2009-06-07: Doom Plus Two


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Summary: The Time Travel Adventure continues as Jordan and Julian land in a place more dangerous than the others they've been to!

Date: June 7, 2009

Log Title: Doom Plus Two

Rating: R

Castle Doom - Doomstadt, Latveria - ???

With the same rush of light and air, both Julian and Jordan will have jumped from the time periods they had landed in. Along the way, the sudden feeling of colliding with something would be felt before the trip continued. When it finishes, they're treated to a stable landing for once. With Jordan still dressed as a samurai after twelve hours in feudal Japan and Julian all dayglow punk-rock brit after about seven hours (time travel's weird) in Britain, the two young mutants have been dropped in what appears to be a wine cellar. There are several bottles of very expensive wines about and no signs of Daisuke, Eddie, or Jared.

"My, oh my. Isn't this interesting," Skeets murmurs as it flickers to life.

"Great." Jordan says looking around as he eyes Julian. "Ok… so when were you?" He asks casually as he goes to look around for the others anyway. After all, who knows who's where. Stupid broken machinery. "So, what's interesting? Where and when are we?" He's getting used to this… to an extent.

Julian looks up from his lying down position. Eying Jordan as he asks. "I could ask the same thing, Daniel-San." He responds, looking at his mohawk, then to Jordan's getup. The teen looks around the cellar. "We got one of these at my place." He says, not seeing anyone else in the cellar.

Skeets scoffs. "While my sensors are picking up a lot of interference from another temporal device and making it very difficult to determine exactly when and where we are, I have some good news for you," the AI pauses. "I have located half of the master control unit in this facility," it says. Must mean outside the wine cellar because no one's in there with the teens.

"Good news for us then." Jordan says with a nod, not caring about his outfit. He… likes it. It suits him. "We have one too. Down there, there are HUNDREDS of local wine places with their own individual craftings." He says with a nod to Julian. Probably exaggerating, but still.

Julian doesn't know much about wine like his folks do. "You didn't answer the man, Skeets. When and where are we?" He asks the accessory. Cobalt blue eyes look around his new surroundings, before he responds. "Half of the control unit? So it's broken. Awesome."

Skeets scoffs once again. "I said another temporal device is providing too much interference to detect when and where we are," it replies. "And yes, you're the ones that broke it, remember? The other biological has the other half," it goes on reffering to Jared. The door to the room can be found easily enough and it's unlocked too. Leads out into a rather empty corridoor. They'll be presented with the choice of going right into darkness or left towards light in the distance.

Moving in the direction towards the door, Jordan peeks out. "Trust me. As loud and annoying as he is, you wouldn't know he was broken." He says with an eyeroll, scratching his head. Hmm. Left or right. Well, he could easily explore… and quickly on his own. But, he knows better than to separate. "Any suggestions?" He asks to no one in particular,
or perhaps both. "Left or right. Dark or light."

The telekinetic follows. "Right." He says, nothing calculative in that. Just picking right over left. Still dressed in his punkish metal outfit. There's not much he can say more, so he just heads off that way.

Footsteps echo in the hallways and it gets rather cold as they go on. Eventually stairs, also stone, are reached leading up into a small room. There's not much in there save for a pair of lights, a chair, and a painting of a rather grim-looking man in royal-wear. There's a nameplate under the painting reading 'Victor Von Doom'.

Jordan has one particular knowledge area that is shared by a few others that are also on this long trip. Looking at the nameplate under the portrait, he says a single word that sums it all up. "Shit." His size begins to fluctuate a little as he looks to Julian. He looks around the room, trying to figure out if there's anything hidden, or any other exits

Julian takes a look at the picture as well. "Shit." He responds to the nameplate. "Just great, out of all the places we land, we land /here/." THe telekinetic says, not exactly aloud, but loud enough for Jordan to hear. The telekinetic also probes about for an exit, the sooner they GTFO, the better.

No sooner do the words leave Julian's lips…a heavy metal door slams down over the entrance they used. Lights brighten and the sound of machinery humming to life can be heard. With astonishing speed, the painting falls back and a robotic arm whips out. It clamps Julian around the waist and yanks him through a hole in the wall before another heavy metal plate slams down. Left alone, Jordan will notice a sudden crackling of energy over all the walls in the room as well as the floor and ceiling. Some kind of energy field that'll make it impossible for his nigh-intangible state to pass through. There's a rumble and the celing starts to decend slowly and the walls start to close in. There are marks on the walls and floors that suggest there will be a safe area in the room…but it's going to be a very small one. And those crushers are moving in.

Julian meanwhile is tossed rather rudely into a room about as big as his dorm-room back home. One wall is see through, displaying a small veiwing chamber and a video monitor showing what's happening to Jordan as well as two robots at a control console. A click is heard and Julian's room starts to flood with water pretty quickly.

