2010-05-15: Doorknobs!


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: May 15, 2010.

Log Title Doorknobs!

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Right Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

Half his black and red mask was pulled up high enough to be over his nose jaw showing as a toothbrush protruded from curled and crinkled up lips, a humming half gurgling sound escaping him while pacing back and forth along some bit of lush hedge, only to stop and spit out a mouthful of minty good gunk. A canteen being used to gargle with as released a 'Whew! Always prepared. " He chuckles. .o0( Yeah right) "I am, shut up. " Apparently… the man was talking to himself or someone unseen. Deadpool seemed unaware of anything around him right now as he begins to argue with himself. Looking as though he spent the night on or somewhere outdoors around the mansion's yard.

As it's about midday so Mikhail's morning classes are over and he's got TWO free periods now so he went hunting, there is not a whole lot to be found in the woods nearby but still he had fun, hes wearing red sneakers, dark blue jeans, a red a purple hoodie and his mouth and chin are dripping blood. As he rounds a corner he catches a scent he doesn't know then spots the man in the costume talking to himself, after all the weird stuff that goes on around here, Mikhail's guard goes straight up and he crouches and approaches the man as silently as he can.

" What, silent treatment now? Aww fine, baby. I swear… one of these days… one of these days. One of these days what? Well I'll tell you what, I'm going to grab your lower lip pull it up over your forehead and punch you right where your mouth would be! Yeah thats what I'll do… WHAT? you want me to try it right now, all right tough guy, you got it. " One hand flung out and tossed the toothbrush the other dropped the canteen with a *splosh* as he grabbed his own head and started struggling back and forth. " Ugh, well wait… shit thats not very bright is it, I mean… considering… " Both of his eyes now turn to slits as he whispers, " Hate you. " Spinning about his eyes still set into slits he looks towards the X-Mansion. " Now, to go play with the X-tards… Just have to find my doorknobs. "

Mikhail stops approching at that weird behavior, i mean he can be weird, this guy is INSANE, he keeps talking to himself, Mikhail is trying to think of a way to help him but is coming up blank except…, "Doornobs sre usually found on doors, but sometimes in boxes".

" Doorknobs, these… " His body shooting forward he grabs up two pistols, pointing them skyward then off towards Mikhail. " are doorknobs! " Standing upright from the crouch he had landed in his masks bottom portion flips down over his mouth. " Who're you? Speak fast."

Mikhail doesn't flinch when the gun is pointed at him, he's never been shot before but he figures his healing factor can handle it, thats if he gets hit that is, but still he'll answer the question, "I'm Mikhail, why?, who are you?", he says this in a Romanian accent, also very quickly as instructed.

" Speak faster, faster! Think micromachine fast! " He pointed up one of the weapons aiming it towards the youths forehead, though there was still distance between them. Pulling back on the hammer he chuckles, " hehehe I'm just jerking your Sam Cooke kiddo. I wouldn't shoot you, Mikhail you said eh? Bout I call you Navy. Easier on the noggin, you can call me Wade. " The firearms spinning deftly in his hands, " I'm a fellow X-Man… " .o0(No we're not.) " Shhh ixnay on the no Man X A! " Holstering each he walks towards Mikhail. " Betcha you're a student here ain'tcha? " Staring a moment longer at the mutant, his chuckle escaped again and he tapped the side of his head. " Yeeeah okay, gots something to check up on. Later Navy, this conversation has been way informational, pleasant and stimulating kinda like waxing Rosie O'Donnell left buttcheek. Toodles! " As quick as he had been there running his mouth and hoping about like a juiced up easter bunny he was gone, vanishing through some of the foliage that became the hedge maze.

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