2010-07-15: Dog Day Afternoon


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Summary: Kaji is unprepared for finding out who Tony's set him up with as a Combat Instructor. Whether the Wolf makes it through the training in one piece, is yet to be determined.

Date: July 15, 2010

Log Title: Dog Day Afternoon

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Master's School of Martial Arts

This Dojo looks to be like just about every other Dojo known to man, save for the fact that the walls are lined from floor to ceiling with every weapon known to man. Theoretically these are just decorations, but anybody who's aware of who's Dojo this is knows better.

It's late Saturday afternoon, the weather being overcast, and all together unpleasant. Over at the Stark Towers the day had been shaping up as usual. There were business meetings, random acts of corporate hostilities and general chaos. Appearing from the lab, and onto the 93rd floor, Tony walks through his apartment to knock loudly on the door of the spare bedroom. Perhaps he forgot to mention to the wolf that today was his first day of training over at the Martial Arts Dojo. Either way, the wolf was going, prepared or not.

There's a few moments of silence before the door's opened to show a rather disheveled Kaji standing in the doorway. A brow quirked in obvious annoyance or frustration at something. He's silent for a bit more before he says, "Either you have something for me, or you're going to yell at me for something I did to your favorite shoes." Quite the charmer when he wakes up.

Alessia is waiting silenly by the elevator. She's in her usual button down and dress slacks with heeled boots, red hair almost artistic in the complicated braid it is back in. Today she's a little more obvious than usual, an actual hip holster snug against her side holding a firearm.

"Well, today is your unlucky day, my friend." Tony says as he waves his hand about expressively. "I've managed to set you up with a trainer that will teach you everything you need to know about combat situations." The fact that Kaji looks like he just got up seems to be lost on Stark as he wanders over towards the kitchen, "You've got about fifteen minutes to get put together, and we're off! No rest for the wicked, or the good." Tony tips his head to the side when he sees that Al is stationed by the elevator. He addresses her as he starts to head down the hallway to his room, "I need to grab a few things if you'd like to sit down, come on in. It may take a little bit to get together."

Kaji just blinks before he shuts the door, a bit too hard for normalcy and he goes about getting ready. Shaving, all the fun stuff, and then he walks out of the spare room dressed in his normal street clothes. "Why do I think you're getting sadistic glee out of this?" He glances over at Tony for a moment before rubbing at his face with a grunt. "Shouldn't've stayed up late."

Alessia shakes her head, just taking up a lean against the wall by the elevator. She can just wait.

With the monkey suit off, Tony changes into more casual clothing, and grabs his things from the bed. As he walks down the hall he makes sure that he hasn't forgotten anything important as he intends not to handle business for the remainder of the day. "Me? Take pleasure out of your misfortune? Of course." The smirk is firmly in place as he meets up with his dynamic duo at the elevator. "I figure, you get to get put thru the ringer for a few hours, and I can take Alessia to someplace." Pressing the elevator call button, Tony puts his shades on and waits for the lift to arrive.

Kaji rolls his eyes unseen under his hand that's covering his eyes before he digs into his own pocket and slips his own shades on. "You're a true friend, Tony." He shakes his head before looking over at Al, "I do hope he takes you someplace nice though." Then he glances back at the man, "While apparently, I get beat."

Alessia smirks. "Ah'd be happier if he took me someplace where Ah can manage to keep track of all the exits." A dry drawl as she pushes up off the wall, and steps into the elevator car when it arrives.

"Where would the fun be in that? We like out in the open don't we?" Tony tries very hard not to chuckle, but fails. He steps into the elevator with Kaji beside him. Slowly the lift travels down to the garage level and dumps the trio out. "We're taking my SUV, no sense in everyone getting crushed in my other cars."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh before he heads over towards the SUV. "So what exactly am I going to be getting trained in? Combat situations, yeah. But… anything in particular?"

The redhead gives Tony a very harsh /look/. "Ah prefer to keep you in a location where Ah don't have to fret about six exits at once, is all."

