2010-09-04: Double Confronation


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Summary: Robyn confronts Lucas on something to have Jinx confront him moments later.

Date: September 4, 2010

Log Title: Double Confronation

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Dinner time for Robyn, he's sitting at one of the tables with a bag of McDonalds in front of him. It seems that he went off campus for dinner. He dips his fries in his sweet and sour sauce that he's also using for his nuggets. He's sitting by himself as he doesn't know many of the others in the cafeteria that well. He knows he should have brought a book or notebook with him but since he didn't he sits there kinda bored.

Lucas wanders into the cafeteria. He's carrying a two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper, which is open, and wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants and a wife beater. He notices Robyn and heads over to his table. "What up yo?" he asks, taking a drink from the soda bottle.

Robyn looks up at Lucas and gives a nod. "Hey Lucas. When did you turn ghetto fabulous?" He asks in regards to his greeting. "Not much is going on, spent most the day sculpting and then went into Salem for some greasy and delicious dinner. How's your last free weekend going?"

Lucas smirks, "Ah've always been fabulous." He sits down, shrugging, "It's okay. My college classes actually started last week. Ah'm a bit worried about workin' at the same time, but we'll see how it goes. Ah reckon Ah'll do okay."

"I just have senior year starting and then I gotta start working on my portfolio for when I apply for art school. I just don't know anyone whose a photographer." Robyn says as he could always borrow a camera and do it himself. "Actually Lucas, can I ask you something, about the mall incident?"

Lucas nods a bit, then the question gets asked. "There was an incident at the mall? What happened?" He tilts his head, curious.

"With you and Hosea, almost taking swings at each other?" Robyn says sounding a bit confused. "I just…I don't want to believe Hosea but why did you call him a Monkey? I mean, you were basically proving him right in his accusations of you."

Lucas sighs, "Oh. That." He chews his cheek a bit, looking off, then takes a drink of the Dr. Pepper. "Look, Ah don't like him. Ah'm sorry Ah can't love everyone, ya know? Ah told him to leave me alone an' he keeps gettin' all up in my space."

Robyn shakes his head. "I don't like him much either he's too…I don't know but almost forceful with his personality and calling everyone 'friend'. It's not if I care that you don't like him just, I don't know, I'm not really comfortable with racial slurs. It's like being called a fag or something, it doesn't sit well."

Lucas sighs, "Ah wouldn't ever call you that," he mutters, leaning back in the chair. He folds his arms over his chest. "Ah don't… um…" His brow furrows, "What do you want from me?" he finally asks, softly.

"I wanna know if Hosea was right, accusing you of being racist." Robyn asks bluntly, it's something that's kinda of been eating at him. "And I know you wouldn't call me that but would you call someone who was gay you didn't like that?"

Lucas shakes his head, "No, Ah wouldn't…" He shrugs, "Look, Ah ain't racist, okay? Y'all just have to realize that where Ah'm from, those people cause a shit ton of problems, ya know?"

"And you have to realize that where I come from, Super heroes cause a shit ton of problems." Robyn says obviously not really happy by that answer. "I'm still here dealing with being someone who cause a 'shit ton of problems'. There's not liking Hosea for who is and then there's not liking him for what he is. I'm not sticking up for him, it's just, hearing you call him what you did, it bothered me."

Lucas sighs again, clearly unhappy with Robyn's opinion of him. "Ah'm sorry. Ah didn't mean to upset you, bro." He scratches the back of his head, nervously.

Robyn nods and is taking Lucas' 'Ah'm not a racist' to believe him. "Sorry just, after being made fun of a lot at my old school and then some things Theo has called me in the past, I just don't like anyone really using words like that."

Lucas furrows his brow, "What's Theo said?" His tone also says, 'I'll kick his ass.'

Robyn shakes his head. "No, it was a long while ago, it's over. Jordan already took matters in his own hands making things…well…it's over now." Robyn says picking up a fry and dunking it in his sweet and sour sauce, just looking at it as he moves it around the plastic container.

Lucas nods, "If he gives you any more shit, lemme know…" He sighs, and then takes another drink from the 2 liter. "So, what do we do about Hosea?"

The last question causes Robyn to blink. "What? Just do nothing. Just let him do his thing and you do yours. I mean, live and let live right?" It just kinda throws Robyn off guard that Lucas is asking that. "If you don't like someone just let them go their way and you go yours."

