2010-07-18: Doggies!


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Summary: Heather stops and is fascinated by Anita's big dogs.

Date: July 18, 2010.

Log Title: Doggies!

Rating: G.

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Early evening in Mutant Town, the sun just setting behind the western buildings. For once, Anita has a Saturday night off and she's taken the oportunity to bring her babies with her as spends the evening shopping. The hispanic woman walks down the sidewalk with a large Great Dane on either side of her, the apparently very well behaved dogs keeping pace with their mistress and unwittingly causing the crowd to part around her. A pair of dogs that are over three feet tall at the shoulders will do that, though, and that's one reason that the ecdysiast brings them with her. She's dressed in snug fitting, dark jeans and a low cut purple tank with a pair of army boots on her feet. She stops at a storefront, looking through the large window at the clothing displayed within, her expression thoughtful.

"Ohmygosh," says Heather, stopping suddenly from her rushed jogging through mutant town. She doesn't get much opportunity to do cardio in the city, but people in Mutant Town don't really look at her twice when she's speeding around. She plays from her tape recorder, "Your dogs are so /big/ and /tough/ looking! They are adorable." It's weird how having animals about can always catch one in some kind of conversation. The girl is sweating a bit from her superspeed jaunt, and is dressed in her usual loud workout clothes.

Anita blinks and looks over her shoulder at the teenager, a small pleased and amused smile on her face at the comment about her dogs, "Thanks." She reaches down to pet the head of the fawn colored male, "They're my babies…" Not in the litteral sense, but she loves them as though the were her children, "They're real kittens, though." The female looks up at the woman, her tail waving once, and whines softly, earning a soft chuckle, "I just mean you're friendly is all, Anna." Apparent amusemnt from the male at having his 'sister' corrected gets a little thump on the top of the head. "Sorry. They're like that sometimes." She pauses for a moment and looks at the sweating girl, "Do you have any pets?" The female, not restrained by a hand on her like the male is, stretches her head out to sniff at the teenager curiously.

"No, no, no. I become too impatient with pets. I can't manipulate other living things for fear of harming them. My hands move so quickly, I never know how to pet properly," explains Heather, waving her hands in front of her very quickly. She tries to stand still for the dog to sniff her, grinning widely at the animal. Whether or not she has pets, it's likely that she wants one, given how enthusiastically she regards the big dogs. "If I did have a pet, I would either want a really big dog or a really little kitten. Or a turtle. Because of irony." She scratches her head lightly and says, "Do they understand what you're saying? What I'm saying? Are they mutants?" Conspiratorially, she adds, "I suspect everyone here is a mutant." While her tape recorder plays, she gnaws on a small piece of beef jerky. She's got to keep occupied!

Anita nods and offers a small sympathetic look for a teenager that can't have a pet due to her mutation, "Well, Anna here says that she thinks you smell interesting." The female wags her tail at that, though it may just be because she heard her name spoken. The smaller of the two dogs takes half a step toward the fast mutant and tries to bump at her hand in an unmistakable request to be petted, but gets a firm word of warning from the woman with her, just her name spoken sharply which makes her hunker down a little and look back up at her questioningly, "Sorry about that… I think Anna's willing to risk it if you want to pet her." Then there's the question about the dogs being mutants and she shakes her head, "No, they've just learned to understand a few words and the tone they're spoken in." She shrugs, "All animals can do that."

If the dogs aren't mutants, though… Well, they aren't leashed, though there are a pair of leather and chain leashes hanging from the loops of Anita's jeans. She grins crookedly at the thought of the girl owning a turtle and chuckles softly again, "Turtles can be pretty neat animals. They're slow, but they're generally pretty sturdy and they live a long time."

"I smell interesting?" says Heather, sniffing herself a few times quickly, and then shrugging. She looks down at the dog for a few moments and then tilts her head. "Um, okay." She reaches her hand out very carefully and very carefully pats the dog twice on the head. The first is too light, not even making it past the canine's fur, the second too hard, amounting to about a painful slap's worth of strength. Heather doesn't seem at all malicious about it. In fact, she seems more afraid of causing harm than anything. Her tape recorder still plays while she attempts this: "I think turtles are interesting, but I don't know what I would do with one."

