2010-07-10: Discussing The Contest

Players: Erik, Jono & Magneto

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Summary: Jono repairs the embassy facade, with Erik's help; Magneto drops by to heckle. The Contest is mentioned and high dudgeon is expressed.

Date: July 10, 2010

Log Title: Discussing The Contest

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Having left word at the Plaza for Magnus, a certain Brit can be found at the Embassy repairing it. Jonothon is of course highly obvious, and he's hating it thanks to the fact that it means others are watching, but he pulls up all the debris he fired at the men, and even has used the ruined car, to put the facade of the building back together. It's been grueling work for the man, and he's been doing this for a while now. Should be noted that he even put the news stand back together. The papers and magazines inside it are a mess, but if the injured couple survive they will have somewhere to return to. There are rooms inside if Erik wants to use them to hold that captive. If the police weren't involved in that.

To his credit, Erik is helping. Magnetism can help put a lot of things back in order, and he is standing nearby and making sure that girders and metal bits are moving and warping back in to roughly the same shape they were to begin with.

Magneto soars in and lands in the street behind the two busy workmen. He watches the construction without comment, examining the facade of the embassy with all senses. "I see that you are willing enough to commit mass destruction when the circumstances involve you personally, Mr. Starsmore." He's grinning, though. "Would you like some assistance, putting things back together? And Mr. Anderson, how good to see you again. To what do we owe the honor?"

The arrival has Jonothon stopping, and he's kind of grateful for it. Tiiiired. He's also looking sour, and wrinkling his nose, for that grin Magneto is wearing. «There were others involved.» That's the only explanation, perhaps excuse, that he makes for it though. Tried to get the human's full attention, but failed and people got hurt. Feels guilty about that. «The blokes actually did something smart for once. If you ignore the whole attacking this embassy part.» Rolls his eyes a little for that. «I haven't heard what was said though, but this one caught one.» A thumb is jerked at Erik.

Erik looks over as Magneto lands down near them, his jacket flapping a bit around him at the sudden breeze. "To inform you of some of the things that happened." He says, looking over to Jono at his explanation. "It is a game of some sort." He offers, holding out a receipt. On the back of the receipt is a website (www.thecontest.com). "It is…tremendously messed up."

Magneto steps up to the two and takes the receipt out of Erik's hand. "Indeed? There was some indication that it was a game; one of Dingo's dance partners mentioned that. But this…" He smooths the receipt out over his fingers. "I imagine this address tells you rules and points and such?"

With the shake of his head, the Brit runs fingers through his mussed hair and looks fairly disgusted. «They must be getting really frustrated. They used some kind of goop that was meant to disable. Fired it out of what looked like bazookas.» Jonothon pauses and looks to Erik, «Please tell me you didn't let the police take them all?» Was hoping to track those!

Erik shakes his head. "The police took them, my first priority was getting Rashmi back to the mansion, given the damage the sonics did." He shakes his head, before he nods to Magneto. "Points for different mutants, high scores every day, week or month get prizes…year end high score gets 10 million dollars. You're worth one hundred thousand dollars, he's worth twenty thousand." Erik says, the first number to Mags and the second to Jono. "Links to suppliers of anti mutant gear, confirmed kills, a whole forum."

Magneto crosses his arms. "How amusing for all concerned." His tone is acidic. "How much attention have you given this website, Mr. Anderson? Have you read through it all, and do you know who began this 'game'? Do you know how many players there are? Where? And if they are planning a new 'round' any time soon?" Small bits of metallic debris are lifting off the pavement around him, stirring in the currents bubbling as Magneto tries to keep his rage under control. Call them magnetic dust devils, for the moment.

As much as Jonothon is disappointed, he can't blame Erik for that. He was getting the other three to medical attention. «So much for being unknown.» He mutters to himself. No, totally not jealous about the higher number for Magneto. Jono would rather be worth no points. Ignoring the metallic dust devils, the Brit asks, «Can't people be tracked by their internet addresses? I know it's not likely to catch us the big people behind it, but that with the guns, might give some leads.» Not knowing computers that in depth, he can only ask.

Erik shakes his head. "I do not yet know who is running it, or how many players there are. They have heard about a block party that is going to go on, hosted by someone named Bruce. If either of you knows a Bruce who is planning a block party, having them cancel it might be a good idea." He says seriously. "And I'm not sure, there are /much/ better computer people than me."

"I know Bruce. The block party is planned to draw these people out where we can get to them, so that we aren't constantly having to watch for them." Magneto is very calm, but his eyes are blazing. The dust devils tighten, scooping up anything even vaguely magnetic off the sidewalk and street. Cars passing by are having to slow to avoid them. "There is concern for the lower-powered persons in this area, and there are plans in place to keep them safe, as well." He looks up to Erik. "Do you feel like attending a street party, Mr. Anderson? The exact date is not yet decided; the city has been slow with approving the permits. But we'd love to have you. And you, Mr. Starsmore. If you have nothing else to do…"

Privately to Magneto, Jonothon asks, «Would you rein in your temper before you do someone harm?» Especially since this is Mutant town. Gives the older man a dirty look too. «I suppose I can be troubled to.» Sarcasm there, and Erik can hear it as well. Of course Jono will attend. He too showed that he knew Bruce, for the party is no surprise. «Thing is, taking out the players is one thing. It won't stop those arranging all this. I doubt these are the only idiots willing to take up arms against mutants for a few million dollars.»

Erik looks over at the magnetic bits going off the sidewalk; apparently they didn't bother him before, he might just be used to them occuring with emotion. "I think I could be convinced to do so." He says with a little bit of a nod. "Oh no, but I also don't doubt the ability of our various…interest groups to find the location of their servers, and their owners."

