2012-02-27: Don't Taze Me, Bro!


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Summary: Fiona is CRAZY. With a capital CRAZY.

Date: Monday, February 27, 2012. 6:03pm

Log Title: Don't Taze Me, Bro!

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

How long as it been? A day, maybe two, since Kai dropped Fiona off at Barnes? Clearly, she didn't stay there though. Because now she's here, at this coffee shop, drinking a tall caffeinated beverage of some sort while she pours over a rather antique looking book of some sort. The print is tiny and the pages are yellowed - the binding old and worn. It has a certain creepy quality to it. She's sitting in a corner off by herself, occasionally mumbling to herself. Insults? Maybe. The other patrons of the store are keeping their distance, some slightly freaked out, others poking fun.

While Kai is trying to avoid crowded places he has to eventually go to where the people are, even superpowered teens need to eat, noticing his powers starting to weaken he decided he can't ignore his stomach rumbling any longer. Dressed in blue jeans, red sneakers, a black t-shirt, a black jacket with a red hood and tucked into the back of his jeans hiden under his jacket is a handgun Kai is walking past the window of the coffee shop Fiona is in.

Theo isn't a big fan of the lockdown over at Xavier's, but there's little he can do about it. He's supposed to meet Dr. McCoy here after work to be escorted back onto campus, lest there be any more attacks from giant wolves. He steps through the door, leather jacket over his dress shirt, and khakis on his legs. Proto follows him through the door, the little robot even more alert than usual, scanning outisde the door, and then slipping in just before it closes. The shop is scanned, small snakelike camera twisting about to catch sight around all the corners.

The little robot's scanner, if it's capable of it, would notice immediately that the girl in the corner is emitting strange and unstable energy - intermittently, anyway. She looks up when Kai walks past, first noticing him - and then to the door when Theo walks in, eyes taking stock of the boy and his little robot. She's not too sure what to make of either of them, but they don't seem threatening, and she DID get to sleep in a decent bed last night so…

Kai's natuaral curiosity is caught by the little robot following the other teenager, frowning he reminds himself that he needs to just get what he came there to do done, and thats when he spots Fiona. What the hell?! is she stalking him or something?, she can't be doing much hiding in a coffee shop.

Theo's eyes perk, and he glances in Kai's direction, as if he discovered something interesting. He gives the man a suspicious stare, as if trying to size him up. The technopath's little robot turns to assess Kai as well, though doesn't seem to take too much notice of Fiona. He walks up to the counter to order his drink, though he seems to be keeping his peripheral vision fixed on Kai.

Fiona blinks back at Kai, giving him a friendly wave and a smile. SHE doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong here! Newp! Until such time as he decides to come in, though, she continues reading her book, and watching Theo when she thinks he's not looking. Anybody with a robot is worth keeping an eye on!

Kai raises an eyebrow as the little robot thing looks round at him, trying to dismiss it he decides that he has a couple of questions for Fiona. Making sure his hood is up he enters the coffee shop and heads over to where Fiona is sitting, "What are you doing here?, they toss you out?"

Theo takes his coffee and scoots toward a near table. He slides into the seat, cradling the beverage as he watches Kai, and then shifts his attention to Fiona. Was she looking at him? Seems so. He doesn't comment, but instead takes a sip of the coffee, a little guarded in his posture.

Did Theo notice her? She keeps flicking her eyes back to the book. She thinks he noticed her. Finally - what of it? Why is she being so nervous and shy? Since when is looking at someone a crime? So she stares at him for a moment. Whether or not he's looking! When Kai approaches, she shakes her head, "No, I just wanted to get out and have some peace and quiet. They thought, I mean, they seem nice, but I dunno if they can really help. It's not as if I'm any less safe anywhere else. What's after be cannot be gotten away from by running or hiding in the physical world."

Kai looks around as he gets the feeling of someone watching him, he frowns at Theo wondering why the boy would be looking at him. Turning his attention back to Fiona he nods, "Fair enough, i'm not going to make you go back or make you tell me what you're hiding from, i'm happy just as long as they're not looking for me", he frowns again and looks round at Theo again to see if he's still looking.

