2011-06-07: Down The Enlightened Path


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Summary: It's a beautiful day so many of the students at Xavier mansion are out along the right path enjoying the sun and conversation.

Date: June 7, 2011

Log Title: Down the Enlightened Path

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion- Right Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

From out of the Hedge Maze a girl wanders, dressed in a clingy UM two-piece and swishing her tail, with a few stray feathers in her hair and a very satisfied look on her face. "Ahh this is the life. No risk of getting malaria if I drink the water and warm buildings to hide inside if the weather gets too severe," Evelyn declares to herself. "And best of all /no etiquette classes/."

Settled in the grass with a few books infront of him is Robyn. He's not pouring over any school related books, these are all books about various monster movies. They range from Dracula to Frankenstien to The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. He flips the page of the hard cover book with a look of contimplation before hearing Evelyn's voice. The teen clad in a pair of black skinny jeans and a t-shirt with Hoggle from Laberynth on it waves to her. "Hey Evelyn, exploring the grounds?"

It's a beautiful day to be outside or at least that's how Tyler sees it. The sun is out, not a rain cloud in sight, and the temperature was just on this side of being warm and comfortable. Backpack on, skateboard in one hand, sketchbook in the other, he's looking to flop on the grass somewhere and draw. There are voices from nearby so he wanders casually over in that-aways direction and sees Evelyn and Robyn. "Hey guys! Nice day isn't it?"

Over the top of the hedge, just above the bushes a little, a flaming figure bobs up and is spinning with about 3.5 revolutions before the flaming girl descends toward the ground behind the bushes, almost concluding the difficult Triple Axel Jump from where she is back there. However, it is soon followed by a bit of a thud, and then a rather loud. "Mother FUCK!" Graceful and swan-like she may be, but a lady she is not. Jem comes a moment later, storming into and out of the Hedge Maze, fuming at her little fall. She has gotten rid of her flaming extremities at least, so that's good. The girl wearing her tight black leather pants, tank top and leather jacket.

There's a benefit to wearing good quality earbuds, in that they block out the worst of things, just like a flaming girl with equally incendiary invective. Down the path is a familiar face to some on an lunch-time jog. Connor is down to a sleeveless top and track pants, almost lazily plodding along the trail, using his smartphone instead of an MP3 player to blaze some Blue Man Group to keep his pace to. The energetic beats even have his hands moving, a rarity, playing out the same drumbeats in his head while his course drives him towards Robyn and company.

The outdoors, one of Richard's favorite places. And today is no different either, after a few classes, he decides to get some fresh air on this reasonable comfy day. Baseball season starts soon, and as he walks, Richard contemplates starting up some pick-up games. The former 'alien' soon finds his brother and heads in his direction. "Robyn!" He calls out before taking a sit, the identical twins look much different from each other, Richard having short hair and a more casual style to him, in-between a jock and a skater look. Dark blue polo, and a pair of jeans that do not adhere to the skin. "How's it?" He asks his twin.

"Exploring the… yes… yes that's exactly what I was doing," Evelyn replies innocently, springing out of the way of her rampaging roomie. "Those all books for school or are you catching up on some light reading?" Tyler gets a smile and a wave. "It's pretty nice out here although finding the middle of the hedge maze is far harder than I expected." Idly she wanders towards the grass where people are converging, taking special care to swish her tail from side to side as she walks in a manner that suggests plenty of practice in front of a mirror.

Robyn shakes his head. "Nope, this is just some light reading." He holds up the book. "Monster Movies!" He says with a grin. "Yeah, I'm not sure if I've ever found the middle. I'll have to do that before I leave the school." Since he graduates soon. "Hey Tyler, and yeah it is nice. So how's the school treating you?" Connor as he's running gets a big wave from his roommate and best friends. "Connor! And Richard! Hey there! It's going good and you?" Jem's outburst gets a curious look from Robyn. "Oooooookay.."

It sure got crowded quickly off the right path. There were a few faces Tyler recognized and a few that he did not. Smiles all around for those he knows, "I'm doing alright. Met a lot of people this week and most of my squad. Haven't done much of anything save wandering around but that's alright. I was…." Just about to say he was going to seek someone or something to draw when Jem made quite an entrance, and two other students arrive. "Hello to you both. I'm Tyler by the way. Nice meeting you."

