2010-09-02: Discovering Ink


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Summary: Sam takes Chezlie out to the Grind Stone to ask about her abilities.

Date: September 2, 2010

Log Title: Discovering Ink

Rating: PG

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

Sam has been trying to get all his New Mutants together to just talk with them, find out where things stand. Tonight he's taken Chezlie out to the Grind Stone for some coffee and coffee house snacks while hoping to have a little chat with her. He hasn't met her until tonight so it's nice to have a little time to figure out his students. Standing at the counter, Sam looks to Chezlie. "Order anything ya want."

It's fairly obvious to Chezlie what this outing between the two of them is for. Makes sense as well, her new Squad Instructor actually trying to get a little familiar with his squad before training begins again. Helps ease some of the anxiety that goes along with being placed in the New Mutants, though having found out Sam was one of the originals almost cancels that out. "Hmmm… I think I'll just take a cup of coffee, Mr. Guthrie. Thanks." She's hovering off to his left side starring up at the menu and staggered about one step behind him.

Sam lets her order her cup of coffee then orders one for himself along with two blueberry muffins. One they get their order, Sam leads the way to a table and sits down with Chezlie. "Ah asked ya to meet up t'night cause Ah wanted to know what is needed for the New Mutants and train' y'all next year. First off Ah know what it tells me in yer file but Ah wanna know in yer words, what exactly yer powers are." After all it's different in the words of the user than just some technical jargon on a piece of paper.

Chezlie is quick to follow Sam to the table he chose to sit at, hot coffee in hand causing each step to be taken with a little more care than usual. Once the table is reached, the mug is placed down and a seat firmly plopped into. "My powers? Well, they're basically connected to my skin, Sir." She begins to speak, though in more of an inside voice at first. "I mean, what ever is drawn onto them, I can pull into the real world as an immaterial object. The longer something is on me, the more solid and real it is. Hence my tattoos." Scratching at her left shoulder, both eyes wander down to the still steaming mug. "I'd show you, but I'm not sure it'd be considered appropriate to do so here, sir."

So Sam has the tattooed girl and the teleporter on the team that the knows about so far and that doesn't seem a bad thing. "Ah can get a look at some of them in the Danger Room." He says with a smile. "Ah'm also wonderin' what areas of your powers do ya feel ya want tah work on. Like what are ya hopin' tah get out of trainin' with the New Mutants this year."

"Of course, Sir." Chezlie says as minute amounts of a red hue begin to seep into her cheeks. Leaning forward, she scoops up the hot mug, blowing lightly across the top before taking a little test sip. "That's a good question; what areas do I want to work on?" She repeats as the mug is slowly lowered back down onto the table. "Well, I got two ideas for you. Ones a little abstract while the second is definitely more concrete." Her finger remains laced around the cups handle, tugging it closer to herself occasionally. "I'd like to figure out more creative ways to make my power a little more useful. I also need to continue working on incorporating my powers into more combat situations." The mug is once again swooped up and held just inches below her lips. "Does that make sense, Sir?"

"Please call me Sam or Mister Guthrie, ya don't need tah be callin' me sir." Sam says as it makes the young man feel older. "It makes complete sense Chezlie, after all these train' sessions are for y'all tah get better than for us to run danger room sessions. So is it just yer skin or can call pull stuff drawn on others skin as well? And Ah think Ah can give some ideas on usefulness once we see ya in action a bit more."

"Sorry, Mister Guthrie." Chezlie says as her smile begins to disappear, but only for the short amount of time it takes for another sip to be pulled from her mug. "Pull drawings from others? Oh, no, not at all. Just my own skin…" The coffee is placed back down onto the table as her head tilts slightly off center. Her face begins to glaze over, as if she's falling into a deep state of though, or meditation. "Guess I've never tried it on others, but I'm pretty sure from talking with Dr. McCoy, it's only with my own skin." Her head is re-centered and reality resumed.

Nodding to her answer, Sam will have to do some tests with her to see exactly what she can do with these drawings on her skin, without going into more tattoos. "If ya were talkin' with Mr. McCoy, Hank's the best at that sorta thing. Ah ain't gonna argue with his findin's. So, if ya have any questions for me ya can always ask or if ya ever need anything. Ah wanna let all ya New Mutants know that Ah'm gonna take an interest in workin' with ya in and outside of the danger room."