Theo looks away as the other two glance in his direction. "No, I don't think so," he says to Proto, his little robot. He takes another sip of his coffee, looking out the window as if he was never looking at Fiona and Kai. Such an odd thing, to have a chip in one's brain. Surely there is something to be cautious about.

"I already told you, it's in my head. I mean not in my head, but," Fiona pauses, sighing a little bit. "It's difficult to explain," she murmurs. "If you want to know… it's a demon. He has his hooks in my soul and is slowly trying to torture me until I become his slave." She shrugs a little bit. "Only, now I know he can't do anything unless /I/ choose it, so… he's extra angry. Aren't you, you fat sack of crap?" she rolls her eyes a little bit, cringing and gritting her teeth for a moment. "I came home, you know, once I realized that. But I still can't risk going home. Not until I find some way to fix all this and properly explain it to my parents. I don't wanna end up in an asylum."

Kai nods listening to what Fiona is saying, "Demons are far out of my expertise but theres a man call Agent Daniels back at Barnes who is an expert in the occult and demons, he might be able to help". His attention is again brought back to Theo, he is talking to the little robot?, he fights the temptation to reach for his gun and instead reaches into his pocket and 'accendentally' toss a wallet across the floor aiming for under Theo's table, "Crap, i better get that".

Theo glances back to his table, glancing underneath it. Proto advances on the wallet, and picks it up. The little robot clutches it in one of the two arms protruding from its back, and the four legs carry it across the room to Kai, handing the wallet back up to him. "Why did I have to program him with manners?" Theo murmurs to himself, knowing that inevitably there will be conversation that will result from this.

Fiona blinks a little at the whole act. Not being all that technology savvy, she seems quite impressed by the robot. "Wow, it brought it back!" she claps a little. "You must be like, a supergenius or something. Did you build that yourself? Can you make one that's like a cat? I'm allergic to cats." She forgets all pretense at being dark and dreary for now.

Kai grins as Fiona starts talking to Theo and crouches down to retreve the wallet from the little robot, hopefully Fiona will be enough of a distraction for him to det a proper look at this beautiful piece of technology, lowering his fingers to roughly that of room tempreture he reaches out to touch the robot.

"Yeah," Theo says, "That's Proto, I made him. I don't think you can be allergic to robot cats, though. I never made anybody else a robot before. I have plans for a second one, but he is the only one that I've built so far. He is a little too curious for his own good, though." The technopath leans forward on his elbows, watching Kai interact with Proto. He doesn't seem too worried about it. "Hello, my name is Proto," the little bot enunciates. "What is yours?"

"Well, that's what I meant! I'd be allergic to a real one, so a robot one would be good! Plus, it's almost cuter than a real cat." Okay, normally Fiona is quite so, well, cheerful… but… "You should make your second one shaped like an animal. Like a cat, or a dog. You'd make a /fortune./ I'd definitely want one. I mean, heck, it can even talk! That's like, better than a real pet!"

Kai actually smiles as Proto introduces himself, "This is brilliant", he runs is fingers along the little robot, "Hello Proto, I'm Kai, nice to meet you", he pulls out his phone ad takes a quick picture of Proto, "Hmmm, programed in, or are we at the levels out AI", he mutters to himself.

Though Theo isn't the most sociable character, it always is nice for someone to boast about you, and he takes well to it. "Maybe I should," he agrees. "If it works, I'll make sure to give you credit." He takes another sip of his coffee before answering Kai. "Well, see, there is a learning ability to him, but right now it's limited. I'm a firm believer in making my robots dumber than I am. Too many bad experiences in the world already with rogue AI. Also, treat your artificial intelligence with kindness, that way if for some reason it develops opinions of you, they are good ones."

