2012-06-11: Doesn't That Scare You?

Players: Cale, Quenton, Sophie and Amy

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Summary: Quenton runs into 'Kaylee' in the lobby; Sophie and Amy both happen to show up and secrets are no longer secrets.

Date: June 11, 2012

Log Title: Doesn't That Scare You?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

It's fairly late in the evening. The dormitories are not busy; lots of students are either hanging out in the rec room or have settled into their rooms for the night. For his part, Cale was… well, Cale was spending a quiet evening in his room as Kaylee; having had a small but intense adventure of going out and buying more clothes, which 'she' is currently wearing. A long, flowing blue skirt that ends below the knees, and a snug blue t-shirt with a high neckline, cinched around the waist to draw attention to her slim figure and away from her… total lack of bust. Typical of her, it's an anime shirt with the Gurren Lagann logo on it. Somewhat ironically, as well.

Kaylee looks for all the world like a very skinny, flat chested teenage girl, down the makeup job and painted nails; except that she's totally in the wrong area of the dorms for that and well, people /around/ here would probably recognize who she actually is pretty quickly as she pads barefoot towards the lobby; probably intending to hit up the vending machines on the main level for an evening snack before bed time.

One of the school rules that was made very clear from the get go was no smoking on school grounds. But as Kaylee gets closer to the vending machines, the tell-tale smell of some cheap tobacco hits her nostrils as the school's biggest rule breaker stands in front of one of them, cigarette tucked between his teeth, though there is an odd metal ring around the filter where his teeth are. The ring is wide enough so that his finger and thumb can pluck it from his lips so that he can blow out some smoke. The only thing needed to complete his image is "Bad to the Bone" playing in the background. Fortunately, it isn't playing. His eyes drift over to the 'girl' a moment, and at first he just watches her with lazy red eyes, before he comments, "You Cale's sister?"

The door to the quad outside the dorms open, to admit one blond haired girl, who slips carefully through the open space. Sophie swings her cane around the floor as she enters, and pauses as the door swings shut behind her. She clutches a textbook in her left hand; mathematics by the look of things. The blind girl meanders her way across the formitory floor, angling in the general direction of the vending machines as well. On the way, she pauses, coming to a halt and tilting her head. "I hear voices," she murmurs. "Who is there? Quenton, is that you? And someone else, si?"

Cale glances back and forth between Sophie and Quenton, looking a little nervous. Her skin begins to shift color, "N-no," she squeaks; she certainly sounds like Cale. Maybe speaking a bit softer and higher than normal, though his voice isn't particularly low to begin with. "That's Amy. I'm. I'm Cale. Kaylee. Skyler told me I should be who I want and not be afraid around here." Though clearly, Kaylee is /less than confident/ in front of Quenton. She tucks a strand of hair behind one of her ears nervously.

Kaylee glances back and forth between Sophie and Quenton, looking a little nervous. Her skin begins to shift color, "N-no," she squeaks; she certainly sounds like Cale. Maybe speaking a bit softer and higher than normal, though his voice isn't particularly low to begin with. "That's Amy. I'm. I'm Cale. Kaylee. Skyler told me I should be who I want and not be afraid around here." Though clearly, Kaylee is /less than confident/ in front of Quenton. She tucks a strand of hair behind one of her ears nervously.

Sophie's voice calls Quenton's expression to soften, and his eyes drift over to her as he then curls one hand into a fist and pushes the tip of his cigarette on it, putting it out with a sizzle. When he pulls it away, however, there is no burn on his skin, just a tiny ring of black that he absently brushes off. "Uh… wait. So you're a girl?" he wonders to Kaylee, oblivious right now. To Sophie he mutters, "Yeah. I'm back, Sophie. Sorry I breezed so fast after the rescue, I had shit to do."

Sophie moves closer to the vending machine, and bobs her head once as she smiles. "It is quite alright, Quenton," she replies. "I'm just glad to hear you are back. I hope that you are well?" She comes to a halt once more, and lets her cane dangle from her wrist as she wraps both hands around her book, holding it loosely against her belly. "Cale," she adds, "It is good to hear you too, I am sorry I did not recoqnize your voice straight away. Though it sounds as if you are up to something curious, hmm?"

Kaylee nods, "Yes! I mean, no, I mean, it's complicated," she sighs, sliding the ball of her right foot behind her left, and rocking back on it to distance herself from Quenton a little, glancing over at Sophie when she calls out the lizard mutant's real name… Birth name? She breathes in and out audibly through her nose for a moment. "I don't WANT to be Cale, okay? Being Cale sucks. And it feels all wrong. Besides, Skyler said it'd be bad, in the long run, to hide things like that. So I am done hiding." Of course, Quenton was not exactly the first person he'd hoped to run into. But. Shit happens, right?

