Dmitri "Lithos" Gaina
Dmitri Gaina
Portrayed By Matt Dallas
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 25
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Dmitri
Place of Birth Carpathian Mountains near Bucharest
Current Location Under New York
Occupation Jewler
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Identity Lithos
Known Abilities Control of Earth, Serial Immortality, Invulnerability
First Appearance Explosions of Anger

Dmitri Gaina is a little known jewler with ties to the Roma population of both new York city and San Francisco, California


Life is hard. It is a lesson that all too many people learn early in life. It is also something that Dmitri Gaina has known for as long as he can remember. He was not born in the lap of luxury, or even in a decent middle class American home, but in a horse drawn wagon some 13 miles away from the nearest hospital in Bucharest, Romania. Technically his family was considered Romanian, as they were born, lived, and died in Romania, but to them selves they were Roma, Gypsies. Dmitri's birth was met with both joy, and sadness. Joy because he was another life brought into the world, and sadness as his mother did not survive giving birth. Dmitri's father was not left to raise the boy alone, that is not the way of his people, he had many family members and friends who were there to help, for him to lean on when they were needed.

Dmitri's childhood was normal for his people, he was watched by aunts and grandmothers and cousins, taught by his father uncles and grandfathers, and allowed to play as he wished amongst the swirling color and chaos that is life amongst the Roma. Despite of all this, he was a very different child. While other boys were always active, always desiring to run and move during lessons, he was a passive child. Dmitri would sit, and watch, and only moved when he felt he had to. The differences between Dmitri and other boys his age did not go unnoticed. The old wise woman of his tribe, whom everyone called Granda, had noticed him, and had watched Dmitri for most of his life. Around his tenth birthday, Granda took Dmitri's father aside to speak with him about his son. She told him that he choose well for a name, since Dmitri means Beloved of the Earth, because the boy had the patience of the mountains and the unbending will of the stones. She also told him that she could tell he had a touch of something about him that would shape his future in unseen ways, and that she thought that Dmitri's father would do well to take him to the Americas where some of his mother's family had immigrated a few years before.

Given that Granda's advice is always worth listening too Dmitri's father eventually decided to give in to his curiosity about America, and to why she thought it a good idea that Dmitri be there, and packed up all that they owned and immigrated to America. America was truly the promised land for Dmitri and his father, the settled near San Francisco where the family of Dmitri's mother had settled and began to build a new life there. Dmitri's father kept his eyes on his son, watching for that something special that Granda had said he had. Their new life brought many changes to the them, one of which was Dmitri going to an organized structured school instead of simply learning from his elders, and him finding the first thing that the boy really showed any passion for, Geology. He had had a great interest in rocks and dirt for a long time, but in the public school system he found and organized study of such things that he practically devoured.

Dmitri proved himself more than aptly suited for the American school system. He was logical, methodical, and patient as can be. By the age of 16 he had decided that the California school system was too slow and had taken the test to receive his GED with the intent to start collage and study Geology. Then, came the death of his father and the loss of his leg. They were taking a cross-country trip, going to visit old friends that had settled in the eastern part of America instead of California. While the buss crossed the Appalachian Mountains the ground shifted under the roadway, and the buss went off the side of a mountain. When Dmitri woke he was in a hospital, the doctors told him that it was a miracle he was alive since the accident happened, given that more than a day passed before the accident was found. Little did anyone know that was not true, like everyone else in the buss he died, but unlike them he was an immortal spirit and found himself reborn laying on the ground at dawn the day after he had been killed..

Without his father, Dmitri was for the first time in his life lost and unsure of what to do. To make matters worse for him he was under age, with no next of kin that could be found by the hospital, and seemingly without injury from the accident save for the loss of his right leg above the knee which showed every sign of being an old injury instead of something new. After hearing mention of Child Protective Services being called in not long after his waking in the hospital Dmitri choose to sneak out before he was placed into the foster care system. Despite only having one leg, and feeling oddly weak until he made it to the first floor of the hospital, he managed to make it as far as a small garden before he was found out. Surrounded by guards and nurses he wished simply that the ground would swallow him whole, and carry him away from there. To the surprise of everyone, Dmitri included, that is exactly what happened.

Less than an hour later, and miles away, Dmitri returned tot he surface laying in a golf course sand trap. Lying in the sand, connected to the Earth its self, his memories of the buss crash begin to return. He remembered everything, the loss of his leg, being thrown free of the buss, the cold sensation of bleeding to death, and finding himself alive and well again as the dawn broke. Dmitri did not know what he was, or why he was chosen, but was sure that the accident somehow awoke something in him that allowed him to control the very earth its self. With the ability to shape the earth, he could pull rare gems and minerals out of the ground its self, but would still need to find a way to explain how he procured the materials.

After some time, and a lot of thought Dmitri decided on a course of action, the first step would be his return to California and the Roma he knew there. After his return, he enrolled himself in community collage at first, and from there worked to gain scholarships to attend UCLA and earn his Bachelors degree in Geology. All the while he worked to also become a licensed jeweler since it is one of the few professions that can easily move pure gold, silver, and gems without being noticed by the authorities. At age 24, with his degree fresh in hand and having worked hard to keep his powers secret from everyone, until a landslide nearly buried a gathering of Roma he was part of. Before their astonished eyes, he diverted a virtual wall of dirt around the camp grounds they had choose and saved the lives of everyone there.

On the advice of a number of the elders at the gathering, he prepared to move his life one more time. Although he had known California as a home, everyone knew that super humans all go to New York. With help of his family and friends in California, and a few Roma he has been introduced to in New York he has set up shop as a jeweler and is working towards a doctorate in Geology from ESU. He has also worked to craft an image should he choose to actually act as a hero, going so far as to search out an abandoned subway station hidden beneath the city he could use if he needed it.


  • (Comming Soon)


  • "Emotions are pointless."


  • Dmitri is a boarder line sociopath.
  • A Jewlers license is a great tool to launder money from rare gems and metals Dmitri uses his powers to gain.
  • Dmitri has a collection of fake legs he chooses from depending on what he is doing and how he wants people to see him.
  • Dmitri does not feel his connection to the other Elemental Spirits because he refuses to let himself feel anything.


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