2010-11-12: Don T Mess With A Shield Agent S Phone


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Summary: Corrin has some complications while observing a target, which turns into a firefight.

Date: Friday, November 12, 2010. 5:12pm.

Log Title: Don't Mess with a SHIELD Agent's Phone

Rating: R

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments.

The classic view of old Greenwich Village is a nice refreshing change for Theo. He's been grounded from leaving the school except for when he's at work. Well, this could be considered work. The teen is just coming out of the subway at the edge of town, his backpack over his shoulders. A green hoody from his old high school is keeping him warm in the cool evening air as the sun gives its last couple of hours of sunlight. He spots a park straight ahead, and begins walking toward it, his hands in the pockets of his hoody.

July needed some time off her college classes, so she goes to the park. Usually she goes through the subway, but today she chose to ride her bike. She parks it at the bike parking area, using a chain and padlock to keep it secure before turning towar the park and she stretches a bit, mmm'ing softly, a small backpack on her back.

Corrin is walking through the park with a camera-phone and an inobvious earpiece. Word is that one of the many people SHIELD keeps tabs on spends time here, and that's true; Corrin has been photographing the guy jogging. Just a watching brief, nothing fancy. He's a little bored, and spends some of his time people-watching the other people in the park.

Shifter is only passing though the area but is throughly annoyed by it already, why can't the streets just have numbers like everyowhere else, the names are just confusing, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey (ripped) jeans, a black and grey hoodie with the hood up (all his clothing is rather dirty and has rips here and there), he has a dark grey and black scarf covering his lower face and is wearing sunglasses, he's walking quickly though the park with his hands in his pockets.

Theo spots July, and lets out a grin. He starts wandering in her direction when Corrin comes to his attention next. "Hey July," he calls to her. "Fancy meeting you here!" His gaze seems to be inexorably drawn to Corrin taking photos of the man he's keeping tabs on. Of course, Theo doesn't know that. Taking pictures of people jogging is creepy.
"Check that out," he says to the former Xavier's student with a nod over at Corrin. "That guy's creeping on that jogger." He pulls off his backpack and places it on a nearby bench. He gets a wry smile, and decides to have a little fun. The camera suddenly changes modes to be extremely washed out, everything much to bright to be usable. Shifter has gone mostly unnoticed for the time being.

July turns her head toward Theo as she hears her name, and she smiles, "Hey, Theo." she says softly, nodding softly to her friend, and she adjusts her backpack straps as she fully turns to face Theo. "How's it going?" she asks, before blinking softly as she turns to look at Corrin when Theo calls her attention to him. "What are you gonna do?" she blinks.

Corrin yawns, then checks the phone… and frowns. Er…? He pokes at the keys, trying to get the images to go back to normal. This is so not good…

He glances up at his target — yes, he's still there. Down at the phone again. He drifts over to a tree to lean against it, still poking at phone keys. If this doesn't get fixed soon, he'll have to call it in. Damn.

Shifter spots the guy having trouble with his phone as he walks past him and rolls his eyes, geez technology seems to be getting worse as it gets better, you'd have thought they'd have got the bugs out by now.

The teen grins. "Just play around with him," Theo says. He watches as Corrin adjusts the camera back, and lets it be fixed, still watching him and ready to strike again with his technopathy when it suits him. "So what've you been up to? I haven't seen you in forever." He looks briefly back at July. "School's been kinda crazy this year."

July glances at Corrin as he battles with his phone for a moment until Theo lets it go. She then turns her ehad to look at Theo again and shakes her head softly. "You shouldn't go around messing with people like that, Theo." she sighs softly, her shoulders slupming a bit for a moment. "Oh really? What's up with the school this time around?"

Oh, good! The camera on the phone is working again. Corrin checks his target… he's moving off. He pushes off the tree and ambles after, on a parallel course, meanwhile sending off the pictures he already has. If the phone craps out on him again….

