2009-05-15: Double Healing


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Summary: Addison goes to check on the kid in the medbay. Calls for a physical healer, and wings it. It works.

Date: May 15, 2009

Double Healing

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

After two days spent in the medical bay, the boy made of ice has not switched from his ice form yet. The boy made of pure ice lays in his bed, right now he's in the middle of taking a nap. His UM suit was luckily on before he had changed to ice. The med bay is adequately cooled now that he's been the independent air conditioning unit.

Having heard of something strange in the medbay, Addison has decided to come and check it out for himself. His powers may be of a mental nature, but he's seen a lot in his few years, so maybe he has some kind of idea what can be done. Nobody knows for sure. WAlking into the medbay, he glances around and moves towards the sleeping ice child with a pondering expression on his face.

If there is any such thing as a 'cute sleeping teenager' it certainly isn't the case this time. Max is laying on his side, his head looking upwards, and his mouth partially open. If it weren't for Kael's moving of him before he left, Max would also be having his legs draping over the side of the bed as well. He is having a dream at the moment, it's vivid but it shows up like a fast moving scrapbook. Images of fire, the X-Men plushies set ablaze, signs screaming 'DIE MUTANTS DIE' and 'Keep America Human!', raised fists in the air. And a little then thirteen year old boy who looks very much like Max running away from the fire. Max soon wakes up with a short yell. There aren't more overnighters in the medbay right now, so no one is shaken up from the outburst. The blonde teen looks up and sees Addison, giving something of a smile and sitting up. "Heya."

"In your dreams, you don't have to run away and be scared." Addison says softly. "You're strong enough to master your mind." He offers, moving to sit next to Max with a half a grin. "Of course, I say this and sometimes I forget to control my own dreams." He winks, shrugging lightly. "So, Max… I've heard there's something strange going on."

Max's smile fades as Addison mentions his dream. "I, uhh." He doesn't know if he should explain, but it soon becomes a faded memory. "Something strange?" The iced mutant looks to the bed he's in. "Oh…" He looks back up at Addison. "I started to forget things." He explains…very haphazardly, he's not exactly one for details right now.

Addison shakes his head softly as he notes the forgetting. He takes a moment, to think through a few things. "Max, would you like me to look inside and see if I can get you a temporary fix? I don't know if I can." He admits. THough, there is the possibility that he can, for a bit. At least long enough to let a healer fix him. A body healer… most telepaths can be mind healers. He could create a mental link to things in Max's mind. Maybe. IF it works. OR at least help him shift back to normal.

Max continues to look at Addison, questioning what it is he wants to do. He does know that Addison wants to help, and Kael and Eddie want Max to get better. "Okay." He replies, looking to himself, and the iced uniform that is on him.

Addison can't help a mental sigh that may track through. His pity definitely will reach through as his mind touches the other's. "Just relax. I'll see what I can do from here. If nothing else, I CAN shut your power down, but I'm going to try to help you remember how to do it on your own, ok?" He tries to explain it again. Poor kid.

Max lies back, letting Addison into his head. Max memories of the past six months are more than holed. And where there are solid memories, there are switched details. Even one where Iceman is the headmaster of this school, and not Cyclops. The iced boy is in his New Mutants uniform, having iced up with his body three days ago. The past two days have been somewhat hellish for Max and his most treasured friends here. "I tried to change back already though." He says, after Addison explained what he's trying to do.

There's a muttering from Addison. "Right. But I can turn your power off. Completely. That'll bring you back to normal, but I don't know if I can completely fix your memories without someone to fix your head. I need a healer." He says simply, sighing. He thinks for a moment before sending out a mental call. He knows there's at least one healer in the school, maybe two. Between them, working in tandem, they might be able to do it. Sure, Jean has done it on her own before, but she was Phoenix, too, when she did it. Addison is NOT phoenix, though he is powerful.

Jared's brother's luck is starting to wear off on him, its the only explination he has for the way odd things keep happening to him. LIke the fact that he has decided to come down to check on Max to see how he is doing, and opening the door jsut as he gets the mental call from Addison. "Um..Hello?" He calls out as he comes through the door looking around first to see who is about before walking over to where Max is.

