2009-03-27: Do You Like Horses?


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Summary: Daisuke and Nathaniel open up to each other and after a while, Leo comes along.

Date: March 27, 2009

Log Title Do You Like Horses?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Stables

The smell of horse and hay immediately hit the sense for anyone who step in here. There are empty stalls for students with horses, and school owned horses for those who wish to ride. Tackle, saddles (English and Western), helmets, and grooming supplies are found neatly tucked away in a supply closet.

After having a conversation with Leo, Daisuke is pacing in the barn wearing a pair of black jeans, a blue striped button down shirt, poka-dotted tie and fedora style hat. He figures it's a nice quiet spot to get his thoughts together. There's definately a nervous wave of emotion from the Japanese teen combined with conflict and a linger pain that doesnt seem to ever go away. It's one of those emotions that's in the background and he doesn't let dominate him. "How the hell am I supposed to tell him." He mutters to himself as he takes a deep breath.

Nathaniel meanders into the stable slowly and quietly, a bag looped over his shoulder; he's wearing his usual pair of black, strappy cargo shorts and a grey tanktop. He seems to be in the middle of listening to music, but when he pauses near the doorway and looks at Daisuke, he doesn't appear surprised to see him. He just stands there quietly and studies him for a few seconds, eyes twitching as though he were focusing on something bright, before he asks, in that same quiet, even voice, "Tell who what?" He slips one of his earbuds out of his ear after asking, his eyebrows lifted slightly.

Daisuke is definately startled by the voice and stops cold and turns around. "Oh…hey Nathan. Ugh…just someone..something." He doesn't feel comfortable opening up to the Empath as of yet, he's a very guarded person in some ways. "Actually Nathan, I owe you an apology, I kind of jumped on you without knowing you. I thought you were just trying to cause conflict just to cause conflict and I know I tend to get defensive in regards to Eddie to easily so I want to say, I'm sorry." And he's sincere about it.

It can be hard not to open up to an empath, frankly; it's not as if people all know how to naturally guard themselves from them. Nathan isn't really searching out Daisuke's feelings, however, so it really makes no difference to him for now, the young man only shrugging slightly, tossing his head to get his hair away from his eyes, "I know. Don't worry about it." He moves further into the stable, absentmindedly running a knuckle alongside his temple before he looks away from Daisuke and at one of the nearby horses. Even if he isn't looking, Daisuke alone is feeling enough to poke at his poor, mashed up brain. He lingers in front of one of the stalls before digging some sugar cubes out of his bag and lining a few up on top of the door, his hands slipping back into his pockets afterwards.

Daisuke is definately awkward around Nathaniel but he's fairly shy and isn't good at opening up with people. He just watches Nathaniel for a bit before going to sit on the floor of the stable leaning against one of the walls. Unfortunately for Nathaniel Daisuke is the emotional sort, too much has gone on in his life. "Thanks." He says not really sure what to say at all. "So…you like horses?" He's ready to smack himself for asking such a dumb question.

"You really care if I like horses?" comes the immediate response, Nathan giving Daisuke an amused look, eyebrow lifted curiously. He meanders over and proceeds to sit a few feet away from Daisuke, off to his side with his back against the same wall, "I like horses. I hate people with horses sometimes, though. A lot of television and bad training has made people think you need to whack your heels into them, and you really don't." He shrugs casually enough, looking to Daisuke with a faint smile while he lets his hands rest in his lap, a couple sugar cubes gleaming delicately from the cup of his palm. His brow furrows after a few seconds and he asks, "You're friends with Leo, right? You came up in conversation the other day."

Daisuke can't help but chuckle. "I guess I was looking for something to talk about." He says kind of amused by the situation. "I've never rode a horse, you just don't get the chance in the city or I didn't get any chance growing up. And yeah, I'm friends with Leo." And he gets nervous as it's said that he came up in a conversation. "Oh..I did?"

Nathaniel nods his head a little, waving his hand at the touch of nervousness, "He just said you'd been through a lot, so I figured you two must know each other pretty well… and why don't you try it here? They've got horses just for students, I think." He tilts his head back to look up at the stall behind him and the horse that happens to be peering down at them, then looks back at Daisuke, bending his knees so he can rest his forearms on top of them.

