2009-01-29: Dont Be A Dick


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Summary: A little bonding of Elemental Spirits

Date: January 29, 2009

Don't Be a Dick

Rating: PG-13 (for Language)

Keith's Penthouse

Even though Kaden hates water, he still needs to shower. As he opens the bathroom door a thick cloud of steam exits with him as he rubs a towel through his hair. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt as he decides to walk barefoot over to the kitchen to find something to eat.

The resident Water Spirit is out on the balcony, with a cigarette in hand. He's breathing slowly, minding his own business and just staring out into the day. Quiet, calm, and peaceful. Nothing's yet rippled his water.

En route to the kitchen, Kaden spots Drew out on the balcony and walks over, opening the door enough to stick his head out. "Too fucking cold out here." He grumbles. "I was just about to make myself a sandwhich and I was wondering if you wanted one."

Consideration? From Kaden? Drew smiles at his other-side with a chuckle. "I'm aight. But thanks anyway. I'll be in in a minute. I just didn't wanna smoke in the apartment. I didn't know how Keith felt about it."

Maybe Kaden is human after all or just maybe Drew's managed to break down most of his emotional barriers. "Okay, I'll hang out here with you for a bit then." And the water that's still in his hair seems to be steaming off of him. Kaden doesn't realize it but his body temperature rises to get rid of the water faster. He says it's cold out but he doesn't realize he's not really feeling it with the rise in his body temp. Once his hair is dry that's another story though.

"Thank you for being thoughtful. That makes me happy." Drew says, smiling at Kaden as he turns around backwards to lean against the rail and watch Kaden. "You're really opening up." He says, with a bright nod. "I guess it's the stability here."

Kaden folds his arms over his chest and shrugs. "Well I don't really have a choice, I mean you wouldn't go away." Kaden says and it's hard to tell if he's teasing Drew or being serious. "And me offering you a sandwhich makes you happy? Man you're easy to please."

"It makes me happy to see you think of others along with yourself. It's a change. For the better." Drew says with a nod. "You're letting me see that you're human. Or… at least… you're more like a human. I still don't know what we are." He laughs, clapping a hand on Kaden's shoulder with a grin.

Kaden scowls at Drew and grumbles something. "You're sooo…I don't know, a sally." He can think of the word sentimental. Kaden finally starts to notice the cold as his hair is finally dry and starts to shiver. "Okay great, can we go inside, it's freezing out here. I'm not even wearing socks."

Water appears and douses the cigarette as Drew nods, moving to give the other guy a hug. He's bad about that. "Yeah, fine." He says, giving a half smile. "Wuss." And with that, he darts in ahead of the other.

Kaden lets Drew hug him but doesn't return it, though he still tenses up a bit. "Screw you Drew." He says heading inside after the water spirit, happy to be inside where it's warm again. "Not my fault you can't feel the fucking cold. See if I offer to make you lunch again."

"Oh, just admit that ya love me." Drew says with a laugh, flopping on the couch… almost with a dive. "It is nice up here. If a little on the noisy side." He says with a quick nod and a sigh.

"Okay, I love you like a punch to the face." Kaden says stubbornly, and he's still sporting the splint for his broken nose from the fight the other day. "I don't know, it's quiet to me. Living with four people instead of lots…it's quiet."

"Especially since none of them are really all that noisy. And what noise there is… it's not like most people make. It's not blaring music. It's not skipping around like an idiot. It's natural sounds. Xane and his chop chop chop. Flinn and the whispering air. My waterfall in my room." Drew says with a nod. "It's a nice type of sound. Natural."

"Yeah the day I do anything with fire in here is the day I burn the place down." Kaden says with a sigh as he walks into the kitchen to fix himself a ham sandwhich. "Are you sure you don't want something to eat? I don't know how to cook but I can put ham on bread."

"I'm sure, Kaden. I'm just fine." Drew says with a chuckle. "I ate a little while ago. Remember, I'm used to rising with the sun back home." He says with a wrinkled nose. He flips his hand in the air, letting a little of the ambient moisture coalesce around his fingers.
"I'm used to scheduled meal times, well Xavier's didn't really enforece that." Kaden admits but if you wanted something to eat that you didn't have to cook then you had to get in there by a certain time. He comes back out with his sandwhich and an apple and sits down next to Drew. "What was it like…back home?"

"I… I don't remember it all that well, really. I remember the parents, and having a home where you were free to be yourself. Clothing was always optional unless there were visitors. And love. Lots of love." Drew says with a soft nod as he recalls things. "We were almost like a commune in our little part of Arizona. Most of the neighbors would come and go as they please."

"You're lucky." Kaden says quietly eating his sandwhich. He's jealous of Drew, Drew had the things he wanted as a kid. A family. He doesn't speak again until he's almost done eating. "I'm sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about. Life is life. I got weird after they died… well, after -I- died, but I got over it when I found someone else that mattered." Drew explains with a grin. "It worked out in the long run. Or at least, it has so far."