"That's kinda boring, but makes sense, I guess!" Fiona nods, snapping her book shut since obviously this is no time to be reading! "Anyway, I'm Fiona," she introduces herself, since Kai went ahead and did so himself. "Come to think of it, I don't guess we ever exchanged names, did we?" she glances sidelong at Kai.

Kai nods, "Programing in a learning curve is rather advanced, you have help? or are you a bonified genius?" he tries a test with Proto, holding his hand palm up he forms an palm-sized ice-statue of Proto, he looks round at Fiona, "You're right, i don't think we did", heturns back to Proto, "So you're limiting his learning ability as a safety precortion?, either way, a beautiful piece of tech".

Theo nods, "Yeah, well, it does the trick. I monitor his development pretty closely." Theo's eyes flick toward Kai's palm as the statue of Proto is created. "You gotta be careful doing that kind of stuff," Theo says. "A lot of people don't like mutants, you know. It's a good way to get yourself in trouble." Theo should know, he almost got killed making that kind of trouble. "Yeah, they say I'm a genius, but I still get some help. I work for Tony Stark, he's helping me learn the tricks of the trade."

"Bluh, if they try to start anything just kick their butts!" Fiona props up her chin with her elbow, "It's not like they have any advantage or anything. I guess, I wouldn't know though. Not bein a mutant or anything," she focuses her purple eyes on the ice statue for a moment, then back to Proto.

"I'm in trouble eitherway and no one is looking at us, from what I can tell, people are trying to ignore us", Kai puts the stature on the floor in front of Proto, "Ah, Stark, i met him a while back in his other profession" and he's also met the woman who keeps trying to kill him.

"Yeah, sometimes trying to kick butt gets your butt kicked," Theo comments. "Don't worry, I don't have anything against mutants." Mainly because he is one, but he'll keep that piece of information to himself. Proto examines the ice statue, the little snake camera moving around to view it at different angles. "Ice sculpture, no viewed source of creation. Became present in subject Kai's hand. 94% probability that subject Kai is a mutant."

"Oh yeah?" Fiona wonders, picking the little robot up off the floor and setting him on the table. "What if it came from somewhere else, then, neh? What if he's not?"

Kai visibly flinches at being refured to as 'subject' the word bringing up bad memories, "Errm yeah, interesting deduction Proto", then Fiona is picking up te little robot and Kai's previous statment about no one paying attention to them becomes no longer valid.

"Yeah," Theo says cautiously. "Just be careful, I don't wanna get billed for scratching the table." Proto stands still, testing the stability of the table. "There is a 4% chance that the ice sculpture was produced by external technology, and a 2% chance that there are other unknown factors involved," it tells Fiona. "I gotta learn how to get him to think quietly to himself," Theo adds. "Sorry about that."

"Nah, it's interesting," Fiona grins a little, poking at Proto. "Other unknown factors, huh? I like it," she laughs. "I can see his point of view, though. What's the point in coming up with the information if he doesn't share it?" She leans down to peer at the little robot.

Kai smiles, "Most people dont have the tact to keep their thoughts to themselves, you can't really expect an AI to do it," just incase one of the others in the cafe had heard Proto, Kai keeps one hand at his back near his gun.

"Stop doin' that, it'll make people more suspicious than mutant powers," Fiona hisses when she sees Kai reach for his gun - it was /fairly/ obvious to her that he was packing from seeing him last night. People don't usually just have lumps on their rears! Not like that anyway.

Kai moves his hand back to his side, "I'm just a little on edge, I can't help it", standing up straight he leans on the table, he didn't realise Fiona could tell he was armed.

"What for? You kill someone?" Fiona asks idly, sipping on her coffee. "I'm not exactly little miss perfect myself, if you couldn't tell. Though… it'd take a lot for them to actually catch me, I suppose."

Yes, lots of people actually, why do you ask? "No, of course not, what sort of person do you think I am?", Kai figures this is one of those moments when you should edit the truth ever so slightly.

"Oh, I dunno, the type of person who borrows things without asking," Fiona answer nonchalantly, in reference to the little escapade with the car the night before. "It's okay, though. I understand. I really do. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do."