Daisuke looks down and there's a painful sadness that just flows through Daisuke. "I'm sorry, I know you're an empath, you shouldn't have to feel this." He says with a sigh, he doesn't like people knowing about the darker more depressing side of him. "I…I have but he doesn't know what. My father beat the crap out me and my brother regularly from when I was six to sixteen, then my brother died left me alone with him, then when I get here it seems I'm kidnapped on a fairly regular basis or something so I dunno, sometimes I just feel like there's something wrong with me." He doesn't even know why he's telling Nathaniel this, but he's not telling him everything.

"Kid," Nathan begins, despite being two years younger than Daisuke, "there's not much of it I haven't felt… besides, my dad used to throw me around, too, so I can understand some of it, at least." He lifts his hand and places the sugar cubes on top of his head, glancing up through his bangs before focusing his green eyes back on the other boy, "Sorry about your brother, though… and what do you mean about getting kidnapped?" He laughs near the end, despite the relatively serious air of the conversation, stretching his arms out and shrugging casually enough, "There's something wrong with all of us. If there wasn't, we wouldn't be in a 'special' school, right?" He doesn't prod about not being told everything, though he can feel Daisuke holding out on him. There's not much point in being forceful like that.

Daisuke chuckles too and shakes his head. "Kid? I'm eighteen Nate, and I stopped being a kid when I was six. And what do I mean by being kidnapped? Just what I said. Mr. Sinister finds he wants someone for his super powered weapon he takes me and a few other energy users in the school and marks the four students. Months later he decides to collect and fucking plays with my genetics and mind and turns me into something I'm not. Let's see, I got kidnapped by Sabertooh, a Daemon and an alternate version of me who wanted to infiltrate the school because of my weakness detection. And my father, he did more than just 'throw me around'."

Nathaniel blinks and looks up as the horse whuffles the sugar off the top of his head, his expression surrealistically calm as he looks back at Daisuke, "You don't need to be so touchy. I say kid to lots of people. It's a habit." He shimmies his shoulders down slightly to see if the horse will follow him, though it becomes uncomfortable so he sits back up, folding his legs underneath him, "And all I said was that I could understand some of it. It's not like I told you to stop whining and suck it up." He takes another sugar cube out of his bag and proceeds to slip it into his mouth, sucking on it while he talks, "Only in a place like ours could weird shit like that happen. You didn't see that kind of shit on the Brady Bunch, man." He fidgets with his bracelet, closing one eye as if against the sun and tilting his head slightly, now free of sugars, "Doesn't anyone do anything to stop it? I thought we were supposed to be protected here."

Daisuke sighs and shakes his head. "I didn't mean it to sound touchy and I didn't mean to sound, I don't even know why I'm telling you this, I just met you. It's just, I want a better life sometimes ya know? I wish things were easier. I wish I could be more relaxed and just be able to tell Jared how I feel." And as that last part slips out he swallows hard and tries to just keep on talking hoping Nathaniel doesn't say anything. "They try but when I wander off on my own bad shit seems to happen and well, against Mr. Sinister, I was with Lorna, he took her too."

"I want to hear it," Nathan says quietly, his voice even and smooth as he fidgets further with his jewelry, "…Jared, hm?" He looks aside at Daisuke, his eyebrows lifting with mild amusement, not letting it slip past, "Is that who you were talking about earlier?" He turns towards Daisuke, folding his legs underneath him again and watching the other boy intently. There's a sense of curiosity there, as well, but of an odd, observational kind, like an astronaut actually standing on the moon.

Daisuke blushes a bit and bites his lip, just nodding. "Yeah, I promised Leo something so I'm just trying to think on how to do it." He tucks a bit of hair back revealing the many peircings he has in that one ear. "I'm glad Leo was talking about you earlier and that first impressions are wrong." He says as he actually sees what Leo was saying about Nathaniel. "I'm just afraid to tell him but I have to stop being a coward and just do it. I just hope he comes home tonight and doesn't stay at his Dad's house."

