2009-02-10: Discussions of the Future


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Summary: Kaden and Keith discuss what near future holds.

Date: February 10, 2009

Log Title Discussions of the future

Rating: PG-13 (language)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

Kaden went out for a walk earlier in the day and has recently returned. He's since grabbed an apple and has plopped on the couch, flipping through the channels. He's wearing a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans, it seems to be his usual attire. While flipping through he actually stops on the news as they're talking about the black dome covering an area of Los Angeles.

"Again with that?" comes the voice of one Keith Flinn as he flies down from the upper floor. Tape measure in hand, he's in jeans and a red tank-top. He's got a pair of work gloves stuck to his belt but seems more focused with the TV. "Ya'd think those hero types would get up off their asses and do something about that by now…" he trails off. "Hey, K-Man," he greets as he flops down on the couch near Kaden.

Kaden just shrugs. "I don't know, it's weird cause it's about twenty, thirty minutes from where I used to live." Kaden states. "And fuck those hero types, they only do it for fame and glory anyway. So what are you working on?" He asks seeing Keith with the work gloves and tape measure.

Keith shrugs in reply. "Who cares why as long as they go do it," he yawns. When asked about the stuff, Keith sets the tape measure down on the table. "Moving furniture and then getting some numbers for a little surprise.

Kaden shrugs again and turns off the tv. It's one of those mixed feelings where he doesn't care but it's weird since it's in the area where he spent most his life. "Little surprise? Should I even ask or is this one of those things that you're just going to go 'hey check what I just spent too much money on?'"

Keith rolls his eyes. "You could ask but I won't tell ya cause it'd ruin the surprise," he says, smirking a bit. "And it's not costing all that much, really."

"You and your stupid surprises." Kaden grumbles as he crosses his arms over his chest. "So what do you think is causing these…things? Like in LA?" Kaden asks, maybe it's just something to be interested in so he's not so bored all the time, but maybe he actually does care a bit.

Keith smirks a bit more, reaching over to put his arm around Kaden. "Oh, don't be like that, K-man. You'll like this surprise," he chuckles. Whether that chuckle is a good thing or not is debatable. When asked about the domes, the white-haired man looks up. "Hell if I know. Magic? Galactus? Dr. Doom? Out of control Mutant?"

Kaden shakes his head as Keith puts his arm around him, but he doesn't go to push it away. "If it involves water, fuck that." He says but he's not truely being grumpy. "And who is that, are that? Or what?" Kaden asks, he never kept up with super-heroes on the West Coast. That type of stuff didn't happen often out in Compton.

Keith lets out a little laugh. "Actually, it involved the removal of water but I can't say more without giving it away. Let's just say I'm sure you'll find it useful," he says. "Magic…could be what we are since we're all whatever we are. Galactus is some big space-fucker that eats planets or something and got chased away from Earth. Dr. Doom's the guy running Latveria with way too much time on his hands…" he trails off. "Jerk's got some shiny armor and never shuts up once he starts talking."

"Space-fucker?" Kaden says raising his eyebrows. "Yeah, remind me never to run into him. And Where the fuck is Latveria?" Kaden was never good at school which is maybe why his education level is much less than it should be. "And is this Dr. Doom you're talking about with the shiny armour? How's he a villian? Does he just talk people to death cause that sounds pretty fucking lame."

Keith gestures vaguely. "Google him. Giant guy in pink and blue…" he trails off. "Ya can't miss him when he shows up," he yawns. "It's somewhere in Europe. I have a globe around here somewhere if ya wanna check it out," he says "Doom? He's got an assload of weapons in that suit of his."

"Yeah, you say that like I'm a regular with computers." Kaden says. "We really had them so readily available at the facility and juvie. I used them all the time." Kaden says with an eyeroll. He's one of those kids that's really bad with computers. "Space-fucker and assload? Man Fancypants, you're just choosing wonderful words."

Keith rolls his eyes as well. "Ya got a laptop in your room, just click on the little fox and then type Galactus into the box and see what comes up," he shrugs. He blinks a few times when laughs. "Damn, didn't even realize it."

Kaden gives Keith a confused look. "Little fox?" And he hasn't really turned the laptop on yet so the little fox reference eludes him. He'll try it later and will probably be yelling for Keith to help him figure it out. "So how do you know so much about this villian hero bullshit?"