Kaden looks at Drew and nods. He feels bad that Drew had to loose it though. "How do you just, get over it? I mean, ten years ago my mother left me at some facility for kids with issues. I don't think I was a bad kid, I don't remember though. I just rememeber seeing in my folder that it said 'Mother couldn't take care of anymore.' or some bullshit like that. It still bothers me."

"I don't know, Kaden. I can't explain it. It could be because… well… Dmitri and I noticed something. That we seem to be much more like our elements. Dmitri and I are the stable, calm ones. You, passionate and powerful. Keith… well… a little on the flighty side." Drew says with a shrug.

Kaden shrugs. "Great, so I'm a distruct force." Kaden says, as he still feels guilty about what he's destroyed. "And I'm not passionate." He thinks of passion as romance, not strong emotions. "What about Xane? I don't know, what is he anyway? He doesn't seem to do anything but I feel it with him."

"Mm.You're passionate, K-Man." Drew says with a nod. "You know how quickly you get angry and just HOW angry you get? That IS passion. Passion isn't just the bedroom, I wanna fuck-ya, type." He laughs, leaning back against the couch and bouncing his feet in the air. "I dunno. I still get the feeling that it's something intangible."

Kaden gives Drew a glare as he says the 'bedroom' bit. There are just somethings it'll take a while for him to get used to. "I can't help it, I just get pissed easy." Also it came from building up the emotional walls when he was younger, noone can emotionally hurt you if noone's your friend. "You won't leave me right Drew? I know we share this bond, but, I don't know if I can deal with going back to being alone again. It was fine before…" He makes a grumpy face and crosses his arms, choosing not to answer.

"Oh, Kaden." Drew says, moving over to the Fire Spirit and giving him a hug… accompanied by a kiss on the cheek. "No, I won't. Where would I go? Detroit?" He grins, ruffling Kaden's hair. "You mean a lot to me. I'm not giving that away."

At the kiss on the check, Kaden freezes for a second before pushing Drew away. "Don't kiss me." He says grumpily. He's just getting used to being huged. "Maybe, what's in Detroit anyway? Where is Detroit? And yeah, same, with the lot thing."

"You'll get used to it. You let me hug you now, anyway." Drew says with a grin. "And I bet Keith wouldn't refuse." He chuckles, going back to flop on the couch again. He taps his feet in the air silently.

"Refuse what?" comes moments before a yawn as Keith Flinn makes his way down the stairs. White hair a mess, he's in little more than pajama pants. "Mornin', K-man and Drew."

"Well then you can kiss him all you want then." Kaden says stubbornly finally picking up his apple and eating it. "Good morning? It's lunch time already. And Drew's being…Drew." He grumps.

As Keith comes down the stairs, Drew jumps off the couch and makes a running leap at Keith for a hug. "Oh, he got all defensive because I gave him a kiss on the cheek. And I said I bet you wouldn't mind getting them." He grins, happily.

Flinn blinks then looks for a clock. "Damn," he says. "Guess it was later than I thought last night…" he trails off with a chuckle. He lets out a little grunt when he's suddenly got a Drew leaping to him but catches the Water-Spirit and hugs him. "You'd win that bet, Drew," he says with a wink, heading for the couch.

"Hey Keith." Kaden says inbetween bites of his apple. He seems to prefer fruits and veggies over junkfood when he snacks or eats. "See Drew, you can kiss him, you don't need me for that." Again there's a bit of the grumpy tone.

"But I enjoy it. It has nothing to do with anything but that. It's supposed to be a good thing." Drew says, sticking his tongue out at Kaden as he goes back to the couch with Keith. "Spent some time with Dmitri accidentally, the other day." Yep. Accidentally, not Incidentally.

Flinn flops down on the couch and leans in to look Kaden over. "How ya feelin', K-man?" he asks quietly. When Drew mentions Dmitri, Keith arches an eyebrow. "What happened?"

Kaden squrims as Flinn leans in to look him over. "I'm fine, I've been in worse fights, seriously." He says frustrated. "If he decides to come after me again though, he won't be lucky." Kaden says looking at Drew. "Yeah, well it's not a good thing. I let you get away with hugging me."

"Just admit you love me." Drew says, sticking his tongue out at Kaden before snuggling up against Flinn happily. "Hmm? Oh, I was letting the water take me to new, interesting places, and I ended up following the water to his cave home." He explains. "We talked awhile, and smoked a bit."

Flinn slips an arm around Drew and keeps him close. "Alright. How about inside-wise. Mood," he adds to Kaden. "And if he comes after you again, I'll deal with him," he says, tone hardening just a tad there. He doesn't like it when people hurt Kaden or Drew. "He's got a cave?"

"Fuck, I can take care of myself, I don't need you fucking babing me. And I feel fine." Kaden says not used to being treated like that so he doesn't know how to handle it. "I'll admit we're friends, that's it. And Dmitri? I think I have his business card still." He actually didn't throw it away.