Nathaniel stretches his arms out, rolling his neck before he finally takes a small Altoids box out of his pocket. Popping it open reveals a number of pills, which he quietly rifles through before choosing three - two long white ones, one small, circular brown one - and simply downs them, putting the box away soon after. He brushes the back of his hand across his mouth and when he speaks, it is obvious he heard everything despite his moment of self-medication, "I'm glad Leo talks about me at all." He smiles easily this time, brushing his hair away from his eyes before he sighs and motions to Daisuke, holding out his hand, "Here. Hold onto me for a second. I'm going to try and help you out."

Daisuke raises an eyebrow at pills but doesn't say anything. "My mutation doesn't allow for anything like that to work on me. I'm immune to all sorts to toxins." He says with a shrug before raising his eyebrows at Nathaniel in curiosity. He holds out his hands and takes Nathaniel's, still giving him the questioning look. "Help me out? Thanks." His face turns into a genuine smile and he can't help but chuckle. "Of course Leo would talk about you, he's right, you are a really nice guy."

"I'd drop dead if I couldn't have them - or go nuts. Migraines," Nathan explains, tapping his temple lightly with his middle finger before he loosely grasps Daisuke's hands in his own. He blinks at what he says before he suddenly blushes, a furious red color that starts in his cheeks and spreads all the way around to his ears, "Ah… thanks." He smiles to himself for a second, then shakes his head and licks his lips, "Okay. Sorry if this doesn't work perfectly, but it should do something for you." His fingers tighten gently enough on Daisuke's and Nathaniel closes his eyes, breathing out slowly, quietly. Unless Daisuke guards against it or fights it off - he'll withdraw if that happens - a deep, even calm will spread through the other boy. It's prickled in places by other things, though nothing negative at the moment, like the sounds of water against the sides of a boat: they can be seen, but don't really touch. It is a centering calm, not one full of malaise or melancholy. Speaking in an absentminded tone, Nathan says, "Sometimes, feleing something once will help you recall it better later… so… if you start to freak out, just breathe in slowly, and let the words flow out of you without thinking about them. It can cause problems sometimes, sure, but you'll feel better about it than if you let things get knotted up inside."

Daisuke doesn't resist and just lets Nate do his thing. Maybe it's because he's another student but Daisuke doesn't worry, nervous yes, worried no. He's kind of glad he doesn't have to rely on drugs for his powers since his is mostly vocal related. Holding his hands the wave of calm rushes through the Japanese teen and it's one of the first times the 'edge' has been taken off of Dai. Taking a few deep breaths he can't help but smile. "Thanks. I know I just have to say what's on my mind and just be honest. I just think the fear of rejected is always something people don't look forward too. I've just never had a significant other so this is all new to me." He says and he's not complaining just talking and opening up.

"I think… rejection can be something to look forward to. Any decision's outcome is worth looking forward to because it means you've got one, right? Even if it sucks," Nathan says contemplatively after letting go of Daisuke's hands, which he does slowly, gradually, sliding free of the other boy's emotions rather than just tearing away. He rubs his hands on his thighs as if they were itching, then leaves them on his knees with an idle smile, "Yeah… I guess it all comes down to what you'd be willing to go through for somebody. I mean, Picasso lost an ear. Can you imagine the thought process that lead up to that? …not that I'm suggesting it, but I don't think rejection was something he focused on much." He grins over this comparison, knowing it to be extreme and enjoying it because of that. He scratches the back of his neck in that same thoughtful fashion, murmuring, "It's nice when someone cares about you. Leo… he calms me down, makes me feel less… crazy. It's not fun or easy having every single person you know inside your head at once, much less people you've never even met. Leo makes that okay, though, even if things are still… wherever they are. It's good to be around him. It's definitely something you should try for."

"I like Leo, he's a hard guy not to like. He's just such a positive person." Daisuke says with a smile. "And thank you Nathan." Daisuke says with a smile. "I know, it's just my low self esteem. I know I don't think much of myself and that's why I have sessions with Dr. Parker-Mayfair, Eddie and Jared's dad. And honestly, I can't imagine that, feeling what everyone feels, I'd probably try to be alone as much as possible, but then maybe Leo's good for you." He brushes his hair back which is one of those habbits he has. "Yeah and Picasso, just cause I like art, I'm not about to cut off my own ear for someone. I don't really think that's much of a sign of love as a sign of scary obsessiveness. Here honey, I got you my ear,I hope you like it." Daisuke says joking around a bit as he does have a bit of a humourous side to him.