Jordan reaches out to try to stop the thing from taking Julian, but he apparently isn't fast enough. Sighing, he looks around to see if there's anywhere he can go, but chooses to stand in one of the safer lookoing spots, not changing his size until he has to.

Julian is grabbed very quickly, even before he realizes he was swiped, the Hellion is left in a strange room. Right before the room start to fill with water at an accelerated rate. The telekinetic puts a telekinetic shield around him. After that, he tries to smash the walls, the see-through one to be specific, hopefully breaking through to the other side. He's trying to get out of there without drowning, inside the bubble, his arms reach out towards the wall, green energy flowing from his hands as constant pressure is placed upon the see-through wall.

Things are moving in rather quickly on Jordan. It's not very long until he's able to touch the walls just by spreading his arms and the ceiling is getting low enough to promt ducking down. And they're still moving in!

The water reached Julian's waist by the time the Hellion fights back. The robotss look up slowly as the glass starts cracking. The cracks spider-web out and just as the water reaches chin-level on Julian, a robot stands and the wall shatters. Water floods out of the room and Julian is granted access to two soaked robots and a soggy control room.

"Fine. If that's how you want to play it…" Jordan says with a growl and a glare as his body gets quite small, down to its lower limit. ALong with that comes the extra added bonus of Sam Guthrie-like propulsion and protection. He begins ramming himself into the walls and ceiling alternately. The only problem is, while Sam can maintain a constant speed, Jordan can only do two second bursts of VERY HIGH speed.

The telekinetic shield is released, moving Julian to the control room. Hellion looks about on the controls for something to stop the trap on the other room with Jordan occupying it. Or perhaps the two robots still work? Julian is going to try anything to get Jordan out of that room.

The walls and celing come to a stop as Jordan starts bouncing off them. Everywhere he hits, there's a crackle of energy as the field resists. Thankfully, a level easily found by Hellion will pull everything back to where it had been before. The door Julian had been pulled through even opens up to allow them to reunite. One of the robots in the room is finished but the other is struggling to its feet and charging at Julian to tackle him around the midsection.

As everything opens up, Jordan begins blasting his way towards the struggling robot, trying to make sure that Julian isn't blindsided from behind. Every short blast of speed from him carries with it a gunshot like sound. "Don't tell a single person you saw this!"

The telekinetic, too busy looking at the viewscreen, doesn't see the robot coming towards him. Though the sounds of a gunshot are enough to get him to turn around, looking at the other teen. "Saw what?" He asks, not knowing what 'this' Jordan refers to.

The already damaged robot isn't too difficult for Jordan to punch right through. Once pierced the bot falls, sparking. There's another door in the room and it leads down yet anothe corridoor. This one's more decorated with art, mostly of Doom. And there's a light at the end of the tunnel this time.

Skeets lets loose a flash of light and Julian and Jordan are suddenly back in their black and gray uniforms with the word 'stored' flashing scross Skeet's screen. "I'm detecting both the temporal signature causing the interference and the half of my control unit ahead!" the Ai declares.

"That." Jordan says as he immediately grows back to his full size, looking around. "I don't like that size. At all." He says, shaking his head as he glares down at the outfit. "Awwwww. I liked the samurai gear." He looks to Julian, moving behind him, rather than taking the lead.

Julian's mohawk is removed, along with his stud bracelets, black Doc Martens and sleeveless Judas Priest shirt. Moving back to the temporal uniform, his hair back to normal even. "Yeah, okay." He says to Jordan about the size. The Hellion starts walking down the corridor towards the interference and the half of control unit.

"Oh, stop complaining. I've been storing the garments in my database. They're there if needed," Skeets speaks up in response to Jordan. "Now get moving!"

Talking can be heard up head. A familair german voice. Dr. Sting. "Now stand aside," Sting can be heard demanding. By the time Julian and Jordan reach the light, they come out on a balcony overlooking a large and open room. There's big windows and a lot of scientific equipment down below. There's also a few interesting points. In the back of the room is a device that seems to be the source of the interference. Dr. Doom's Time Platform! Trapped nearby and staring out of her prison is one Susan Storm in the original uniform of the Fantastic Four. Nearby is none other than Dr. Doom himself, standing between Sting and the Time Platform. There's a tense silence before Doom fires an energy blast at Sting, sending the doctor tumbling. "Doom obeys no man for there is no man greater than Doom in this time or any other!" the ruler of Latveria intones.

Sting growls, getting up from where he landed. "You'll regret that y-" the doctor pauses and looks up in Julian and Jordan's direction. "YOU!"

"Shit. Do we take him down?" Jordan asks, ready to respond in a moment's notice, whichever way Julian says. After all, Jordan's not experienced in all this. But, now that Julian knows what his powers also entail, he doesn't mind using it around him. After all, he IS much stronger like that.

The telekinetic looks down at the good doctor and smirks. Hellion looks to the shrinker, giving a nod. "Yeah. Let's go for it." He says, jumping down to land on the floor, staring at Dr. Sting. "Yeah, us." He says, eyes turning green as he moves to grab the doctor in a telekinetic hold.

