2012-01-17: Doll Talk


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Summary: Another evening at Xavier's.

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012. 8:14pm

Log Title: Doll Talk

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Another evening in the Mansion finds Nigel sitting on the couch nursing a two-liter of pepsi while flipping channels on the TV. "News.. reality TV, more reality TV, awards show… crap, crap, crap,… yeesh 200 channels and not a damn thing on worth watching. Wonder if the Danger Room is being used right now?"

Taylor leaps through the door and then tumbles across the floor, ears twitching furiously upon the realization that there was something there. "Must have been the shadow." The felinoid student glances around, brushing off the fitted suit that they are wearing while rising, which doesn't really give any impression of whether it's a ladies suit or a men's suit. Suddenly, as Taylor realizes Nigel is there, the student becomes a bit embarrassed and says, "Oh, didn't see you there. What's on?"

Proto is not uncommon to see wandering the halls at the school, and tonight is no different, but Theo, who has been mostly recluse in recent months, has been a more rare sight. He is seen in classes, that is for certain. The brainiac never misses a question on a test, and invariably throws off the curve for everybody else. The shaggy brown-haired teen comes wandering into the Rec room from the kitchen, an apple in hand.
The technopath pauses as he comes through the door, the gala apple in his left hand held loosely. "I can't believe he talked me into this," he groans, watching Nigel flip the channels uselessly, and Taylor leap through the door. He doesn't even know the names of most of the new students, save for those he's needed to interact with for the Danger Room. A bite is removed decidedly from the apple as he looks across the other students, and he lets out a sigh from his nose while chewing. Proto ambles across the room, and leaps to one side as Taylor makes himself present, small camera shifting to watch the felinoid.

Nigel looks to Taylor a waves "Hey there. Absolutely nothing of any real intellect or Value. Which usually I don't mind except none of it is entertaining either." He looks over as the robotic dog enters and grins. "Ok now that's cool.." He gives a wave to Theo as well. "Hey there."
Taylor peers towards Nigel and then nods, "Yeah, TV. I would sometimes watch shows with my friend and make fun, but it doesn't seem like much is on that's really entertaining…" The ocelot looking student hops a little at noticing the robot, crouching down to peer at it suspiciously.

A pair of glowing eyes watches Taylor's tail from the dark of the hallway out towards the kitchen. The shimmering blue rosettes of the other feline in house reflect a little bit of the light as the Siberian Tiger sized beast skulks closer and closer towards the slimmer feline-morph. Pawpads quiet on the carpetting as that long and plush snow leopard tail flicking just at the tip in excitement. Suddenly, there's a blur of giant silvery-grey fur and glowing blue highlights as Taylor is pounce-tackled by this huge beast. Both go tumbling towards the pool table and the far wall, only on the first real impact, the form of the snow leopard suddenly bursts like a water balloon, sending a spray of clear gel-like substance EVERYWHERE! Laying there in a tangle with Taylor is Ahmed, trying not to blush… and failing miserably.

Theo doesn't answer Nigel, though acknowledges him with a look that could be construed as a nod. He takes another bite of his apple, and wanders over to the edge of the couch. Proto ambles up to Taylor, returning the curiosity as the little robotic quadraped counter examines the mutant. Theo looks at the TV briefly, and then away. As he opens his mouth to take another bite of his apple, he is interrupted by Ahmed's dramatic entrance. He freezes in position as the gell slimes him, mouth was open, yes. He got nasty gel slime in his mouth. He doesn't move except to blow the gell out of his mouth, and looks at the apple just away from entering it, now covered in the slime. "Yeah. See this is why I don't come out of my room. Only at this place would that be considered normal." He lowers the apple, and looks at the goop that covers his body now.

Nigel blinks at the flying Tackle and ducks behind the couch to avoid the flying goo before peeking back over. "Ok.. so which of you is Calvin and which is Hobbes?" He looks at Theo and chokes back a laugh "Oh wow.. total Ghostbusters moment there dude. Don't worry the stuff evaporates quickly."

There is a surprised meowl and a bunch of bumping and tumbling. Taylor is definitely upside down and pinned to the wall in an awkward position. The felinoid teen's tail would be floofed up if it weren't for all that goop weighing the fur down. "One second. I think my fucking heart popped.