"I think she actually said no, too," Nathan says, wrinkling his nose before he laughs a bit, "I seriously doubt I'd go out with somebody who handed me their ear in a box, either, though." He grins pretty easily at Daisuke, more relaxed now that he's taken his pills and since they seem to be getting along fairly well. He nods towards the school, shrugging a bit as he says, "You get used to most of it, but… teenagers are stereotypical for stuff like depression and heartbreak. I sometimes get my heart broken eight times on the way to first class." He sticks out his tongue in annoyance, but it's idle complaining, the sort one might expect over anything as small as difficult homework. He rolls one of his rings around his finger and nods a bit, "Leo is a good person… and that's right, isn't it? You were… drawing the other day in the garden, yeah? I like art, too."

"Nothing says I love you like an ear in a box." Daisuke says chuckling. "Well you're also stuck in the middle of a bunch of mutant teenagers and some of us have a lot of issues. I mean I know my heads a mess but I'm trying to straighten it out. You wouldn't believe the progress I've made." Daisuke says a lot of his quirks have long since gone. "I used to be complusive about brushing my teeth, throw up often, think the minute someone raised their voice it ment I was going to get beaten but that's my old life. Like is so much better for me now. And yes, I love to draw, paint, use charcoal anything practically. I just find a place, sit down, and draw what I see a lot of times. And, I'm glad you like Leo." Daisuke says with a smile but doesn't say anything more.

Nathaniel smirks and ruffles the hair just above the back of his neck, expression amused as he says, "Except maybe anything other than an ear in a box… and yeah, I know all about some of the issues people at school have. I wish they'd… give out mass amounts of prozac or something." This last is mumbled with mild aggravation, but he doesn't likely mean it, only cocking a brow curiously as he listens to Daisuke. Eventually, he nods in understanding and agreement, flicking a bit of hay off his knee, "So do I. I actually like crayon a lot, too. It's the retarded cousin of artistic media, but it's a lot of fun. Simple, colorful, easy to use. Oil is probably my second favorite, though graphite and charcoal are fun, too…" He seems at an empasse, but he doesn't let it bother him, just shrugging after a moment or two and smiling again, "Hey, I'm just glad Leo likes me. I know I'm charming and devilishly handsome, but I can have a hard time meeting people. Being… bombarded all the times makes me high strung and assish.

"Hey, I was an ass the other day, like I said, I tend to get overly defensive with Eddie easily. He does the same with me. I think we're just protective of eachother." As Daisuke really does have an affectionate love for Eddie in a 'brotherly' way. "I never used Crayon much, I love shading so I love using charcoal and graphite and cra-pas. When it comes to paint I really like a simple acrylic over oil but it comes down to whatever medium you're comfortable with. Man, I wish emotions didn't bother you so much I'd love to drag you to the city to Pearl Paints. It's like six floors of art supplies." Daisuke says as Nate the first person he's really gushed to in regards to art. He smiles and there are things he'd love to tell Nate bue he promised Leo he wouldn't say anything.

"Seriously? …I don't really have a lot of money, but I'd love to see it. I think I'd be all right if Leo went with us. Part of it is his powers - keeps my head from hurting - but, like I said, he does a good job of keeping me balanced. I can focus on him pretty well so far," Nathaniel says, a touch of excitement showing in his features at the prospect. He's never actually been to much of any real art store before, especially not anything that size. He rolls one of those heavy rings around his fingers once more before he grins again, "I'll show you some of the stuff I've done with crayons. It may not be impressive, but it's… I don't know. I enjoy it." Another shrug, nonchalant, unconcerned, before he shifts to his feet. He's not going anywhere, just stretching his legs and moving to greet the horse who ate sugar off his head earlier. He rubs his hands along the horse's jaw and neck, smiling at it amiably, "Are we allowed to go into the city yet? I've been trying to block everything out. War… well, school is hard on my head. I don't need to get into war."