Theo rolls up one eyebrow, and then the other, glancing between Kai and Fiona. "Um, right, well, I don't wanna intrude on your conversation there," he says. It isn't his business, and he doesn't want it to become his business. Proto jumps down from the table, which rocks back and forth from the sudden removal of the weight. Instinctively, Theo checks his pocket, is his wallet still there? Yeah, it seems to be.

Kai frowns at Theo as he checks his pockets, "I have no intention on robbing you…" he then realises he only knows the robot's name, "Hey Proto, whats his name?", something about Theo has Kai thinking that Proto is much more likely to tell him than the man himself.

Fiona rubs her temple, "Sorry, I didn't mean to be like that," she apologizes, "In my case, there were extenuating circumstances. A scientist like you probably wouldn't believe it, though," she sighs, smirking just a little. "Please don't think ill of me. You can think ill of Kai though, I don't care," she jokes. "I'm done doing that sorta thing though. I'm turning over a new leaf."

Proto interestingly enough doesn't answer Kai. "My name is Theodore," he introduces himself. "Most people just call me Theo." There is a beat, and then Proto adds. "His name is Theo." Theo takes another sip of his coffee, "Oh you might be surprised. I stole a car once. It was extenuating circumstances, too. Don't worry, it all got worked out."

Kai chuckles slightly, "Coinidence, me and Fiona here were doing that the last time we met, it's currently parked in the woods just off Greymalkin Drive", he doesn't add that thats where he's currently living, "I'll return it eventually, unless they're insured that is, then it was win/win anyway".

"You stole it, not me," Fiona rolls her eyes a little bit. "You just offered me a ride, and I accepted!" Flawless logit there. Nothing like aiding and abetting, huh? She sighs, laying her head down on the table for a moment. "Ugh. How did I end up like this? This is ridiculous. I'm totally UN-respectable. Hanging out with thugs."

"Right." Theo takes another sip of his coffee. "Well, I wouldn't hang out too close to Greymalkin Drive, weird stuff happens over in that part of town. Been people getting kidnapped and all kinds of things." Theo will leave his information at that, rather than expose anything further. "What made you go over there, anyway?" Theo asks Kai, knowing that there are few things on Greymalkin drive other than the X-mansion.

Kai shrugs, "I know a few people that live up that way and one of them was one of those people kidnapped, so i'm sticking around for a while", he's now very sure that Theo is with Xavier's and is probably a mutant… and he has met him before! "I just realised, we've met, you're a gifted youngster right?" he looks over at Fiona, "Aiding and abetting, you're offically a thug too".

"I KNOW! Don't remind me," Fiona whines, glancing up at Theo in the middle of it. Fantastic. She peers at him momentarily. "Funny, you don't really strike me much as a mutant. But I guess they come in all shapes and sizes." She scratches her cheek a little, "Come to think of it, I haven't seen Chloe in a while, she lives up here and… y-you're talking about Xavier's aren't you? Actually, ohmigod, I haven't talked to Jules since I got back." She facepalms, face turning a deep shade of red. She bangs her forehead on the table (not TOO hard) in frustration. "Dammit! I should go there! I should go there right now!!"

Theo's face goes a little pale. How does this girl know about Xavier's? "Mutant? Who said I was a mutant?" The statement doesn't seem to sit well with Theo, he doesn't like being outted in public, especially by someone he doesn't even know. "I was talking about some crazy kidnappings. That Xavier's place is just a private school."

Kai lowers his voice, "Theo, you basicly told me yourself that you go there last time we met, don't worry about it, none of us here are completely human, we're not gonna out you, even if Fiona could use a little more tact," he raises an eyebrow at Fiona, is there anyone who doesn't know about Xaviers? they really need to work on their secret keeping, "You won't get in, they seem to be locked down".

