2011-06-23: Doctor Insano And Captain Catastrophe

Players: Hooligan and Justice

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Summary: Justice catches Hooligan in the act.

Date: June 23, 2011

Log Title: Doctor Insano And Captain Catastrophe

Rating: PG

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

Evening in Hell's Kitchen, the fires are out and life is back to normal. That means the Hooligan has gone back to 'work'. The sounds of a fight echo through the empty street as several gunshots ring out, followed by a man wearing gang colors flying out of an alleyway to collide violently with a light pole. Another man is seen trying to run out of the alley only to have a chain lash out from the shadows and catch him by the leg, dragging him back into the alley as he claws at the sidewalk. "Get back here scumbag! I'm not done with you!"

Having been in Hell’s Kitchen at the behest of Iron Man, Justice has been whatever he can to help the citizens of New York deal with the ramifications of the fire and the fight between Tabitha, Taskmaster, and the others. Flying through the air after helping rebuild one of the scorched buildings, Justice flies past the area when the gunfire gets his attention. “What the hell?” Justice flies into the alleyway to catch sight of what is happening and deal with it appropriately.

Maxwell stands near the center of the alley, five men in the colors of a local gang lay unconcious on the ground around him a few looking like they may have broken bones from the way they're laying. He has the last of them pinned to the wall, his voice echos in an almost sinister manner from the voice modulator in his mask. "I told you Hellfire boys that kids were off limits.. now what part of that did I not say in fucking english!? You drag your boys back to your boss and you tell him if I even catch any of his men near the schools again I'll come visit him personally and he can try running this gang from inside an Iron Lung!" Before the man can respond Hooligan delivers a headbutt with his mask that bounces the man's head off the wall he was pressed against. As the man is released and slumps to the ground Hooligan turns and catchs sight of the new arrival. "Ah hell… what's got one of you cape and spandex types slumming it in Hell's Kitchen?"

Greeted by the sight of the the men lying on the ground and the Hooligan standing before him, Vance is utterly shocked. Hearing the modified voice and the get-up, Vance blinks, “Is this a joke? Another vigilante?” He attempts to lift Hooligan up telekinetically a few feet off the ground as he surveys the fallen men and using finesse that only a telekinetic of his caliber can feels their pulses to see if they are alive.

Maxwell gives a startled yelp as he's lifted "Sonuva.. "Another?".. Jesus I need a better Agent. Where the hell you been hiding buddy I've been doing this for years. I swear no respect for the local talent." For the moment he floats there watching the hero, he's dealt with powered types before and he's already working through how to get out of this. The men are all alive, though it's clear they've been beaten fairly badly.

Using his telekinesis to see that they are alive and badly hurt,“Sorry for not recognizing you. But I had to check if the men were still alive.” Justice lowers the Hooligan to the ground but keeps him in the telekinetic field, “Want to tell me what happened here?” Justice pressed his Avengers combadge as he is about to summon the police.

Maxwell shakes his head "Don't do that pal.. you touch that dial and we're gonna have one of those misguided 'two good guys pound the crap out of each other' cliche battles and nobody needs that hassle. As for what happened you happen to be looking at 6 members of the Hellfire Boys.. a local Street gang that's been running guns and drugs and recently got the bright idea to expand their market to the local schoolyard. When they didn't get the hint that the market needed to remain untapped I had to take a more.. direct approach."

Listening to Maxwell, Vance shakes his head. “While I’m not sure it would be a pound the crap out of each other, it is nice to avoid those…” As he looks over these fallen gangsters, Vance releases the field around Hooligan. Being an Avenger, Justice does not really deal with gang-level violence issues. He has not since he was a New Warrior. And he hates to admit, but Hooligan’s attitude may be warranted as he should pay more attention to his beginnings. Taking on Kang and Dr. Doom are important so are gangs like Hellfire Boys and the Latin Kings. “Do you have any proof? An who are you?”