A bunch of bulbs flash and cameras are stirring and taking pictures as tourists gather form a small mob around the mutant Shen Xorn, though, the man with a blackhole for a face, is actually using an image inducer and by coincidence, he appears to look just like Jet Li. He pushes past people insisting that he is not the Asian superstar and when people get a little overzealous, he sighs as one camera break and then another and then another. People are dumbfounded by what has happened and. Jet, er, Shen walks past and continues his way into the park without the paparazzi.

"Oh come on," Theo says, "He's a creeper. I can mess with creepers, can't I? It's a lot better than lighting RC cars on fire." he tries to justify his mischieveness. The phone suddenly powers down, and the technopath smiles at his own actions smugly. His smile drops after a moment, though. "Have you seriously not heard?" he asks July. "Half the school disappeared about a month ago. Just, gone. Christopher says they'll come back, but…I dunno. Call me a pessimist. I think they're really gone for good." He tone is much lower and more sober. He's broken out of it by the sudden arrival of Shen. He likewise is fooled for a moment, until the image inducer is close enough for him to sense. "Who do you suppose that is?" he asks July.

Corrin hisses through his teeth as the phone goes dead. "Damn it!" Mutter. One eye on the target, he tries to get the phone going again. He has to shift sideways for 'Jet Li', who he doesn't recognize at all, and the Jet Li Fan Club (and friends) who just confuse him. Where did all these people come from? And why are they here?
…Crap. His target just turned aside onto a different path. He'll be out of sight in just seconds. Damn damn damn damn damn… as he glances around for a good way over there.

Jet Li (Shen Xorn) approaches Theo for the moment . "Young Mr. Fegenbush." He looks around and at his watch. Even with an image inducer, the expression is not a pleased look as he shakes his head "Shouldn't you be somewhere else now?" is heard in Theo's and just Theo's mind. People still pass by and look, but no one approaches Jet Li, but watch and stare and then move intypical of New Yorkers.

Theo knew that it wasn't Jet Li, and had figured it was someone from the school. Who it was wasn't exactly clear until he spoke. "Xorn?" he says, glancing back at Corrin with his target. The behavior seems rather intentional, causing Theo to doubt Corrin's creeper status. Most creepers won't try that hard. "I'm supposed to be here. I left for work with Happy, that's allowed." he answers. "What're you doing here?" he asks in return.

Xorn nods, "Very well, then I will be in the area. Please be sure to return to the mansion." Jet Li (Shen Xorn) bows, "I sense my presence is needed elsewhere in the moment." He then saunters off a few blocks away.

"Excusemeexcusemethankyouexcuseme…" Corrin makes his way through the mob of Li admirers and comes out the other side… having lost the target. Damn it! He turns in a circle, trying to find him again. He was last over there… so Corrin goes over there. Still nothing.
Nuts. He taps his ear. "Kelly to Control. Lost contact, going east in the park. I'm looking for him." He signs off and sighs, and rubs his hands through his hair, and visibly relaxes. Find him, not find him. Then he starts searching, starting with the path his target was last on.

Theo arches his brow as Shen goes on his way. "That was easy," he comments. He picks back up his pack, catching the conversation over the device through his powers. "Crap," he says aloud. "He's a CIA agent." Were he less curious, he'd just let Corrin go about and not follow him. As it is, he's curious about what the agent plans to do next. Toting his backpack, he starts to follow, trying to stay close enough so that he can hear any furhter conversation. The phone powers back up without trouble. At this point, Theo realizes that what he viewed as an innocent prank may have serious ramifications.

Corrin's broken into a light jog. He's not dressed for it; jeans and t-shirt, jacket over top. At least he's wearing decent sneakers. He stuffs the phone into a pocket; he hasn't realized that it is working again. He looks both ways as he crosses another path, but still no sign of the bad guy; he keeps going straight. He's heading into an area where the path is lined on one side with trees and the other with staggered bushes; he tries to watch both, in case the target ducked off the path.
Mind, Theo isn't the only person who noticed that Corrin was watching this person… and Theo wasn't the only person to decide to do something about it….

Theo follows behind Corrin, and starts to jog as well. He isn't aware that there could be another person involved with this chase, and he doesn't bother to check both ways as he follows behind Corrin. He is more concerned with not being noticed by the SHIELD agent.

