send in special forces in a rescue attempt. Kidnapping the children of embassy staff doesn't go down very well."

"Oh both you and Jill, that violin was not fake nor did I use my magic to aquire it. When you're as old as I am, what seems rare and unique to a young mind such as yourself was just a fad years ago." Then there's a laugh from Dracula and Geoffrey just shakes his head. "Dad, this is the most amusing one yet!" He says finding the whole thing a delightful train wreck. "Evelyn, I believe you are full of delusions and are greatly mistaken if you think I am even looking for ransom, why would I? And besides, I'm not worried about the British Government. I'm sure MI-13 has more important things to do than worry about a young woman." He motions to the table with a hand. "Anyway instead of trying to prove to me how sharp your claws are, how about we try some civil conversation and ask any questions that might be weighting on your mind."

"You consider the /violin/ a fad…? Oh all right then if you insist upon a topic change," Evelyn says sweetly. "Lets start with why, followed with /why/ and perhaps a dash of do you really have nothing better to do with your time than long distance kidnapping? And for the record I think you'll find you can take the tail off a cat but that doesn't make it any less catty." She snaps her fingers. "Oh one last question. Isn't Dracula's son supposed to be called Alucard? Neither Geoffrey or Damien sounds very vampiric."

There's slow clap from Geoffrey. "Dad, please tell me you chose this one just to make those other ones look better, please." He then looks over at Evelyn and rolls his eyes. "Why do you think I go by Geoffrey, I don't -want- to sound like the son of Dracula." For once Dracula isn't excusing his son's horrible behavor or irritated by it. "I will explain the why." Dracula begins. "My son, /Damien/, has seen fit to be a bachlor for way to long, and it is tradition for him to take a bride. I figured I'd gather six eligable young women and let him choose, since he'd never choose on his own. We agreed upon New York City." He takes another long drink from his goblet. "Now, I have been hospitable enough for you, I am even offering you to dine with me tonight. Now do not let me regret my hospitality and take away every comfort I've offered you, Ms. Catty."

Evelyn glances between Dracula, his son, then back again. "Did you think to try internet dating?" she wonders, taking a glance at her own cup to see what's inside. Hopefully booze. She could do with a bit of liquid courage about now. "Or a mail order bride…. So just so we're all on the same page one of us has to marry him? Because of a tradition? Isn't one of the perks of being ageless beyond measure that you can ignore all that sort of thing? I mean who exactly is going to complain if you decide the tradition is a stupid idea."

A big yawn intentionally escapes from Geoffrey and he reaches over to grab the decantar his father was drinking from and pours himself a glass. Evelyn though would find her glass empty as she looks into it. "If you can managed to speak without being smarmy just tell the glass what you want to drink." He says sounding almost bored. "Dad, are we just going to sit here or can I eat?" Dracula motions to the table. "Help yourselves, both of you." He says taking another drink. "It is not Evelyn, and I will complain. If you have a problem, and do not wish to be thought of as a candiate for my son I have a few other options for you." The smile on his face isn't exactly friendly as he says that.

"Nineteen hundred and seven Heidsieck champagne," Evelyn murmurs into the cup. She has no clue what it actually tastes like, but an incredibly boring man at a party once went on to her parents about the worlds most expensive champagne. She takes a moment to pinch herself a few times. "Do all of those options involve things which would not make polite dinner conversation?" she ventures, slugging back her drink regardless of what it actually turns out to be. Then, dropping the baroness accent and switching to something closer to the father and sons accent, she adds "I must admit I'm not especially hungry. Most of the things I can eat don't taste quite so good without my feline aspects in place. I've been considering it a great chance to diet, but do feel free to start without me."

The requested champagne forms in the goblet in front of Evelyn for her drink. "Some do, some don't." Dracula confesses. "If you do not wish to have my son consider you for a bride then I don't have the need to be hospitiable any longer and I can move were you are staying to a more….sutible loding." He claps his hands and grins. "So! If you do wish to be a candate though, know that by accepting whatever offer may be made, you will get your tail…and tastes buds, back."

Evelyn lets out a long sigh. "So no 'graciously letting us go' option? Darn. I suspect now is as suitable a time as any to mention I'm quite a good photographer and if you haven't thought about arranging a wedding photographer I could probably handle that for you," she offers in an accent that sits somewhere between Dracula senior and Dracula junior. "Of course I'd want the changes you've enforced undoing in payment. After all like this I'm basically going to slowly starve to death."

