2009-05-04: Discomfort In The Park


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Summary: While Jordan and Robyn walk through the park, something wicked this way comes.

Date: May 4, 2009

Log Title Discomfort In The Park

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Over the weekend Robyn went to have dinner with his father and came back to the school late Sunday night in quite the happy mood, which is part of the reason Robyn asked Jordan to go to the city with him and just hang out, maybe grab some dinner. At the moment he's dragged Jordan into one of the parks in Mutant Town. "I've never been here but I thought it'd be fun to check out and I figured it'd be fun to go together." He says with a big smile on his face, he's obviously happy.

AS he steps into the park, Jordan nods softly. "Well, we ARE in Mutant Town, so I guess it's safe…" Jordan says, popping his neck as he begins to grow, feeling better not having to hold back. His clothes, a special set the school gave him, grow with him. He stops at about nine feet for now. He just… likes to be big.

Perched atop a play structure and busily scribbling away at a sketch pad is the oddity known as Nightshade. Even in Mutant Town he might be considered strange but it certainly doesn't phase him. Glancing up, he spots Robyn and Jordan and was about to go back to drawing…Jordan gets big. Now he's got Nightshade's attention. The strange being starts to stare, considering jumping over and talking to them.

Glacning up at Jordan, Robyn just shakes his head and actually does reach over to take his hand as he chuckles. "You know I'm curious as to what your real size is but I don't mind you being big. And I think it's safe for you to be as big as you want. Oh! Did I tell you about this weekend yet?"

"Well, About six feet. Give or take a few. I… I really don't know anymore." Jordan says with a shrug. "I've not been my natural size for almost a year. I kept changing and don't even know what I'm supposed to be." He says, shaking his head. Jordan hasn't noticed Nightshade. "No, what about it?"

Putting his sketchbook and pencils away by absorbing them into his 'suit', Nightshade hops off the structure. "Nightshade wants…" the alien voice whispers. "Yeah, me too!" the human voice adds an excited whisper. Shifting into invisibility, the strange little thing starts to crawl towards Jordan.

"I went to go to dinner with my dad, and my Mom was there too." Robyn says with a big smile on his face since it's the first time his Mom talked to him since he went to Xavier's. He says with a big smile on his face as he just seems to have made him extremely happy. "She surprised me and I'm just glad she's okay with me being me." He says as the invisible creature is obviously not noticed.

"Good. And, I really haven't tested my limit either." Jordan says with a shrug. "Well, that's good. My rents will be up here sometime soon. Maybe next week for a visit." He says witha bit of a sigh. He likes having his own private place to be.

Nightshade continues to crawl and skitter across the park until he gets closer to Jordan and Robyn. Letting out a little snicker in two voices as he gets closer, Nightshake shakes a little. Waiting just a moment later, he leaps and tries to land on Jordan's shoulders and becomes visible along the way.

Picking up on the sigh, Robyn looks up at Jordan. "Is that a bad thing? Do you not want them to visit?" He asks as he's always been close with his parents for the most part. "And if you want to try to test your limits I don't think anyo—JORDAN!" He cries out in alarm as he notices something trying to leap at him and appearing out of nowhere..

There's a sudden shrinking at the call out from Robyn. Shrinking down to normal anyway. The best defense? It's a sudden disappearance and change of size. Well, Jordan doesn't disappear, he just goes down to somewhere around six feet. He doesn't know what he's trying to avoid, but…

A confused and alarmed noise comes from Nightshade as he passes over Jordan, messing up hair instead of grabbing shoulder. He lands in a handstand, looking at Jordan and Robyn in surprise. "How did Giant-Boy get small?" the human voice asks. "Nightshade wants to know too," the alien voice chimes in.

Robyn is a little shorter than Jordan now but not by much now that the blond shrank. He tenses up and just stares at Nightshade for a bit before looking at Jordan and looking back at Nightshade. "What do you want with us?" He asks figuring that Mutant Town has it's weridos like the rest of New York just Mutant Town's have powers to go along with the crazy outfits.

"Duh, you're in Mutant Town. Most mutants have powers." Jordan says with an eyeroll as he protectively puts an arm around Robyn. He grows back up a little bigger in his protective stance. "It's just what I can do."

Nightshade hops over into the usual 'Spider-Man Crouch' and tilts his head to the side. "Nightshade wants to play!" the alien voice replies cheerfully. "What's a Mutant?" the human one asks. Nightshade leans forward to sniff at Jordan and Robyn but waits quietly.

Robyn has never been sniffed by a person before and takes a step back as he leans in to do so. "Mutant, it's what this area of New York is named after..Mutant Town? People born with powers?" Robyn tries to offer to the purple…thing. He doesn't say anything about wanting to play since he doesn't want to play with that weirdo.

Jordan's never been sniffed either, but he doesn't seem to mind, now that he knows the guy seems to just be a playful kid. "Mutants are people who have special abilities that they're born with?" He says, mirroring Robyn.

Nightshade's head tilts to the other side. "Nightshade does not know what that mean," the alien states simply. It's likely he does understand the mutant concept on some level but that's hard to tell. "Wanna play?" the human voice asks, moving closer as Robyn steps back.

Robyn looks to Jordan and just raises his eyebrows as if to say 'I have no idea what to think about this'. He looks back to Nightshade. "Play? Why do you want to play with us?" He was meaning to say what do you want to play but the other thing kind of came out.

"Play? Well, we're a little too old to 'play'…" Jordan says, trying to think. He has no idea what's going on, really. "What kinda play do you normally do… uhm… Nightshade was it?"

