2009-03-17: Do Your Worst


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Summary: Keith and Kaden tease each other a bit before leading to other things.

Date: March 17, 2009

Log Title Do Your Worst

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

Wearing just a pair of comfortable pajama pants, which has been kind of common for Kaden around the house ever since he learned how to keep his body temperature up so he doesn't get cold, he spots Keith out on the balcony. Steping out behind him, he raises an eyebrow. "Have a rough day or something?"

Keith jumps slightly and glances over his shoulder. "Not so much rough. Just long, K-man," he replies. "C'mon over, join me."

Kaden walks over and leans against the railing. "Okay but I'm not drinking any of that shit." He says in regards to the alcohol. If there's one thing that Kaden will hold fast to not doing, that's drugs and alcohol. "What's up that's been making it rough Keith?"

Keith laughs. "Wouldn't give ya any. 'Sides, this stuff's weak anyway. Would've had water but this bottle was closer when I got up," he says, looking down at it. "Don't even know what the heck it is actually…" he muses. "Just went out to deal with the usual garbage. People who say they were 'friends of the family' but really were just a bunch of two faced assholes. Just tiring."

"Oh yeah Fancy Pants, that sounds smart, going for alcohol over water." Kaden says shaking his head. He may not be smart but it's pretty obvious that water would have probably been the better choice. "Isn't that what most this world is, two-faced assholes just looking out for themselves and not giving a shit about other people? I'm just lucky I'm connected to you guys."

Keith shakes his head. "Hey. Why go across the room for a bottle of water when this was right next to me and all wanted was this glass," he says, shaking the glass. "Most. Not all. There are a lot of good eggs out there…just something about having money that brings out the assholes like moths to a flame."

"I wouldn't know, I've always been pretty much poor, just having nothing but my clothing to my name." And Kaden was at the mercy of what the facility gave him. Unfortunately his experience with humanity hasn't been that positive but at least he's over all a good person. "Well there are other ways to relax instead of getting it through fake means like a bottle you doof."

Keith arches an eyebrow. "Other ways to relax, eh?" he asks with a smirk. "One of Drew's methods?"

Kaden nudges against Keith and shakes his head. "I didn't exactly mean that Keith, just, finding something to do other than being out here being all broody like me except with a glass of crap in your hand. I swear, you have a one track mind." He teases as he leans up against Keith.

Keith grins and slips an arm around Kaden. "Who said I'm broody? Just cause I'm quiet doesn't mean I'm broody," he replies, fake pouting. "And can you blame me? Surrounded by hot guys like you, Xane, and Drew…mmm…enough to get anyone going."

Kaden looks up at Keith and chuckles. "You're a dirty old man, you know that?" And Keith isn't that old he's just older than Kaden so he teases him. "And I'll agree, Drew is enough to get anyone going." He says blushing and chuckling. He leans against Keith and looks up at him. "And I guess you're kinda hot too." He teases Keith.

Keith puts on an act of mock offense. "-Old-?! I am not old! And I'm very hot," he says with a smirk. "And don't count yourself out there. You're hot too, and not just cause you're fire."

Kaden sticks his tounge out at Keith. "You and Drew both, I swear." He shakes his head and raises an eyebrow at Keith. "I dunno, this could be fun just teasing you and saying you're old and just okay. I mean you do have white hair like an old man." Okay now Kaden's just trying to press his buttons to get a reaction.

Keith looks down at Kaden and watches him quietly. "Hey…" he trails off. Finishing off the little booze left in the glass, he sets it on the small patio table near the hot tub. The wind-spirit gives the fire-spirit a serious look before moving in with a tickle attack!

At the serious look Kaden thinks he might have gone too far in his teasing until Kaden comes into tickle him, and since he's not wearing a shirt it makes it easy for the air-spirit. "H-hey!" He says squriming trying to get away but he's laughing from being tickled. It seems the hot headed spirit is tickelish.

Keith smirks. "Old man, eh?" he teases as he continues the tickling, trying to direct Kaden back inside and towards the couch. "Who you callin' old? I'm still young. Middle spirit when it comes to age," he points out, giving no mercy in his tickling.

Kaden keeps trying to break free and stop Keith but isn't having any lucky so he's easily lead by the air-spirit. "Stop! Please!" He says laughing, a few tears starting to roll down his eyes from laughter. "I'm the youngest so…okay! YOu're not old!" He says hoping that will bring Keith to stop.

Keith finally stops when they get to the couch, flopping down and pulling Kaden onto his lap. "Got that right, K-man," he says with a grin. "I'm only in my early twenties after all."

Kaden has to breath to catch his breath for a bit and once he's done he leans against Keith and smiles up at him. "Only in your early twenties…old." He teases as he snuggles at Keith, sticking his tounge out at him.

Keith makes a face at KAden then moves in to kiss him. "Watch it, K-man…" he warns teasingly. "Or do we need another tickle-attack?"

Kaden returns the kiss and turns so that he can face Keith, stradling him. "It depends Fancy-Pants, is that the worst you can do?" He says chuckling as he goes in for another kiss.

Keith returns this kiss and takes a playful little nip at Kaden's bottom lip as he does. "Oh, not at all," he says. "I can make you squirm and writhe…having you beg me to let you go…" he says with a smirk. As he says this, he reaches down to grope Kaden's backside. "Keep you right on the edge but not quite able to go over it…"

Kaden has never really explored that side of things but then Keith's started to get him going. He just smiles and runs his hands through Keith's hair and leans in to give him another kiss. "How the hell did I get mixed up with someone like you." He teases with a grin. "Okay then, do your worst." He challenges.

Keith pulls Kaden in for the kiss, keeping him in it until breathing becomes an issue for them. "Oh, just by being you," he muses. A little chuckle comes at the challenge. "You asked for it, K'man," he says, rising off the couch and carrying the Fire-spirit with him. "And now you're gonna get it," he warns, lifting off into the air and carrying Kaden to his bedroom.

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