There is a surprised meowl and a bunch of bumping and tumbling. Taylor is definitely upside down and pinned to the wall in an awkward position. The felinoid teen's tail would be floofed up if it weren't for all that goop weighing the fur down. "One second. I think my fucking heart popped." The teen squirms a bit to try to get out from under Ahmed, lightly rabbit kicking him a few times, gently so not to hurt him, but forceful enough to push him a little, "Hello to you too!"

There's someone in the room that wasn't there before! Very few people would recognize Jules' entrance; the signature stealthy teleporting the mutant uses to get around when not just enjoying the feeling of walking. The only sign that the teen had not been there prior is the lack of goo covering the morning jumpsuit. "Ectoplasmic goo?" echoes Jules as though continuing the ghostbusters joke, but in a deadpan voice.

It might not help Theo any that the stuff tastes like ash… what kind of ash is up in the air. The rabbit kicks get the Thundercat-styled teen to extricate himself from the tangle, but not without a couple swats back at Taye before standing up. Dressed normally, the stuff is already steaming off of him as he reaches down to help the other feline up, "Sorry… I was bogarding the couch in the big living room when I smelled you down the hall…" Stopping as Jules enters, he ducks his head lightly, and laughs, "Yeah… me… the goo guy." Once everything is a semblance of normal, and the stuff is steaming away clean from everything and everyone might forgive him, Ahmed adds, "So Nig… they've been teaching me shapes… how's things on your end?"

"Yeah, see, that movie came out before any of us were born," Theo comments. "I don't like movie references that leave me covered in nastiness. And Even if it does evaporate, you'll pardon me if I don't finish my apple." He plods to the wastebasket and drops the fruit into the receptical. "Could you be so kind as to not spray nasty all over the rest of us?" Theo asks, spitting again down into the trash can to get the rest of the goop out of his mouth. "Tastes like ash."

Nigel shrugs "Doesn't make the reference any less relevent to the situation." He looks to Ahemd "Eh I'm doing alright, still working on my control issues. Though I'm starting to wonder if controling Wildcard is actually that good an idea so long as he can be pointed in the right direction most of the time."

A few more swats are taken at Ahmed, while Ahmed takes swats at Taylor, but then the teen decides to turn back right side up. "Whoa, where'd you come from?" says Taylor, suddenly surprised at noticing Jules. "I didn't hear you come in. Where… what?" The feline student peers suspiciously at the teleporter for a moment and then looks towards Theo, "Oh, uh, hello to you too, guy."

Ahmed takes one finger and runs it in the insides of both his ears, flicking the last of the goop out as he then gives a broad smile, "Huh… that's kinda counterintuitive. I mean, Wildcard's part of you… right?" Walking over towards where Nigel is, he flops down with a slight shake, the rest of the ectoplasm shaking off and landing in little ashen flakes, only to puff into air and nothingness, "I'm not using my power, so there's no worry I'll goop anyone else. It's kinda like a water balloon… only furry. So far a lot of people like my fuzzy self. Just… didn't see where I was pouncing. One of these days I'll do it and it won't break the surface tension."

Jules doesn't seem to laugh at the goo guy reply, perhaps taking it seriously. The teen's demeanor is anything but serious, however, something is aloof about the teleporter's small smile. The whimsical tones that follow in Jules' voice betray the melancholy monotony heard just before, "I've been here. But who are you? You look absolutely adorable." This is obviously in reference to Taylor's cat body. "I wasn't aware we had new students." This is hardly surprising, as people rarely see Jules. The mutant misses so many classes.

Theo rolls his eyes. "Yeah, hi," Theo answers. He turns around from the wastebasket, and starts back toward the kitchen. "If you will excuse me, I am going to go take a shower." The seventeen year old plods back through the door of the kitchen without as much as a good-bye.

Nigel nods "Part yes.. I've been trying to figure out how to best describe it. Basically have you ever had somone tick you off and you just wanna punch him in the face but you don't since you know it's wrong? Well wildcard doesn't have that little filter. He knows everything I do, but has little self-control. He's a mass of pop culture running on almost pure impulse. I just manage to usually keep him on task and pointed in the right direction I just don't have any control over HOW he gets the job done. I think if I had more control he'd actually be less effective since it's that randomness that makes him what he is. I just can't think in that manner. In some of the danger room sessions I've had they tried to set the system to predict what he's going to do next and adapt the opponents to be more of a challenge, but even the danger room can't pull it off. He's just too unpredictable and taking that away would actually weaken him I think." He waves to Jules, "Yup there's a bunch of us wandering around these days. I'm Nigel by the way, Alpha squad." He watchs Theo leave and shrugs again. "Have a good one."

