2009-03-23: Disagreements in the Garden


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Summary: Daisuke and Eddie have a bit of a different opinion with Nathaniel.

Date:March 23, 2009

Log Title Disagreements in the Garden

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

It's a nice spring day so Daisuke's taken the time to head out to the Japanese gardens and paint what he sees. Granted the flowers aren't in bloom yet and there is barely any green but he lost about half his artwork in the recent attack on Xavier's. He's got a bit of paint on his face and hands as he's been out here for a bit. His artwork is pretty much identical to what he's looking at. There's an mp3 player with speakers set up by him playing some music featuring the samishen.

It's a nice spring day so Daisuke's taken the time to head out to the Japanese gardens and paint what he sees. Granted the flowers aren't in bloom yet and there is barely any green but he lost about half his artwork in the recent attack on Xavier's. He's got a bit of paint on his face and hands as he's been out here for a bit. His artwork is pretty much identical to what he's looking at. There's an mp3 player with speakers set up by him playing some music featuring the samishen.

Nathaniel pages, "Atm, he's mostly picking up surface emotions, so just the ones that are more likely to be at the top." to you.

Still a little shocked from what he just saw on the television, Eddie hasn't quite realized he's wandering his way out towards the Japanese gardens until the music snaps him out of it. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt showing the original New Mutants, he's feeling a bit…'off' in general. He pushes the thoughts back the moment he notices Dia though. "You're still an amazing artist, Dai," he says as he walks towards his friend.

Apparently, in the realm of high school students, the MP3 player is king, as Nathaniel wanders into the garden with wires coming out of his ears, indicative of the earbuds he has in, the tail of them disappearing into his pocket. He's carting a satchel bag against his hip, the multiple rings on his long fingers reflecting where he grips the strap of it tightly. He pauses on the threshhold, tilting his head slightly to the side while his eyes roam askance to take in Eddie and Daisuke, only recognizing the former. He doesn't move forward to greet either of them, though, only considering something in silence for a few long moments before he heads towards that wooden bridge.

Daisuke smiles as Eddie approches him, a feeling of delight shows as he sees his best friend. "Hey Eddie, and thanks, I needed something to keep my mind busy." He says as he brings the paint brush up to tap it on Eddie's cheek playfully. He looks up at Nataniel and tries to see if he can recognize him before looking back to Eddie. "New Student?"

Eddie squeaks when tapped, giving Dai a mock-pout. "Hey…I'm not a canvas…" he trails off. When Dai asks about a new student, Eddie looks up in confusion. When he sees Nathaniel, Eddie shakes his head. "Naw. He's in my squad…just good at getting around unnoticed," he explains to Dai. "Hey, Nathan!" he calls, waving. Apparently he's decided to give another shot towards being friendly with Nathaniel.

Nathaniel doesn't respond to Eddie's greeting at first, but he is listening to music, so it makes sense that he doesn't do anything until he catches sight of that waving hand out of the side of his vision. Lifting a brow, he turns his head fully and proceeds to lift one hand almost quixotically in Eddie's direction, blinking at him a couple times before he gives that hand a little wag back and forth. Hello. He leaves his hand up for a little longer than necessary, dropping it back to tuck it into his hip pocket before he drifts off towards them, his mix of brown and fuschia hair taking in the sun so that it has an odd, glowstick kind of look to it. He tugs one of the earbuds from his ear as he approaches, lifting his chin to both of them and speaking in a low, idle baritone, "Hey."

"I know you are Eddie." Daisuke says as he puts the brush down after sticking his tounge out at his friend. He nods. "Okay. I still don't know everyone in my squad." He says as he gives Nathaniel a shy wave and smile. "Hey." He says back as he brushes his hair back and tucks it behind an ear with multipul piercings. "Oh Eddie, did I tell you what I wanted to the other night?"

Eddie takes a moment to blink at Nathaniel's hair. He'd never noticed that odd quality to it before and it seems interesting to him. Shaking it off, he smiles. "Hey, Nathan. This is my best friend Dai. Dai, this is Nathan from my squad," he introduces them with a grin and a general feeling of hoping they get along. "What are ya listening to?" he asks Nathan curiously. "I'm sure Dad'll call a meeting soon like Mr. Guthrie did," he says to Dai. There's a pause. "Umm…no, I don't think you did…"

Nathaniel waves his hand again at Daisuke this time, though the question as to what he's listening to gets Eddie a raised earbud; it's some rock band, currently blaring a song that is very distinctly about sex - as in, 'sex is always the answer, it's never a question'. Poor Eddie. He focuses on Daisuke intently for a few seconds, studying his ear piercings curiously, since he has a good amount of them himself. Eventually, he huffs a lock of hair out of his eyes and says, "Nice to meet you, Dai." He looks aside to Eddie afterwards, though, quirking a wry, sardonic smile, "Yeah, a regular group hug, our meeting."