"Well, I can't promise to make things easy on either of you. We all know that it's impossible to contain me." Tony spins around to smile at them before turning back around to pop the electronic locks on the SUV. "As for the training, you're going to learn everything you can think of and then some. This isn't going to be some school that takes it easy on you, and only teaches you the bare minimum. You'll get the benefit of being exposed to every form of combat this guy can think of, and trust me, if you can handle him…you can handle anything that gets thrown at you." Opening up the driver side door Tony climbs into the car, and waits for the others to get in before firing up the engine. Turning to look toward Al as she gets into the car he says, "I promise we'll find someplace that has only two exits, today."

Kaji lets out another half hearted laugh. "Now I am really glad I can regen." He drops his head with a sigh before he climbs into the SUV, putting a hand on his forehead; his eyes closed as he mutters something under his breath.

Al keeps quiet, and keeps any sort of smirking expression off of her face. She slips into the SUV and buckles up, humming softly to herself, tugging her braid over her shoulder. "We can try, anyhow."

The car pulls out of the garage heading over to the Master's School of Martial Arts. This school just so happens to be run by one of the most annoying combatants Tony has ever had the pleasure of facing. The advantage to having Kaji train with Tasky was that Tasky would use any means at his disposal, and that meant that Kaji would have a better grasp of things than if he learned in a controlled SHIELD environment. "Well, all I can really tell you is, don't piss him off. Ever seen Kill Bill? Think the teacher, and you're Kiddo. Actually, it's worse than that." Such a help, Tony is. The ride is going to be over fairly shortly so Kaji's not going to have a lot of time to figure out what he's in for. If Tony is cutting an amused expression over at AL, it goes unnoticed to the wolf in the back of the car.

Kaji lets out a groan as he hears this. He's seen them. All of them. And he always laughed at how that training went.

Al is curiously silent and expressionless, looking out the window more than paying any visual mind to her boys. "Ah'll make sure ya have ibuprofen an' ice packs ready at the apartment for when ya get back."

It was difficult to find a space to park the car in, but eventually Tony managed to wedge it into a spot about a block away from the dojo. The walk up to the dojo went fairly silent as everyone was thinking about their own plans. Tony all but jogged up to the door of the dojo, and pulled the door open causing the chimes to sound. With a fashionably late entrance Tony heads in with a less than exuberant entrance than the previous day. "Tony? I've brought Kaji over. Bit late, but it's me. What do you expect?" Tony takes a look about the entrance and doesn't immediately see the Master of the dojo. "TONY!"

The first word that the group hears is a baritone, accusatory "Your late." Gone is his normal Bronx accent and is now more business like, and dangerous. Taskmaster walks out from behind the door of the small office, clothed in his full Taskmaster outfit. In his left hand is a shield, much like Captain America's, but instead of the star in the center, there's a stylized 'T'. The other hand is holding a deadly looking broadsword, and slung across his back is a bow with a quiver full of arrows. His face is obscured by a death's head mask, but his displeasure radiates clearly from underneath it.

Kaji is about to say something sarcastic to Tony, his face tells it all. But when Taskmaster comes out from his office, Kaji's face turns to confusion and a bit of awe before he says, "You've got to be kidding me."

Alessia looks unimpressed with Tasky's costume. "What, did Ah miss the memo that it was dress up day?" She murmurs quietly, braid pushed back over her shoulder again.

"Skeletor here, is the best there is at combative technique. No better person to learn from, in my personal opinion." Tony is speaking softly to those around him before he takes a step in front of the others to face Taskmaster. "Really? You had to go full costume? Well, I can't really talk." Tony turns around to face Kaji, "Now, listen to the Master, and I'll pick you up in two hours. If you do a good job, I'll buy you a cookie."

Taskmaster's sneer can't be seen but it definitely can be heard. "I'd watch what you'd say Ms. Fiore. I might just give you a free lesson you'll /never/ forget." He, then, barks out some rather nasty laughter, "If you manage to survive, that is." He, then, walks up to Kaji and takes a few paces around him. "So this is your, 'boy,' I take it, Stark? Not very impressive. Let's see what he's made of."

Kaji looks back at Tony, about to retort to that before he looks back at Taskma— Skele— The dude in the armor. "… You called me a boy?" He looks at Tony for that, before his glance shifts back to the other man. "Not very impressive? I bet you say that to all the people who come in here."