Corrin jogs into the shadow of the trees… and then… something… alerts him. He turns toward the trees, and the report of the shot seems to spin him around. His force field pings on in that moment, bright gold in the shadows, even as he falls.
…! … Innocents. That's the first thought, after the shock. There are innocents in this area, people who don't deserve to be in the middle of a firefight. He doesn't know how many shooters there are, but one is more than enough. He's getting back up to his feet almost as soon as he thinks that… and way before he can see clearly. Makes a nice target….

The technopath ducks as he hears the shot, getting behind the porch pillar of one of the old houses. "Geez," he looks up at the location the shot came from. Theo looks at the shooter, then looks at Corrin. No way he's getting into the middle of that, but if he does nothing, then the agent might as well be dead. He can't stop the shooter, but but he can give away his presence. The sighting on the gun takes priority, shutting off to make it more challenging for the next shot. The phone goes off next, ringing out loud to give Corrin his position.

Sound. Corrin orients on the phone's ring; that direction should be the shooter and no one else. He *still* gets shot again, and he staggers back from the hit, but his field is up now and it just hurts (lots), but not more. (Nice bruises tomorrow, though.)
His vision is clearing. "SHIELD!" he yells, because that's a good thing to say if he's facing another cop… which he doesn't think is likely. Then he charges into the trees, toward that phone.

The bad guy curses. Force field? He isn't ready for that! He was just told to scrape this guy off his guy!

Theo keeps himself down. "SHIELD? Even better than the CIA," the boy mutters. "If Xorn finds out about this, I'm so dead." Nevermind that there's a gun fight going on. He looks around for something he can use for a weapon. A flower pot, no. He fumbles around the porch, and spots a lawn sign. He leaps over the porch and pulls it from the ground. He cautiously starts to approach the trees, ever conscious that there are people with guns within.

Corrin crashes through the trees and trips over the shooter; both men go down. The shooter yells and tries to shoot him again; the bullet goes wild. Then Corrin hits him with a fist, a fist, an elbow; the gun gets dropped, and the shooter gets serious. He knows he'll go to jail if he doesn't win this one…

Corrin's target appears at the end of the trees and he spots Theo and his lawn sign coming along the path. He takes off running the other way.

Theo's response to seeing the shooter is almost as collected as the shooter itself. As the shooter comes out, Theo swings the sign, though he is much too far away to actually connect. He pulls the sign back, a rather panicked look in his eyes. "Aaargh!" He doesn't chase the shooter, he's just glad he's not being shot.

Corrin does the fisticuffs thing with the shooter, rolling in the dirt just on the other side of the trees. He's still got his field up, which makes it easy to see him; glowing gold is kinda noticeable. Extra bonus: the field is slippery, so the other guy's punches as skidding off. "Give up!" Corrin snaps. "You're under arrest!" And somewhere around here is his target, who is probably running like hell somewhere else. God, this job got botched bad.

Having finished his business in Greenwich Village, Xorn thought he would come back to make sure Theo actually returned to the Institute. However, to avoid the Jet Li confusion from earlier Xorn takes to the air in his full X-Men regalia and his containment mask. He is wearing white Buddhist robes with a red sash with an X insignia. Hovering by a roof and looking down, he spots Theo swinging a sign and pauses to see what exactly is happening. He levitates down lower , but still unseen unless people are looking up.

Theo runs up to Corrin, still holding the sign over his head. The boy doesn't really know much about fighting, but he takes his best swing, aiming for the ribs of the shooter. He doesn't realize that the X-man has come across the situation. As for the target, it isn't even on the teen's radar.

Since Theo is wielding a lawn sign, he has a pretty big punch zone. So he gets the guys ribs… and Corrin's, and a chunk of dirt under both men, too. "Yawp!" says Corrin, surprised, and he sweeps a leg out to trip Theo. After all, he doesn't know this kid from Adam, and when in doubt? Assume hostile. (Wielding a lawn sign isn't as extremely hostile as shooting, but it still counts.) As for Xorn? Not even on Corrin's horizon. He's kinda busy down here in the dirt.

