2010-03-23: DNA Tests


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Summary: Robyn decides to just ask Hank for a DNA test between him and Richard.

Date: March 23, 2010

Log Title DNA Tests

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

After sleeping most of the day, Robyn's decided to take a shower and now he needs his healing injuries rewrapped. He's been taking it easy, well as easy as he can, well he's stubborn not as easy as he should but he hasn't been out there playing football or anything. He has been healing well thanks to the Xavier's tech but having two holes in your body will take time. Right he's trying to rebandage his shoulder, it's going slow and not too well.

After hearing that the boy who looks like him was stuck in the medbay, Richard decided to go down and make sure there is a speedy recovery. Even if he's still pretty sure that he is of alien origin, Richard feels a certain connection to Robyn. The door open and in he comes, his hair styled as usual, short and lightly gelled. "Hey, heard you were in here." He says quietly to his twin.

Unlike Richard, Robyn's pretty positive the two are twins separated by birth. He smiles at Richard walks in and stops struggling witht he bandage. "Hey Richard, yeah, I've been in and out but the machines got all the bits of wood out of me." He says as that's a good thing. "You made it out alright with everything that's been going on?" After all he knows not everyone was caught in the mess.

"Yeah, I was down in the gym anyway, it was easy to get down to the emergency place." He says, though he would have gladly been out there to lend a hand. A little bit of that teenage confidence spilling over. Richard himself doesn't show much of an ego when it comes to his powers, even in the Danger Room. Dallas can attest to that fact, he's a bit of a sleeper soldier.

Emerging from one of the other rooms in the lab is a rather much the worse for wear Beast. He's got his left shoulder bandaged rather firmly, and is using a cane to walk, which is VERY odd for him. A smile is offered the twins all the same, and then he tsks and approaches Robyn. "Here, let me help with that." A wink. "I hope you don't mind me using a hand and a foot…" And unless he's stopped he'll do just that, rebandaging the young man with is right hand and left foot! "Hello Mister Larkin, Mister Cooper."

"I should have been smarter and left but…I couldn't leave seeing Jordan like that." Robyn admits as he knows he should have done the smart thing but sometimes emotions just prevent you from doing the smart thing. "Hello Dr. McCoy, thanks." Robyn says smiling and not stopping Hank from helping him rebandage using the foot. After all he is the Doctor, right? "How are you feeling Dr. McCoy?"

"Hi Dr. McCoy." Richard says right back to the blue fuzzy man. "Did Mr. Summers get hurt pretty good?" He asks, the headmaster asleep in his bed for now. The 'alien' still maintains a smile. "How did it all end anyway?" He asks, not really caring to ask anyone before now, in case the wounds were still too fresh.

"I've felt better, but also worse." Hank admits. It might be surprising that he can manage to tie a bandage, rather expertly, while standing on one leg and using a hand and a foot, but manage he does. "Fortunately shot through my shoulder missed the brachial artery…so I didn't bleed out in a matter of seconds. Fortunate indeed that we have such excellent medical technology, and that I'm quite well versed in it." Having designed some of it. "UN-fortunate is that I had given myself the cure to the Sin-Virus I had infected myself with the day before the attack, so I'm still not quite up to snuff." Eyes of blue study Richard a few. "We managed to defeat and rescue our fellow students, and treatment is ongoing to reverse what Sinister did to them. The price was mostly paid in blood and pain, but paid it was."

"Yeah, I haven't gotten a chance to talk to Jordan yet, the bullet thing was something he always did but the phasing was new." Robyn has a few wooden dowel rods phased into him as Hank would know. "Last thing I remember from that night is Skyler copying Jono and exploding." And seeing Scott in a tree but he doesn't need to say that. "Dr. McCoy…" He says looking over at Richard not really sure if he should ask or not but he decides not to and changes what he was gonna say. "Nevermind. Yeah, I know it ended on ourside when Skyler exploded….I think."

Richard faces his head downward as Hank talks about the Marauders paying a price. "I hope it's reversible. I mean, I can't believe how it is on a human, to be forced to change like that against their will." Richard raises an eyebrow in question as to what Richard was going to say, having a feeling on what it was. He's in denial, not oblivious to others questions on just who the two are.

Hank too is curious about what Robyn was going to say, he even grips the lad's shoulder and looks him in the eye. "You can ask me anything, you know. I won't laugh at you, or mock you, or the like. Why not give it a go, see what happens?" And then he nods as the events are described. "Exactly, Skyler's power copies exactly, but without the benefit of the experience of the user. When he made himself into my facsimile he had all my physical prowess, but I still had the edge due to skill and experience. When he copied Mister Starsmore he got all that power — and none of the acquired self-control that lets Jono do what he does." A shake of his head. "When Jono's power first manifested it was rather spectacular, and rather tragic. It took years to learn to contain his raw power." And then he smiles to Richard. "As to reversing it—I have a cure, the process is…unpleasant, but it should do the trick."

Robyn looks at Richard and bites his lip before he asks Hank. He's just glad Hank gripped his good shoulder. "Well it's not a laugh at thing, I just don't want to make Richard uncomfortable, it's just…we look exactly alike and we've never met before coming to school here." He sighs and shrugs. "Sorry Richard, I just…I want to know if we're related or if it's just something weird. I mean, all I know is I was adopted but nothing else about my birth parents."

Richard gives a shrug to Robyn. "I know. And you know what I think about…well myself at least." Yes, he's almost completely positive he is of alien origin, used to be 100 percent, but soon after coming here that's gone down to about 95. "It doesn't make me uncomfortable. Just…I dunno. Go on and ask if you want. I won't be mad."

"Well, a simple blood test would be able to tell you one way or the other, with our gear it would take less than an hour to see how many — if any — alleals you have in common, and that would tell us for certain your degree of consanguity." Hank smiles then. "In other words — may I prick your fingers, gentlemen?"

Robyn doesn't mind a finger prick as he offers Hank his hand. "I don't know, it's just one of those things I want to know. Thanks Dr. McCoy. So…do you know how Jono is doing?" Robyn asks as Hank does this thing. Jono doesn't seem to be doing well with him but sometimes these things are better to ask to an adult.

"You can try." Richard says to Hank, the forcefield around his skin breaks lancets, needles, and the like. He holds out his hand to the Doctor. "It's probably not gonna work on me though." He's not trying to be the negative here, just a realist.

"Well, if blood is a problem I can make due with spittle, or a bit of hair. Would you mind spitting into a cup, Mister Cooper?" Hank will even provide the cup! He then lances the tip of Robyn's thumb, expertly drawing a tiny sample of blood. "There were go." Once he has the two DNA samples he just needs to run the comparison. "Shouldn't take too terribly long."

Robyn finally grabs his shirt now that he's rebandaged up from a while back and slides it on. "Thanks Dr. McCoy, for doing this." He says standing up and yawning. "Should I wait around or come back later, I just am getting tired again." Since his body is still healing from quite a bit of injury he just gets tired easy.

The 'alien' Richard gives a nod, looking to the cup that's handed to him. "Just…tell Robyn, kay? I don't have to know." He's not trying to be offensive, just that he's afraid the whole visage of his life is a lie. "I'll see you later, Robyn." He says, handing the cup back to Hank, then starting to head out of the doors.

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