2009-03-01: Do you have a permit for that?


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Summary: Erik stumbles across Candy capturing her latest bounty.

Date: March 1, 2009

Log Title Do you have a permit for that?

Rating: PG

Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

The sun has set over the trees in Central Park, leaving a streak of deep crimson through the sky. Thing are quiet. Mostly. A loud, male yelp can be heard from near the boat pond, followed promptly by sound of a thump. “Would you.. stay… damnit, I said say still,” says a frustrated, female voice. There's another thump and then silence.

Erik is walking through with his hands in his pockets, looking around curiously at the sound of yelping and thumping. He begins to jog over quickly, looking around for the source.

The source is obvious as he gets to the boat pond, a pair of people lit from behind from the nearby lamp posts. A young, somewhat familiar woman kneels on the back of a large, bald headed man, her knee in his spine as she pulls his large wrists into a pair of heavy cuffs. She grunts and pushes off of him, pushing him onto his back with a heel. “This coulda been a lot easier.”

Erik raises his eyebrows as he comes up upon this…and the exact opposite of what he /thought/ was going on. He keeps his hands out casually. "Dare I ask what is going on? Unless this is consensual."

Candy whips around with a gun cocked and pointed in Erik's direction. It takes a second for her eyes to focus on him through the shadows before the weapon is quickly lowered. "He jumped bail. I'm just delivering him where he has to go." She brushes the hair out of her face, giving him a grin. "So, what's up?"

Erik looks decidedly /un/worried when he has a gun cocked and pointed in his direction as he steps out of the shadows. He shakes his head. "Everyone and their guns." He comments. "I assume you have some sort of license or identification then, Miss? Unless you come from one of those lovely states where Bounty Hunting and other acts of independent policing are more loosely monitored?"

Candy tugs a chain from under her top, letting it drop into sight, badge flashing as it catches the light. "Licensed, don't worry," she laughs, pressing her foot against the man's stomach to keep him still as she pulls a phone out and dials a number. "Hey, yeah, I got him. Come pick him up and schedule the delivery to the courthouse." The listens for a moment before sliding the phone back away. She glances back to Erik. "It's Candy by the way. Not Miss."

Erik leans in and gives it a very professional once over. "And I assume you have the corresponding concealed carry permits?" He asks dryly as he watches her haul the man around. He gives a nod. "Leif Anderson, a pleasure."

Candy arches a brow. "I've got permits to carry guns and numerous other weapons. Though I mainly stick to these babies." The guns are slid into her thigh holsters. "Trust me, sugar, New York isn't exactly handing these licenses out to everyone. You need all kinds of classes and permits.

"I know, miss, given that I'm trained as a lawyer in this very state, which is why I was asking to see all of them." Erik responds, still dry. Does this boy ever get w…nevermind. "But you seem to have things in order." He shrugs.

Candy tilts her head as she watches him. "Really? A lawyer? I usually have a sense for those things. It just didn't go off this time." Two men appear, giving Candy a nod as they haul the large man off. "Call his bondsman and let him know we got him," she directs before shoving her hands in her pockets and walks towards Erik, studying him quietly. "You ever smile?"

Erik smiles. "When I have cause to, but I tend not to smile when people are being called back to jail. It makes people think you are…callow." He says with a chuckle. "Sorry for interrupting your business."

"Did you just call me immature?" Candy laughs, pretending to be offended for a second before eventually shrugging. "He jumped bail on a double murder. Call me what you want, I'm just glad he's off the street. THAT is what should make you smile," she says, pointing a finger at him with a nod.

Erik shakes his head. "No, but bounty hunters work under different rules than lawyers. We're supposed to be very serious." He smiles. "But I was only rarely involved in criminal defense, so I can say I am very glad he is off the street." He says sincerely.

"You can be serious and still smile." As he finally does she nods, looking proud. "Much better," Candy grins. "Besides, with all the craziness going down around here, someone needs to be out there remembering that bad guys don't always wear black spandex."

"Although that is generally what the police are for, they are quite consumed at the moment." Erik agrees, looking in the direction of Manhattan and shaking his head. "It is good that people are making sure the more…mundane threats are dealt with too."

"See, but the police in this City are usually VERY busy. But that just means more work for me. And that's always a good thing. Believe you me, I could use the money. Something I'm sure a lawyer like yourself might not understand." Candy sighs, watching the guys move the bounty into a truck. "This whole lock down thing, though. It's making stuff difficult.

Erik chuckles and nods. "Oh yes, I quite understand that. Law school did not pay for itself after all." He grins. "But I have to be getting back home, so I will wish you a very fruitful day."

Candy smirks at his grin. "Ah, see? You're getting good at it." Giving him a quick, two fingered salute, she nods. "You too, lawyer man. Catch ya later." With that, the girl turns on her sneakers and pulls out her phone, tapping in a number to make sure everything for her bounty is set. Busy busy.

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