2009-07-20: Don't Need No Stinking Costume


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Summary: Cole and Danny recommend a costume shop to Gabriel.

Date: July 20, 2009

Log Title Don't Need No Stinking Costume

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NYC - Liberty Plaza - Freedom Force Headquarters

The Freedom Force Headquarters consist of a receptionist at the front, preventing unauthorized entry to the rear areas. The actual headquarters is primarily a war room for discussing and strategizing. At the moment, there's simply a cache of computers and maps, as well as some interesting weapons. The place is still being built.

It's been a long weekend for Danny as he spent it at his parent's house down in New Jersey. He does love his family but there's a lot of awkward moments when he goes, and again, for the countless time, he didn't have the courage to tell them what he wanted. He's just getting back to the Freedom Force headquarters now with a backpack slung over his shoulder. He's decided to check in at the lobby to see what's new before going to his apartment and just relaxing for a bit.

Gabriel has been busy with keeping his business in order. Suffice it to say he has not been very active other than training. The spanish man stands in the lobby, looking over what intelligence reports the Freedom Force has right now. He sits down in a chair and sips his coffee.

"Ow," comes a mumble from Cole Aron as he steps out of the elevator and into the lobby. He's in shorts and a t-shirt and seems a bit burnt on the arms and neck. Nothing more serious than a sunburn anyway. "Hey, Gabe? You know if I left a bottle of alow down here?" he asks, cursing himself for forgetting sunblock the other day. He pauses mid-step when he notices Danny, smiling. "Danny! Welcome back!" he greets, waving.

Spotting Gabe sitting there, he heads over and stands next to him. "Heya Gabe, there anythin' new what Ah was gone this weekend?" He asks before hearing Cole's voice. Turning around he gives Cole a big grin and walks over to give him a hug. "Howdy Cole, Thanks, Ah'm glad tah be back. Seriously, sittin' there with mah parents gets mighty awkward at times, and what'd ya do, fall asleep in the sun?"

The avian places his papers back on the table in front of him. He moves his hair out of his face before looking up. "No, nothing too eenteresting." He responds to Danny, Cole gets an answer as well. "Aloe? Cannot say that I have." Gabe picks up his mug again, drinking the bean soup inside.

Cole winces slightly but is jusr exaggerating as he returns the hug. "Naw. Just ended up fighting some goons that tried to hijack a ferry and forgot my sunblock," he explains. A frown then comes at Gabe's answer. "Man, where'd I leave that?" he mutters. "So. How ya both doing?"

"Ya have all the fun while Ah'm away." Danny says shaking his head at Cole. "Nothin' goin' on there Gabe, Ah dun know if that's a good thing or bad thing but Ah'll take it." He looks back at Cole and shurgs. "Ah guess Ah'm doing alright, alright as Ah can be for spendin' the week at mah parents. Ah just can't get the nerve up tah tell 'em Ah got powers and Ah'm part of a government sponsered Super Hero group. Oh and Gabriel, Ah got a buisness card tah give ya at some point."

"Then don't." Gabriel offers up to Danny. "No one ever said a child 'as to tell their parents everyting." The avian gives an inquisitive look. "Business card? For what?"

Cole slips an arm around Danny's shoulder and gives him a little squeeze. "I could come with ya next time if you want. Emotional support to tell 'em," he offers after Gabe's statement. The business card talk gets a blink, Cole looking at Danny. He's got an idea but is keeping it to himself got now.

"Ah wanna tell mah folks the truth, ya know. Tired of feelin' like Ah'm always keepin' secrets 'round 'em, which is what Ah'm doin'. Though Ah know mah Father ain't gonna be to keen on something Ah tell 'em." Danny says as he looks at Cole and nods. "Ah'll have tah think 'bout that offer, and Gabe, business card, yeah. If ya want a costume, there's this guy Jesse, makes great costumes. Ah got a card for both ya and Victoria, but Ah really think ya should pay him a visit. Cole recommended me."

"Costume?" He asks, looking to both of them, not exactly blowing his skirt up. The avian's still dressed in a modified buisness suit, now that he doesn't hide from the press anymore about his wings. "I'll see. But I don't know about actually getting one."

Cole blinks then grins. "Oh yeah, Jesse's shop! Dude, he's awesome. Unstable molecules and leather and nomex and stuff," he says. "He's the guy that made my new costume. Trust me, Gabe he's real good and it'll be good for us to have actual costumes since we're a team."

"Ah don't know 'bout you, but Ah'm pretty keen on keepin' mah idenity a secret." Danny says with a chuckle. "Even if Ah am made of stone when Ah use mah powers. But we're a team like the Avengers or somethin' just not as popular so Ah figured we'd all be gettin' costumes or something."

The spanish man stands and takes the card. "My identity is public now. No sense in pretending I'm not." Gabriel looks to both. "I just don't see the whole, advantage of wearing one, these wings already stand out." Not to say he doesn't train in appropriate gear, just not something special and 'costumey'.

Cole lifts a finger. "Well, as hard as I try, I can't be there to defend the team all the time," he says. "And the costume will protect against stuff. And there's the matter of looking good and looking 'official' for the cameras," he goes on. "My ID is sorta…well…hm," he pauses. "Mostly secret."

"The costume does more than just be a costume, Ah know ya can get a kevlar costume that might help protect ya against at least something." Danny says as he runs his hand through his hair. "Well it's somethin' tah think 'bout Gabe, though Ah gotta get headin' tah my apartment. Ah just really want a shower right now." He says pating Gabe on the shoulder as he leaves then turning to give Cole a light hug and kiss on the cheek before heading to the next floor.

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