2010-07-20 Dogs and coffee


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Summary: While walking her dogs, Anita runs into Matthew.

Date: 07-20-2010.

Log Title: Dogs and Coffee

Rating: PG

NYC-Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

Early evening brings with it the haze of heat and pollution as many of the more professional businesses close their doors for the night and their employees head home for dinner. With her midweek evening off, Anita has decided to, once again, take her dogs for a walk through the city. The off duty ecdysiast is dressed casually in jeans and a fitted t-shirt, a pair of chunky motorcycle boots hugging her feet. A pair of leather and chain leashes have been looped around her slender waist to keep them out of the way and the mismatched Great Danes pace almost silently at her sides, amazingly ignoring the people that walk past and pressing lightly against her hips as though the three were all one creature.

Cane in hand, Matt Murdock had left the office for a bit. No huge cases coming up soon so things have been relatively quiet. He'd been thinking of taking up the offer he'd been given by the Avengers. But that's a different story. Right now, he waves his cane from side to side, making sure nothing is in his way as he makes for the coffee shop he likes to go to. He's clad in his business suit, dark grey, three piece, with a deep red tie and a white shirt. And of course, deep red sunglasses hide his blind eyes from the sun.

Anita is more accustomed to people moving for her than having to step aside for them when she has her babies with her, and so is somewhat taken aback when a man with a cane steps in front of the three of them. The smaller of the dogs, small being a relative term when both canines are over thirty inches tall at the shoulder, barks softly in response when her mistress stops suddenly to keep from walking into the suit clad man. The woman reaches down to put a hand on her dog's head and quiet her as she speaks, "Excuse us."

Matt had seen the dogs, but of course, he couldn't have reacted like someone who did. So as Anita stops and talks, so does Matt. "Oh, excuse me. Don't always catch the dogs." As far as reputations in Hell's Kitchen goes, Matt is well known for his being a lawyer and his record in court. Being a success story of the Kitchen helped him get started here. "Matt Murdock." He says, holding a hand out, slightly to the left of where her voice is emitting from.

Anita isn't often in Hell's Kitchen, usually prowling around downtown or Mutant Town instead. She offers a smile while the larger male dog stretches up, though not by that much, to sniff at the extended hand and the woman shoves on him with one knee to get him to move so she can lightly grasp the offered hand, "Anita Escerra. It's a pleasure to meet you, Matt." Beat, "Don't mind the dogs. "They're really well behaved." Though the male isn't always the friendliest of creatures.

"I can tell. You've got them well trained. They're large too, I assume. The sniffing gave it away." Matt's hand could feel the air being sniffed that close to his hand before Anita moved the dog away. "I won't waste more of your time." He says, giving a smirk to Anita. "My partner would give me the riot act if I didn't offer you one of these." A hand reaches into his jacket, taking out a business card. "If you ever need legal representation."

Anita chuckles very softly at the comment about the size of the dogs, "Great Danes." So yeah. Large dogs, "They're just big babies, though." She automatically reaches for the card when it's offered and scans it over, "Lawyer, huh…" There's a smile in her voice as she comments on his profession, "You know… I think I remember reading about a case you were involved in… Can't remember a thing about it off hand, but I knew your name was familiar…" She tucks the card into her back pocket, "I'll keep you in mind if I ever need your services." She pauses for a moment, and looks toward the coffee shop he'd been heading to, "Actually… I do have a legal question if you've got a moment…" Never hurts to get on good terms with an attorney when you're a recovering addict, after all, "Maybe I could buy you a cup of coffee or something?"

Matt gives a nod as the offer for coffee is put on the table. "I do have a moment. There's this place close by I was headed to." He bids, pointing in the direction of the coffee shop. "Shall we?" He asks, giving a small friendly smile to Anita.