"DAMMIT!" shouts Fiona, pounding her balled up fist down on the table while her eyes glow purple again. "I need to go there RIGHT NOW! I have to explain! He probably hates me now! And he was the only one who ever LIKED me!" she grabs her keys from around her neck, hand clutching them as they glow purple like her eyes and open a storage portal. She tosses the book in there. "I don't care if the friggin US MILITARY has the school locked down, I wanna go in there!"

"How did you find out about Xavier's?" Theo asks. He didn't tell anything about it, and he only vaguely remembers meeting Kai. "Who is he?" Theo asks as he watches Fiona's tantrum. "I'm sure he doesn't hate you… I think." He glances toward Kai, with one of those looks. You know, the look that says 'Is she crazy?'

"I have friends who go there," Kai backs away as Fiona goes into tantrum mode and starts drawing the entire cafe's attention their way, "Fiona, calm down before you bring the US military here," he reasponds the Theo's look with a shug that says 'I dunno, maybe?' The biggest problem for them right now is Fiona's rather obvious glowing eyes.

"Jules is my boyfriend! Of course he's going to tell me about his school," Fiona rolls her eyes a little bit, "Or more like, my EX-boyfriend probably, after I had to run away from home for three months and wouldn't let him come with me or bring me home." She stands up, snapping the portal with the book in it shut. "Which is why I need to see him, so I can straighten things out! That is, if he didn't already find someone new. Or doesn't hate me. He probably hates me. I'd hate me." She turns on Kai next, "You shut up! You… you… whatever you are! Don't tell me to calm down! I AM CALM! You don't even have any idea what it's been like!" Rather than being calm, however, it seems more like she's about to stick someone's head on a pike. Yes, people are noticing, and yes, they look rather concerned. Because there's a crazy person there.

"Okay, well, if I see him, I'll let him know you're looking for him. Maybe he can call you or something?" Theo suggests, glancing over his shoulder at the people making noise. He checks the clock on the wall. Where is Dr. McCoy already? Theo gets up, and Proto backs up to stand next to him, regarding Fiona carefully. "I gotta get going, but it was good to meet you," he offers uncertainly.

As Theo tries to make his excuses and leave, Kai shoots him a look that says 'do not leave me here alone with her!' Something Fiona says hits just the right button with Kai, "Don't know what it's like?, before you start down the way of the pity parade you listen to me, everyone has horrible things to deal with in their lives but you are too old to get away with throwing a tantrum!" His eyes glow ice-blue.

"Oh yeah? Well I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" Fiona shouts at Kai, "Don't act like you're my freaking father or something!" she rips open another portal, fishing a pair of ivory wands out of it. "Until you've LITERALLY been through hell, DON'T GIVE ME THAT BULLSHIT!" she huffs, hands gripping her weapons tightly as they glow unevenly.

That is enough, deems Proto. There is a single beep from the little robot, and suddenly takes a new stance, much more alert. Two small probes are revealed from a panel, and are immediately launched at the girl with the wands. The tazer marks fire true, slipping through the air with a sudden click. Attached to the cables, the electricity surges through them as they make their way through the air toward Fiona. Theo realizes the trigger of the automated defenses a split second too late to stop them, though, he isn't entirely certain he should, either. She seems quite crazy. These magic types always are.

"Hell?! You try being tortured at the age of seven just to see what you can take, then every couple of months after that just to apparently keep you strong! Now tell me I haven't been though hell!" Kai slams a hand over his own mouth as he realises what it is he's saying, taking a step back he doesn't even spot the tazers heading towards Fiona.

It's because magic inherently makes you crazy! Or you have to be crazy to believe in it enough to acquire magical powers, anyway. One of those things. At any rate, Fiona has never been tazed before, and she goes down like a sack of potatoes. "Yeah, well-" she starts to retort, before she recieves a jolt. She sort of… shakes for a moment, but is out cold pretty quickly. That's what tazing does right? Obviously, whoever is responsible for Fiona's actions doesn't really know! So there.