The iced boy looks to the healer coming in the room. He's has enough contact with him that there is at least one memory of him visiting Max. "Hi Jared." He bids before going quiet again. Letting Addison do his thing. Though the connection between Jared and his power doesn't quite happen in that mind of Max's.

"Perfect." Addison says, looking over to Jared. He takes a mental eye and sees what the boy can do. He smiles. "I need your help. Together, we may be able to bring Max back to himself. I can fix his mind, but his body is beyond me. I think we need to do it in tandem." He says, looking to Jared. "Are you up to the task?" Addison is no nonsense when he's got a goal in sight. Many people already know that about him.

Jared gives Max a small smile, "Hi, I just stopped in to see how you were doing, but if your buisy…" Jared blinks and nods at Addison as he speaks to him. "I…I can't exactly control my powers, or at least the healing part, but I am willing to try." Jared does not know Addison that well, other than what he has heard form others, but can understand the no nonsense attitude given that half his child hood involved his mother's work full of nurses and doctors.

"Oh, okay. I think Kael went out to class, or something." He offers up. The patient in this situation does not say anything else, just keeps observing the other two as they do their thing, of course, he'll do what they ask him to if they have instructions for him.

"Alright. Since you're here, I'm going to link our minds. Then, I'm going to deactivate his powers. You fix his body… it can be done naturally, it'd just take along time. I'll try to reconnect his memories as best I can." Addison offers. HE's never really done this, but there are things that he can use as references. He may make a mistake or two, but it's better than doing nothing. And with that, he brings Jared into the mind-set. "Just say when you're ready…"

Jared nods to Max, and does not say anything but is kinda glad Kael had stepped out because nervouse loved ones always make things more tense. To Addison he gives a thumbs up and steps up to put a hand on Max's shoulder. "I'm ready when you are sir. Don't worry Max, this shouldn't hurt at all…although your probably gonna be really hungery when I am done."

The boy looks to Jared and Addison, his eyes, even though they are ice, are hopeful, and for lack of a better word, desperate. "Okay." He says, simply. He's just wanting to have this over with. He's completely trusting of the two older mutants in this room.

"Alright." Addison says with a nod as Jared is able to mentally see exactly what Addison is doing. There, in the corner of his head, is a brightly glowing spot. That spot seems to be controlling a lot of things. Addison reaches out and wraps a mental hand around the glowing spot, dimming it to near nothingness. Of course, doing so will bring Max's power to hand, stopping the ice and hopefully converting him back to flesh and blood. He does it slowly, so if it doesn't work, he can stop himself. Afterwards, he begins searching for memories and holes, but waits to see the other start first.

Jared gives Max a reassuting smile, or at least what he hopes is a reassuring smile, and puts a hand on his shoulder and another on his chest. Jared closes his eyes a moment and drops the part of his mind he uses to concentrate and block out his power to feel life energy so that he will be able to feel what is physicaly wrong with Max as his powers go out. OPenine his eyes he watches to see where Max is injured and moves his hands to touch him where he seems injured or at least not fully well to heal him.

The cryokinetic's powers are suppressed, slowly from the top of his spikey hair, all the way down to his toes. Though with the turning off of his power, his body also starts to return to a normal bod temperature. Max shifts as he lays down, it's uncomfortable for him, as he feels as if he is baking. The kid turns red as his blood flushes into his capillaries, trying to cool down. He gives a moan and tries to be as still as he can, but he can't remain completely still. The spot where he is injured is his brain. There's minor, but enough trauma to have ill effects on his brain. Luckily, only his memories were affected.

Addison begins finding things and maneuvering them back into position as he can, trying to link things back where they belong. "It's alright. I know you're uncomfortable, but it'll be ok in a few minutes. I promise." He whispers. It shouldn't take too long, really. But, it feels like forever to him.

Jared's right hand goes to Max's head, in order to focus as much of his healling poewr as he can on the brain damage that Max has sustained, and his left hand goes to the boy's heart since his circulatory ssytem is taking a certain amount of stress trying to cool him down from his sudden raise in body temperature. "Mister Addison knows what he is doing, don't worry this wont take long."

Max's heart is racing, trying to circulate as much hot blood as it can to the cool air-exposed skin as possible. The contact and reassurance from both mutants is comforting, but will not make the process go along any faster. "Okay." Is all the reply he gives to his healers. He can tell that memories are coming back, so the outlook is good at least.

