2009-05-04: Double E


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Summary: Eddie gets into trouble. Eli comes to the rescue.

Date: May 4, 2009

Log Title: Double E

Rating: PG-13

Subway - New York City

"Oh, that's not good," Eddie Parker-Mayfair squeaks to himself, breathing heavily, as the train he was trying to catch pulls out of the subway station deep under New York City. Left on the platform, he debates jumping down onto the tracks and running for it. Curfew's an hour away but he's called ahead to say that his train wasn't running for some reason and he had to take another one but wouldn't be too late getting home. But on the way home, Eddie ran into and stopped a mugging. Well, stopped isn't the best word. He just made himself the target instead. And upon finding that the two thugs chasing him were a lot faster than he thought, Eddie ran for it instead of hiding like originally planned. Of course, now he's at a bit of a dead end. "There he is!" from the stairs causes Eddie to squeak and turn around to see the thugs walking towards him. "Oh…so not good…"

Elijah sits on a bench at the subway station. He waits for the last train into the Bronx, so he could drop by and see his grandparents for a couple days. He left his gear at the HQ, but is more than ready to handle himself should things go bad. He spots the kid staring at the departing train on the platform. Elijah perks up as the kid appears nervous. He hears the 2 thugs call out and approach the kid. He stands up, cracks his knuckles and walks over. "Hey there. Leave him alone." At least now it's a fair fight. He chuckles to himself. Oh, this is HARDLY a fair fight. He almost wishes he could give them weapons and about 4 more for back up. That would be more fair, not totally fair… He looks over. "Hi there. These guys giving you trouble?"

Seeming about ready to jump and run into the tunnels, Eddie's dressed in jeans and shockingly enough a Young Avengers t-shirt (self-made ofcourse). Ofcourse he's also got a backpack with him, holding onto one of the straps as he tries to catch his breath. Both he and the thugs are rather surprised when Eli speaks up. "Just full of people trying to be heroes tonight," one of the thugs rolls his eyes. "Get lost, this ain't your business, baldy," the second thug says. When Eli speaks to him, Eddie squeaks and jumps. "Yeah."

Elijah narrows his eyes and chuckles. "It's my business now. Why don't you both crawl back under the rock you crawled out from and leave the kid alone? That, or Mercy General will have 2 fewer empty beds, ya feel me?" He looks at Eddie's shirt and grins. "Nice shirt, son." He winks with a chuckle. Looking back at the thugs, he shrugs and stretches. "Wanna dance?"

Eddie jumps and blushes at the comment on his shirt. "Th-thanks," he says. It takes the scarred teen a few moments to register what Eli was doing but when he does, he jumps again. "You don't have to…you might get hurt…" he trails off nervously, casting a few glances at the thugs. Meanwhile, the thugs don't seem all that impressed. "Hell, just kick the crap out of him too!" the annoyed thug suggests. The angry one takes it, rushing over to Eli and throwing a punch.

Elijah takes the punch and rolls. He grabs his jaw. "OW! Oh my God, you hit me…" He looks hurt, as if he's going to cry. "I mean… dude!" He looks shocked before he laughs. "Nah, I'm kidding. My turn!" he lets loose a lightning fast left hook to the thug's stomach. "Oh I'm sorry sir are you OK I totally forgot I'm RIGHT HANDED!" He lets loose a powerful uppercut to his jaw and then looks at the other thug. "Next." He looks over to Eddie. "Hang loose, bro. This shouldn't take long."

Eddie looks supremely guilty and worried when he sees Eli's initial reaction to the punch, looking like he plans to step in. Of course, the thug thad didn't punch wasn't going to sit back and watch. He sends a punch at Eddie, the mutant squeaking and ducking at the last moment. For anyone that pays attention, they'd notice the roll Eddie uses to get away from the thug is something someone who's had a bit of training would do but Eddie seems to be trying to play it off as him just being lucky. Meanwhile, the thug fighting Eli starts to mock the Young Avenger until the left hook connects. Surprised and pained, he doesn't see the uppercut coming. With a CRACK, he gets knocked right off his feet and lands a short distance away on the concrete floor. The thug still standing stares for a moment before charging at Eli and attempting to tackle him. Eddie just stands and stares.

Elijah rolls his eyes and clocks him on the head as he approaches. "Wow, and I thought you'd be a challenge." He looks to Eddie. "Nice moves, kid."

The thug lets out a curse and crashes to the concrete. "C'mon, lets get outta here!" the first thug groans as he gets up, scrambling away. His 'friend' struggles after him. Eddie blushes once more, watching everything go down. When the thugs vanish up the stares, Eddie turns to Eli. "Thanks…wow…thanks."

Elijah watches them run off. He looks over to Eddie and smiles. "I couldn't let them hurt you. My name's Eli." He extends a hand.

Eddie jumps slightly and quickly shakes the offered hand. "I'm Eddie. You were well…that was great!"

Elijah waves a hand dismissively. "Oh, go on…" He chuckles. "You're a fan of the Young Avengers? I know them. Good bunch of guys. That leader of theirs, Patriot? He's amazing!"

Eddie nods quickly, smiling. "You know them?!" he asks, eyes going wide. "Wow! They're awesome! I got to meet a few of them once. Not Patriot though. He is really cool though!"