"Shit.." Jem blinks as she comes into a whole crowd of people, who no doubt saw her little tumble back there. Or heard it at least. She has a few twigs and leaves in her curly hair, which she promptly picks out, quickly shifting from possible embarrassment to a smirk. Nope, she isn't the blushing or embarrassed type. "Whassup peeps?! How uh— long have you guys standing here, exactly?" she inquires, sweeping a pointing finger around toward the general vicinity. "Nevermind. Not important." she shakes her head, sending curls to bounce along her head, taking her usual stance of stuffing her hands into her back pockets. "There some function or something goin' on? Party? And if not, we should get one started. There's enough people for a little shindig right now. And I'm itchin' to burn, right?" she smirks to Evelyn, moving to try and hip bump her a bit.

Slight glowing blue-green eyes catch the wave to him, and the guy who was half-way down the path is suddenly gone, and in a weird ripple in the air, or reality itself, he's standing next to Robyn. Panting a bit, Connor removes his earbuds, the heavy drums sequence from Cat Video barely heard in them as he reaches down to turn off the function on his new phone before saying, "Oh hey, I got the… job…" Pausing as he notices all the other people around, "Richard… long time. Missed you in the DR. Rest of you must be new. Shame. I'm gone in two week, and all these new faces to get to know." A slight smirk coming back to him as he nods to each in turn, "Connor Blake, callsign Chase."

What else can Richard say, other than he's been a bit out of commission lately, apart from making himself scarce. "Yeah, well…things came up." Is all he can say about it. "It's goin alright for me." He responds to Robyn. Not having payed much attention to the flaming girl's earlier antics, Richard can't really say how long he'd been here. Though he did hear a rather nice expletive not too long before.

"Evelyn Greer," she replies slipping into the kind of Queens English accent she usually rolls out for her moms diplomatic functions. "But you can call me Eve, Ev or I guess Pounce." Of course then she gets hip-bumped by Jem and a stray feather falls out of her hair, causing a moment of abject panic as she tries to brush them all out. All the while muttering the very limited palette of non-English curses she knows. "No, no party as of yet. I don't think a proper party on school grounds could ever happen. Not with all the cameras."

The Emo looking kid nods to Tyler. "What squad are you on? For the next few days I'm on Alpha Squadron…which will be weird. I've been on the team the longest since my Sophomore year." Robyn can't help but admit to himself that it'll be weird not going to school here next year. Jem gets another strange look from Robyn as she shakes his head. "Seeing that I have classes in a bit and that parties are over rated, I'll pass." He's not a party guy. He's a movie and popcorn kinda guy. "That's awesome Connor..I..um…I'll be putting in applications this weekend." He says with a bit of a hopeful tone. "Are you graduating too Richard? I don't know if I told you but I'm gonna be going to art school at Parson's next year." One might get the impressions the twins don't talk too much. "A proper party? With that English accent it makes me think of scones and tea and petit fours."

Tyler hangs his skateboard down to tap against the outside of his leg repeatedly. "Oh! I'm a Paragon Robyn. Met a few of them recently and my roomie is a Paragon as well which I believe to be awesome. No idea what squads actually do but I'll find out soon enough I suppose." There's a wave to the others with the hand that holds the sketchbook, which he nearly drops to the grass attempting that wave, "Nice to meet you Connor and Richard. I'm not sure what kinda party one could have at this hour but I'm all for a pastry party. I think I forgot to eat breakfast or something."

There are still bits of branches and such in Jem's hair. She can even feel maybe a bug in there that crawled off of the foliage she smacked into. Easily fixed, as she her hands burst with a fiery plasma, flames licking rampantly. She then pushes her hands through the sides of her head, gathering her hair and pulling it all the way down to the bottom of it behind her. Several incinerating hisses and the scent of burning things fills the air. "Jem, Savalion. Pyromania if you prefer." she sure is, "First year, last year, so new but not for long." She is okay with this. She peers at Evelyn for a moment, her eyes squinting, "And.. who says it has to be on school grounds? You're not one of those rule stickers, are you Evie? That would suck, because obeying all of the rules is uber boring." she peers at the cat girl, "What's with the feathers? Did you just kill a bird or something? I hope you're gonna brush your teeth after eating that thing." Her mouth has no filter.
"Anyway!" she switches gears suddenly, taking in all the introductions, "This talk of food is making me hungry. I could go for a whole birthday cake right now, or maybe a tub of ice cream. About this big." Jem holds her hands out kinda wide to indicate a container about a gallon or so. "Could totally ditch and go Wal-Marting or something. Classes will be there tomorrow, or the next time they come around. Conversely, Wal-mart will too, but it's probably more fun. There's also a video game or two I wanna pick up. "Anyone play?"