Anita smiles very faintly at the gentlemanly act. If she'd left the dogs at home, she likely would have made a play to get him home, but not while she's got her 'kids' with her. She might not have very many rules about her social life, but that's one that she's stuck with hard and true since she got the dogs, "Of course." As she walks, she removes the leashes from her waist and loops them around a convenient parking meter with enough shade for two dogs that weigh well over a hundred pounds each, "Just let me get these two settled real quick…" A collapsible dish is pulled out of her purse along with a bottle of water and the pair are left with water and shade, a coin dropped into the parking meter so that no one can say that she's 'parking' without paying. Only then does she head into the cafe, "Sorry about that…"

"No problem at all." Matt bids, having found an empty table, not too many people are sitting in the cafe, but the line for 'to-go' coffee and pastry seems to be long. His jacket being removed, and placed on a close by coat hanger. Matt doesn't understand the dog/master relationship much, never having had a seeing eye dog. "So, should we get right to business?" He asks. Not knowing how important the legal question she needed to ask.

Anita is well aware of the fact that the two Danes wouldn't likely wander off even if she'd left them free to roam, but it's better taken if they're obviously tended and less likely that she'll have to go retrieve them from animal control. The dancer's legs are crossed as she sits and leans forward with her elbows on the edge of the table, "I just want to know if my landlord has the right to change the rules about pets. I've been living over in the Greenwich Village Apartments for a few years now, since before I got them, and now I'm being told that I have to get rid of Dodger and Anna or move. Can they do that?"
Matt gives a grimace as the question is brought to her attention. "Well, usually they can change the rules as they see fit. It's normally stated in the lease agreement." Matt himself isn't a specialist in real estate, but he studied many different forms of law in school. "But, should they change the rules to ones that make you unable to still be in the agreement, then they should allow you to break your lease free of any charge, or irreparable damage to your credit. If not, then you'd be well within your rights to take him to court over it."

Anita nods in satisfaction with the answer, "Thank you. If I do end up having to take him to court, I'll keep you in mind." Either hire him and his partner or go to someone they recommend. She sits back in her chair, confidant that the reasons she might have to move are well and content enough where they are that she can stay and chat for a moment or two, "So your office is close by here I take it?" Judging by the address on the card she was given, at least, "How long have you been practicing?"

Matt smiles, giving a nod. "Foggy would be happy to hear that." The blind lawyer gives a nod as he leans back in his chair. "Not far from here at all, just down the block." Murdock looks up as the coffee is brought out to them. "Thanks, we've been practicing since we got out of law school. Almost two decades now." A sip of the coffee before adding a small amount of sugar. "We've had a number of big cases. Some involving mutants and various superheroes."
Anita chuckles softly at the name and nods, "My old attorney retired to Florida last year so I can't very well ask her." She nods again, and smiles as the coffee is delivered and offers a small word of thanks as well, "That's quite a while…" She sounds impressed at his experience, "Wow. Makes sense that I would sort of remember the name, then." Not that she keeps up on the news very much, but it's hard to miss the big cases that everyone knows about. She doesn't bother with either cream or sugar, preferring to drink her coffee black. Her voice holds another smile, "I'm glad I ran into you, then." And very glad that Dodger didn't get it into his head to bite the man that held his hand out in front of him.

Matt gives a chuckle, taking another drink of the coffee. "Well, since your last attorney isn't available, I'd be glad to offer my help should you need to bring it to your landlord." Matt offers, before a ringing phone comes up. "And that would be the partner." He offers up, holding his phone. "He's probably calling in for a new case." Drinking more of the coffee in his mug, Matt answers. "Hey, give me one second." Holding out the phone from his ear, a voice can be heard on the other line. "I'm gonna have to take this." He says to Anita. "Sorry to have to run so quickly, but it's apparently urgent."

Anita nods and offers a smile and a wave of her hand, "Sure. Thanks for the advice." She finishes her coffee quickly, "I need to get back out to the kids, anyway." She stands, "It was nice meeting you." And with that she pays for both coffees and heads back out the door to retrieve the dogs and resume their interrupted walk.

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