Alessia keeps her blue gaze leveled on Tasky, a hint of a smirk. "You're the one dressed like it's a day of the dead festival, pal. Did ya think we wouldn't notice? Ah wouldn't think a fella as cocky as ya are, would feel insecure because Ah joked about his costume."

"Sia, did you forget what I mentioned the other day? Now would be a good time /not/ to piss off someone like this. Even if he is a bit early for Halloween." If she's paying attention she might notice that Tony has suddenly gotten a lot stiffer and is preparing for the situation to get out of control. However he attempts to diffuse the situation before it gets out of control, "If I were you, I'd not say too much other than yes/no/I don't understand." With his arms now folded across his chest, Stark watches Taskmaster circle Kaji appraising. As Kaji, was unaware of what Tony told Al the other day about Taskmaster, he decided to at least mention something before leaving. "You're looking at the man who trained Captain America, a man that is capable of taking out every Avenger on call, well…other than me. Try not to piss him off."

"I do," says Taskmaster to Kaji, matter-of-factly. "And it's true, every single one. They come in here chumps and by the time I'm done with 'em they make Bruce Lee look like Chris Farley." He, then, walks to the middle of the padded floor and extends a hand beckoning Kaji towards him. "Now. I'm going to repeat myself this once. Show me what you've got. This is the only time I'll ever repeat myself. If you can't bother to pay attention to me, then the first time you find yourself in a REAL combat situation, you're going to find yourself dead. Or your friends."

Kaji quirks a brow as his eyes follow Taskmaster. The man's cocky attitude was starting to grate on the mutant's nerves, and it showed. He kicked his shoes off, and pressed off of the ground. Shifting into his anthro form in the middle of the step before he pivoted on a foot; launching a roundhouse at the man's neck.

Alessia just arches a brow, standing in her parade rest position as she had before with Tasky. Eyes trail from the man to Kaji, while still hyperaware of where Tasky is. Just maaaaaybe, her powers are slipping along the edges of his consciousness.

If Taskmaster was caught unprepared, like last time, Alessia would have an easy time gaining access to the mercenary's mind. As it stands, however, he's had time to prepare. The mask he wears isn't there for the looks alone. Built into it is psionic shielding technology stolen from SHIELD, to keep him safe from adversaries just like Alessia. It's almost absurd at how easily he blocks the Anthro's roundhouse, by just lifting up the shield to deflect the impact from the foot. At the same time as the block the broadsword comes whirling around to strike Kaji against the back of the head with the flat of the blade. "Pathetic," he spits.

Making sure he's nowhere near the mat, Stark backs up till he's about a foot or so from the door to the dojo. Part of him wants to leave, the other part of him can't wait to watch Taskmasters initial move on the wolf. "Sia," he calls out in a gravelly whisper. "Come over here, there's no telling what may happen given the weaponry about." In truth, Tony was going to watch the first few minutes then wander off to find his own trouble to get into. Mentioning Taskmasters abilities to mimic fighting styles would be too much of a hint to Kaji.

To say Alessia's distrust of Taskmaster just increased would be an understatement. An angry glitter in her gaze for all of a heartbeat before she's got the expression schooled away to blandness again, shifting her position to go wait near Stark.

Kaji grunts as his foot is deflected with the shield, then he lets out another growl at the smack upside his head with the flat of the blade. He clicks his tongue before he presses forward once more. AIming to get behind that shield as he feigns a kick to the side before pivoting once more and performing a fast kick straight at the man's gut.

"Tae Kwan Do," announces Taskmaster, now that he's had a chance to study Kaji's move. Yes, it took all of two moves for him to figure that out. He's not fooled at all by the feigned kick, instead using that brief moment of time between the feign and the real kick to move inside Kaji's personal space to shove the edge of his shield into his gut. "It's the chocolate easter bunnies of martial arts," he says with obvious distain. "Yeah, they look good on the outside, but there just isn't anything inside to speak of. Is that all you got?"