"Yeah, it's a nice cave. Pretty. I felt at peace there." Drew says with a nod, looking up at Keith. At Kaden's outburst, he sighs, "Duuude. He's not trying to baby you. He's mad that someone hurt you, just like I am. If I see whoever it was, I'm plannin' on giving them a dunking they won't forget."

Flinn nods. "What Drew said," he confirms. "And just because you can take care of yourself doesn't mean ya have to when ya got people willing to help ya out."

Kaden sighs and looks down. "I'm…just not used to it is all." He says giving in reluctantly. "Sorry." He mutters.

"S'alright." Drew says with a shrug. "IT's all good. Just call us. We're your friends."

Flinn nods. "Yeah, no worries," he says. "Drew's right," he adds, ruffling the Water-Spirit's hair. The wind spirit then reaches over to pat Kaden's shoulder.

"So what's the deal with ths Dmitri guy, he said something about not feeling what we felt when I met him." Kaden says pushing his red hair back. "And yeah, I can call you by yelling really loud. I'm sure you'll hear me from the park." Again, it's hard to tell if Kaden is joking in a friendly way or a bitter way.

"He does. He was keeping things quiet." Drew says with a nod. "He's one of us. He can't come up here, though." He says, making a pouty face.

Flinn nods. "Yeah, Earth-guy can't get too far from the ground," he yawns. "I told him I could reserve rooms down stairs if he wanted to talk though…" he trails off. "And we'll get ya a cell phone, K-man."

Kaden shrugs, he doesn't really think he has a need for a cellphone. He leans his head back against the couch and sighs. "Well maybe you can go visit him from time to time. And I don't really need a cellphone Fancypants. I'll never use it."

"A panic button, then. They make them. Press a button and it alerts people with a GPS signal. Only the people linked to it." Drew offers with a nod. It's something Keith could get easily, and it wouldn't be all that expensive.

Flinn yawns. "Yeah, panic button, cell phone…whichever…" he trails off. "And by the way…I got something for ya upstairs," he mentions.

"Yeah I can hit the panic button, I'm lost in New York again. Seriously this city is too fucking big." That's why when he wants to be alone he sticks to Central Park, it's pretty much right there.

"Kaden, don't be a dick. Be a dude." Drew says with an eyeroll as he looks up at Keith and moves to give him a quick peck on the cheek. Hey, he's allowed! "Just go with it. It'll make us all feel better."

Flinn nods. "New York is a big place. Atleast it's easier to figure out than some other cities out there…" he trails off, remembering getting lost in Paris…and Vegas. He squeezes Drew again and looks to the ceiling. "It would be good to have some way to keep us all in touch…"

Kaden sighs as a part of him was being serious. He gets lost easily in New York. "Maybe I'll get myself a map. And whatever." He says taking a deep breath. "Sorry if I'm being grumpy, I just, I don't want you going after someone just because I got into a fight with someone, it happens."

"Bros before Hoes, dude. Bros before Hoes." Drew says, nodding softly to some invisible beat. He holds a fist out, as he does so. Of course, the image is rather silly. Surfer boy with all that.

Flinn blinks, giving Drew a little fist-bump. "Uhh…" he just seems confused there. "Just try to stop getting into so many fights," he teases Kaden a bit.

Kaden shrugs and sighs. "I can't help it. I was telling Drew, sometims I just get so angry I snap and then I kind of realize what I did. It's not like I go around looking for fights….anymore." He grumbles at the end as he runs a hand through his hair.

"Means you're growing up. It's a good thing." Drew says with a grin. "Means you're becoming like the rest of us. An… well, I'm not an adult yet. Still a year and a few weeks before that."

Flinn nods. He considers for a moment before reaching over to try to pull Kaden into a sudden side-hug. "You're adult enough."

Kaden is reluctantly dragged into a side hug and there's that faint smile that forms on the side of his mouth. "Oh come on Drew, you can't be that much older than me." Kaden says figuring the two are around the same age.

"I'll be seventeen. On Valentine's Day." Drew says with a shrug. "But I act older." Yeah… right.

Flinn keeps Kaden close too, arm around each of the other spirits. He smirks and leans back, going quiet and letting the other two talk.

"I'll be seventeen in August…I'm the youngest aren't I?" Kaden asks and he reaches over Keith to playfully punch Drew. "Yeah right, sometimes you act like you're twelve." He says but in an affectionate way.

Drew maneuvers himself until he's sitting in Keith's lap, so he can put an arm around Kaden also. "Well, I don't wanna be an adult yet. I like being myself." He says with a grin. He has a look of complete contentment on his face.

Flinn lets out a little 'oof' as he's suddenly got a Drew in his lap. He chuckles as the two younger spirits speak, just shaking his head and enjoying the company.

Kaden tenses a bit as there are two people with arms around him and he's trying not to cross his arms over his chest. "Yeah. And if you ever stop being yourself Drew, I'm going to kick your ass, okay?" Kaden says that because he likes Drew for who he is.

"I'm only not myself when I get pissed off. I'll try not to let you see it… unless you're in trouble." Drew says with a grin. Happy.

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