Nightshade nods quickly. "Yes! I'm Nightshade!" a third voice, a fusion of the previous two, speaks up. "Nightshade saw Giant-Boy and wanted to play," the alien reples, pointing at Jordan. "How can you be too old to play? That's silly," the human voice adds in, laughing. "We play a bunch of different games like hide and seek and tag and chase and fetch and drawing and catch," it rambles on.

"I haven't played tag or hide and seek since I was a kid." And Robyn always hated tag in school. "Wait, fetch?" You don't play fetch with people. "When you get older you don't have as much time for games and find other things to do." Robyn says not really sure what to say at all.

"We go to school and have a lot of studying to do. We don't really play, unless we're in our special training place." Jordan says with a shrug. Nobody at the school knows about part of his powers yet, because he's been doing his best to avoid showing that one. "So life is too busy to play like that."

Nightshade just looks at Robyn and Jordan like they're the crazy ones. "Nightshade does not go to school-prison," the alien voice states simply. "That's just silly. There's always time to play!" the human voice declares. "Yes! Fetch!"

"School's not a prison and there's nothing silly about it." Robyn doesn't love school but he doesn't hate it. He enjoys the art classes more than anything else though. "And there isn't always time to play, you have to start growing up sometime."

"Yeah. We're sixteen. OUr parents want us to do well in our lives." Jordan says with a shrug. "I don't mind occasionally playing football or something, but there's not a team at our school."

"We don't have parent-people," Nightshade's human voice says simply. "We are that old too! Right?" the alien voice asks. This causes the oddity to pause and hold up his hands. He starts counting his fingers…growing new ones when he runs out. "Yeah! We're sixteen too!" the human voice confirms. The oddity shakes its hands, fingers melting back to where they belong. "What's football?"

How could Nightshade be as old as them and act as if he's eight. "I do more scuplting than Football but it's a sport where you..Jordan you'd probably be better explaining it as I'd make it sound really stupid." Robyn can't help but stare as his fingers, opening his mouth and closing it. "What are you?"

"Basically, you have a pair of goals, and teams of people trying to get the ball to the other goal first. But, there's lots of things you can and can't do. You have to follow rules." Jordan says, with a quick, easy explanation. That's enough to get it started. As he sees the fingers, he blinks.

At this, Nightshade perks up. "Sculpting? Is that playing with play-doh?" the human voice asks Robyn eagerly. "Nightshade is Nightshade," the alien gives it's simple 'matter-of-fact' answer. Listening to the explanation of the game brings an interested noise from the alien voice. "What rules? Can Nightshade play?"

"Kind of but it's more..less kidish than play-doh?" Robyn says as the clay he uses is a lot different from play-doh. "I don't know, we don't hae enough people to play and I don't play football, I'm not good at sports."

"You'd have to get into a powered league. And you'd have to hope you have the right people to play against. There's not enough of us and right now, I'm just wanting some peace and quiet." Jordan laughs a bit, releasing the protective hold on Robyn… finally.

Nightshade is silent for a few moments, in telepathic conversation with itself. "Is it like clom? Clam? Umm…Clay? Clay is the right word?" the human voice asks. He doesn't normally work in clay but has played with it. He's also eaten some but he's strange. "Nightshade does not understand," the alien says to Jordan.

"Yeah, it's clay, and there are different types." Robyn says as he looks up at Jordan as he releases his protective hold. He didn't mind. "Football is a team sport, you need more than three people to play Football and peace and quiet is nice." Robyn says he figured parks are normally peaceful.

"You can't play with just anyone when there's a chance you might hurt people. And you need a lot more people than we have to play football." Jordan explains. "You need lots of people to play it right."

"Nightshade only breaks bad guys," Nightshade states simply. "How many people? What rules? What kind of ball?" the human asks the questions quickly standing up finally.

"I don't know the exact number but more than three and then the teams wouldn't be even and we don't have a ball or…no, it's not feasable to play." Robyn says trying to knock any notion of it out of Nightshade's head with a sigh.

"Hey, I'm gonna go get us some dogs or something, ok?" JOrdan says to Robyn as he reaches out to ruffle his… friend?'s hair. "I just gotta breathe for a minute or two."

Hotdogs. Now -that- gets Nightshade's ming off football. "Can Nightshade have a hotdog too?" the alien asks. "We'll even pay you monies," the human chimes.

Robyn smiles as he watches Jordan go and nods. "Okay, I'll be here Jordan." He wants to run after to him as to not be alone with the strange guy but Jordan says he wants to breath so Robyn figures it'd be best not to follow especially since he doesn't want to do anything to annoy the boy he's crushing on.

Nightshade sniffs at Robyn again and then blinks a few times. "Please bring us back a hot dog too!" the human voice chimes. "Nightshade will keep Scaredy Boy safe for you if you do!" the alien offers, reffering to Robyn.

"You know what, seriously, I don't need to take this sort of annoyance." Robyn says sounding annoyed, it seems Nightshade pushed one of his buttons. "You're the one walking around here like a weirdo being annoying and interupting people, and now you're being insulting and mean, I think I'm done putting up with you." He says as he's been picked on a bit in school and he doesn't like being insulted, not many people do. And with that Robyn goes to walk away, where? He's not sure but close enough for Jordan to find him in a bit. Unfortunaely when Jordan meets up with him, Robyn will be in a bit of an annoyed mood.

Nightshade's just confused by this. "Nightshade is not…" the alien trails off. "Meanie Boy…" the human voice mutters. They linger for a few moments before startin to wander back to the play structure. "Just wanted to play and get a hot dog…"

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