Magneto gives Jono a glare, but the dust devils spin up onto the sidewalk, where one turns into a large bin and the others dump themselves into it. He taps the receipt in his hand. "I believe we should put a specialist on this particular task. I know a young man with excellent electronic tracking skills, and I believe he might appreciate a job of this description." And he might have a personal connection, which information Magneto keeps to himself. "But it is a good point: the 'players' are one thing. The backers are another. But since it is the players who are easiest to reach…"

Unphased by the glare, Jonothon merely arches his eyebrows back at Magneto. There's a nod of thanks, in spite of the glare, for that the dust devils get out of the street. «So long as we don't get too caught up in the players..» The Brit warns. «They nearly killed another three people last night. Not counting myself and Rashmi. I'd really like this stopped at the source.» Which means hurting the money, and not those trying for it. For all Jono knows he's preaching to the choir. «I don't know computers that well, but I'll help with anything I can.»

Erik nods. "Well, I'll certainly not gainsay whatever resources you have to find them. Try to leave enough identifiable pieces we can figure out who they were, when you do find them." Erik says simply, running a hand back through his hair. "Computers were never fully my specialty either; we would need to turn Kitty or one of our other specialists on it, which we will."

"I was thinking of Theo, actually. He found the Institute, without prior knowledge it existed; I believe he would welcome this challenge." Magneto offers the receipt back to Erik. "I do not know when I will next have the opportunity to speak to him. Either of you might see him before I do. The sooner these people are tracked, the better, I think."

There's a dubious look about Theo. «In as much as he could certainly find this, make sure there's someone else looking too. Theo is the kind to sell out to the highest bidder, mutant or no mutant.» Jonothon warns. «He's out for himself.» Not that Theo is the only one capable of finding things. «I'll see what I can do about talking to both Theo and someone else. I've actually made acquaintances with Stark. He might be willing to help.»

Erik raises an eyebrow at that. "Interesting. Well, we can certainly have him do it /and/ someone we trust watch him." Erik offers with a shake of his head. "Stark? If we get Stark involved it means we're getting the U.S. Government and SHIELD involved; do we want that?"

"Much as I hate to admit it, we might need the government and SHIELD in behind us," Magneto growls. "There are laws against this sort of thing, and those laws are not being enforced. Mr. Starsmore is constantly nagging me about acting within the limits of the justice system," he curls his lip at that. "Ineffective as it is, that system may be necessary to get to the farthest outlying limbs of this particular bit of fascist greed. 'The Contest' needs to be stopped, stomped, and eradicated."

Jonothon spreads his hands in a helpless manner. «You said you wanted to play the politics game here. That means dealing with the bollocks you don't like, as well as the good. I, personally, don't have the resources to do more than I am. SHIELD does. As much as I don't trust them fully, if they get involved, then maybe we have another group to help. Stark can move in legal ways you don't.» You being Magneto. «Might even be able to hurt the money behind this. That's far more important than removing the players from the board.»

Erik gives a nod. "If you have contacts with Stark then, do it." He says seriously, chuckling a little bit. "I have little enough contacts with either SHIELD overall or Mr. Stark individually." He says, before he nods. "I agree, if he is inclined to help that it could be a great boon in resources."

"Stark." That playboy ruffian. Ptui. Magneto doesn't say so out loud, but then, does he have to? "He might be able to follow the money, at least. SHIELD… SHIELD may be able to break the contacts The Contest has made between the larger terrorist equipment suppliers and these lower life forms grubbing for cash."

There's a smile for Magneto's expression, and Jonothon shrugs. «You know better than I that war makes strange bedfellows.» Admitting to the older man's greater experience. «I'll see what I can do then. For now I've got to head back. I'll finish repairs tomorrow.» A frowning look back at the embassy for his words. Really, all he has to do is repair some of the fine detail now. Most of it won't be noticed by those passing by. That frown shifts to Magneto, «I'm almost done with the back wing too.» Another shrug and he lifts a hand in farewell. «Cheers.» Unless stopped he meanders off to the parking lot around the building.

Erik nods. "Well, and SHIELD should at least care that HYDRA seems to be involved." He says with a sigh, before he waves to Jono. "Cheers." He says simply before he looks back over to Magneto for a moment. "Quite a disturbing trend, I agree. With any luck soon to be crushed."

Magneto gives Erik a glare this time. "It is part of a trend that has existed for decades. Every time it rises again, Charles and his acolytes are surprised. Idiots!" He waves a hand and the trash bin he created earlier dissolves, it and its contents flowing up and across the face of the damaged embassy, filling in those spots that Jono hadn't fixed yet. His fingers twitch and the whole face of the building rings, a tone so low it is felt in the bones. "It is as if 'forgive and forget' is a literal command!"

So not sticking around for the tirade, even if Jonothon finds himself agreeing. Nope, he heads off to the car he borrowed and returns to the very school Magneto is bitching about.

Erik cracks his neck slightly at the ringing in his bones, and shakes his head. "And if they're all found crucified wherever they are, or if they go missing, they become martyrs. Destroy and display leads to as many spin off groups as forgive and forget." He offers, riding the unusual feeling before he sighs, and looks out at the city.

Magneto glares at Erik again. "I see that Charles has you in hand. I wish you well of that." The dust devils settle and the facade is gleaming. "Good night, Mr. Anderson. I will see you again, at this block party Bruce is organizing, if not earlier." He steps back before taking off skyward. "Until then!"

Erik gives a little bit of a nod. "At the party then." He says. "You do always take the best exits…" He offers to the skyward form, before…he too flies off.

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