Keith stretches and sighs. "I don't know too much but…" he takes a deep breath. "About a month ago, I got stuck in a subway car and this kid behind me was just going on and on to someone about it all," he gestures vaguely again.

Shaking his head Kaden rests his head back. "I think if I got stuck in a subway and some kid was rattling on and on about that shit I'd want to punch him the face." Kaden says. "So maybe later you can help me figure out that computer thing."

Keith rolls his eyes. "Right, punch a kid in the middle of a crowded subway car when all was doing was talking and have the rest of the car jump me…" he trails off. "Not the best idea. And yeah…I'll help with the computer."

Kaden just gives a casual shrug. He's the type that would pick a fight in the middle of a crowded subway car if someone annoyed him. "Well noone ever claimed I'm smart." Kaden says as he's actually been called dumb and stupid quite a few times in his life. "And thanks, I know a little bit about computers but like I said, I didn't really have acess to them."

Keith makes a vague gesture and squeezes Kaden's shoudler. "Just try not to get into fights you're clearly gonna lose, K-man," he says. "And don't worry, I'm no tech nerd but I know how to get them to do what I want. I'll show ya the tricks I know."

"Hey, it's not my fault if they piss me off, and that one time wasn't fair when it was three against one." Kaden says referring to a fight back a Juvie. "And just don't be showing me any porn, I don't really care for that shit." Kaden maybe be sixteen but he's kind of apathetic when it comes to anything involving relationships of the romantic nature.

Keith shakes his head. "I wasn't going to show you porn. I'd figure you could find that on your own if ya wanted it…not like there are any locks or netnannies here," he scoffs. "Just how to get it to work."

Kaden gives Keith a confused look. "Netnannies? What the fuck is that?" He's so out of it sometimes. "And I don't want it. Drew walking around naked is all I don't want to see." He says stubbornly.

Keith waves a hand. "A program uptight or lazy parents put on their kids computers to spy on what they do and control stuff like how long they can stay online," he explains. He smirks at Kaden's stubbornness. "Why bother with the stuff on the net when the hot guys walk around in the buff here live? Nice," he teases.

"Well good thing I don't have parents." Kaden says and it's hard to tell his real intention behind the tone. "Speaking of that, Drew and I were talking..and no! I don't want to see anyone naked. Fuck." He says with an annoyed sigh. "No, Drew and I were talking and he was talking about getting a GED and shit. Do you think the courts would really let me do that shit where I don't need a guardian?"

Keith laughs a bit. "You really need to get over that much at least…nudity happens," he shrugs. "GED?" he seems confused for a moment. "Oh…one of those. Hrm. I dunno," he says. "I know most things in the court can be gotten around with enough cash but I'm gonna have to look this up…"

"Yeah, it happens, in the shower, then you put your clothes back on." Kaden says and that's something he's not going to get used to anytime soon. "Just because you enjoy looking at some dudes…junk, doesn't mean I do." Then when Keith talks about anything thing can be gotten with enough cash, it bothers him. He's still not used to someone like Keith who has so much money he can just kind of throw it around.

Keith laughs. "It happens more than in the shower. There's a lot in the world that can happen to remove a guy's clothes…random branch, prankster, sleeves caught in doors…" he gestures again. "And there's more to look at than the goods, K-man. As example, you've got a handsome face and great eyes," he says casually. Taking a deep breath, he looks up. "But what brought on the sudden talk of a GED with you and Drew?"

Kaden sighs and just rolls his eyes. "God you and Drew a frustrating with that." He says but leaves it at that. "We were just talking, I mean, just my whole life's been pretty much dictated with what to do for almost every minute then all of a sudden, I'm lost. Just I didn't know what to do, I don't know what to do."

Keith smirks a little then listens quietly. When he hears what Kaden says, Keith smiles. The white-haired man leans down place a light kiss on the top of the fire-spirit's head. "You're free to do whatever you want, K-man," he says. "I'll help the both of ya get one. Any way I have to."

Kaden makes a face as Keith kisses the top of his head and acts like a kid and rubs the spot as if to rub the 'cooties' away. He's just getting used to hugging, kisses are the next step. "Sometimes you and Drew are way to fucking touchie. But thanks…though I'm really not sure what you can do. I just don't know."

