2010-04-06: Discomforts


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Summary: Christopher makes Theo uncomfortable, Jono is cheerful.

Date: April 6, 2010

Log Title Discomforts

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

It's a beautiful spring day, the sun is setting and of course, Christopher is outside. He's just gotten back to the school from working at his salon and now he's decided to do some work on his laptop outside to enjoy the weather. He's supposed to doing accounting for his business, such a pleasure, but he's looking around the internet for…other things. A dog to be exact. At least his taxes are done and that headache is over.

Walking back to the main building from the garage, a certain black clad Brit is turning an engine part over in his hands. About the size of a fist it's obviously badly damaged in way of being mooshed on one side. This is what happens when people attack the school. Clean up goes on for weeks. Wearing a jacket regardless of the weather, Jonothon's hair also plays in unfelt breezes. Might even go against a spring breeze. «Hey.» Pausing as he spots Christopher, he makes an attempt at greeting. «Isn't it getting late here for you?» Husband, home and all?

Looking up, Jono gets a friendly wave. "Hello Jono, no, not to late. Just waiting for Jeri, he has an appointment. I figured we go home together." Christopher says as he closes his laptop. "I'm just looking to get a new dog for the house. I miss having one around since when Eddie was living with us we got him Nova but when he moved out the dog went with him."

Jonothon tucks hands into jacket pockets as he stops before Christopher, head tilted to one side. Dog? «You guys have time for a dog?» Then again he forgets that others don't live for the school as he does. Jono doesn't have anything going on outside of this place. Well, beside his sister, but she certainly doesn't need anything but a little of his time now and again. «What kind are you thinking of getting?»

Theo is walking the reverse direction of Jono, from the main building and toward the garage. Theo looks like he's a little tired. He's had a full day of classes, but he has a book under his arm, nonetheless. He spots Christopher and Jono, and lightens a little, at least externally, as he spots him. "Hey Jono," he says, apparently remembering his name. He gives a cautious nod to Christopher. He's probably seen him around, but never really met.

"I'm not sure, and yeah, well we have Kevin at home so a dog would be nice. I just missing having a pet in the house." Christopher says as Theo walks over. He notices the nod and offers a hand. "Hello, I don't believe we've met, I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair, the culinary teacher here. Pleasure to meet you." Then he goes back to the question that Jono asked earlier. "I don't know what kind, either a Lab, Golden Retrevier or maybe a Rottwieler, I'm still on the fence."

If he has an opinion, Jonothon keeps it to himself. Not his house, not his life. Really, he's not too concerned over it. Theo's greeting has him looking over and he pulls a hand from a pocket to lift it in greeting. The part in that pocket weighs his coat down on that side. «Heh.» Back at Christopher. «Get one of those little dogs you can carry around in a bag.» No, the man isn't remotely serious, and the grin he's trying to hide says that. Then it's back to Theo, «Be mindful of my corner?» Asked in a please kind of manner. «I've things spread out.» The garage he means.

The teen takes the hand, "Theo," he answers. "That's a pretty long name," he comments. "I'd get a pit bull, best dogs ever," he says. "I never been in the garage before," he holds up the book. Advanced Mechanics. There's a picture of an engine diagram. "You know if there's any old cars in there?" He offers no explanation for why he'd want an old car, but it might not take a rocket scientist.

"Oh god no, I am NOT getting a little dog that will fit in a man bag, I don't even had a man bag." Christopher says, just his work bag that he tends to carry around. "And well, my last name was just Parker, my husband's was Mayfair, so when we got married we decided to make it Parker-Mayfair, so yeah, it's a bit long." He says with a shrug. "And pitbull, I don't think I'm a pitbull kind of guy."

Jonothon wrinkles his nose as he points out, «You could find one that matches the dog.» And no, he's not a bit serious. Just teasing. The man's attention shifts to Theo in a wary kind of way for that question. «…Yes.» There are several old cars in the garage. «And they all belong to the headmaster.» Scott needs some hobby, and that appears to be it. Cars. Jono's tone suggests that they'd be better left untouched.

Theo visibly closes his stance when Christopher says 'husband', but he gives Christopher the benefit of the doubt. "You mean wife?" he offers as a correction. "Glad to hear it. I promise, I'm not going to take them apart," he declares himself innocent of tampering ahead of time.

Christopher can't help but chuckle at Theo says wife. "No I mean husband, though I think my husband would tease me and call me the 'wife'." He says with a laugh before looking at Jono. "Jono you are about five steps from waking up with pink hair, or maybe blue skin with yellow poka-dots, I haven't decided yet." He says teasing the younger man back. "Yeah, Scott is quite picky about his cars.