Connor crosses his arms over his chest a moment as order butts against chaos, "Let me impart some wisdom on you all, since you're new. First off… parties are fairly easy to throw. Rec room's right off the kitchen, and as long as you clean up the mess, it's cool with staff. But do them a favor and let a teacher or staff know ahead of time. Security's a huge issue around here." Motioning towards a light pole, and a couple other spots, "The other thing is… don't ditch. They know. This is the only school in the world where a telepath can find you like that." Snapping his fingers, "And Ms. Frost can be a bit… annoyed with people. People she's annoyed with tend to come out of her office behaving rather well. The rules are there because outside these walls, there are people who would rather see all of us dead and hanging from religious symbols than say hello."
His tone the entire time only has a bare edge of seriousness to it, which lightens as he says, "Besides… you can't ditch school as well as I can, and I give security regular fits."

"Oh, nice job!" Astro mentions to his twin. "I'm supposed to be, but I'm lacking some credits, I'm uhh…gonna make up for it this year though." And by that, he means summer school, but is a little too timid to admit it. As to Evelyn and Jem, nods and waves are given to both, but he rather likes to not meddle with other people's mutations, feathers or bugs and twigs included. After all, nothing is too strange when it comes to a school for mutants.

"Petit fours are /French/ Monsieur Larkin," Evelyn replies slipping into a passable French accent without much trouble. "Cucumber sandwiches on the other hand…." Bird feathers removed she gives Jem a flat look. "It was the wind." She carefully sits herself down, using a hand to keep her tail from being squished and upon release aforementioned tail begins flattening an arc of grass in great swooshes. "Party wise would it have sounded less formal if I'd gone with Australian and suggested a round of tinnies?"

"Well we'll be in a few sessiosn together before I graduate." Robyn says to Tyler. "You'll be stuck with Mason. Mason's…well he's Mason. He's not bad just has a bit of an ego." He's on odd terms with his teammate. "I like the sound of a pastry party." He then looks at Jem and shakes his head. "Actually I have to make sure I pass these last classes to graduate. So..there really isn't tomorrow. Also what's Wal-Marting?" He looks up at Connor and raspberries him. "I will admit to ditching class a few times but I was always on campus…in the art room." Sometimes sleeping in there cause he stayed up too late working on an art project. "But they sound fancy and part of a proper party." Robyn says to Evelyn with a nod. "What's a round to tinnies?"

Tyler nods to Robyn. "I'll look forward to the sessions. Who's this Mason? He's on your squad then?" Must be! A bit confused his ear touches his shoulder as he mulls over whether or not he's heard of this Mason person before. Turning towards Jem he stops tapping his skateboard against his leg then shrugs about the whole skipping classes thing. "I'm not very good in my classes but I use the time to draw out ideas I have so I can paint them up later. That and I think my parents would kill me if I got busted. I already get in trouble for poor grades as it is."

"That's malling it… and there's a place for that too. Salem Center.", At Robyn's little jab, Connor reaches down and musses up his roomie's hair for a moment, and then it's back to looking at Jem, "Okay.. so you want the 'cool'? Fine… I'll oblige that." A bit of a grin on his face as he holds one hand up. A glow ball of blue-green light, spinning wildly in place like it's threatening to explode appears in his hand, his eyes brightening to match it, "This? This is cool… I can show you a world you never thought would be… if you have the guts to go through." And tossing the sphere behind him, past the group, it hits nothingness, creating another water-like ripple in the air, before it explodes back out in a swirling disc of light about six feet wide. Looking at Robyn, he just can't help it, "What. C'mon… they've never seen it before."