Taylor peers towards Theo as the boy leaves, and the feline student blinks a few times rapidly at Jules. "I'm not adorable!" huffs Taylor, making a sad kitty face at that, "I'm Taylor Marinov…"
Ahmed nods in agreement, "Yeah… totally not adorable. Ugly as a box of oatmeal dropped off an overpass." And then grins the entire time, out of view of Taylor as he then says, "Ahmed Fadil… I'm on the Paragons, or as they like to call it.. Team Dysfunctional."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Taylor. I am Jules…" The mutant teleporter smiles softly, perhaps not looking quite so connected with reality for a second. The statement continues, "I just like cats a lot." Of course, Jules' attention is drawn to Nigel for a moment, "Corsair squad. I rather like that word. It reminds me of one of the creatures I am fond of.. Not cats. The coretaigs."

Nigel chuckles "Team Dysfunctional? I think that describes most of us. I think we'll get lucky if this place isn't half torn apart by the end of the semester cause one of us snaps and beats the piss out of another student." He looks to Jules "I have no idea if the squad names mean anything.."

"I didn't say I was ugly either!" protests Taylor, peering towards Ahmed. "I sure hope nobody snaps and beats the piss out of another student, because I'm kind of fretting about that student being me."

Ahmed rolls his eyes, "It's gonna be Quenton blowing his stack on someone like Nick or me… bet on it. Or worse… maybe one of the girls like Jill or Shane will get ticked off, and either drown someone, or… whatever Shane does…" Shrugging once he looks over the couch at Tay, and adds, "You're cool… maybe a little weird, but hey, who am I to judge. I make goo."

Someone seems to be suddenly helping Taylor stand (Or at least offering), what the bloody — oh.. It's Jules! Wasn't — across the room? Standing.. There is no poof, sound, or light effects from Jules' teleportation. It is a subtle movement, like a blink. This is usually the cause of some confusion when the mutant is moving around. The androgynous teenager laughs in that whimsical tone, "I don't think you have anything to worry about, Ms. Marinov. I can tell by your eyes."

Nigel smirks "Shane blows things up.. not a good choice to have a fight with. As for Quenton if he gets going I'll let Wildcard loose on him. Should be at least fun to watch." He takes another swallow from his two-liter. "As for Nicholas, not sure how well his powers work.."
"Yeah, the goo is a little weird," teases Taylor, "I'm glad it evaporates so fast, though, or else I'd have to shower ever time you rocket into a room!" The felinoid teen does not seem to protest to the gendered title that Jules uses, taking his hand with a kind of confused look, "Weren't you- I just stopped looking a second… And what about my eyes?"

Ahmed stares up at the ceiling, and mutters out something that sounds yiddish, and not just the accent… full on hebrew murmurs out from those slightly fanged lips as he then says to Nigel, "Nick's a telekinetic… he moves things with his mind. So every so often when he's sleeping stuff lifts up and moves around. It can be cool, but it can also be a pain in the butt." The he leans closer and whispers, "Buck says that Taye shoots the new guy down."

"Just that you can tell a lot about someone from their eyes." replies Jules behind closed eyes and a smile. Only when Jules looks towards Ahmed, does the mutant reopen said eyes. "Romantic literature watered it down a little," sighs the teleporter, "Or so I've found out. Oculomancy used to be a serious topic of debate, but really only within the European Department of Investigative Magic." Of course, this conversation would turn weird eventually. Jules walks back towards the couch after helping Taylor up.

Nigel blinks "European Department of Investigative Magics. Is that part of Hogwarts?" He grins a bit. "So lets see.. a Teleporter, two felines, and a Living Cartoon. There's a joke about a walking into a bar there somewhere but damned if I can think of the rest right now." He drains the rest of the bottle and stifles a yawn "Dangit.. not gonna last much longer, even the caffine isn't helping."

"I know what you mean," says Taylor to Nigel, "I could nap away an entire day, I swear. But you're probably legitimately sleepy, since it's nighttime. I'm feeling a bit wired right at this moment." The felinoid teen looks towards Ahmed and says, "Probably due to a healthy dose of adrenaline." The ocelot person then notes towards Jules and says, "… Well, what can you tell by my eyes that I shouldn't worry about?"