Maxwell shrugs and kicks over a backpack one of them was carrying "Check it yourself, we're less than a block from PS 113 and these bozos are carrying enough weed and coke to drop Elvis five times over. May he rest in peace.." His face is hidden but it's clear he's actually offended by the second question. "Who am I? Jesus Mary and Joseph on a pogo stick did you just fall off the turnip wagon? I'm the Hooligan, scourge of scum, beater of ass, and a 54th level Warlock on World of Magecraft. I'm the guy down here keeping dirtbags like this off the streets and making life a living hell for anyone trying to pedal drugs guns or whatever to people that can't defend themselves."

Telekinetically lifting the backpack towards himself in the air, “Hooligan? Really? Well, I am not one to make fun of codenames. You did something good. I can’t fault you with that. You may have gone into overkill, but you stopped the drugs and guns going into the school.” Justice peruses the bag without ever touching it. “I guess Daredevil would appreciate any assistance you can give him. So good job. But maybe just take them down without beating them within an inch of their lives.”

Maxwell chuckles "Well it gives them somthing to think about. After all some lawyer will have these clowns back on the streets with probation in a month. But it'll take them at least 3 to get out of the medical ward.. and you can bet your spadex they'll think twice before they pull this stunt again. Nothing like a royal ass-beating to make one rethink their path in life." He walks over to a studded baseball bat he dropped earlier and tucking a foot under it kicks it into the air and catchs it. He uses it to point at the avenger badge. "I know that symbol, never thought I'd see one up close. So what's got one of you powered types down here? Isn't Doctor Insano or Captain Catastrophy trying to steal all the world's Harry Potter books or somthing?"

Shaking his head again at Hooligan, “Actually yes, you wouldn’t happen to have any information about that? Doctor Insano and Captain Catasrophe are working together and will wreak havoc on the world’s children by denying them their dosage of Harry Potter. They want Harry Potter! They need Harry Potter!” Justice says that all with seriousness and then fake smiles an then again in all seriousness, “There was a fire and fight here recently. I’m helping the area recover and getting some information. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that?”

Maxwell shakes his head "Afraid not, last night I was ass-deep in Chinatown Ghost Dragons when I crashed the party at their latest Heroin shipment. Wish I'd been here though, I've had to deal with powered opponents before. Might've been able to drop that nut before things got out of hand. As for Harry Potter, if you can find another way to get a kid today to put down the gameboy and read somthing with more pages than a comic book I'd love to see it. God Bless J.K Rowlings.."

Blinking, “You’ve dealth with powered opponents before? Really?” Vance nods his head as he is impressed and in disbelief. “Cool. I guess if Punisher can, then I guess you can too. Good for you Hooligan” Vance flies out away from the alleyway, “Hell’s Kitchen was the site of a big fight. Between another vigilante like yourself and some powered-people. Have you anything about some villains by the name of Mindbender or Upgrade? Or a rat-type girl named Patches?”

Maxwell hmmms and shakes his head, he stays under the cover of the alley for the moment. "Nope, only powers I've handle in recent times were a pair named Half-life and Copperhead. Plus I've dealt with about two dozen or so goofballs hopped up on MGH but they really don't count.. mutant wannabes." He looks around for a moment and hmmmms "Don't like staying in one place this long since I don't know wether or not you actually called the cops, and you cape and thong types are a bit too focused on the word of the law for my liking so I'm gonna say goodnight. Night is young and I still have work to do." There's the clatter of metal on pavement as a pair of grenade-like canisters land on the ground in front of him. There's a blinding flash and an ear-splitting bang followed by a dense cloud of burning vapors.. tear gas. When the smoke clears he's gone.

As the smoke clears, the cops arrive to arrest the Hellfire Boys and Justice is left thinking, <What a nut! I guess it is better that he is on the side of the angels.> Vance hands over the bags to the cops and then he flies back to Avengers Tower.

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