Lucas nods, "He won't, though. He keeps tryin' to be all friendly with me. It's… Ah dunnow…" He shrugs, "So… How's that sculpture you was doin' in the courtyard comin' along?"

"Overbearing?" Robyn says with a small smile. "Just tell him, honestly, that you don't want to deal with him unless necessary. I know you're you and he's him and you two clash but a fist fight won't resolve that." Then the change of subject Robyn nods. "It's coming along. I have to glaze it all."

Lucas smirks, "Yeah, overbearing." He nods at the suggestion. "Glaze it? Like a donut?" He laughs, "You should totally start making me donuts in the mornings." He's clearly teasing. "You ever thought about getting a show in a gallery?"

"Oh yeah, like a donut. A nice colourful donut that's baked in a kiln." He shakes his head and chuckles. "And getting a show in a gallery, I'm not that good and do you know how expensive something like that probably is. I can't afford it. I'm hoping to go to art school so, I dunno." Art school is all if he gets his power in check.

Lucas smirks, "Ah think if'n you got your shit together, put together a portfolio, an' we pitched it to a local gallery, we could get some of your stuff on display." He takes another drink of his 2 liter of Dr. Pepper. "Prolly do better if'n you picked a theme, too. Like… Ah dunnow… horses… an'…shit…" He shrugs.

"Horses?" Robyn says actually sounding a bit insulted. "Lucas, have you ever really looked at what I sculpt?" There is a general theme to most of his stuff, this macabre twisted them that's kind of exaggerating what's real bringing a bit of horror into it.

Lucas shakes his head, "No," he answers, quietly. "Ah guess… No, Ah haven't…" He chews his lip a second, glances out the window, then back to Robyn. "Show me?"

"Sure, just come to my room sometime and I can show you what I have. There is also a few things I have in the art room too." Robyn says as if Lucas wants to see, he doesn't mind showing off. "What about you, how's the guitar coming along?"

Lucas answers quickly, "Fine." He swallows, and then changes it back to Robyn. "Sorry Ah never asked to see it before, Ah really just… Ah never thought about it. Do you draw? Or just do sculpting."

A girl walks into the cafeteria. Blonde with purple tips to her bangs, a skirt and a tank top, she carries a laptop under her arm, the case decorated with scribbles and stickers. She slows her step as she moves into the cafeteria, eyeing the two boys. "Hey."

"I draw a little." Robyn says as he's not bad but he's not great. He could be better if he practiced. "I mostly draw to get outlines for my…Jinx!" Robyn says giving her a big wave and a smile. "I have extra nuggets if you want some." He says of his McDonalds dinner he's been picking at.

Lucas looks over at the human Jinx, and he smiles warmly. "Jinx," he greets, almost as a whisper. He looks at Robyn, giving him a playful slug in the arm. "You didn't offer ME nuggets, asstard." He chuckles, then looks back at Jinx. "What's with the… um… you know… you?"

Jinx curls around the edge of one table and heads towards the guys. "Nuggets are gross. They're made of chicken tails, you know," she murmurs, dropping into a seat. Her arms cross over her laptop as it's slid in front of her. Looking to Lucas, she rolls a shrug. "Oh, y'know," she blows off the question. "You tell him about the open mike night?"

"Eh, I'll still eat them." Robyn says as he's the kid who lives mostly off of cookies. "Oh so I'm an asstard eh? Well now you're definitely not getting my deep fried chicken tails." He takes another fry and dips it in sweet and sour sauce and munches on it. "Open Mike night…is that the reason you were sneaking out?"

Lucas scowls at Jinx, "Thanks," he says, not a thing about it friendly. He looks at Robyn, "Ah don't wanna talk about." He glares at Jinx again, and then crosses his arms over his chest again, leaning back and closing off his posture.

Jinx smiles at Lucas, and it is an overly sweet payback sorta grin. "No problem, Lucas," she chirps brightly, stretching her arms out before her and rolling her shoulders. In this form, she has freckles that cross the crest and spatter down her chest. "He doesn't want anyone to know, Robyn. He's embarassed," she nods knowingly. Her eyes dart back to Lucas and sharpen. "So. I hear you have issues with Black and White. Funny, you never had them with me…!"