The first replaced memory is how Max's powers work, so that he can release that hold and let his body flow back to normal. "When you're done, Jared, you can step back if you like. I'm still connecting things I can." Of course, he's probably missing something in there, somewhere, but he thinks he has everything important.

Jared nods as he keeps his hands where they are. "His heart is racing, trying to cool off his body and I want to make sure he does not develop any problems there, and I think I have most of the brain damage but I want to make sure all of that is compleatly healed before going. Although, if Max gts to where he can use his powers again and cool himself I can always step back and let the aura of healing energy around me take care of the rest without touch…"

The cryokinetic has the hold on his powers removed, his body temp then going back to one closer to freezing. Though the transition to that is better, it's still a shock to his system. He starts to shiver, though while bad at first, it gets better and better. His breath, still warm from earlier, is fogged. "That was way too hot." He says, though it was technically 'normal'. Max's memories are back, and most of the brain trauma fixed. He gives a sigh, not of relief, of disappointment. He remembers now when this all started, not from the first time he couldn't remember something. The incident that started it.

"Feel better, MAx? Did I miss anything?" Addison says as he slowly seperates the minds of the three again, slumping a little as he relaxes. That was… interesting. He feels a little weak, himself.

Jared grins as he keeps his hands on Max a little longer to try and help with the small amount of shock the sudden changes in temperature have put his body through. "Yeah too hot, now your back to your normal hypothermic self. Are you feeling well enough to need anything like food, or something to drink?" JAred really wants to ask if Max remembers what happened, but wants to get the other important things out of the way first.

The cryokinetic looks to Addison. "Yeah. I think you got everything. I uhh. wish I didn't remember one thing though." He offers up, giving a slight grimace. "Thank you so much." He says, remembering what Kael and Eddie went through to get him down here, he still hates this one place in the mansion. "You two are awesome." He is about to answer Jared's question when his stomach rumbles loudly. "Umm, yeah. I think I am hungry."

"Thank goodness." Addison says with a chuckle. "What would you want to forget, Max?" Addison says, with a tilt of his head. "Everything that you remember helps make you who you are. Remember that. Taking away parts of your own mind and memory will make you lose some of who you are. Don't you want to be you?"

Jared nods and does not say a thing about what Max might want to forget. Instead he grins and laughs a little at the sudden stomach rumbling. "Alright, tell you waht since your just about physically all healed I will sneak out and grab you something decent to eat. That way you can tell Addison all about what happened in private while I am out gathering something for you to eat as well." That said Jared gives Max a pat on the shoulder and moves to leave the room so that the others can talk.

"Okay, Jared. Thanks so much." Maximillian looks to the Grey King. "I remember what happened before I started to forget things." He says. "That is what I didn't want to remember." Plain and simple, though what exactly happened is still in question.

"There are things I wish I could forget, but at the same time, forgetting them would take away a piece of myself. Like… my memories from control. When the Shadow King controlled me. He forced me to do things I'd never do. I saw my body do them with no way to stop it. But, though I want to forget it, I know if I didn't, I wouldn't be the man I am today." Addison explains lightly, nodding to Jared as he goes. "Why would you want to forget it?"

"I want to forget it cause it was so stupid." He says, probably the first thing that he's ever done that he's called stupid. "I..hit my head skateboarding." He's fallen on his head before and ended up being perfectly fine, but this time it was one too many. "I feel like a dumbass over it."

"And I'd like to forget feeling someone touch my mind, and my letting them in like a dumbass." Addison says, shrugging. He doesn't think of language in the terms that some people here do. Words are just words. "But, if you forget you did it… you might do it again. Now that you remember, you'll know not to do that again, right? You learned something."

Max gives a sigh again. "I guess you're right." Now that he's flesh and bone again, Max is relatively happy. "Still, I think I'm gonna get yelled at about it soon."

"Alright then. Well, since everything is good now, I'm going to head out." Addison says with a smile as he leans a hand out to pat Max on the head.

"Okay. I'm staying here until they say I can leave. I made a promise to someone." Max mentions to Addison. As he moves in to pat Max on the head, Max moves to give a big hug to Addison. "You two were awesome."

