2009-05-22: Double Green, Double Mean


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Summary: The Green Power Thief attacks Xavier's again/

Date: May 22, 2009

Log Title: Double Green, Double Mean

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Right Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

The quiet, cool evening was kept pleasant by the streaming clouds and lingering sunlight. The blossoms of nearby dogwood shrubs played vibrantly like rebels against the empty green of the well pruned pathway. Lorna Dane strode in the company of Bobby Drake, her hands partially tucked into the pockets of her faded blue capris; pull string looped about a fidgeting thumb. They were headed towards the Court Yard, away from the garage. Lorna's face seemed pressed with concern, and yet her lips still turned an easy, if light, smile.

Bobby notices the concern upon Lorna's face as he strolls beside her, his own hands in the pockets of his jeans, and a slightly devious grin upon his lips. "What's the matter, babe, you look like your favorite pet monkey just died or something…." he chuckles. "I mean, that is, if you HAD a pet monkey. And come on, who wouldn't want a monkey for a pet?" He gives her a light jab in her side with his elbow. "Eh? Ehhh? ….ehhh." He sighs, with a light shrug of his shoulders. "…though I suppose the downside of that would be the whole 'throwing of the feces', but hey, I'd prefer to look at it from a 'glass half full' perspective, y'know? You could just invite someone you hate over, be like 'hey check out my pet monkey!' then take cover as the turds fly." Bobby cackles….then pauses, a thoughtful expression crossing his face. "I talk about poop an awful lot, don't I?"

A Green Humanoid with green feathery looking wings flies down from the sky and lands in the grass, not to far from Lorna and Bobby. It looks around and focus on the two taking a walk. Lighting starts to arc from it's body like something having an electrical problem. "Mutants Detected." It states as it's eyes start to glow red.

Green eyes slide over the Iceman, sparkling with a quiet laughter that seems caught just behind the smirk her mutely colored lips form. "At this point, it's just expected from you, I think. It's your quirk. Meet up with Bobby, expect some kind of poo joke. Kinda like you expect Scott to be an indifferent dick. Regardless," Lorna says, her expression dimming and eyes returning to the ground, she purses her lips to restrain a sigh that instead escapes through her nose. "It's nothing, though." She nudges him back, more harshly, with her own elbow. "New day, same crap, right? — Oh, more poo references." Even as she's about to chuckle, she recognizes a change in the atmosphere; something queer and unrecognizable by its magnetic field. She makes a face, and stops to turn her gaze towards its cause. "Oh, the hell?"

Bobby grins. "See? Apparently my personality is just that contagious…" he chuckles, ooof!ing as he is elbowed in return. "You were just looking for a good excuse to do that, weren't you?" he smirks, rubbing his side a bit. "That's not…." At that point, the humanoid lands nearby, and starts sparking. Bobby merely pauses, brow arching curiously as he stares at it. "Um…." he blinks…"Well YEAH, this -is- a mutant school, Einstein," Bobby smirks. "That's like landing in church and saying 'Boring People Detected'." He folds his arms, shaking his head. As the thing's eyes begin to glow, Bobby points at it. "Hey, Scott used to be able to do that, til some douchebag stole his powers…"

Lorna gives Bobby a wry look; bemused, but restrained. The two have seen a lot of odd things, so someone weird and with green wings isn't much difference. Still, the magnetic field she's picking up on from it perturbs her visibly. "Yeah, hey. Mind explaining yourself there?" Her fingers slide out of the pockets, thumbs instead looping loosely into the empty belt loops above them. She raises her head and pushes her shoulders back, welcoming but prepared; the red of its eyes didn't make the being look particularly friendly. "…Lost? Or something?" A green brow arches.

Anything Bobby has to say seems to be lost on the Green Humanoid as it has no sense of humour. The winds in the area start to pick up and make a wall of wind around the three so there is no easy chance of escape. It doen't say anything as the lighting begins to arc off of it. As Lorna speaks to the being it sends an arc of lighting in her direction.