"I'm sure Leo would." Daisuke says as he debates saying something and finally does. "He was happy that you spent the night with him last night and he was kind of shy about it this morning. I think he likes you quite a bit, and i hope he doesn't mind me saying that." Daisuke says not sure if he did the right think or not. "Cool! If you want to see what I have, I lost a lot of it in the attack here as most my stuff was destroyed, but I was able to save some. And it's about what you enjoy. I don't draw to be famous, I do it cause I like it. I don't think so, but I think it's almost over. I am since I'm eighteen but I'm not going to go there without you. And war…" Daisuke says with a sigh as it brings up some inner turmoil that he's trying to ignore.

On his way to the lake, Leo carries his yoga mat under his arm. He's dressed as he usually is, in a tank top and a pair of compression shorts. It's normal for him, as Nathaniel may be starting to realize, to go to this place at this time of day. As he walks through the stables on his way, he pauses, grinning brightly at the pair of people he sees within. He also gets a sudden pinkness to the cheeks and nose as he realizes. "Uhm… Hi." He says, offering a small wave of his fingers.

Nathaniel blushes pretty heavily again when Daisuke mentions how Leo felt, knuckling his cheek slightly and smiling aside at him, "I kind of felt it, but… the fact that he actually told somebody that means a lot. I like him a lot, too…" He scratches along the arch of the horse's muzzle, looking generally, quietly, pleased with himself for a few seconds, just in time for Daisuke to have that turmoil bubble up. He waves a hand in Daisuke's direction, wincing slightly, "Egh, let's go back to something not so… complicated, yeah? Remember the calm… and I appreciate you not going without me. It's better when somebody's around to share a bit with, yeah?" He turns his head slightly, a cat catching a scent, before Leo actually comes into view; he smiles at him quietly, but happily, lifting his hand in a wave, "Hey, Leo. We… were not talking about you at all. Even remotely. Not for a minute."

"I've never gone with soemone who also likes art. Sure Eddie will go with me but it's either because I'm dragging him in or he's looking for Ricky. It's be nice to talk to someone about different mediums and products and how I think Bristol is some of the best paper for drawing." Daisuke says with a chuckle. He smiles and does the token Daisuke hand through hair. "Thanks, and oh, Heya Leo. Nathaniel and I were just chatting." He debates sticking around and just leaving the two for now.

"You lie horribly." Leo says, with a snicker as he moves over to Nathaniel and places the bundle he's carrying on the ground before he leans in to place a soft kiss on the empath's cheek. "Or maybe I should keep going… and leave you to talk." He chuckles, running a hand through his hair lightly. The Artist talk is over his head, after all. He knows gymnastics. Not… drawing stuff.

"I love Bristol. I'd probably kill for that stuff," Nathaniel agrees wholeheartedly with Daisuke, though when Leo comes over and kisses his cheek, he blushes faintly and drops a hand to rest it lightly on the other boy's hip, "I am an incredible liar, thank you." He proceeds to give him an actual kiss, though not a long one, for Daisuke's sake. When he pulls away again, he does his own classic hair toss - he needs a haircut, is the real reason - and grins slightly, "Nah. We were just talking about going into the city to this huge art supply store that Daisuke knows about. Pearl's… what was it again? Pearl's something." He takes another sugar cube out of his bag, not yet indicating just how many he has, and offers it up to the horse while he looks expectantly to the other boy.

"Pearl Paint. It's not to far from Chinatown." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "Nathan and I discovered we're both artists. And I have a pad in my room, it's the smooth. I can give you a couple of sheets until we get down there." He says as he does like having friends he can share things with, it doesn't bother him. "Should I give you two some alone time? I really don't mind, I should probably on my way anyway." Daisuke says as he doesn't want to leave but at the same time he thinks Nathaniel and Leo could use some bonding time. Seeing the two of them together does make him happy.

"Nonono, I shouldn't interrupt the two of you. I'm just… happy being here." Leo admits softly. The touch on his hip being all he needs at the moment. "I wouldn't dream of stopping anything right now." It's that calm side that's so different from how Leo normally is. That contented happiness… "I was just getting ready to go do some yoga anyway."