Anita shrugs, still keeping a hand on the male's head, her fingers idly working through the short fur on the top of his skull, "That's what she says, anyway. She thinks most everyone smells interesting, though." Anna doesn't yelp at the second pat, though she does cringe back and return to almost hide behind the woman who winces in sympathy with whatever it is the dog is saying and reaches down to scratch gently at the patted spot, "I think it'd likely just take practice for you to get petting right." Even children have to learn the proper way to pet, after all. She shrugs at the comment about turtles, "They're really only interesting to look at, in my opinion. I've heard of people that have turtle races, but I've never seen one." She pauses a moment and offers a small smile to the teenager, "I'm Anita, by the way, and this is Dodger and Anna." The dogs wag their tails as they, too, are introduced.

Heather nods and says, "I think it would take some practice, yes. I am just worried about harming animals in my practice…" She frowns at the dog and plays on her tape, "I'm sorry if I hurt you." She throws her hands down to her side and shrugs a few times adding, "I think a turtle race would not be much fun to watch. I don't like watching races. They bore me." As Anita introduces herself and the dogs, Heather offers them all a nod and she extends both of her hands in a cuplike formation in her own characteristic handshake. "Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip."

Some form of silent communication passes between Anita and the female and the smaller of the two dogs wags her tail a couple of times, leaning hard enough against her person to almost knock the stripper over on top of the male. She chuckles again at the thought of races boring the speedster teen and smirks faintly, "Yes, I imagine the would." The teenager is offered a small incline of her head, "It's nice to meet you, Heather Brown." The codename bit gets an amused little smile and she glances back at the store window, "So what brings you out and about in Mutant Town tonight?" She hasn't commented on the tape recorder since they are in Mutant Town and it's just as likely that the girl's mutation, whatever it is exactly, requires her to speak that way.

"I like to come here jogging, because nobody really looks at me twice except if I go too close to them. Some people in the main city might insult, laugh or point at me," plays Heather, "And I do not have time for that." She scratches her head lightly and looks between the dogs and Anita, adding on her tape, "Why are you in Mutant Town?" After all, if it's a strange question to ask a mutant in Mutant Town, Heather is only taking her cues from Anita.

Anita nods in understanding and shoves Anna off before she can fall over Dodger, the two dogs sitting at once in responce to some unheard command, "I know the feeling… I usually have them on leads when we aren't here." Not always, but usually. And even if it weren't for her mutation, they really are very well behaved dogs. She shrugs in responce to the question, "Just wandering about since I've got the night off." She shrugs again, "I can talk to these guys- to all animals, really, but they actually mind me." She's had them since they were pups, after all…

"Wow, you can talk to animals? I wonder what they think. Do they think my clothes are weird? Do they think that clothes are all weird? Do they think I'm weird?" asks Heather in rapid fire. Even the voice on the tape is rushed, which means that she is genuinely talking very fast even in her own timeshift. She smiles again at the dogs and says, "They seem like such nice dogs! Are they nice dogs? Like, in conversation? Oh, but they are so friendly looking and cute." It's apparent that, if nothing else, big dogs do not really bother this particular teen.

Anita nods in amusement, "They don't really think much beyond physical needs, most of the time. Not that they've ever told me, anyway." She chuckles, the sound making both dogs look up at her curiously, "Dogs can't really see in color, so everything is shades of brown and gray to them. I'm sure they don't think your clothes are any more strange than what I wear to work." She does look down at the pair of canines at the 'am I weird' question, though, and shakes her head, "They're a little bemused, but they don't get much exposure to young people." The comment about their temperment gets a grin, "Thank you… They've been with me since they were puppies. I've done a lot of training with them, so I like to think they're smarter than the average animal, but they're not really deep thinkers."

"I'm not actually that young. I mean, I look young and I'm still in high school, but that's because of things I don't really want to talk about, and I'm still young to you I guess, but to me I am about thirty now. I think I look young for a long time," plays Heather, without really stating the reason for believing that. She eyes the dogs for another few moments and says, "Well, I should move on. I need to get back home in time for my nap, or else I will have to sleep on the street somewhere. Nice meeting you."

Anita blinks a couple of times upon hearing that the teenager is, in her reality, as old as she is, "Well, we're all entitled to our secrets…" But thirty? She smiles, "And looking young for a long time is not a bad thing. Trust me on this." The comment about moving on gets a nod and both dogs stand, "It was nice meeting you, too, Heather. Stay safe." And out of the hands of any mutant haters on her way home. Her attention retruns to the dogs and she sighs, "And I suppose the two of you are hungry now, huh?" She smiles fondly, "Well, let's get home and get you some dinner, then." She looks back at Heather for a moment and offers a little wave as the trio head off in their own direction down the street.

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