Chezlie leaves it at a curt nod, taking a couple more sips from her coffee while remaining mostly silent. The fingers on her free hand fall down towards the table, causing two bursts of a short, but steady rhythm. "Sounds like fun." She finally breaks her silence. "I mean, I loved Dr. McCoy's danger room sessions, but probably could have used a little outside guidance now and then." She looks down at her mug and watches as the little rising wisp of steam nears the end of its life. "Hmmm… Mr. Guthrie?" She asks, looking back up as her teeth sink down into her bottom lip. "I know this is sort of an odd request, but I was wondering if you'd accompany me to get more tattoos. If you'd act as my legal guardian?"

There's a smile from Sam and nod. "Hank's a lotta fun and a great guy. Ah feel bad takin' over his team and that Ah'm not gonna be able tah life up to Hank." He says with a chuckle. Then the question, it is an odd request and Sam, where he doesn't have any tattoos and he's not sure if he really likes them or not, it is for her powers. "We'll definitely talk about that Chezlie. Ah ain't sayin' yes but Ah ain't sayin' no yet. What is it yer wantin' tah get tattooed on ya?"

"Oh, I'm sure you'll do just fine Mister Guthrie! Just because you're not exactly like Dr. McCoy, doesn't make you worse." There's a beaming smile attached to the little pep talk. "Oh, what do I want?" Chezlie quickly questions as both brows suddenly jolt upwards. "Well, I'm not exactly sure just yet. Figured it'd be best to get some sort of dialogue going while I still mull over ideas, right? I mean, I'd be glad to take suggestions since they do have an affect on my powers. Of course I do want them to be stylish since they are permanent, right?" Kind of a wordy little explanation, but makes sense when she looks down at her more than half way finished cup of coffee. "Whew, caffeine still hits me pretty hard! Sorry for talking your ear off, Mister Guthrie." She was raised in a caffeine free religion after all.

"How about this, we were in trainin' and we can see what designs do what by writtin' 'em on yer skin and whatever works out well, that's what ya can go with. Yer lucky where ya kinda get tah test yer powers." Sam says with a chuckle. "So what's the ratio for the drawin' on yer skin to what becomes real?"

Chezlie nods enthusiastically. "Oh, that is a really good idea! Not sure why I never really thought about that myself." More coffee is then shoveled down the tattooed teen's throat. "Hmmm… what do you mean? I know that where ever there is free space, I can draw something and then pull it free. Kind of looks like a strange, opaque blue replica of the drawing." Her eyes begin to search around the coffee shop before a sudden epiphany strikes her. "Oh, forgot I've started to keep on of these on me." After a couple seconds of fishing around both of her pockets, a black sharpie is suddenly surfaced.

"Okay what Ah mean is, lets say ya draw a shield on yer arm, ya go tah make it real, how big can it git once it's off yer skin?" Sam asks Chezlie trying to figure out the extent of her powers. "Also one other question, is it just object ya can draw that ya can manifest or is it also like, ya draw a flame on yer hand ya can throw a fire ball ala Human Torch?"

"Oh, yeah, that makes sense." Chezlie says, hopping up from her chair and tucking her left leg underneath herself. "Unfortunately, I can only pull the draw out exactly the same size as it is drawn on me." She thinks about the other question, scratching occasionally at the very tip of her chin. "Well, that might work. Never really tried it out, I guess. Though, I should have mentioned this before, but I can sort of pull out the embodiment of the drawing too. This is were the permanency of the tattoos becomes real handy." She pauses just long enough to finish off the rest of her coffee. "For example, we could draw a brick pattern onto my arm and then with a little concentration, my arm would become tougher. Of course, it wouldn't be as tough as bricks from the drawing unless it was left unwashed for a long time. Make sense?"

"Ah understand now. Ah think Ah'm gettin' ideas for trainin' and once ya decide what ya want, Ah'll go with ya and be yer guardin'." Sam says as he stands up and smiles at Chezlie. "How about we head back tah Xavier's now, Ah can fly us back if ya like." He doesn't mind blasting with someone on his back.

Chezlie nods, her smile only growing wider and wider as each second passes. "Oh, really? I mean, if you have no issues with carrying someone back with you, I'd love to get flown back. Much faster than walking." She shoves the empty coffee cup towards the middle of the table and stands up from her chair. She gestures for Sam to leave the coffee shop first before following him outside.

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