Keith smirks. "But you know we love ya," he says. "Don't worry. I have good lawyers and know better ones I might be able to convince to help since we're…well," he makes a light breeze blow through the room. "And if we can't do it completely legally…we'll bend a few rules."

"I still don't see why." Kaden says with a shrug. "You really do get away with anything, don't you Keith. Have you gotten trouble for anything, ever? And couldn't buy your way out of?" Kaden says with a hint of bitterness to his tone.

"Do we need a reason to care about you?" Keith asks simply, squeezing the other spirit's shoulder again. His expression sinks at the question. "Yes," he replies simply and quietly.

Seeing Keith's expression, Kaden looks down. "Sorry." He says, he's learned enough about Keith to know that when he's not seeming all carefree and easy going that it must be something serious. "So…do you know anything about taking your GED, I guess I'm just unsure about it all."

Keith takes a deep breath. "Hold on," he says, ruffling Kaden's hair as he gets up. The wind spirit flies upstairs with a burst of wind. A few moments later, he comes down with his own laptop. Plopping back onto the couch, he opens it up and waits for it to load. Desktop's rather scattered but Keith clicks on the little fox icon. "Let's see here…I have no idea but I went to some fancy-ass school my parents insisted on…" he trails off, searching. "Ah ha. Here we go. The GED's five tests…math, reading, writing, science, and social studies…gotta find a testing center, hundred dollar testing fee…that seems stupid but easily done…" he goes on. "Looks like it'll be easy enough for you guys."

Kaden swollows hard and takes a deep breath. "Yeah, real easy. Five tests. I'm fucked." He says as he's never done well in school. "So a hundred dollar fee for me to fail it, I'll just not bother than. Don't want you to waste money.

Keith scoffs, reaching over to pull Kaden closer again. "Bullshit, K-man," he says. "You'll take the tests and pass each one of 'em. Me and Drew'll help ya study. Jon too. I'll even rope Xane and Dmitri in if ya want…hell, Doc White could even come by to help with the sciences," he grins. "Have a little faith in yourself, K-man. 'Sides…standardized tests like this are usually a lot easier than they make themselves sound. Ya know…made up by political ass-hats that wanna seem more important than they are."

"Yeah, well I'm stupid. It's not having faith, it's the truth. I never did good with school shit." Kaden says letting Keith pull him closer. "I was put in all the classes with the younger kids back at Xavier's, I'm not smart and I don't do well on tests. And who is Doc White?"

Keith arches an eyebrow. "K-man…do -I- seem like the smartest guy in the world to you?" he asks, amused. "If I can get my way past those tests without the checkbook, I'm more than sure that you can," he says. "And don't worry about your old classes, that was probably more from lost time than how smart you are…" he trails off a moment. "And Doc White's the chick that patched up your nose after it broke."

"Oh." Kaden says but he still doesn't believe him. "No, I'm not smart, I never got good grades." But then he didn't come from the best educational background. "But you do seem smarter than me. You had all that fancy school that I don't have."

Keith rolls his eyes. "I'm not smarter, I'm just older," he says. "What do you think I did for most of school?" he asks, arching both eyebrows. "I goofed off, skipped classes…ended up getting kicked out. Jon tutored me. Eventully they let me back in in time for graduation so I didn't have to take one of those GEDs," he chuckles as he explains this. "And the only difference between the school I went to and the one down the street other than the price tag was a stuffy uniform, overblown decor, and people way too full of themselves."

"That's the difference, you goofed off, I didn't. I just didn't get what they were throwing at me." Kaden says and it was frustrating to him. "I tried to understand it but after a while it just made no sense. And trying to remember dates in history, that was almost as bad as math." Kaden admits. He's not really complaining as much as expressing his difficulty with school.

Keith listens closely and then looks up thoughtfully. "Hmm…sounds like they didn't know how to teach you…" he trails off. He reaches back and pulls his phone out of his pocket. Typing away at the keypad, he sends a message. "Alright, I asked Jon to go pick stuff up…you, me, and Drew csn work out some kinda study thing…we'll come up with something."

Kaden nods and stands up. "Okay, I'm going to head to my room for a bit, maybe take a nap. Thanks Keith." Kaden says as he shoves his hands in his pockets and makes his way to his room.

Keith ruffles Kaden's hair one last time before the fire-spirit goes. "No problem, K-man. I'm gonna hit the gym if ya need me," he says, jerking a thumb towards the door leading to his work-out room.

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