Quenton glances down at Kaylee's feet a moment at the shifting, before he just tucks his unfinished cigarette away somewhere in his jacket, then abruptly… *SMASH*. The vendor machine gets punched. Hard, and at the side, enough that the door swings open and there's some bottles that have fallen on to the floor, rolling out of the machine. "Fucking thing took my dollar," he explains his actions, while he then uses both hands to delicately lift one of the bottles awkwardly and deposit carefully in his pocket. "So wait. Someone tell me what's going on. Are you Doctor Jekyll and Missus Hyde? Do you like change colors and gender and turn invisible?" And then he grunts over at Sophie the obvious. "I'm the same as always."

It also is rather evident that the poor vending machine has a pretty severe dent, almost bent to the side from the force of the blow.

"Well, certainly… Kaylee?" Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly. "But Skyler is right, si? There is no reason why you should be ashamed of who— Mi Dios!" Sophie drops her textbooks, which clatters to the floor, as she stumbles back a step. She whips her cane in a wide arc around herself, and a brilliant, angry white glow ignites in teh palm of her left hand. "What is that? What is happening? Is the mansion under attack?!"

Kaylee jumps back, catching the wall with her hands and feet and ending up pressed against it a few feet up, blinking at the vending machine, "It's okay, it's okay," she gulps, shaking her head, "QUenton just, erm. Punched the vending machine. It's fine," she resumes breathing normally, climbing down from the wall carefully but keeping a good distance from Mr. Angry. "It's kinda like that. If you want to think of it like that, I mean. Except, I'm not evil. I just, I don't want to be a boy anymore. It doesn't have a lot to do with my power. I mean, I DO change colors, among other things…" she trails off, peering at Quenton. "Are you… are you okay? I mean. I mean." She thinks back to what Nick explained to her earlier. "I can leave. If I'm bothering you," Kaylee offers in a small voice.

"I wish," Quenton mutters over to Sophie. "I've been itching for a fight ever since Connor made me stay behind at the plane while he was playing Van Helsing with everyone else. No. That was me punching the vending machine. Don't worry. I pulled the punch." Yes. That dent he's made is a pulled punch. A severely held back one. His eyes flit up to Kaylee as she climbs down the wall. "And you can wall crawl? Badass. Well. Sort of. If you're going to be playing house, champ, might not wanna go wall crawling in a skirt, 'less you wanna end up showing a dude your package." His nose twitches and he sort of steps aside. "You're gonna have to get Sophie what she wanted. Bad part of my power is I can't control my strength so well. So, what, do you want to get like, surgery or some shit? Not like they'd have to do much, you looked girly even in boy clothes."

"Well, that was… I mean…" The roiling white glow fades from Sophie's hand, and she ahems softly. The blind girl probes the floor with her cane, and soon enough gives up, not finding what she was looking for it seems. "I would suggest you speak to the counsilors, Kaylee, if that is what you wish," she murmurs. "Just, be certain it is what you want, yes? But you can talk about it whenever you like… or at least, you can to me, I promise." She pauses, and shakes her head slowly. "Do either of you see where I dropped my book?"

"Well, yeah! I can! And no, that would be stupid. I wasn't. Thinking I would need to." Kaylee sighs, blushing a little at having her powers called 'badass.' She smooths out her skirt, "I haven't thought that far yet. That's a big decision, I mean, I'm pretty sure, but it's not something you can go back on…" she sighs a little, "Besides I've been told there might be… other methods. Which would be better. I dunno." Shuffling over to Sophie, she stoops over, picking up the dropped book and smoothing out its pages before handing it to Sophie with a, "Here."

"Yeah, it's a big decision. You'd be losing your penis, princess." Only Quenton could say those words with a straight face, as he then begins to smooth out the dent in the vendibg machine, the sound of metal and plastic being bent into shape filling the halls a little loudly. "And what other methods? There some pill you can take that starts making you shrivel up and grow boobs?" he questions, squinting at his work.

"Thank you." Sophie reaches out and pats the air before taking the book, once she's found it, and takes some time to inspect it. She clucks her tongue as she finds a couple of bent pages, and shakes her head slowly. "I don't think she means that, Quenton," she murmurs. "Afterall, we are at an entire school of mutants; not to mention there are apparently wizards and such in the world also. I am sure that there must be *some* method of changing a gender, if that is what is desired?"

