2010-04-09: Don't I Know You?


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Summary: Caleb realizes him and his new roommate, Jeremy, have met before.

Date: April 9, 2010

Log TitleDon't I Know You?

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Caleb and Jeremy's Room

A two-person room. Two beds are in the room, one on each side. Both beds are twin-sized. There are wall-build dressers and closets and a single bathroom for both people to share.

Two days ago Jeremy moved into the dorm room at Barnes Academy, he's still getting used to things and has been going through a lot of new student stuff with the facility so he hasn't had much time to just relax in his room. He doesn't have much stuff, just a few clothes that are packed away and the issued stuff from Barnes. At the moment he's looking at the school issued laptop he was given, like he's trying to figure a few things out. He's dressed in the school uniform, navy blue cargo pants and a longsleeved grey shirt with BARNES written on the chest. His black leather gloves are pulled tight on his hands as he trys to get used to typing with gloves on.

Caleb just finished his first class of the day and has headed back to his room for his training uniform, he's dressed in the same uniform as Jeremy is wearing, he's not in the best mood, hes been banned from leaving the ground for a week for missing curfew, stupid scanners picked him up even while invisable. When he walks in he spots his new roomate, "Hey, don't i know you from somewhere?"

By the time Caleb walks in, Jeremy is half tempted to just take off his gloves and just type with his hands. He looks up as he hears the voice and shrugs. "I'm not sure.." He says trying to figure out if Caleb looks familiar. Then it clicks with him, after all Jeremy has seen so many faces living on the streets of New York. "Something with Magic right?"

Caleb nods, "Yeah, and you're the guy who was with the German, right?", he walks over and sits on his bed, "Funny coincidence you ended being my roomate, anyidea what happened to the other guy?"

Jeremy turns away from the laptop, glad to have an excuse to not have to deal with it at the moment. "I guess, and I'm not sure. I haven't seen him since that. He's just some guy I've run into a few times in the city." Jeremy says with a shrug as he pushes some of his reddish hair back. "I have to find Mikhail later and get him to teach me more about this damn stuff." He says indicating the laptop and other electronic stuff they got him. It's just he's rusty after not using a computer for a few years.

"I havn't met him yet, but i know Cody and Danny, they're cool, i'd offer to help but i only know the basics when it come to computer stuff", Caleb kicks off his shoes, "I never asked, what is it you do?"

"I've only met Mikhail and Mr. Angelo. The doctor guy who says not to call him a doctor." Jeremy isn't exactly that comfortable around Angelo. Then at the question of powers, Jeremy just looks down with a sigh. He doesn't like his powers and he knows it's kind of weird. "I can see the past of anything I touch."

Caleb nods, "Yeah i met Angelo, he told me not to call him a doctor as well", when told what Jeremy's powers are he gets a little confused, "You see the past?"

"I see the past, if I touch something, I can see the past of that object. Like if I touch a jacket, I can see whose worn it before, what it's been through, whose spilled soda on it, stuff like that. They call it post cognition." Jeremy explains as he's very awkward about his power. It's just he knows that there is no such thing as privacy around him.

"Weird, it's gonna be hard to keep secrets from you then", Caleb smiles to show he's joking, then gets up and walks ton his closet, and starts serching for his training uniform.

"As long as you don't touch me, it'll be fine. It's just skin contact, I can touch things with gloves on or clothing prevent me from seeing. It's just direct skin." And not just hands either, any skin on Jeremy that touches something, person or object, he can see it's past. "They're going to be working on that with me here. What about you? You're like some kind of wizard right?"

Caleb shakes his head, "Like i said last time, it doesn't work like that, my dad can do spells and stuff, but i just got a couple of abilities, i can phase, fly, go invisable and some weird energy thing, not sure what it does yet, but no i'm not a wizard".

"Sorry, I just remembered magic." Jeremy says a bit quietly, his body language is a bit tense, guarded almost, as he sits at his desk. "They have me training with my powers, or going to be, but I don't know how how you train with this." He says looking down at his hands. "What you can do, I can see training with that."

"Your powers could be used for, errm, i think its called recon?, it would be usefull for that", Caleb shrugs about his own powers, "Yeah they get me training alot, it's pretty triring".

"I thought this place would be a lot like regular school, just kind of more military-ish but…I guess I was right and wrong." Jeremy says looking over at the walls, the blank walls which kind of remind him that they are underwater. "Do you feel trapped down here, like…not enough fresh air?"

Caleb nods, "Kind of, but you learn to deal with it, and we can go out into the city sometimes", he can't right now but thats beside the point.

"Oh I know we can go up to the surface, since I can't smoke down here." And they would really prefer if Jeremy quit smoking since he's so young but baby steps. "I'm just used to living outside so being kind of like this inside is different for me. Even living with Andres, at the halfway house, I was outside a lot."

Caleb shrugs, "Still its gotta be better than living on the streets, maybe you can ask for a room nearer the surface", he puts his uniform into a bag.

Jeremy gives a small smile, probably the first smile he's had since Caleb came into the room today. "You've seen this place, there are no rooms closer to the surface." It's all one level. "It is nice though, not living on the streets and I like the clothes they gave us here. No one's worn them before."

Caleb grins, "Fair point, guess you're stuck down here", he shrugs in responce to the clothing, "Me and my twin used to share clothes, but i guess with your powers new clothes help".

"You have a twin brother? Does he go here too?" Assuming that Caleb's twin is a boy not a girl since he said share clothes. "Yeah, it does. I was wearing whatever I could find for a long time, then at the halfway house it was all hand-me downs for the most part."

Caleb nods, "Yeah, Connor, he stayed back home, he wants to figure out his powers on his own, but he said he might join sometime in the future", he misses his twin but is enjoying having his own identity here, "I'll me carefull not to accedently touch your stuff, so you don't get a load of visions".

"Oh, it doesn't work like that. If you touch anything of mine, then I touch it, I'll just see that you've touched it. Not your past, unless I touch you." Jeremy says trying to explain it. His power is very specific to what he touches. "I have a brother and sister, I haven't seen them in about two years. Not twins but…"

"Why haven't you seen them in so long?", Caleb's family has always been pretty close, so it seems wierd to have so little contact with siblings over so long.

"I….ran away." Jeremy says and leaves it at that. He shifts nervously and goes back to his laptop, obviously he's a bit uncomfortable on that topic. Right now, he starts focusing on trying to get on the internet. "Do you really think it's necessary to have an email address, I don't really know anyone." Yes it's a blatant change of subject.

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