Theo grabs Proto and picks him up. "Oh crap," he mutters. The tazing probes retract, and Theo leaves his coffee. He glances over his shoulder. There is Dr. McCoy, just in time. "Well, my ride is here, what do you know?" he announces. "You two have a good afternoon, and good luck with all of…" he motions his hand at Kai and Fiona generally, but doesn't finish the statement. Instead, he turns on his heels, and speedwalks out of the front door to intercept a large handed man on the other side. He grabs him by the arm and turns him back away from the door and toward the car. "I'll explain on the way back, just don't turn around."

While Kai is in something of shock he moves to catch the falling Fiona before she hits the ground, as Theo starts to try and leave him alone with the girl HE just tazered Kai clenches his fists, his shock has now switched to annoyance at Theo. His enhanced strangth and speed makes it very easy to catch up with Theo while holding the unconscious Fiona, he stops in front of Hank's car and places Fiona on the hood, "Not so fast tazer boy".

Fiona is still out like a light! When she goes down, she goes down hard, apparently. Also, she's pretty small, which certainly helps a little shock go a long way. When placed on the hood of the car she does start to stir a little, mumbling incoherently. "Mrf. Cold…"

Theo clenches his jaw, and glances at Hank, and then back to Fiona, and back to Hank. "Dr. McCoy, this is not my fault," he declares with surrendering hands. "She seemed like she was about to attack us, and she was acting crazy, and Proto pre-emptively tazed her. You have no idea. I just went in there to get a cup of coffee because I got here a little early, that was all, I promise."

Kai crosses his arms, "And quickly left me to deal with the clean up, i'm not going to spend the day lugging round an unconscious crazy person." He doesn't seem to notice or prehaps just doesn't care that Fiona is begining to come round, "What am I supposed to do when she comes round and starts freaking out again?"

"Oh my Stars and Garters!" says Hank at the appearance of a girl on his car's hood, then listens to Theo's explanation and then to Kai's, "Theo, you cannot be interrupting the synaptic impulses of every girl you find threatening. What was she doing?" He then looks towards Kai and says, turning off the ignition and coming around to check on her.

Fiona wiggle. Slide. Slowly… of course, she has come around already and is listening to all of them stand around and talk. However, she desperately thinks she needs to get out of here. She DOES NOT WANT to end up in a padded cell! She starts to slide off the car, slowly at first, but once her feet hits the ground she's off like a bolt of lightning back into the cafe. Have to get the wands, have to get the wands. And then LEAVE!

"She was pulling out these wands. I didn't do it, Proto assessed the situation and decided she was a threat. I really didn't do it, and I didn't tell you to carry her around, you could just…I dunno, leave her in the seat there, and she'll wake up in a few minutes. She's your friend, after all." Theo watches as the girl starts to stir, and then quickly moves to the side as she makes a bolt to go back into the cafe. "Okay, she's fine, see? Can we just leave now?"

"Sorry but no I couldn't, everything people saw in there screamed mutant, what could've happened if i'd just left her there and she's not my friend, don't even know her," Kai groans and puts a hand to his head as Fiona gets up and runs back into the cafe, he really doesn't have the energy for this, he only came out to see if he could find something to eat for Christs sake.

After Fiona runs back to the Grind Stone, Hank watches her go and says, "My instincts would suggest that I look further into it, but luckily for you Theo, our fine institution is in a state of emergency and we must be going." He comes back around to open the door to the driver's seat to get back in, "However, we will be having a discussion with regards to Proto's protocols on our return trip."

Once she has her wands, Fiona is basically gone. She slips out the other door and then begins moving at a fairly fast pace back… you know. Towards the city. However she got there from here. Poof! And such.

Kai doesn't even argue as Hank and Theo get ready to leave, he is hungry and utterly exausted, he steps away from the car before dropping and sitting down on the road a few feet from the car, he'll get up and head off in a minute, just tired.

"Going," Theo echoes. "Yes, I think that's a good idea. Let's get out of here. Um, see ya," he adds to Kai. Hard to say it's been nice, it's been anything but. He moves around the car quickly and gets in, closing the door decidedly.

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