«Heh.» For all it sounds like a scoff, «You think I haven't woken up to worse?» The sad part is that Jonothon has. He's embarrassed himself far worse than pink hair. Does eye Theo as Christopher corrects. This should be an interesting reaction. Jono doesn't comment on it himself, but he does add about the cars, «Taking them apart, taking them for a test drive, marking up the paint.. I'm serious, mate, don't mess with Scott's cars.» Helpful advice, really!

Theo gives a stare at Christopher as if he just grew an extra head, and takes a half step back. He tries to remain on the current conversation, but is clearly uncomfortable. "I promise, I won't lay a finger on them," he says. "I just like the classics." His gaze only momentarily moves to rest on Jono before moving back to Christopher.

Christopher looks at Theo for a bit and sighs. "It's not like you're going to catch any gay cooties just by talking to me or standing in my area." Yes, he's gotten that look before in his lifetime to easily recognize it. "Oh, I'll think of something worse then, just give me time. Lots of time cause the colour thing usually works." He says with a laugh.

Amused to no end, Jonothon grins at Theo's discomfort. Yep, he and Theo are one of the only hetero people at the school. «Get used to it, mate.» No pity for the teen, sorry. Then to Christopher. «No, I have to get you a yap dog and man purse before you can threaten my hair.» He points out, even as that hair sways of its own accord. «Until then that's punishment before the crime.» And totally unfair!

Theo doesn't look relieved. "Yeah, it's not cooties I'm worried about catching," he says, laced with a little lemon in his tone. "So, Mr. PM," he says. "You should at least get a manly dog. Pit bulls are really friendly, and they have a bite that's equal to the jaws of life. I had one, maybe it'll help you."

Christopher waves his hands at Jono. "No, I'm so not a yappy dog with a man purse kind of guy. Not at all." Christopher says finding the teasing amusing. "And you're hair stays normal until there's a yappy dog in my lap, so we're golden." He gives Theo a raised eyebrow and blinks at him. "Help me with what exactly?"

The dog issue handled, the Brit fixes a dark eye on Theo. Yes, Jonothon is still amused. «Sorry, mate, but sexual orientation isn't catching in any manner. You really need to relax about that.» A shake of his head, and the tone is still more laughing than chiding. Theo will either learn, or he won't.

"Yeah, don't worry, I won't be changing my 'orientation' anytime soon." He was making a more crude remark than that. He doesn't seem to think it's funny. His face is rather dark. The boy tucks the book under his arm. "Maybe I'll just go to the garage so you can talk about how 'intolerant' I am without me here."

"Well seeing that noone is asking you to change your orientation, I guess that's just fine Theo." Christopher says as he opens up his laptop and just starts doing some work on it again. "And I won't talk about you behind your back, it's not my style. I'll just sit here and continue to tease Jono because that is fun, and he teases me back." He says looking up at the younger man and grins at him.

Jonothon tilts his head at Theo, «You're worth talking about behind your back?» Sorry, not feeling all that generous today. He shrugs and doesn't seem all that concerned. «Mess around with my bike if you want, but please leave the headmaster's cars alone.» Not that Jono's motorcycle is more than a pile of parts on the floor. He does eye Chris about the teasing. «You need to stop being so easy to do so at.» Teasing again, about the teasing, yes. They are teammates after all.

Theo doesn't answer again, he just walks on. His face is hard, and a scowl sits on his jaw. With a quick pace, he continues on his way toward the garage. Will he get himself in trouble? Maybe, it remains to be seen.

Christopher just shrugs as Theo walks off and he's true to his word and doesn't say anything. "Thanks Jono." He says kind of glad for the joking in that awkward moment. "But yeah, honestly, no yappy dogs. I also thought about maybe getting two cats for the house, they're sometimes easier to take care of and leave alone for longer."

Jonothon shrugs for the thanks, «I'm British.» Like duh, right? The accent and all. «We don't have the same set of hang ups.» Entirely different ones to be sure, but that wasn't the point. And back to the dogs. He pulls that part out of a pocket and frowns idly at it. «That's why I was curious. Dogs mean you're tied to the house. Cats are far easier to tend to. Can't leave a dog for a couple of days alone.»

Christopher stands up and puts a hand on Jono's shoulder. "And thank god your British." He says teasing a bit again. "Well I'm going to go see if Jeri's finished up. Thanks again Jono and when we get the cats, I'll have to have you over so you can met them. Also sometimes it's nice to be in a student free house for a bit." He says with a smile before packing up his laptop and heading into the school.

He wrinkles his nose at Christopher, but Jonothon is soon smiling. «It's a date then.» Meeting cats and having a visit. Can't claim to be over for dinner as he doesn't eat. «Cheers, mate.» He does accompany Christopher inside, for he was heading to his room. «Just don't name either of them after me.» Which will certainly seal his fate.

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