Making his presence known, Xorn levitates above the three participants and a disembodied voice rings out, "The violence will end now!" Xorn hopes his presence is intimidating enough to cause all the violence to end. However, to give some resonance to his imposing figure, he creates a small gravity free zone around Corrin and the shooter, not knowing who is the bad guy. The two men will feel a slight pull in their stomach, as gravity ceases to exist around them . A voice goes directly into Theo and just Theo's head <Go home. Now!>

Theo winces as he hits more than he intends, and takes a few steps back. "Xorn, he's the good guy, he's a SHIELD agent!" he exclaims. "The other guy shot at him, so I —" he stops. "You want us to do what's right, don't you? I was just trying to help." If nothing else he can help identify who is who in this situation, and hopefully not get into more trouble in the process.

Corrin yelps as the gravity goes wonky in his immediate surroundings. "Wha…?" He thrashes and the shooter makes a snatch for the gun — and he gets it. Corrin doesn't immediately notice. "What the… who?" He looks up at that voice overhead. Robes, X sign… mutant of some sort. He doesn't recognize Xorn, though. Theo gets his attention, too. "Yes! I'm SHIELD!" …And that's all he gets out before the shooter shoots again.

Corrin's got his field up, still; the bullet hits, then ricochets. Here's hoping Theo isn't in the line of fire.

In a gravity light zone, the bullets merely fly up into the air not striking Theo but going into a nearby tree. Listening to Theo, Xorn applies gravity back to Corrin, it may feel like another knot in his stomach, but he will have a firm grasp of his balance. The shooter on the other hand not so much. Xorn shakes his head when the shooter gets another shot off. Applying a lot of gravimetric force on the gun, he hopes to shatter it while meanwhile lowering himself to the ground to place himself between Theo and the combatants. Into Theo's head, <We will discuss this back at the mansion!>

The bullet bounces off of the shield, and lands in the lawn sign. Theo drops it as if the sign had become a snake, and backpedals from the two. He pulls his hands through his hair, and takes a few deep breaths. "Fine, whatever, just brush me off." He begins to stomp off down the street, back toward the subway.

Corrin twitches as the bullet hits him. "Urgh…!" He twists, reaching for the shooter… gets gravity back and staggers… and finally gets his hands on him in time for the gun to go to pieces. "Oh, boy…" Never mind that. He'll grab the guy and put him down. He's got hand ties; he'll pull one out. As he's cuffing the guy, he looks… Theo is walking away? "Hey, kid! Don't go anywhere! I need a report from you!"

Sensing that the violence is over, Xorn looks between the shooter, Corrin, and turns to see Theo walking off. He sighs a moment and then into Theo's head, <The SHIELD agent needs you for a report. And you did the right thing helping the agent. > Xorn's voice speaks out to the SHIELD agent, "What would cause this man to want to harm you and others?"

Theo turns around haphazardly, arms flopping out to the sides. "Oh, so now that it's going to be a pain in the ass, you want me to stay," he answers, an annoyed laugh coming from his mouth. "That figures." He's clearly a little shaken by the event. He hangs his head, leaning forward to balance the weight of his backpack. "Okay, what do you need, and how long is it going to take?" He starts pulling out his phone without waiting for an answer, and begins typing a text message.

Joy. Angsty teenager. Corrin sighs. Well, this job is a bust anyway. To Xorn, he says, "I'm Agent Kelly with SHIELD. I'm not at liberty to say exactly what I was doing, but this guy shot at me, so I had to engage him. The young man," he points at Theo, "helped. I believe you did, as well." He looks around at Theo. "Young man, I'll need a report of what you saw, when, and what you did. It shouldn't take more than an hour or so."

Bowing to Corrin, "Very well, Agent Kelly. The boy can stay with you and give you his report. I shall remain with him as well. I am one of his instructors at his school." Looking at Theo, <Do not worry about your curfew for today. I will let the others know and explain what occurred her tonight. You did well here and everyone should know.> If Xorn could smile he would.

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