"What a pity." Dracula says sounding bored with Evelyn and like he could care less if she does starve to death or not. "My dogs always do enjoy some fresh meat, and cat meat might appeal to their pallets." Geoffrey just rolls his eyes as his Dad talks and he looks over at Evelyn. "You know, just trying to play 'whose wittier' with my Dad isn't a good idea, he's just going to make things worse for you." Hey, at least Geoffrey feels he warned her. "And by the way, photography? Really? Have you ever tried to photograph the undead?"

Evelyn gives Geoffrey a 'what do you think look'. "You think that was a joke? If I was trying to be funny I'd have done the 'a horse walks into a bar' line. That was an honest true to god attempt to find a third option to this delightful situation. Because honestly I can only see one option which doesn't result in my getting killed or imprisioned and even that doesn't ensure my safety. I mean I don't see a place for Mrs Dracula, which probably means joining the family is only delaying the inevitable."

"Actually I found it quite an amusing joke." Geoffrey says as he picks his way at his dinner, not really caring for manners. "Especially since we don't show up on film. Haven't you noticed all the portiats around are paintings?" He says grinning to show off his lengthened and pointed canines. "Maybe talk to one of your fellow captive dating game contestants, they were looking for ways to keep you safe you know." There's a shrug from the younger vampire as he stands up and starts looking around for something to pick at. Dracula finally speaks up after letting the two talk. "All my former wives are on the floor below us, instead of throwing you in the oublette like I was planning, you can stay with them if you wish. I can even give you your tail back."

Evelyn takes another few sips of champagne. "That sounds… reasonable. Although I will not be in the least bit surprised if it turns out that's actually a fate worse than death," she admits. "I had spotted you have plenty of portraits, but given the decor has tended towards pre-electricity periods of history that could have been a stylistic choice. As for the others… I'd have tried to save them too but by the time you'd convinced me you really are serious about why we're here it was well past bridges on fire time." She drains her goblet again, then shrugs. "So I think my answer will have to be a most emphatic no I won't try seduce your son. I'll take the ex-wives and tail option."

Geoffrey just stops where he stands and just gapes at Evelyn like he can't believe what what she just said. "Dad…you can't, they'd kill her!" He actually seems to have more sympathy for human life than his father does. In response Dracula just shrugs to that. "It's her choice." He says before looking at Evelyn and extending a hand. "After this dinner, I can escort you to your new quarters and I advise you to eat what you can here, and now, even if it doesn't…taste right. The food down there isn't good for any living being."

Evelyn looks squarely at Geoffrey. "Lets be fair. They won't be the ones who've killed me," she points out flatly. "That'll be on your head. After all this is all happening because you refused to find someone of your own free will." She raises an eyebrow at Dracula and then shrugs and begins filling a plate with meat so rare it may as well be raw. "When you restore my tail will you also be restoring everything that comes with it?"

Geoffrey moves as a speed so fast he's almost a blur until he's next to Evelyn, crouching down to speak into her ear, the lack of body heat quite evident. "I don't want to be married, at all, unlike you right now, I don't have a choice…bitch." He says before standing back up. "You know what, forget I even acted like I cared." He says as he goes to storm out of the room leaving Dracula and Evelyn alone. There's a few moments where the vampire king seems annoyed but he quickly regains his composure. "The deal was for your tail Evelyn, not the package. I will give you your tail and show you to your new quarters when you are finished."

Taking advantage of the food on offer Evelyn stuffs herself, even if the taste is as bad as the texture to her human sensibilities. "It's funny. Having received a probably death sentence I feel like I may as well say whatever comes to mind," she muses at about the point at which she feels too full to brave any more. "So on behalf of myself and all my fellow captives. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on." She smiles sweetly. "Aren't you glad you won't be stuck with me as a daughter in law for all of time."

Dracula smiles at Evelyn and walks over to her, putting a hand on he shoulder. "Igor will be around shortly to escort you to your new living quarters and…before I forget." He takes a few steps back and starts chanting in a language that doesn't seem right. There's a glow as he moves his hands and in the appears…Evelyn's tail, it's just not attached to her. "As promised, here is your tail." He says putting it over her shoulders like a shawl before walking to the doors. Right before he exits he turns to look at her. "If you decide you do not want your tail or your new room, you can say "I was wrong and I apologize" and you will be moved back up with the others." And with that, he leaves her alone with her tail.

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