"I don't…" Kaylee sighs, "Don't talk about it like that! Anyway. No, I mean, this place is pretty much full of supertech. There has to be a better way than just, I dunno," she shrugs, "The regular way… that seems so… crude. But I suppose if it's the only way, then I would prepare myself for that, also," shrugs the young mutant. "Anyway. I need some time to be totally sure before I do anything…" she glances up at Quenton again. Maybe Shane is right. Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all. Despite being, well, incredibly crude and foul mouthed. Not /altogether/ different from Amy in certain ways…

"Hey, if you get to dress up like some Japanese fangirl who got lost in the wrong country, I get to talk about whatever the hell I want however the hell I want. It's the American way," Quenton mutters back, while he digs his fingers into his cheek for some reason, nose giving a twitch as his eyes flit over to Sophie. "Anyway, if he wants to be called a she or whatever, I'm game. Taylor's cool, and I'm not even sure what gender… Taylor is," he grunts. The tall mutant seems satisfied with smoothing the vending machine out, but the safe looks pretty damaged. Uncaring, however, the ball of rage just flips it open gently and then begins to slide the bills into his palm, giving a lick of his fingers to count them out.

It might be fortunate that Sophie can't see what Quenton is up to. She simply stands there, oblivious to what is actually going on. "Well," she murmurs, "I know that I quite enjoy being a girl, and I wouldn't want to be a man. But, it is not for everyone." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Just decide what is right for you, Kaylee, si? And if you need to talk, then speak with someone who will listen." She bobs her head, and meanders forwards towards what remains of the vending machine. "Is it… usable?" Her brow furrows. "I was… I admit I was hoping for an aero bar. …I like those ones."

"I…" Kaylee shrugs, grinning a little, "Okay. Fine. I guess that's good enough for me," she folds her arms across her chest, glancing over at Sophie. "Taylor's awesome. I wouldn't even… Have, I dunno. Known what to do. If it weren't for Tay." Kaylee seems to know what the deal with Tay is, but not really wanting to help. "Tay's an ocelot. I looked it up!" she peers at the vending machine. "It's. Um. /Maybe./ Maybe Quenton could get you one."

"Tay's not a fucking ocelot," Quenton mutters, then, suddenly scowling. "Tay's a person. Even if Tay is such a weird person," he grunts, while he steps aside, glancing over to the door to the vending machine a moment before muttering to Kaylee, "It's open. I'd break the bar, so you'll have to grab it." He glances aside at Sophie, watching her for a moment, before scratching below his lip. "So is Jill the only one who… died?"

Sophie hunhs softly? She bobs her head once. "Si, Jill is the only one who… was turned into a vampire," she murmurs. "She offered, with the expectation that the rest of us would be released and allowed to go home, in return. It was very brave of her." Sophie moves forward carefully, approaching the vicinity of the vending machine with some caution. "I… wish I knew what to do to help her. I don't know if my abilities would help… or if they would hurt her? I have been too afraid to ask her if she'd like me to try." She produces a small purse from a pocket, and feels about inside, running her fingertips over the edges of coins and ultimately coming up with enough change for the average chocolate bar. "Would you mind helping me, Kaylee?" she murmurs, holding the coins in an oustretched hand. "I'm not usually quit eso helpless, I just… am a little disoriented, I think."

Kaylee nods, stepping over to the machine and reaching through it to grab one of Sophie's candybars. What with the money mechanism being broken and all, she just sort of… drops some coins in there. That should do it, right? Right. Returning to Sophie, she hands her the candy-bar. "Well, that's… understandable. Anyway, there has to be some kind of cure. Anything that can be done can somehow be undone."

"Doesn't that scare you?" wonders Quenton aside at Kaylee, then, while he just poaches the coins, slipping them into his palm with the tips of his fingers idly. "I mean, what if you become a chick and then it gets undone? Man, that confusion would probably blow," he mutters. His eyes flit over to Sophie a moment, before he glances down at the coins and sighs, slipping them back into the safe, as well as the bills he stolen, looking none too pleased about it, fingers then driving into his cheek to begin to dig at the scars there roughly, actually breaking the skin and leaving little bloody lines.

"I think Kaylee meant to say, that Jill's… condition must be undoable, somehow," Sophie murmurs as the coins are poached. "Not a change of sex. Though I suppose it would probably apply." She lowers her hand back to her side, and bows her head slightly as she waits for the vending machine issue to be sorted out. "Actually, I suppose I should ask," she murmurs. "Kaylee, would you prefer to be addressed as a boy, or as a girl?"