Kaji lets out another grunt at the slam of the shield and he stumbles backwards a bit. Calling out his style didn't seem to phase him much before he clenched his fists, and just went in. Fighting purely on instinct alone as he really had nothing else to give. Teeth. Claws. More of the latter used.

Tony reaches up to cover his mouth with a hand, to mask the fact that he nearly laughed outright at the analogy. "Before there's any bloodshed I think now is a perfect time to make an exit," he says to Sia. Tony watches Kaji let loose a fury of moves, unable to make a comment directly to the wolf he tells Sia who is standing beside him. "Oh, not the best idea there." Not wanting to watch what would happen next, Tony opens the door to the dojo and holds it open so that Sia can leave with him before things get /interesting./

Alessia rolls her eyes at Tony holding the door open for her, because she prefers to be beside or behind him, in order to be able to keep eyes/senses on all sides of Stark. But she goes, all but reaching out to drag him along with her.

"Better!" cries out Taskmaster as he's forced to work, just a little bit harder, at the assault of claws and teeth. He doesn't strike back immediately this time, though, as he talks. "Using what God gave ya. Much better. Anthros don't need idiot pop martial arts like Tae Kwan Do. They'll only hold you back. Look at Sabertooth. Look at Wolverine." As he talks he's assessing what Kaji can do, once he goes feral. He's learning the anthro's moves as he makes them, and adding them to his own repertoire. "All right," he says when he finally gets what he needs. "That's enough," and he ends the combat by slamming the shield into the nose of the wolf.

The sounds behind the now closed door makes Tony pity the wolf, but only for a second. It was for Kaji's own good, after all! Now that the Iron Man was out on the streets of NY without a thing to do for at least over an hour, he found that he needed a plan of action. One that might involve the bowling alley about a block over. "So, Fiore. How good are you at the pins?" Course, there was always going to a cafe or something but one could only take so many interrupted coffee dates before they got tiresome.

"Pins? Ya mean bowlin'?" Alessia sounds a little incredulous. "Ah've not been since Ah was a little kid. Ah have no idea."

Kaji rubs at his nose as the shield is slammed into it. He doesn't retort the facts that Task throws at him, he just takes them readily. A low growl flowing from the anthro as he glares at Taskmaster. A hand coming up to wipe at the corner of his muzzle.

"Yup, bowling. There's a lane not too far from here if you'd like to go. Probably has a three exit situation," Of course Tony realizes that being a smart ass isn't going to do him any good but he can't resist. "We could even make a friendly wager on the games. I don't recommend the food but they do have a bar."

"All right," says Taskmaster, sheathing his sword, and walking over the wall to lean on it. "I'm gonna lay down a few rules. I told Stark I can make an Avenger outta ya in six months." As he talks, his Bronx accent reappears. "Ya ain't gonna be Captain America, but you'll be able to hold yer own. Rule #1. Do as I say. Yer here because you want to learn from the best and I /am/ the best. I don't have time for whinin'. Rule #2: Be here /on time/. One o' the things yer gonna have ta learn is discipline. If ya can't learn to set yer alarm clock, then ya got no business here. Rule #3. Don't hold back. I'm expecting 110% outta you. I ain't gonna show you no mercy, and if you hold back, well, yer gonna get yourself hurt."

Alessia sighs. "Ah'll go, if it's what ya want. Don't know how good Ah'd be at it." He gets a sharp swat for the three exit smartass-ness. "They got french fries?"

Kaji flicks his ears at Taskmaster talks, a soft growl flowing from him before he quiets it. He only nods to the rules, falling into a ready stance that was engrained into him by TKD. That is going to be one hard habit to break.

"Bowling alley fries are the best," Tony chuckles as he playfully rubs at where he got swatted. "I might not do all that well either, to be honest. It should be fun though, considerably more fun than the fuzzball is having." They walk together down to the end of the block and around the corner to where the bowling alley is tucked in between several buildings. Once inside the smell of smoke machines, and fried foods drift up to enfold them in the low lit environment. Tony walks over to the desk with Al to handle getting the lane, and the shoes."