Elijah looks at Eddie with a grin. "Would you like to meet him?" He goes through his bag, looking for his spare mask and a throwing star. "I can arrange that."

Eddie stares for a second. "Definitely! The Young Avengers are some of my favorite superheroes ever," he declares, always happy to meet more heroes no matter how many he meets and works with. "You can?"

Elijah nods. "Sure." He finds them and grins. "OK…" He turns away and then puts the mask on. He turns around. "Tada!" He then hands the star to Eddie. "You gotta keep this a secret, though."

Eddie seems confused when Eli turns away. When the other teen turns around and hands him the star, Eddie looks down at it and then back up at Eli. His eyes go wide again and he squeaks. "You're…"

Elijah nods with a smile. "Yes I am. Always good to meet a fan and help someone in need. Why were they picking on you anyway, if I may ask?"

Eddie stares, mind doing a bit of racing. He just can't believe his luck. "Wow…" he trails off. "I um…well, I ran into them trying to mug this guy and punched one and tried to get them to chase me somewhere where I could beat them but they were too fast and I came down here and…" he shrugs.

Elijah listens and nods. he takes off the mask and puts it away. "Well, that's awfully lucky of you to run into me, and also mighty brave. I mean, a regular kid like you, taking on 2 muggers." he pats him on the shoulder. "I'm proud of you, but let the heroes deal with criminals, all right?"

Eddie blushes furiously, squirming on the spot. "Wow…I…umm…thank you but umm…" he looks back and forth quickly. "I'm not just a normal kid," he admits. "I've got powers…which actually wouldn't have helped me at all but um…well…I'm sorta training to be a hero one day."

Elijah nods at this. "Really? What kind of powers?" He sits down on the bench.

Eddie moves to sit with Eli, still a bit nervous. "I can make people stronger depending on how much faith I have in them and I can mimic powers too," he says.

Elijah grins. "That sounds interesting." he chuckles. "You know, if we knew who we were beforehand, you could have used my powers." He grins at Eddie. "I mean… IF we knew…"

Eddie blushes again then looks back and forth quickly. "Umm…" he pauses, nodding when he's sure no one's around. Closing his eyes, Eddie's scars light up bright blue and his boosts Eli's powers and abilities to three times their normal levels. A moment later, Eddie's clothing morphs into a blue and white version of what Eli's wearing right now. "Woah…this…this is what being a Super Soldier's like?" he asks with a smile.

Elijah flexes and looks at his hands. "Whoa…" He looks back to Eddie. "Um, yeah… pretty much." He points to a poster at the other end of the hall. "Read it. Even from this distance. Give it a shot."

Eddie blinks a few times, looking over and jumping. "WOAH!" he exclaims. "I can actually read it…I've never been able to see this far before."

Elijah chuckles. "See the janitor over there? He just came by and he's wearing headphones. Listen to what he's playing…"

Eddie looks over, listening closely and then making a face. "Not a good song…"

Elijah chuckles. "Neat, huh?" He watches the janitor leave and then looks back to Eddie. "I remember when I got the powers. It was neat just experimenting."

Eddie nods quickly as he turns back to Eli. "It is awesome. Experimenting is fun too," he pauses, blushing at this. Shaking it off quickly, he goes on. "Been trying out a bunch of powers since I learned how to mimic others."

Elijah leans back and nods. "That sounds like a lot of fun! What power did you like the most to mimic, Eddie?"

Eddie lets out a breath, dropping the mimicing and the boosting. His clothes return to normal and he leans back. "That's a really hard question," he says. "I really can't decide. I've copied so many…yours, Wiccan's, Rebound, Cyclop, Grey King…it's really amazing getting to see what everyone's powers are like."

Elijah nods with a chuckle. "You know, you have the potential to become a VERY powerful hero. I'm glad I met you early on, so I can tell people I met you back in the day when you were just starting out." He pats him on the shoulder again.

Eddie just stares, turning a new shade of red. He tries to say something but just manages a squeak. "I…wow…" he trails off when he finally manages to speak.

Elijah cocks his head. "You all right? You look kinda… I dunno, flustered. Relax, I'm just an average kid. Well, that can bench press a motorcycle and do a backflip on a tightrope." He chuckles.

Eddie squirms a little and looks down. After a moment he smiles and looks back up. "I'm okay. Really good!"

Elijah nods and grins at Eddie. "All right then." He pauses a moment. "You know, with our powers, we could hit the rooftops and be home at a decent hour. Also, it's a fun way to see the city." He grins. "Just a thought…"

Eddie chuckles a little. "Well…I sorta live past where the roof tops stop being good for jumping on," he says. "I gotta take a train then a bus before I get home."

Elijah nods. "Well, you can also run really fast for a long time and not get tired. Just another thought."

Eddie smiles. "I know. I don't have that good range though. Never really tested my rance actually."

Elijah nods again. "All right then." He stretches and leans back. He looks over as the train pulls in. "That you or me?"

Eddie glances up and frowns a little. "It's me. Aww. I gotta get going before my Dads worry," he sighs a little. "It was really great meeting you. An honor, really! Tell Wiccan and Vision and the others I said him please. See ya later!" he says, jogging to the train and waving as it rumbles off.

Elijah waves back as he leans against the back wall and waits for the last train.

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