Daisuke tenses a bit as Nathaniel studies him for a bit and he just runs a hand through his hair. "Nice to meet you Nathan." Good thing Nathaniel didn't make him listen to that song. "We haven't had a group meeting yet. I'm still curious since your dad is my leader Eddie. And Oh! Yeah! Tak to you about something, spring break, I want to take you to Japan with a few others." He says with a nod.

Eddie leans over to listen to the ear bud curiously. When he hears what's playing, he turns bright red and squeaks. Embarrassment and a few quick thoughts of Ricky come to the booster's mind and he quickly pulls back. "Well, that's Neveah's fault," he murmurs in reply to the group hug comment. When Dai reveals what he wants to do, Eddie smiles. "Wow…that sounds like it'll be a great idea!"

Nathaniel can't help but grin at Eddie's response to the music, picking up the emotions and their general direction, chuckling quietly to himself as he tucks the free earbud under his collar to keep it from swinging loose. Returning his attention to the pair of them, he shrugs slightly and murmurs, "And me," before he stands there with his hands in his hip pockets, just listening to their conversation.

"I also like being roomates with your brother Eddie." Daisuke begins with a slight blush. "You're lucky to have a cool brother like that." He looks at his painting and looks at what he was using as refernce, the landscape. "I really want to go visit my Grandmother again, I haven't seen her since I went with Skyler, and you and Eddie are on the same team Nathaniel? Well you have one of the best leader types in Xavier's on your team."

Eddie smiles slightly when Dai brings up Jared. The word 'brother' causes a slight flash of worry before Eddie returns to being in a good mood. "I'd like to meet your grandmother too, Dai," he says. "Gotta tell her how great you're doing over here," he teases a little. "Who's on your squad again, Dai? You, James, Pryce, Pallaton, and…" he trails off, trying to remember.

"Sam Guthrie? I suppose," Nathaniel says warily in response to that, scuffing his heel against the ground and fidgeting idly with the cord of his earbuds while he listens to their conversation. He shifts his hands into his back pockets, hips tilting to the side casually while his feet squirm and lift, fidgeting against the ground so that they metronome side to side.

"Mr. Guthrie? No, I was talking about Eddie." Daisuke says looking down a bit since he does think his best friend has what it takes to be good leader. There's a strong affection that Daisuke has for Eddie. "I don't know who else, I haven't met Pryce yet but I know James and Pallaton of course. And so, Nathan, what do you think of the school so far?"

Eddie starts to say something about Sam when Dai clarifies. Eddie turns a new shade od red with this blush, staring at Dai for a moment. There's a similar affection coming from the power booster for Dai as well as a heft dose of embarrassment. "Pryce is alright…and you really should apologize to him and Vincent, Nathan…" he trails off.

Nathaniel looks mildly queasy for a moment before he shakes his hair away from his eyes, licking his teeth slowly before he says, "I've been here for two years, Dai. I can't say it's gotten any better or any worse? It's better than where I used to be." He looks to Eddie when Eddie informs him of what he should do, his eyebrows lifting in a fashion that is notoriously rebellious by nature, "Why should I apologize to him? …them? Whatever. Mr. designer clothes and 'oh, our castle'." There's a small thrum of annoyance at the memory, Nathan digging his heel into the dirt and shaking his head, winding that cord around his fingers once more, "What? Did I make him cry or something? Just because your best friend thinks you'd make a good leader doesn't mean you're in a position to tell me what I should or shouldn't do, Eddie."

Daisuke blinks as Nathaniel says he's been there two years since he's been at the school the same amount of time, just a few months under two. He runs his hand through his hair and looks down at Nathaniel kind of goes off in regards to the twins, he doesn't know them but he doesn't think Nathaniel seems like a nice person. "H-he's not telling you what to do, he's just trying to give some advice from what it sounds like. So what if Eddie likes people to get along it's not like we're trying to prove that anyones better than another here."

Eddie blinks as well, a wave of surprise coming off him. "Dude, he didn't cry…you made him mad," he explains. He nods to what Dai says and then frowns. "Since we all are living here…and will likely be working together if the school gets attacked or on missions I figured it'd be better to not be all hostile towards another…" he sighs.

Nathaniel shrugs loosely, shaking his head again and tilting his head back until his hair slides off his forehead, "I don't think people should get along just to get along. All that does is build a relationship founded entirely on obligation, which can eventually lead to resentment. You're telling me I need to apologize to someone who, to my mind, acted like a stuck up snob. If I apologized to him, I'd feel belittled as a human being, for giving ground to someone who bothers me at an integral level. It would be a brittle and false apology and I would come to hate myself for doing it, you for suggesting it, and Pryce for being the epicenter of it." He returns to proper posture after saying that, taking his player - beat up and well-loved as it is - out of his pocket so that he can roll through the songs, "Every time someone here says something that is discordant or not completely agreeable to the widespread opinion, I start getting vibes of how offensive and mean they are. People can't get along without an intelligent difference of opinion, or else we remain children, forced to seek out relationships only with people who agree to everything we say, stunting our social development." Satisfied with his choice of music, he lifts his head again and tucks the player back into his pocket, "I'll apologize to the wonder twins when I am of the impression that they aren't stuck up snobs, or if it seems like I really need to apologize for it."