Nathaniel tilts his head to the side, thinking aloud in the form of a suggestion, "We should visit Chinatown while we're there… I've never been there." He looks amused as they both have a moment of politesse, curling his arm loosely around those hips before he says, "We could all head over to the lake? After being in here for a while, cooling off might not be a bad idea… Not so much an either-or situation, y'know?" He abandons the horse so that he can look to the two of them, nodding a bit to Daisuke, though his brow furrows, "If you're sure it's all right… I'm not really much for taking things from people, but I'd be stupid to say 'no' to something like that…"

"It's not a problem Nathan. You're not taking, I'm giving." Daisuke says with a chuckle as he's sure it's alright. "And sure, I haven't been down to Chinatown in a while. There's some pretty neat hole in the wall type places there." Daisuke says as he knows the city pretty well. "Okay, I'll hang out for a bit. But yeah, New York, if you want to know where anything is I know the city pretty well. I grew up in Queens and Shu and I used to escape to Manhattan a lot. St. Marks Place is my favourite for clothing shopping."

"Clothes. Now THAT I know about." Leo says with a smile. The compromise sounds good to him, but he doesn't think he really needs to say anything, preferring instead to lay his head on Nathaniel's shoulder… at least as much as he can with the height difference. "And when this is all over, I'm game for it. Though… I do need to talk to Mr. Summers. I… I WANT to help. And if anyone on the other side is using Darkforce, there's only two people that can really hold them back."

Nathaniel is a tall boy. Bwaha. He shifts his arm from around Leo's hips to rest it around his shoulders for the sake of comfort, rolling his own after a moment before he nods and starts to motion them both down towards the lake, "Clothes, huh? I haven't really gone shopping in… man, five years? Something. I got most of my clothes from secondhand and the Salvation Army when I was with my folks, and since I came here, I just buy what I can with the money I make working deliveries in the city - which, since we're not allowed off campus, is nil right now. What's St. Mark's Place?" He exhales roughly, taking to toying with a lock of Leo's pale hair absentmindedly, "I think you could help, Leo… and you've got a good point. I'd go talk to him about it."

Daisuke nods with Leo. "Yeah, if Scott's going to let us, I'm going to help. He did take Eddie down to Memphis but his Dad was with him. And then that's another reason we have to go Nathan. I usually hit some second hand stores in the city too but you can find some really cool stuff there. St. Marks is in the East Village in Manhattan. It used to be really rock n' roll but it's changed a bit. Now it's like Japanese food everywhere with Rock n' Roll clothing stores." He says with a shrug.

"If you come, I'll keep'em off ya." Leo grins up at Nathaniel as he shifts to make everything even more comfortable. He reaches up a hand to move into Nathaniel's hair as well. He isn't going to be obvious in anything, but he can't resist. It just feels natural to him. "I'm so used to ordering my clothes. I've… not really gone shopping for them around here." He admits, a little bashful.

Nathaniel looks somewhat pensive as he thinks this over, sucking his lower lip under his teeth and biting down on it, "Mm… I'd like to come and help, too, but… I'm nowhere near in control of myself as… anyone, really." He looks between them before focusing on Leo and hugging him against his side, "Though maybe I can keep it together around you. If someone gets hurt or something, though, my brain may go haywire and start sending out some serious vibes no one deserves to feel." He is on the fence, as it were. It'd be useless to go and make his friends nutters. He tries to imagine Japanese food and Rock and Roll in one sublime amalgamation of culture and can only smile, "That sounds cool, Daisuke… and ordering clothes? What if they don't wind up fitting right?" He peers curiously down at the human lightbulb tucked against his side, eyebrows lifted with a sense of bemused curiosity.

Daisuke yawns and streches. "That's why I never orderd clothes and also I like trying them on. I like it, it's fun down there." Dai says slipping his hands in his back pockets. He's also a bit on the skinny side so it's best to try clothes on. "Well maybe if Jared goes and he stays near you, anyone who gets injured he'd be able to heal and it might not happen?" He's just trying to find a way using what information he knows.