Bobby also seems to sense something very odd about the humanoid…he isn't quite as welcome as Lorna at first is. "Dude, where are your manners? For one thing, you don't just drop out of the sky onto someone's lawn. That's just -rude-…" he smirks. "You could've at least called first, or something." Feeling the winds around them beginning to pick up, he sighs heavily. "Aw, -man-…" he shrugs. Not like he was really planning to flee, anyhow. The air around them begins to lower noticeably in temperature, a soft crackling noise audible as Bobby's arm begins to ice up from the shoulder to the tips of his fingers. As the lighting flies towards Lorna, Bobby quickly moves his arm and attempts to deflect it with a circular sheet of ice, tossed in front of Lorna to shield her. "C'mon, dude, if you're gonna attack…attack me first. Leave the pretty lady alone…"

The cobalt blue silk of Lorna's tapered camisole flutters against the ruffles against the stray breezes that brush past them from the walls of wind. "Well, dammit," she choruses with Bobby. "Just like a man. Come bargin' into your life and making a mess of everything around ya," she comments as the well groomed path is disheveled. A hand fists defensively at her side, popping with a collective energy; a yellow glow wavers around her form, its silhouette purpling at its edges. As if by instinct rather than conscious thought, she is already hovering an inch or so from the earth rather than standing upon it. When the lightning cracks at her, she shortly seconds Bobby's attempt to deflect it with a sharp shield of collective magnetic energy thrust before her, like a partial bubble behind the icy one.

Out of nowhere there seems to be seven more Green Humanoids that join in surrounding Bobby and Lorna. If it is just being an ass or just doesn't care for what Bobby says is hard to determine as it is still focused on Lorna. He sends a psychic attack at Lorna to hopefully stun the green haired woman.

Bobby frowns, an annoyed expression crossing his usually relaxed and
jovial features. "OK that is SO not fair…" he mutters, as they are surrounded by the green guys. "Though now I suppose this proves that those people in the South who claim they were abducted by aliens were probably telling the truth…" He ices up the rest of his body, then attempts to make a circular wall of ice to surround he and Lorna, and block them off from the attacking humanoids. "…I'm pretty damn powerful myself, you lame excuse for a showoff. I don't think you want to push me anymore…" His eyes narrow, glowing blue as his temper rises, fists clenching.

That bubble of yellow energy crackles and flickers as it extends around Lorna's body, a defensive magnetic shield one most always witnesses her with in any form of confrontation. More yellow energy makes jagged lines around her arms, dancing profusely around a silver set of bracelets that jangle and jitter musically around her wrist. "Bobby; the hell. Where did they come from?" Reinforcement or duplicates, whatever; Lorna isn't sure, and she doesn't care. With a sound not unlike a thunderclap, energy collects abruptly at her core and she thrusts it outward in a circumference prior to the Iceman's own defensive wall; an electromagnetic pulse whose primary aim is towards the first of those green beings, the one that first arrived, and trailed by a weaker wake of energy for a few of the others nearby. And then there's that psychic attack. Lorna's eyes grow cross and wide for a moment, and she staggers backwards with a hand to her head, voicing a pained screech. Her magnetic bubble wavers.

The threats and walls don't seem to phase The Green Humanoid. Seven of the Green Humanoids appear to be on fire but Bobby would definately be able to tell there is no heat comming from the fires. Once the wall is built by the two, the Green Humanoid teleports and lands behind Lorna, looking kind of fuzzy, as it stretchs it's arm to wrap around her. As soon as he makes contact with Lorna she would feel her powers being rapidly drained.