"Who dares intrude in Castle Doom?" Dr. Doom demands, watching as Julian and Jordan come down. Domino masks appear on them mid-way down to hide who they are.

Dr. Sting stands and flies back, getting away from the telekinetic grip. "Won't be that easy, boy!" Sting sneers, sending an energy blast Julian's way.

Thinking quickly on his feet, Jordan offers a bow to the Doc. "Sorry, your Magnificence. We're not here on purpose. This scumbag stole us from our home and is sending us on a wild goose chase. We won't be here any longer than we have to be." He says before shrinking down and aiming himself at the OTHER Dr.

Hellion rises above the blast as Julian looks to the doctor. "C'mon then." He says, floating above the ground, taking this fight six inches off of the ground. Telekinetic punches are given out to the armored future doctor.

Sting curses as his first blast is evaded so easily. The first punches hit, getting CLANGS of satisfaction before Sting creates a barrier to block the others. "The runt may have delayed his fate but you two will die here!" he yells, glowing blade popping out of his gauntlet before Sting swats at Jordan with the flat side of the blade. Armor systems allowing him to keep up since he saw that attack coming, Sting sends Jordan tumbling towards the ground.

Doom meanwhile seems to have before much more interested in his Tiem Platform. A quick glance will tell why. Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, and The Thing have arrived with what appears to be a treasure chest.

As he gets thrust into the ground, Jordan is thankful that he's so durable. At this size, it's really hard to hurt him, because of the sheer density of his body. He glares, letting a growl go as he blasts repeatedly at the Dr, while Julian does his own distraction techniques. BEtween them, you'd think they could do something.

The telekinetic looks to the doctor, he's a bit pissed now that there is a barrier up. Hellion looks as the other three members of the Fantastic Four arrive. A platform of telekinesis forms beneath Doctor Sting as he lifts him up, eventually forming a TK energy cage to encompass Doctor Sting.

As the J-Team does batle with Dr. Sting, the Fantastic Four has just begun to fight Dr. Doom. And it's a pretty active fight back there.

Sting's barrier falls after a few moments and he looks down at the plaform. Once it turns cage, he starts emiting energy and pushing back against Julian's hold. "This won't hold me!" he declares, giving the mutant a run for his money. None of this flashy show serves as a barrier against Bullets though. When Jordan strikes Sting, the doctor yells and falls back. What seems to be a device that looks similar to the one Jared stole during their first encounter flies from Sting.

"Catch that!" Skeets yells quickly. "It's one of the components to the Master Control unit!"

Jordan gives a bright grin as he continues pounding away. "Catch what?" He asks. As small as he is, everything is HUGE to him. Looking around, it's hard to spot whatever it is, but he sees something flying, so he tries to snag it, while growing, in order to not damage it.

Julian's cage hold around Dr. Sting wavers as the telekinetic helps the smaller mutant before he grows. The item is slowed a little but the amount of concentration needed for the pressure on the cage is getting to Hellion.

The device fragment is caught! And it looks like a piece off the master control unit alright. Sting shakes his head as he recovers from the hits from Jordan. "No!" he yells, a new energy crackling around him. And suddenly…Sting's gone in the same light Julian and Jordan just saw earlier when they were dropped into this castle.

Meanwhile, a burst of flame and an energy blast streak past Hellion. "It's clobberin' time!" can be heard from Mama Grimm's baby boy as he engages Dr. Doom in hand-to-hand combat.

"Got it!" Jordan calls, holding the piece to himself. After the others vanish, he looks to Julian. "Now what do we do with this thing?" He asks. Then… the big fight begins. "Well, other than get the hell outta dodge?"

"We get outta here, and find somewhere to chill before we can jump again." Julian says quite dryly. He closes the energy field and huffs a little bit, he's a bit drained after that encounter. With the fire and the energy blast, the telekinetic goes into the air once again, motioning for the Bullet to follow.

The windows provide a nice exit onto the Latverian countryside. A nice method of escape. Skeets scnas what Jordan took. "Hm. Now just to get the last piece, what the other one of you biologicals has…and repair it all. And then we can return everyone to when they belong," Skeets says cheerfully. "Approximately fourty seven minutes until a jump may occur."

Following Julian's instructions, Jordan flies along, in his short quick bursts, hovering when he has to wait for the other. "So, where are we going next? Or rather… when?" He says, with a sigh.

"I have no clue, but Skeets says that there's one option, right?" He asks, mainly to the talking bling. Julian can fly fast, but not as fast as Jordan can. "I'm just sick of seeing that Sting fucker." The telekinetic says with an abrupt tone.

Skeets 'clears his throat'. "At the moment, yes. Just one option," he chimes. "But for now, rest."

Meanwhile, the very first battle between Dr. Doom and the Fantastic Four goes on!

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