"Then I send them back. Or I give them to someone they do fit." Leo says, looking confused. Ok, that's one of his rare rich moments. Those moments where he just doesn't understand, because he's never had to. "I'd feel better having you near where I could protect, but… that's me getting ahead of myself. And I'm just… I dunno. I wanna see that arrogant other me again. Sure, he's on our side, but he was an ass." He wrinkles his nose.

Nathaniel gives Leo a long look, a touch incredulous, but largely amused and followed by his free hand lifting so he can thoroughly mess up the other youth's hair, "Oh, well, yeah, that'd fix everything." Usually, yeah, he might have something against someone who could be so casual about money, but Leo, well… Leo isn't like that, so it doesn't bother him. He laughs a bit at what Daisuke says, nodding and tapping his temple, "It's not me, Dai. It's… other people. I've felt somebody die before. No thank you. You don't want to know what that feels like." His expression falters for a second, but he shrugs it off and instead focuses on Leo again, hugging him against his side, "I'd feel better being somewhere I could make sure you were all right. I'll come, if it's allowed; I just don't know how useful I'll be… and who is this arrogant 'other you'?"

"Don't get me started on 'other me'." Daisuke says shaking his head. "I know they have him and the other version of my brother somewhere but I don't know here and I don't want to know where." He says with a bit of anger in his voice. He shrugs and tries to just ignore it. He doesn't ever want to know what it's like to feel someone die. "I'd just rather buy clothes once, what fits and what I like other wise it's kind of a waist. And from a magazine you don't get the fun of trying things on. You can model outfits for Nathen to so he can pick out what he likes on you." He teases.

"Yeah, but they don't have underwear that I like to wear to try on and show off." Leo says with a pouty lip as he shakes his head. "Oh, this invading universe… they have a Me. Only, their me is Dagger in their world, and Mr. Kenta is their Cloak. Their powers are tied together." He explains, stroking a hand down Nathaniel's lower back, resting it above the waistband of his pants.

"Weird… I hope I don't run into another me. He'll probably be preppy with glasses," Nathan says this lightly, tilting his head down slightly to press his mouth against the edge of Leo's hairline, just a casual affection in response to that hand on his back. He blushes in response to the teasing from Daisuke, though it only takes a few seconds for him to grin, "Not the worst idea ever, though…" He tilts his head further to, very lightly, nip the tip of Leo's ear, just to tease him a little bit.

"Underwear shopping is different than pants and shirts and stuff. And you can always give Nathan a private underwear show later." Daisuke says teasing again. "Who knows Nathan, Addison is from the other world and he's really cool but Ms. Frost from that world is dark blond and doesn't have fake boobs." He says chuckling. "The other world's me was just sadistic along with m..his brother. I'll be happy when it's all over."

Leo gives a happy squeak, almost like one Eddie would give before he reluctantly breaks away from the cuddle. "I'm going on out there, guys. I'll see you when you're done. I just need to start getting my evening workout in." He chuckles, thinking of something. "I'll have to get us a place off campus for an afternoon for the private underwear showing." He winks at Dai, giving a kiss to Nathaniel before he starts moving towards the Cove.

Nathaniel leans down into that kiss only to watch as Leo runs off towards the Cove, an amused look on his face while, at the same time, it's almost obvious that he's running that very scenario through his mind. He eventually looks to Daisuke and says, grin taking on a tone of mischief, "Thanks. I have a feeling shopping's going to be more interesting from now on." There's a beat before his brow furrows, "Fake? Really?" He tucks his hands into his hip pockets, but can't help lingering on the cove. He /is/ hot. It's not /all/ about Leo. He's not a stalker or creepy or weird or anything. He fidgets a little bit, then ultimately says, "I think I'll head down there. With my luck, he'll hit his head and fall into the water or something."

"Oh yeah, Ms. Frost, they're not real." Daisuke says with a chuckle, not that he really cares it's more funny because she does. "I should run off anyway, see if Jared it's around. Thanks again Nathan, you're really a cool guy." He says with a smile and nods. "Well you take care Nathan, have a good night with Leo." He says giving Nathaniel a pat on the arm as he's not comfortable giving him a hug or anything yet. "See ya around!" He says feeling in a lot better of a mood than when Nathaniel first came out.

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