"Well…" Kaylee murmurs, "It's not like something like that is EASY to undo, I simply meant… that if you can build a building, you can tear it back down. So if you can create a vampire, then you must be able to turn them back to normal. JUst reverse the process. At a basic level it's only atoms and some form of energy; even if it IS magic…" she shakes her head a little, "That would be scary, anyway. If that happened. But, I've already been a boy most my life. So I'm sure I could deal with it somehow," she turns to Sophie, "Um, I'm not… sure. I guess you can call me a girl. I'd like that. If you called me Kaylee," she rubs the back of her neck. "If that's okay, I mean… I mean if it's too weird, you guys don't have to…"

"Whatever," Quenton mutters to Cale dismissively, while he digs his fingers into his face again, scratching wildly at his cheek while he eyes the vending machine with spite. Damn morals. "If you want to play princess I'll call you Kaylee, but if you're in dude clothes you're going back to Cale. Who I'll just comment on how girly you are anyway, so you're probably better off in the skirt." His nose twitches a moment, and he crudely pulls at his synthetic denim where his crotch is. "Man, those panties must be a bitch to wear."

"Kaylee it is," Sophie murmurs. "It doesn't bother me at all, Kaylee, I'm happy to be supportive, si?" She smiles plesantly, as she stands there waiting, near to the vending machine. "Does… thevending machine work? Can I have my chocolate bar, or should I wait until later?" Her brow furrow,s and she tilts her head to gaze in Quenton's general direction. "I… girl's underclothes are not that bad," she mumbles, as her face takes on a deep blush. "But usually one doesn't talk about things like that!"

"I dunno, it's not… /that/ much different from regular underwear, if you're not talking about boxers…" Clearly, she would rather not talk about that. "Softer, even, I guess. I mean." Kaylee's face is /red./ Is Quenton determined to embarass her as much as humanly possible, or is that just casual conversation to him? "A-ANYway!"

"So long as those panties aren't mine, I'm fine with it." Amy heads into the room, wearing a pair of low rise jeans and a tank top. She looks up and down at Cale and then scoffs, "I'm going to mess up your makeup, kiddo. I told you not to look better than me." The teen glances over towards Quenton and then towards Sophie before asking Kaylee, "What's up?"

"Who's this chick?" wonders Quenton absently, before he just lifts his shouldes over at Kaylee, while he turns and falls back against the rather beat up looking vending machine. "She a cross dresser, too?" he wonders, eyeing Amy aside while he lets his arms cross over his chest. "And how'd you know?" wonders Q to Sophie. "Ever wear a dude's underpants before?"

"Don't! It took me, like, forever! I mean, I don't, do I? Err… Does it look okay?" Kaylee pokes at her face a little. "I dunno! I just kinda wanted a candy bar," she looks over at the machine, which is basically completely smashed because SOMEONE punched it and then bent it back into shape. There are little pebbles of glass all over the floor and the safe is busted open. Also, Quenton is/was smoking, and the scent hangs around in the air. "This is Quenton, he's Shane's boyfriend, and, I think you've met Sophie…" she trails off. "And this is my sister, Amy," she says to Quenton for his benefit.

"Have I— What?! What kind of a question is that?" Sophie throws her hands up in the air, and the cane swings about from the loop around her wrist. "No, I've never tried wearing boy's underwear. But I can tell you that the ones girls wear are perfectly comfortable. …Well, most are, anyway." She's still blushing, as she tilts her head away from the vending machine and the people around it, and faces in Amy's direction. "Hello, Amy," she murmurs. "Si, Kaylee, your sister and I have met. I think you were there at the time."

Amy raises her index finger at Quenton and says, "I'm no more a crossdresser than you are a violin. Also, yes, I am Cale… sorry, Kaylee's older sister. Though wouldn't wearing guy's underwear be like just wearing shorts with no underwear? If so, I've done it. It's not like it's uncomfortable." She shrugs her shoulders and then looks towards the machine, "Man, what."

"Huh. Older sister? I thought he had a little sister," Quenton murmurs, eyeing Amy for a moment before shrugging, glancing over his shoulder at the machine. "It tried to steal my dollar," he explains, stepping aside and just pulling the door open to reveal the scattered soda bottles and goodies.

"This is… I am very confused," Sophie admits. She backs away a step, and wrings her hands together. "I am not entirely sure I can keep track of what is going on or who is doing what. Is everyone happy? I suppose that is what really matters." She brushes her fingertips through her hair, and smooths back a few locks, before touching her blindfold and straightening it out. Her fingers linger for a moment on the strip of cloth, before lowering back down slowly to her sides. "You two are lucky to have each other," she murmurs. "Kaylee and Amy, I mean. There is nothing quite like having a brother or sister."

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