2010-07-25: Don't Rush The Future


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Summary: Christopher meets Jinx and the two discuss jobs and the future.

Date: July 25, 2010

Log Title: Don't Rush The Future

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Jinx is sitting on a beach towel in the middle of the lawn. She hasn't frequented the cove since it's recent infestation of nastiness, but has not forsaken the sun and a lovely summer day. Her dreary history book is folded open before her, and she has her tunes playing as she reads about the Civil war. She has found a black and white striped bikini from the swimsuit rental on campus, and happily soaks up the rays, her black fur shimmering purple highlights.

Walking out from the dining hall to the quad, Christopher is on his way to his car to drop a few things off there. He's got his work back strapped over one shoulder and a Trader Joes bag in the other hand. He can't help but notice the black and white furry girl sunning herself while looking at a text book during summer break. "School work in the summer, my aren't you ambitious." He comments with a good natured chuckle.

Jinx looks up at the teacher and swipes her bangs out of her eyes. She smiles. "Oh, no, sir," she looks up to the man, apparently a teacher if he's older and all that. So the title 'sir' applies. "I have summer school. I was held back a year and want to catch up. It's either that or just do a GED."

"Oh please, don't call me Sir. I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair, I'm the culinary teacher here. I can understand Parker-Mayfair can be a mouthful and between me and my husband it might get confusing so you can call me Mr. Parker." Christopher says as he finds a spot to put down his stuff for the time being so it's not weighing on his shoulders. There's definately food in the Trader Joes back and whatever is in his work bag smells clean, kind of steril. "Ah I haven't been running any summer corses with cooking like I usually do this year, just been focusing on my business this summer.

Jinx blinks at the man, then huffs a soft laugh. "I'm sorry, Mr. Parker-Mayfair. I think Sir is easiest of all, but it's up to you, right?" she smiles again. She eyes the bags, then asks the obvious questions. "There's cooking classes here? Is that why the kitchen always smells like something is burning? I figured that was because of James or Lucas."

"It all depends on whose cooking and when the last time the oven was cleaned." Christopher says with a disheartened sigh. "Yes, that might be why there's a bit of a burned smell sometimes. Some of the kids don't exactly read the instructions or they just get lazy while it's baking and forget about the oven. Though when I'm cooking, I don't burn stuff. I take too much pride in my culinary skills."

Jinx rests her elbows on her knees, ignoring the book for now. Thankfully. "I would kinda hope so, Mr. Parker. I would like to think that if you are teaching people to cook, you'd not burn things a lot." She sniffs lightly. "You said you had a business?"

"Unfortuately there are some people who you just can't teach to cook, tastes buds is a very important factor in cooking." Christopher says as he's thinking of Mike. What's the point of learning how to cook when all you drink is gasoline. "Oh yeah, I run a small salon down in Salem Center, David's. I was a stylist before I got offered the job here and now I balance both jobs." Which yes, does lead him to get quite busy.

Jinx frowns a little. "Isn't that sorta unsanitary?" she has to ask. "Dealing with both hair and food? Why don't you teach.. uh… hairstyling or something here? Surly there's kids who are interested in that stuff, too." Even though she is so not that kind of girl.

Christopher can't help but laugh at that. "I don't cut hair where I cook and I don't cook where I cut hair. Please, after I get out of work at the salon I usually change my clothes and shower and it's not like I'm teaching at my business. Honey, it is not comfortable to wear clothing with hair all over it, thus why I have my work clothes and my other clothes. I do know about being sanitary, don't worry." (re)

Jinx sobers somewhat to his words. "I have hair in my clothes all the time," she murmurs, being a large furry creature. She blinks up at the man. "So you have a salon, and you cook… and you have a husband. Do you teach home ec or something?"

"I'm the culinary teacher here." Christopher says as he smile at Jinx's words about hair in her clothes. "Yes, but at least it's your hair and you know where you've been." He doesn't seen anythign wrong with Jinx's fur except that shampoo costs might be a bit pricey. "And culinary is pretty much the biggest interest when it comes ot home ec, not many people want to learn to sew any more, but I do teach nutrician in my class."

"I suppose that's cool," she ventures, reaching up to scratch the base of her skull with her claws. "I haven't ever really been into cooking. Straight from the box is just fine by me."

"It's not for everyone, if it was, well then, what would make us individuals?" Christopher says as he looks at Jinx. "So what it is…um…I'm sorry I don't your name." He says as he realizes she didn't introduce herself. "But what is it you're into then?"

"My name's Jinx. Jinx Vallon, Mr. Parker," she blinks up at the man. Her hands gradually cross over her arms, still resting on her knees. "I'm into books, music, cars. That's the stuff I like best."

Christopher hold out a hand to her, that smile of his doesn't really waver as he's usually in a good mood. "Pleasure to meet you Jinx. Ah Cars, I believe that's Scott's expertise here. I'm afraid I don't know much about cars, though books and music I do enjoy. So are you a writer or just a reader?"

Jinx shakes her head. "Just a reader," she murmurs, shaking his hand with her clawed paw-hand. Her palm is warm from the sun, and she conveys a sense of lazy contentment as long as the touch lasts. "I wouldn't know what to write if I had the chance. No one would be interested, anyways."

"Someone will always be interested in something. I'm sure 'my life as a teenage mutant' would cause a lot of interest…both positive and negative unfortunately but then someone somewhere will always find an excuse to complain about something they don't agree with." Christopher says brushing his hair back with a hand. "But there's nothing wrong with being just a read, I'm horrible at writing. I always found reading was fun, writing was boring."

Jinx smiles at the teacher. "Aren't you adults all supposed to tell us to apply ourselves and all that? That I could be a great writer if I only tried?" She snorts softly and shakes her head. "I don ".. I don't know what I will do with my life. I suppose I should think about that."

Christopher rolls eyes at that. "It all depends on the situation. If you don't like writing don't apply yourself towards it. I mean I went to college for interrior design, I have my major in it, waste of money. I found I didn't like the field and now my piece of paper is great for when I want to redecorate the house. Besides using my power to dye peoples hair is just more fun than using it to change the colour on a wall." He says with a wink as Christopher has -way- to much fun with his ability to change the colour of anything he touches. "Don't rush yourself too much, but don't wait till you're 30. When you know, you'll know."

Jinx listens to him talk and nods her head. She doesn't know if he is a crazy adult or not, since all adults seem a little bonkers to someone all of 17. "Yeah, sure. I'll just fail classes to stay here," she grins a little wider. "Do the X-men have degrees?"

"I'm not an X-Man so I don't know if I count but I do have a degree. I was a student here back in the day and then went on to college and then came back to be a teacher." Christopher says as he might as well be a crazy adult with his optimism. "I believe Emma has her degree in business but I don't think Scott ever got his in anything so I guess it all varies on the person."

Jinx considers this fact and muses more. "He's headmaster and he doesn't even have a degree in education or anything?" she lifts her brows. "That's pretty interesting. I didn't know that." She begins to gather her stuff, closing her book that lay in front of her.

"Well I could be wrong Scott's a little too…Scott for me." Christopher says as he finds the man very difficult to just 'chat' with. "He might, I could be wrong. But this is a private school and it's odd how private schools don't require the same certificates that a public school does. What I have is a minor in culinary arts, though I wish I went to school to make that a major."

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