Ahmed pushes up off the couch finally, and says to Nigel, "How about I walk you back to your dorm room, and we can leave these two to get acquainted, allright?" Despite all the earlier actions, and for no real explicable reason, Ahmed just hugs Taye around the shoulders from behind, and then makes a small odd noise in his nose and cheeks. After that he turns back to Nigel, and motions towards the door, "Ladies and oddballs first."

"Hogwarts is fictional," replies Jules with a giggle and a snort, which results in the teen covering both mouth and nose as if ashamed by the sound. Next to Nigel, Jules plops down to look back towards Taylor from the couch, "I think I can tell you'd rather not fight with your new family. That you have the willpower to succeed in that. That's why I think you shouldn't worry about snapping and tearing the mansion in half."

Nigel nods and stands from the couch "Yeah gratuitious acts of senseless mayhem are more my forte." He grins and nods to Ahmed before waving to Taylor and Jules "Well I need some crash time, see you all in class tomorrow mabye. I hear they're adding flamethrowers and a large robotic shark to the danger room obsticle course tomorrow." He takes the empty bottle with him as he heads for the door back to the dorms.

Taylor makes a sound back at Ahmed, a kind of grumbly sound, and then says to Nigel, "Seeya later, guy." The ocelot teen looks towards Jules and notes, "Well, I don't think I'd tear it in half. My mutant power is being covered in fur."

"I like it," replies Jules in that sort of light-hearted tone. At sitting, there are now objects to fiddle with. The nearest of which is the t.v remote, which Jules begins playing with after turning the t.v off. No one is really watching it anymore, anyways.

"Well, maybe you do, but it's pretty off to see a face you don't recognize in the mirror every day," says Taylor, raising an eyebrow at Jules. Or rather, brow whiskers. "Probably a petty thing to complain about but… kind of bothers me, regardless!"

Jules doesn't really need to seem to think about the reply, "But you're still you, every day. You can also see that in your eyes." The advice is sincere, and perhaps properly given context with the light weight of Jules' usual words.

Taylor looks at Jules for a few moments and says, "Has anyone ever told you you're kind of a strange guy?" The felinoid student sighs softly and says, "I mean, you're right, but… eh, yeah."

Jules kind of looks confused, "Everyone seems to say that, but I don't really understand why." Very. Very strange. "What do you like to do?"

"I like to make dolls, make outfits for them… I have since I was little," replies Taylor, shrugging lightly, "Other than that, video games, I guess."

Jules seems to get excited at this, which really just means the teen is speaking a bit faster in that whimsically distance voice, "We should make little cars for them or something. I really like models and dolls." The tempo of this statement slows down into a curious sounding pitch for the latter half, "But I've never played a video game.."

"Never? Really? That's kind of surprising. They're pretty everywhere…" says Taylor, shrugging a shoulder absently, "So… you like dolls? Huh, not many people do, it's cool that you do, though."

"I just can't get immersed with them as much as books or toys.." replies Jules slowly, as if thinking about the statement in reflection. As such, the mutant looks towards the ceiling in thought before looking back at Taylor with a nod, "I have some in my dorm room."

Taylor leans in, seeming curious, "What kind of dolls do you have? I have lots of different kinds. Like, the little anime dolls, or just Kens and Barbies or GI Joes."

Jules leans back a little bit, "Ball jointed dolls? All of mine are made from scratch off the bases that they sell in kits…"

"Oh, those are pretty neat, yeah, I think I know what you mean. So you built them yourself?" says Taylor, head tilting lightly. "I built some of mine, but often I just alter the bases…"

"That's what I did. Alter the bases. They are kind of special to me, I don't really leave my room all too often." It doesn't sound like this particular revelation is depressing to Jules, in fact, in that voice it seems kind of detached like most things. "I think I'm actually going to go back now, and go to bed. It's a bit late."

"Yeah, it is pretty late. I wouldn't mind seeing your dolls sometime, though, if you wouldn't mind me checking them out," says Taylor, raising an whiskerbrow lightly.

Jules stands up from the couch in some kind of fluid, graceful motion. "Oh.." There's a kind of shy pause, "..Maybe.. Goodnight, Ms. Marinov." With that, Jules kind of hurries past the felinoid student, from which point a teleport occurs.

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