"It's alright. I'll let the doctors know what we did. So, they'll check you out." Addison says with a laugh, blushing as he's suddenly hugged. The only other person to hug him in the past… seven years… has been Brian.

It is as Max is hugging Addison that Jared returns with a tray of food. Through cunning, guile, and the big puppy dog eyes look he has managed not otnly to snag a cheese burger for Max, but a pile of french fries, a bottle of Strawberry YooHoo and two fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies. "You know it is amazing what you can get away with when you act like you know what your doing and can come up with a decent BS response."

The cryokinetic looks up at Addison. "Thanks." He says, leaning back into his bed then he sees Jared come in. "Sweet!" Is the first thing he says when he sees that bottle of pink liquid he loves so dearly. "You're awesome, Jared." He says, hungry enough now that he's flesh and bone.

"Ain't that the truth?" Addison asks of Jared with a laugh. He reaches out to brush Jared's mind. ~~Considering that's what I just did. And look how it turned out~~ He laughs, shaking his head. "You boys have fun. I need to go see someone."

Jared blinks and gives Addison his patented Spock raised eyebrow look at the brush against his mind and laughs. Turning to Max he finds a table set to swing over the bed he is in to set the tray on. "If double helpings of french fried and an extra cookie is all it takes to be dubbed awsome then you have low standards…but I am not gonna argue."

"Or when who you are getting food for hasn't eaten in two days." He says, Max's standards in food were low, but not too low. "You got me cookies?" He asks, not really believing it. First bit into the burger is heavenly, and he could only be happier if Kael was here too.

Jared shrugs, "Not that big a deal, at least not on my side I guess. Its not like anyone around here would leave ya starving." Jared grins a little and sits down in a chair next to Max's bed. "Yes I got you cookes, why wouldn't I? They taste good, and are a comfort food. Its not like your allergic to the chocolate…your not are you?"

Max shakes his head between bites of cheese burger. "No, but people say I shouldn't have sugar, cause of my ADHD." He is probably one of the children that do benefit from medicine for it, and not one of the many children overly diagnosed with ADHD.

Jared sighs and shakes his head. "Wells see the problem with that is ADHD is not effected by sugar intake any more than normal kids are, and Sugar does not lead to hyperactivity in normal people. At best there is a short upsurge in energy with a quick crash down the line. Now, if I were a Doctor and had to admistier any kind of stimulant or depressant I might worry because ADD and ADHD efect the way certain ones of those effect the brain, but lucky for me I don't need drugs to help me heal." Jared…is an odd wealth of knowledge some days. He blames it on getting bored easy and that his mom used to leave professional journals everywhere.

Max looks uneasy, he's never heard something like this. His parents never did either. Though he is not a knowledgeable guy on the subject. "So, it doesn't matter?" He says, wondering if there are any 'what ifs'.

Jared Shrugs a little, "Well there is always the placebo effect, you think that sugar is gonna make you hyper and so you work yourself into an excited froth. Sorry, got bored a lot and read some of Mom's trade magazines and stuff at times. Funny story about those really, I once asked her why an ER doc had so many copys of profesional magazines with articles about ADHD and child psychology. We ended up staring at each other for about five minutes before the answer dawned on me."

Max looks back down to his tray. "Ahh, I think I get it." He honestly doesn't mind being as active as he is. But who knows. He is happy, at least. He continues looking at his food before looking up. "Wait, so that means you have it too?" Before he takes another bite of the burger.

Jared shrugs again, he can honestly say he does not know if he does or not. "NEver diiagnosed with it or anything. I was a pretty hyper kid, one of the reasons mom liked putting me in Gymnastics so I would use up al lmy energy, and I get bored way too easy. Not so hyper any more, but half the time the only way I can focus much is to bend myself into a pretzel or flip around on a mat. MOm was always one of those that hated pideon holing kids by diagnosing them with stuff like that, and really hated the idea of drugging kids with ADD just to get them to stand still."

Max gives a nod to Jared, even now his legs are swaying. He's been in here for two days stuck in bed, not leaving cause he basically had alzheimer's. "My parents didn't want to at first. But I really couldn't focus on anything for very long."

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