Bobby turns around in time to see the Humanoid appearing behind them. "…dammit!" he growls in frustration. "If you're gonna fight, at least fight fair, you ASS. I'm gonna shove my foot so far up your ass you'll be able to floss with my shoelaces…" He forms a giant fist out of ice, and swings it hard at the Humanoid, attempting to hit it before it can touch Lorna. "…geez, I wish Madrox was here," he mutters to himself, shaking his head. Why won't anything work against these things? he wonders to himself, feeling somewhat guilty that he isn't able to defend Lorna.

"Bobby!" Lorna calls immediately upon recovering sufficiently from the mental attack. "Can you—" The weak, lingering remainder of that bubble crackles violently upon the green humanoid's intrusion into Lorna's space near Bobby. She attempts to strengthen it too late. Strings of energy hiss like disturbed serpents as she pulses another desperate magnetic push of energy around her like an explosive charge, the pulse set off in all directions. Perhaps mistakenly at Bobby's expense. And as she's touched, and those arms begin to ring around her, she lifts and squirms, twisted so that she might spare a repetitive elbow into her attacker's face. The first of those defensive blows carries a twisting charge of electromagnetism, but with a gasp upon the second,
she feels the ache of failing energy.

The fist of ice immedate hits some sort of barrier, made of sound of all things. The barrier shatters on contact but the Green Being is fine and drops Lorna as Bobby is it's next target. Before it reaches out to touch Bobby it uses the power stole from Addison to shut off Bobby's powers before stalking over to him.

Bobby swings another fist at the being as his first one doesn't seem to faze it. Upon seeing Lorna being grabbed and drained of power, Bobby shouts in alarm. "NO! Lorna!" He momentarily drops his defense to come to her aid; he kneels down next to her, raising his head slowly as fury flashes within his icy eyes. "YYYAAAAHHH!!!" He gathers up as much energy as he is able, letting loose with as strong of an ice blast as he can manage, aimed at the Humanoid. Then suddenly, it is as if someone flicked a switch, and he reverts back to human form. Blinking, he peers down at himself, raising his hands and staring down at them. "….f*." he replies, weakly, a look of dejection upon his face. "…dude, you -suck-," he mumbles to the Humanoid. "I am SO going to be filling out a comment card and send it to your manager." Even with the lack of powers, he still attempts to shield Lorna from the being, glaring at it fiercely. "…take me out if you want to, but leave her the f* alone," he growls.

Lorna crumples upon the ground once she's been drained into uselessness. The world is much more quiet and still now that she has been cut off from its magnetic fields, even with the wind beating about them. The lack of sensation is dismal and eerie, like one used to sleeping with the hum of a fan or TV, only to have it suddenly be turned off and left with naught but the empty darkness of the room. That sensation, or rather lack of it, terrifies her. Wide eyed, Lorna searches her throat for her voice a moment before finally saying, "Bobby! Go, just go! Don't— It's no good, don't let him touch you! Just get away before it's too late!"

It too late for Bobby as it uses the Gravity manipulation so that Bobby can't move at all. Once he walks over and touches Bobby to drain it's powers it beings to speak again. "Mission Comp…pl…le….system error….can no…" And before it can finish what it is saying it rocket blasts into the air flying away erractically.

Bobby grits his teeth, shaking his head at Lorna's words. "…no, I'm not going anywhere…" he mutters. As his powers are drained, he slumps to the ground and just sorta lies there, staring off into space sadly, an air of dejection surrounding him. "Dammit, what good were my powers if they didn't even phase that stupid thing?" he mumbles. "…not that it really matters anymore…"

Lorna watches in stunned silence as Bobby's powers are sapped. She keeps herself propped up to stare at him. Pale with misery for both herself and his valiant attempts to obtain victory in the situation, she scoots next to him. She stares into the sky after the disappearing flight of the malfunctioning being, then presses her hand over Bobby's. "Shut up, Bobby," she finally manages, and squeezes his fingers. Then, more softly, "Thank you." It's an awkward gratitude, perhaps easily misconstrued, but aimed at his attempt, however much a failure it had been, in preserving her.

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