Taskmaster unbuckles the harness that his guns and sword are attached to, and walks over to place them on a rack. Similarly he places his shield on the floor and walks over to the wide array of weapons and picks out a simple wooden bo staff. He walks around the wolf and smacks his feet and legs, forcing him into a different stance muttering, "Wrong… wrong… wrong…" When he's done, it ends up something akin to your standard Horse Stance that's the basis of most Kung Fu martial arts. Another whack on the back to get Kaji to adjust his center of gravity and then he commands, "Unclench yer fists. Yer claws are great weapons. Use 'em."

Kaji grunts at the whacks from the staff, but he complies. When told to unclench his fists, he does so. His claws aren't that sharp but they can do damage. He rubs his fingers together; his eyes briefly scanning the weapons along the walls. And he mutters under his breath for a second as he keeps his eyes on Task.

FRIED FOOD. Alessia IS southern, after all. They have a love of deep fryers, even if she doesn't actually own one of her own…yet. She lets Tony get the shoes and the lane, a wrinkle of her nose at the dowdy shoes. She picks out a lighter-weight ball, but before she'll let Tony set up their game on the little computer screen thing, she's off for fries and chicken nuggets. FOOD.

There's a resounding *THWACK* as Taskmaster brings the staff down on Kaji's shoulder. "What was that!?" he shouts at the antro's mutterings. "I couldn't hear you!"

Tony loses track of where Al has gotten off to. Sitting down at the table with the computer he manages to set things up while putting the rental shoes on. As he looks at the names to be put into the computer he laughs and types in /Player 1 - Rhett/ and /Player 2- Scarlett/. In his own little world he wanders off to find a ball while humming some tune.

Kaji clenches his teeth at the whack, his eyes flicking over towards the man as his hackles raise slightly. "If I had known you'd use weapons against me. I'd've brought my own,…" He pauses for a moment before he asks, "If you don't mind me asking. What should I refer to you as. Sensei, Master, Sir, or anything that you'd prefer."

Alessia comes back with one of those little cardboard tray things, with fries and other goodies, and two root beers. If Tony doesn't like root beer, she may have to rethink this whole relationship.

"Master," is the immediate response to Kaji's last question. After all he /is/ called the Task/master/. For the first part he snorts derisively. "You've got yer own," he says, poking at Kaji's hands with the staff, "And here", he says with another poke to the muzzle. "Ya gotta learn how to use them first before I even /think/ about letting you learn how to use anything on that wall. Got it?"

Tony peers over the stash that has appeared at the table, "You raided them pretty well!" His mood has considerably improved over the last few hours. Long gone are the stresses of dealing with the work day, now was for conquering pins and injesting terrible food. He grabs a hold of something at random to nom on while going over to fire the first ball down the lane. Of course, hitting only one pin had to be the best beginning of all time.

Kaji lets out another growl at the poke to his muzzle, his hands he doesn't mind. It's the constant poking at his mouth that's making him want to just snap that staff. "Understood, Master." It's said a with a bit of disdain. But, it's also having an underlying tone of smugness.

FRENCH FRIES. With the little cup of ketchup for dipping and plenty of salt. Yum yum yum. Al manages not to laugh at Tony's one knocked down pin, because she's not sure she will do any better. Once it is her turn, she uses the napkins before picking up her pink and purple swirled ball to roll it on down the lane. She fares better, getting half of the ten.

"All right," says Task master going back to the dojo to bring out a wooden dummy. "Let's get down to business." And so for the next four hours Taskmaster gives Kaji a workout of his life. He wasn't kidding when he said that he expected the wolf to be working at 110%, and even then all they've done is work on simple katas, his stance, and of all things his breathing. By the time Taskmaster is done, Kaji will go home very badly bruised. "Be here, tomorrow, eight o'clock sharp," he commands.

Kaji is goddamn lucky that he has fur covering his body, and he barely manages to bow; out of habit once more, to Taskmaster before he says, "Understood, Master." It's now said with much more… loyalty one would say it, to Task. Before he turns around and starts to limp outside. To where he /hopes/ Tony and Al are waiting for him. Thankfully, he doesn't forget his shoes. Or any other articles of clothing he stripped throughout the workout.