"Well, there's that one guy…like a walking block of ice." Richard mentions to Jem, though, he's pretty much kidding at this point. "No offense, I just don't find the Wally Martinez very fun, pr worth a week's grounding. Now, Coney Island, is a different story. We could re-inact 'The Warriors'." Though, once he thinks about it, he doesn't want to risk his graduation over a little galavanting. Damn you, Jimminy Cricket.
Evelyn smiles sweetly. "I think it might have been in one of those bushes you just incinerated," she suggests cheerfully. "And tinnie is slang for beer or I guess a pack of weed if you're in New Zealand. But I wasn't there long enough to find out if that's actually true or not." She frowns and adds "I'm not even sure I stayed long enough to get the accent right come to think about it." She giggles at Connors demonstration. "That is all kinds of awesome! Whatever it is…"

"If cool is hanging around in Wal-Mart, then I'm glad I'm un-cool." Says the Artsy Robyn as he hides his face behind his monster book as he giggles. That's about the only answer he can give Connor. "Yeah Tyler, Mason is on my squad. YOu've got the cool leader though, Mr. Gilpatrick. He's the music teacher and I would think he super laid back with his squad. I do the same time, use the time to draw out stuff to sculpt later. And are you serious about Cloud, Jem? I mean…he's Cloud. He's not the brighest crayon in the drawer." He doesn't hate Cloud though, he just knows him as a teammate. "Coney Island is great, my family goes there every summer as 'vacation'. Umm…I don't want to re-inact The Warriors, don't most of them die? I've had my share of near death experiences enough since coming here." He then makes a face at Evelyn. "Beer and Weed are bleh. No need for that stuff. I'm weird enough without drugs and alcohol."

"Wal-mart? Hanging out in a Wal-mart?" Tyler would rather be dead than to hang out even near a Wal-mart. He's seen People of Wal-mart.com after all. Some of the images on there are enough to peel years off one's young life. "Oh, kewl. I'll have to see if I can meet Mason sometime. I've not met Mr. Gilpatrick yet but the others say he's pretty cool and I still have to check out your sculpty-ness before you're outta here at graduation." What Connor has created has caught Tyler's attention but he's not quite sure what to make of it just yet. Pretty bad ass to look at it though. "Erm, The Warriors? Like the cat books? Sorry, I'm sorta the clueless type. I'd like to check out Coney Island some time though. Hell, even something in the city. Never been to New York before."

Jem snorts, "Pft. Ice.." at least in terms of powers. She loves the ice any other time. But she's all about the fire right now. Okay… Connor.. Jem doesn't twitch so much as watch as Connor makes interesting things happen. "Okay, so that's kinda cool.." she admits, a flaming plasma generated from her calves down to her feet, and then Jem starts to scoot, skating around Evelyn while leaving a trail of fire, and then away from the group in general. Quite like she were on the ice and on skates. "I've got more than enough guts to go through." she is skating backwards, smirking at the group. "In fact, even though I don't really know you, I'm gonna put quite a bit of trust in your hands, and take that little leap of faith." She is building up speed, but is generally staying around the vicinity of Conner's creation, obviously intending to go through. "And yes, Cloud is awesome… Kinda. A little slower paced than I am, but passable. Is anyone else tagging along on this little venture?"

Connor just smiles, "I can guarantee… if you can brave this out, you've got the stuff for school here… and that…" He looks over his shoulder at the portal, "It called an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Or if you watch TV… A Stargate… a portal… a wormhole… no joke. If I've got an image for a place, I can go there." Moving back and away from his opening in the fabric of reality that just shimmers there like a sideways pool of water, he flops down next to Richard and Robyn, and takes his phone from his pocket, and starts texting something. Sending it before anyone can really look, he closes up the phone, and just adds, "And seriously… Jem? Get yourself settled in and I'll call a friend to help show you around New York. Who needs Walmart when you've got whole neighborhood blocks devoted to stuff like clothes, art, music… anything. And then there's Mutant Town. Hell… I've got a standing invite to the Genoshan Embassy."

Astro floats up before reaching into his pocket and removing his cell phone, looking to the screen. Richard glances at his brother. "Yeah…but they didn't have powers, or you know, freaking Kryptonian abilities." Of course, he only jests at his powers, he ditched that theory last year. "Anyway, I gotta get back to the school. Gotta be on my good student behavior." Richard bids everyone. "I'll venture out more often, Robyn. We can finally make good on all those plans." Of course, if Robyn wants to." The young mutant glides his way over to the main building.

