Doc "Miracle" Williams
Doc Williams
Portrayed By Jesse Spencer
Gender Male
Date of Birth 3/14/1980
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Doctor Williams
Place of Birth Middletown, NY
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Medical Doctor
Known Relatives Mother (Alive), Father (Alive)
Significant Other N/A
Identity N/A
Known Abilities Healing, Curing, Regeneration
First Appearance N/A

While still technically fresh out of residency, Doctor Doc Williams is still an incredibly bright mind when it comes to physical sciences. A tried and true medical doctor, he was invited to become the Xavier Institute's primary physician and, despite the obvious challenges the job holds, Doc happily accepted, and now tries his best to not only get used to the new and interesting mutations in his patients, but also the hyper-advanced technology that the medical bay holds. Certainly not exactly what he 'signed up for', but it's hard for him to pass up the unique challenges the job offers.


Born to a high class family, Doc Williams was raised more often by the nanny than by his parents, who were often too busy working nearly day-long stints at their hospitals. His mother, a neurosurgeon, was the one most often home, but his father, a general surgeon, was most often away from home. At any rate, both parents were certain they wanted Doc to follow in their footsteps. To no-one's surprise, Doc took well to medical studies, which were taught to him by tutors in addition to his regular studies when his parents weren't home. Naturally, this afforded Doc little time for friends.

When Doc finally got into his rebellious teenage years, he drifted away from the study of medicine and more towards his peers. The more he thought about his medical studies, the less he wanted to pursue them, preferring to live in the here and now, and not in a future where he'd become the absent and irresponsible parent his parents had become. Doc fell in with a rougher crowd of individuals, and did the things he felt he would have been missing out on. All the fun, the recklessness, the excitement, but it all came to a head when, at age seventeen, his friends' vehicle was involved in a violent wreck with another driver during the midnight hours.

Because none of them were wearing seat belts, several became trapped in the car. Doc was fortunate enough to have been ejected from the car on impact. Overcome by the shock and trauma of the accident and his own excruciating pain, Doc's latent mutant abilities manifested, and his wounds began to rapidly heal, much to his own amazement. It was no less painful, but watching fractured bone return to place and the skin heal over it like nothing had ever happened held a fascination that nearly took him away from the stressful moment.

It was finally when Doc returned to his senses, he realized that his friends needed help. With newly healed legs, Doc pushed his way to a stand, and moved to another friend who had also been ejected from the car. As he moved to check his friends pulse, a gentle green glow overtook him.. and his body began to rapidly heal, much as Doc's had. Waking his friend after the process was complete, the dazed teenager stood with Doc and assisted with bringing each of their friends out of their car, but they had passed on before Doc could utilize his new-found power to save their lives.

Realizing the folly of falling in with the rougher crowd, Doc returned to his studies after the one he'd saved rejected him for being a mutant, despite saving his life. High school graduation soon followed, and upon graduating college, Doc headed to medical school and participated in his internship. While thirty years of age, Doc barely looks like he's a year over twenty, something he blames on his regenerative abilities, but baffles anyone that knows him. Having spent much of his study-less days working on better controlling his powers, he's found that his regenerative abilities were impossible to control, and quickly learned that using his ability to heal people was best used sparingly.

Only recently, Doc finished his residency and internship, was given the formal status of Doctor and set loose upon the world. Before he could even begin to search for a job at a local hospital or office, a letter was sent to him by the Xavier Institute, inviting him to come have a look at the institute and consider a position as one of the institute's medical doctors.


  • 1/30/2010: Doc accepted the invitation to come have a look at the Institute, and after a tour, accepted the job.


  • "I said it!"


  • Doc is one of few mutants with true healing powers.


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