"Hmm, I think I'm in trouble. I may not bet after all," comments Stark as he's picking up fries to dip into the container of ketchup. As he chews on his fries he watches Al setting up for her next shot. Leer? No. Admire? For certain.

For kicks and giggles, let's say Alessia whips tony two for three of their games, and they pick out of fried foods with honey mustard and ketchup and plenty of salt, before going to wait for the wuffie.

Defeat had never tasted so good. In fact, copious amounts of honey mustard seemed to keep Tony from thinking about how terrible he is at bowling. As they come around the corner they see Kaji limping his way out of the dojo. "Well, he appears to at least be in one piece, and alive. I think that's at least the best we can hope for." Tony tells Al as they get closer to where the wolf is.

Taskmaster watches after Kaji, and just shakes his head, as he turns back to his office. "Tae Kwan Do," he says disbelievingly. "I can't believe they still teach that crap." He doesn't take any other parting shots to the wolf, however. Not yet. In time he'll test the man's reactions to unexpected attacks, but first he's gotta beat that junk martial art out of him. Once kaji is gone, he closes and locks the door to the dojo, to clean up the blood, sweat, and splinters.

Kaji just pants heavily, sliding down the outside wall of the Dojo to be sitting on the ground. He doesn't dare shift out of this form at the moment as he looks over at the SUV and lets out a coughing laugh.

Alessia sighs, tipping her head towards the SUV as she goes to help Kaji. "Look more like a wolf skin rug waitin' to happen than your usual self about now, sunshine." She smiles, trying to use her powers to distract him from any pain.

The car security system and locks pop on a command issued by Tony. He goes about opening the back door, and making sure that the seat is as far back as it can get. Taking up position near the driver side door, Tony waits to see if he gets called over to lend a hand. There's this whole male pride thing that may come into play and he's not about to go over there and get tossed across the street for offering to help the guy up.

While Al's help does help distract himself from some pain, if he's moved under his own power or with the help of any other. The pain from all of the bruises surging to life all at once makes him shiver as he pushes himself up against the wall. Kaji lets out a soft grunt as he mutters, "I think we might need Tony. No offense, but I'm kinda heavy."

Alessia gives Kaji a fierce grin. "Just give it a shot. Ah promise to call for Tony before Ah let us both spill to the pavement."

Tony remains where he is, and is paying attention to the two of them. "Do you need a hand? I've got two, least the last time I checked."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh before he pushes himself up off of the wall. His muscles screaming in fatigue as he rests the majority of his weight onto Al with a low grunt. "Sorry… in advance."

Alessia loops an arm carefully around him, trying to not cause him any more pain. "Nothin' to be sorry about, sugar. C'mon now, where Ah'm from, Ah'm used to helpin' guys home. Ah only have to get you to the car." She'll go as slow as Kaji needs, even if every muscles in her small frame screams.

Kaji can still walk marginally fast, but slower than his normal gait as he smirks. "Heh, funny." That's really all he says before he concentrates on walking towards that car. "I do hope you have plenty of ice," is said when they reach the car and he has a hand on it.

As he's effectively not needed in the recovery process, only the reason that a recovery process is needed, Tony leaves the two of them to their own devices by climbing into the car and waiting for them to be ready to go.

"We can pick up some of those quick chemical ice packs on the way home, if we don't. Ah know Advil Ah got." Al helps him into the back seat to stretch out, likely a more gentle touch than Tony would have had. "Tony, how are we set for ice packs at your place? If we don't have any, can ya have some there by the time we get home?"

Once in the back seat of the SUV, there's almost an instantaneous switch into his wolf form as he curls up into that big black ball of fluff that he's known for. A dull whine from him from the pain before he shudders a bit. He's coping right now.

The car turns on, and is driven out of the parallel space onto the main street. "There are a few gel packs that are upstairs. There might be a few still down in the lab. They're a bit bigger than a hand, I think." Tony replies to the asked question, as he manages the light traffic. "If you think that's not enough stopping by a shop is easily done."

"He's hurtin' pretty bad, sugar. Pull into a place an' Ah'll run in an' get some more. Might need 'em, especially if he's gonna be seein' this guy regular."

