2020-06-16: Do What Needs To Be Done


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Summary: Jericho calls Volk for a one on one meeting.

Date: June 6, 2020

Do What Needs To Be Done

Rating: R

The Future - The Underground - Meeting Room

One of the bigger tunnels has been turned into a meeting room for those who are plotting the next stab at freedom or the next sentinel attack. There are lights hanging from the pipes above and table in the middle of the area where people can stand around as there isnt really room for chairs. Papers and maps cover the table and there are boxes on shelves with information thats been gathered. This is the only place down in the mutant tunnels that has some electricity from a small generator that's charge via mutant powers and its used sparingly so that the Rebellion can gather information to make their next move.

It's a few days before Jericho's planned his strike. But before he goes, he's making sure to get a hold of the one person he brought into things. The one that he doesn't know as well as the others. He's pacing around, back and forth, quietly. Silence stands.

Having taken to walking when indoors, Volk comes in dressed down to a tank top and his BDU pants, the leather straps of a shoulder holster for a pistol and a knife rounding out the attire as the bald-shaven young man nods in greeting, fishing out some paper and a pencil to write down, -Is this the 'I don't trust you, so prove yourself to me' Speech, or are we going right to 'Reasons we don't like your kind'.- A bit of a smirk though plays on his face as he flops down in a seat and watches the well-muscled man.

"Neither." Jeri says plainly. "It's the stay with us speech. I won't be here much longer. I'll be dead within a week." Clean and clear. He knows where his path is leading him. "It's the they need someone who has the drive and ability to get things done to work with them when I'm gone speech." He runs a hand through his hair as he looks to Volk. He raises an eyebrow. "Betsy says she trusts you. Why should I question her. Two people I trust implicitly in their decisions. Betsy. Addison. He may be crazy, but he's not stupid."

It takes a long moment of watching the man before Volk turns over the page and writes out, -18 months ago, you hauled me in here and read me the riot act for blowing up that food distribution center. You told me you didn't think I belonged here, and at the time you were right. Now you want me to stay, and you're telling me you're going to be a corpse inside a week. Give me a good reason why I shouldn't yell for one of those trusted friends to come in here and pick your brain apart?-

"Because I'm the only one who can take down my target without being killed too early and without wasting other lives. It'll take them a long time to work against my powers." Jeri says. "They think that because I lead, that the rebellion will fall apart without me. I can prove them wrong. You all have to keep going." He says, shrugging. "And, I'm not the person I once was. So, I'll deal with it my way. I've found out. Most of these targets are sentinel factories. All but one."

The frown that crosses the younger man's face is rather obvious as he gets up out of the chair, and shakes his head at Jericho for several moments. Sticking his hands in his pockets, Volk seems to consider this all for a long moment, and then he goes back to the paper, -Rashmi should be in here, not me. If you're gone, they'll turn to her. And she's got the chops to keep it going, keep people safe, and keep Addison mostly in line. I've already signed on for the long haul, so there's something you're not telling them, that you want to tell me. So my question is… WHY.-

"You have to make sure she KEEPS her chops. That's what I want. And as for you? I didn't know you had already signed on. Also, Rashmi would try to talk me out of it. So would Robyn. I can't let them." Jeri says, holding his hands out, palm upwards. "Why? Because you've… well… You've got more balls than a lot of the people here. And they need that spine. Rashmi overthinks. Robyn overworries. You won't do either." He states simply.

The snort of a chuckle escapes Volk, and he nods, smirking a bit before he takes a long inhale. Flipping to a new page, he scribbles down, -Allright. You made your choice, and you're sticking to it. I can respect that. Two years ago I might have punched you out over being this crazy-stupid, but that's how it is now. You've picked your fight, you konw the odds, and you know there's little chance you're coming back. Need anything I can provide? Weapons? Explosives? A witty departing line?-

"If you have a video camera that can work through a time jughandle without being too distorted, that would be great. Since I want it to be recorded, so that we can get it broadcast when it returns. Broadcast and shown that we're not backing down." Jeri says. "Accompanied with something from others, of course." He shrugs. "That's it. That's all I really wanted."

-Liar- Is written down by Volk, -You wanted to say goodbye. You just know anyone else would do everything to stop you. They don't get it. Honor is too tricky a thing to equate in a world so desperate we throw so much away in the name of survival. I'll see what I can scrounge for camera gear for you.- Leaving that there, he pushes off, moves over, and puts a hand out to the older man, the sense of sureness palpable around him. There's no tears or regrets in those eyes, or in the easy carriage of his stance, but no longer is there any antagonism.

Jeri accepts it with a nod. "Thank you." He states simply. "And I promise you… I'm not going out easy. It's going to be spectacular." HE says with a bit of a smile. There's almost… a bit of glow coming from beneath the eyepatch on the scarred side of his face.

The smirk returns and Volk nods back almost casually, letting go of the hand, and then pats the big man's shoulder. Stepping away, he gives Jeri a bit of an appraising look, and then sighs again and there's a brief and growly chuckle from the younger man's relatively unused throat. The paper and pencil come back out for him to write out simply, -When you get there, tell them all we said hi. And let Christopher know I finally learned how to cook.- That's tucked into a pocket on Jeri and left there, instead of erased like the others will be eventually.

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