Robyn looks at Jinx and shakes his head. "I'm not used to this look of yours." He then looks to Lucas and raises his eyebrows. "What do you have to be embarrassed about? Seriously, you doing something you like." Robyn says before looking at Jinx and wincing while not saying anything.

Lucas purses his lips, clearly biting his tongue. He ignores Jinx for a moment, and just focuses on Robyn. "Ah'm tryin' to win enough money for a car, okay? Ah just didn't want y'all showin' up an' shit. Prolly tell Kenta…" He shakes his head, "Ah don't need that attention."

"It's okay, Lucas. You're safe. We're just minors anyways…. well, I am for another month and a half at least. We can't get into clubs and all that without an adult," she is clearly unhappy with the whole concept, having given this some thought. Perhaps she is a little hurt by the closeted attitude anyways. She makes an unhappy little sound. "If you want to keep it to yourself, then yourself is all that will share."

"Yes, cause I'll tell Mr. Gilpatrick cause I see him outside of music class." Robyn says as he only knows him from cello class. "No but you don't need to keep hiding stuff from you friends. I hope you get your car." He says looking to Jinx. "I have till January. And it's Lucas, he rarely opens up."

Lucas sighs, "Ah'm usin' a fake ID to get in. Ah'd really rather not get in trouble for that, so Ah ain't advertisin' it." He shakes his head, "Ya know, Ah don't understand why everyone's allowed to have privacy and secrets but me around here. Ah mean, Christ, Jinx, you won't even tell us your real name."

Pushing her bangs from her violet eyes, she nods her head. "You're right, Robyn. He does rarely open up," she levels a gaze at the blond across from her, her human lips pressing a tight line. "It's Imogene," she says to him, as if just to prove him wrong. "There. Now you know." She gathers her laptop against her chest and pushes the chair back from the table.

Letting out a sigh, Robyn looks between the two. "Yes Lucas, because I keep so many secrets of my own from you guys. I'm gonna go, I've got to check on the kiln up in the art room. I'll see you later Lucas and Jinx, I like you better without the costume." He says honestly as he'd rather see her for who she is, not an image. "Have a good night." He says taking his food with him.

Lucas watches him go. He sits there, his arms folded, watching Jinx then. After a moment, he just asks her, "Why are you doing this to me?"

Jinx feels a little guilty for Robyn's departure. "See you, Robyn," she calls, her tone softened a little for the retreating boy. When he's gone, the blonde looks back to the blond guy across from her. "Because I heard some things about you that I just can't stand to believe, and I don't want to think you are some bigoted Southern Asshole," she cuts to the chase with her characteristic bluntness. "So I am hoping that if I piss you off, it will not only make me feel better but will get you to talk too."

Lucas watches her carefully. Then, inexplicably, he just says, "As beautiful as you are, Ah think Ah like the real you better."

Jinx blinks her eyes. She expected a whole lot of things, but not that. It catches her off guard and her fingers shift along her laptop. "But I'm different," she fumbles through. "I'm a mutant. I need to be segregated and separated in case I mix with good, honest folk," she murmurs softly. "My appearance scares people, just because I am not like them."

Lucas nods, "Maybe so. But they're wrong. You aren't scary. You're something…" He shakes his head a little, searching for the word, and settles on, "…wonderful." He shrugs, and waves it off. "Sorry. It's hard to be mad at you, even when Ah am."

This is not working how she planned. She blinks again, and huffs a small breath through her parted lips. "You are so full of shit," she grumbles off in a bluff, though her cheeks have colored a distinctively brighter shade. Strike one for the Image inducer. "Okay, so I guess you've successfully diffused a royal snit I had going on. I will accept defeat," she puffs out a breath. "But for that you have to promise that you won't be going back and snapping at anyone who you think told me. I have my sources, you know." Intimidating stare.

Lucas smirks, "Your source was Robyn. He was the only one there." He chuckles, "You're cute when you blush, too." He leans back in the chair again, smiling with a charismatic pride. "What's a snit?"

Jinx pushes up from the chair. Enough with the disguise. She reaches up to fiddle with one of her earrings and her body suddenly shimmers and the skunk stands at the table, wearing the same expression and purple-tipped hair as the blonde did moments before. Gone are the freckles, but then the blush is hidden too. "A snit is what you see moments before I walk away," she quips, turning on a heel and her tail furling behind her like a black and white flag. "Bye, Lucas. You be a shit to Robyn and I'll take it personal."

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