Tony can't fault being prepared, so he manages to find the nearest drugstore to stop at. With the car parked he turns the engine off, and spins around at the waist to sit sideways. "If you think of anything else grab it. I'm not sure what I have laying around besides prescription pain killers."

Alessia nods, and unclips her seat belt to head inside. Extra strength tylenol to alternate with the advil, some of the PM stuff picked up just in case he needed help sleeping. A crap load of ice packs, the icy-hot bandages, a heating pad, some regular old icy hot rub. She ignores the check out girl's odd look, just smiling politely. Then she hurries back to the SUV so they can get Kaji home.

With the hijacking of a small medical facility they make their way home to the towers. Strange how a floor of an office building has become home to three people, at least it's strange to Stark. Having arrived and parked the car Tony makes sure that he's gathering up all of the bags in the back of the car, after opening the door for fuzzy Kaji to ooze out.

It's not home to Al, just yet. It's just where she likes to be, because her 'boys' are there more often than not. "C'mon, wuffie. We'll get ya upstairs, an' get ya iced up, and smeared with the icy hot, and some Tylenol PM and you'll sleep the worst of it off."

Tony looks into the back of the car, and having remembered how the one vacation experience went, he decides upon a new plan of action. Coming around the side of the car Tony stands beside Al. "Do you think you can carry the lot of this upstairs? I'm going to have to pick him up."

"Tony, Ah bought it, Ah think Ah can handle cartin' it up in the elevator." Al smirks at him, a second's worried glance at Kaji. "Sure, sugar. Ah'll go call the elevator."

A slight smile is bestowed upon Al as she heads off to the elevator. Tony spends a moment trying to figure out how to get Kaji out of the backseat as the wolf is passed out. "And you gave up the collar idea, least it would have been something to grab a hold of to drag you with." There's no real bite to his voice, more of an exasperation as he puzzles the best way to go about things. It isn't easy to spin a living being about in a car but Tony manages to do so, and to get Kaji out without banging him about too much. The door to the car gets shut by Tony leaning back into it, the tell tale beeping of the cars relocking occurs as Stark strides through the parking garage carrying the black ball of fur.

Kaji lets out a soft groan as Tony says that, and he grumbles softly. Rather limp in Tony's arms.

Alessia is holding the elevator as promised, rummaging through things to start opening past protective seals and things, so there's no fumbling upstairs and they can get right to work. Once Tony and Wuffie are in the elevator, the button to go is pressed.

Tony manages to remain as still as he can as the elevator climbs to the top floor of the building. Once the doors part upstairs he walks through the main part of the apartment towards the spare bedroom, a brief pause to try and negotiate the door sideways without bumping Kaji into the frame. With more care than one would expect Tony sets Kaji down onto the bed, and takes a step back.

Alessia moves to the kitchen to start collecting ice packs and putting new ones in the freezer. A bottle of water is snagged, before she's heading into Kaji's bedroom. "Okay, furface, gotta shift for me so we can get some pills an' water into ya an' slather ya with stuff to help."

Kaji lets out a soft grunt, using his nose to nudge the blanket away from him. Letting him curl up in the softness of it before he looks up at Tony and Al. A soft smile curling that wolven muzzle of his.

Tony shakes his head lightly from side to side. "Don't think he's going to pop out of that form for awhile. I think that's his fastest regen form. Least, from what I've seen."

Alessia sighs, shaking her head. Water, a couple of PM tablets, the Icy Hot, and the heating pad are all set out on a nearby surface, the last plugged in but left off. The rest is set off on the dresser. "Call out if ya need anythin', Wolfman." A smile, a gentle touch of a fingertip along the top of his head before she heads to put the ice packs back in the freezer.

There's a noticeable tilt of Tony's head as he waits for Al to wander out of the room. "If asked about this, I know nothing," he begins to tell Kaji. "In the cabinet in the bathroom there is a orange bottle that has a considerable amount of Vicadin. Be careful with it, it isn't the weak stuff. I figure you might wander around in a few hours." With that Tony slips from the room leaving the wolf to recover from whatever beat down Taskmaster dished out.

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