Daisuke is definately irritated by Nathaniel. "Maybe you're the one whose just being difficult and likes to be a jerk to just get a rise out of people blaming it on your beliefes and needing to be and individual and go against the system. Seriously, sometimes it's just nice to /try/ and get a long with people." Daisuke says uncomfortably. "I don't know who Pryce and Vincent are but first impressions aren't everything."

Eddie's scars flicker blue for a moment apparently without his knowledge. This is accompanied by genuine shock, irritation, and pity from Eddie. He stares at Nathaniel for several moments, trying to figure something out but eventually just sighs and looks away.

Nathaniel looks at Daisuke quietly for a few seconds, still winding that cord between his fingers before he says, calmly, "It was nice meeting you." The tall teen loosens his fingers from the cord of his earbuds and proceeds back across the garden towards the bridge, sliding his earbud back in and tucking his hands comfortably into his hip pockets. He'll rummage around in his satchel and find some crackers to crumble up for the koi, at least, but he otherwise leaves Eddie and Daisuke alone after that.

"Yeah, you too Nathan." Daisuke says before sighing and looks down and just shrugs. He's lost a lot of that joy he had earlier as he just doesn't understand people a lot of the time. "I don't know Eddie." He mutters as he leans back in the chair he's been sitting in so he can paint. He mutters to his best friend, "He says they are full of themselves, I haven't met then but he, Nathan, is the one that acts full of himself."

Eddie sighs again, sinking down onto the ground next to Dai. "I dunno…" he trails off. "This is gonna make squad stuff hard," he murmurs. "I'll ask my Dads tonight if I can go to Japan with you," he says, changing the subject.

Daisuke gets off the chair and sits down next to Eddie and throws his arm around Eddie. "I hope we don't have these problems in ours. And awesome. Leo and I were talking about it, I know he would like to go and maybe Jared and I don't know who else." He says trying to think as he leans against Eddie. "So how was your weekend at your Dad's?"

Eddie slips an arm around Dai and leans against him slightly. "I'm sure your squad will be fine. Pryce is …really flirty…but he's nice enough. And James is …okay. Pallaton's fine too as long as he calms down and listens instead of getting so ahead of himself…" he pauses to sigh. "Maybe Ricky'll wanna come too," he shrugs. "It was umm," he pauses and turns bright red again. "Very good."

"That'd be cool if Ricky wanted to come." Daisuke says with a smile as he nods. "Pallaton came to see me after I came back, I guess he didn't even realize what happened until after it all. Me being replaced and all." He smiles and chuckles as Eddie turns red. "Well I'm glad you had a good weekend Eddie, I just spent mine here."

Eddie smiles and nods. "Pallaton didn't notice until it was too late," he remarks, smile fading. He seems depressed for a few moments before shaking it off. "I know. I came back for a few hours on Sunday for a Danger Room session and was looking for ya to see if ya wanted to hang out back at home with me, Jared, and Ricky but I couldn't find ya before I had to go…"

Daisuke hasn't really talked to any one about what happened or how he's feeling about it, Eddie would know that he's been keeping it inside mostly. "Oh man, I would have loved to hang out with guy. I really like having Jared as a roomate Eddie, he seems like a cool guy. It's a good thing that you finally have a brother whose worth being a brother to you." He says smiling.

Eddie nods and smiles. "Jared is cool. I'm glad he found us…" he trails off. There a pause. "I already had one Dai. I have you," he says with a grin.

Daisuke looks at Eddie and smiles, reaching over to hug him tight, almost clinging to his friend. "I love you Eddie, and thanks again, for coming to rescue me. And now you have two." He says with a chuckle that sounds like he's choking up a bit. There's that cry baby Dai.

Eddie blushes and returns the hug. "I love you too, Dai," he says with a grin. "And you know I'll always come to rescue ya," he says. "Yeah, two now," he says with a little chuckle as well.

Daisuke chuckles and stands up. "I should probably head back inside for a bit, you wanna come with me and grab some dinner, I'm just really hungry." Daisuke says as he offers a hand out to Eddie with a bit of a tummy grumble.

Eddie accepts the hand up and nods. "Sure. I can try to cook something for us if you want. I've been trying to learn a lot of what Dad cooks…"

Daisuke picks up his art work and chuckles. "Sure, you know I can't cook." Daisuke is really not to good at it, burned and blackened are his specalities.

Eddie smiles and waits for Dai to finish packing up. "Alright! Let's got get some dinner!" he delcares with a laugh, leading Dai inside.

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