"So you mean if I bring my scrap books along you could take us /anywhere/ I have a picture of?" Evelyn asks wide eyed. "Because I have some pretty amazing pictures. Most rainforests you could name, African safari parks and places where you normally have to ask for permission to visit so you won't contaminate the local tribes." She doesn't make any move to head through however, just pulls her tail in close when Jem skates past. "If being a Margay wasn't so fun I might be jealus of all the cool powers people have."

"Cloud?! Awesome!?" Robyn says giving Jem a look that if he was drinking something it'd be spit over everyone. "YOu know that when my boyfriend turned evil he jumped through a portal after him and ended up as a post-it note for Mr. Sinister. But then…maybe you're perfect for each other." He mutters as she's about to go through the portal. "Coney Island is great Tyler. It's got the scariest roller coaster ever cause it's so old you think you're going to die cause it's gonna just fall apart. I was born and grew up in Brooklyn. I love New York. Also Warriors is an old movie about a gang war in New York." He then quotes the movie in a high voice. "Waaaarriooors come out to plaaaaaaa-aaay." He shrugs. "I'm not going to play the penis size game with powers." He says looking at Jem's plasma flame covered feet. "After all I'm not hungry right now." He says grinning at Connor and Richard since they'll know what he's talking about. There's another giggle as he looks at a text on his phone before he reiterates.

"Best rides are always the ones you think you're gonna die on." The portal is still up so Tyler is watching it rather than making eye contact with those he's speaking to. "Being able to go anywhere would be neat. I've only been around various parts of Ohio really. Maybe you can zap me to a ski resort some time, Connor." There's a smile for Connor as he drops his skateboard onto the ground next to his feet because he's tired of holding it then he sets his sketchbook down atop that. "Power show? I'd whip mine out but I'd have no way to put it back in. You know, no clothes…I'm not making any sense. I just don't want to end up naked…again!"

"Actually… I'm kinda from around here. Westchester that is. Spent most of my life on the ice." As if her skill with the way she skates around right now will show. "But I'm not above traipsing through NY for stuff to do. Totally welcome the chance." Flame rockets from her feet, and then likewise from both of her hands, used to guide her as she picks up a bit more speed. She lines herself up to streak toward the portal, arching a brow at Robyn's words, "Wait, what? Perfect for each other? What do you mean by—" she looks over her shoulder, seeing how close she is, "Shit, no time to ask right now…" And since no one is jumping to go with her, she goes it alone. The flame from her feet give a stronger thrust, and Jem launches herself the few remaining feet toward the portal. Last thing seen is her waving to everyone on her way in with a grin.

Connor starts laughing as Jem goes through, and then gives a sidelong glance at Tyler, "Okay… I don't do the Captain Commuter thing very often… and these are one way. I can't just connect them and you can go back and forth. I'd have to go with you, wait until you're done, and then come back… and frankly…" He points to Evelyn, "Her stuff sound more fun. Have you ever been to Africa? If you discount the poverty and strife, it's a beautiful place." But the last part is said in a somewhat subdued tone before he looks back at Robyn and his giggling, picking up one of his books for a moment, "So… I'm going to be a drummer for a bar. Twice a week. They do open mic nights, and needed someone to fill in for a while."
Connor suddenly mumbles for no explicable reason, "Damn… I hope it was a good one. I'd hate for her to get a boring ride."

"Which part of Africa? I've done almost every wildlife park for at least a day or two. Most of the places I went to weren't really populated or had pretty nice hotels in," Evelyn replies with a smile. "My dad did a lot of work taking pictures of Rhino's one year. It was awesome fun, although kind of scary when you find out that even in the jeep you're not entirely safe from being charged." She smirks at Tyler. "Serves you right for not getting the insanely comfortable superhero underwear. It's a little embarrasing at first, but way better than finding yourself unexpectedly naked in public."

"All my powers are mental and I don't feel like jumping in anyone or sucking their brain juices." Robyn says grinning at Tyler. "Though I don't have the no clothes problem, which I am very grateful for." He nods. He then watches Jem jump through the portal. "Happy Porting!" He calls to her before thinking out loud. "I wonder what 'hers' she's going to see. That was really weird the time I saw myself as this evil dictator of a planet full of tiny blue men. Soooo..anyway…drumming next year, that's awesome. I should have you talk to my Dad too if you need any other work. He knows tons of clue owners and stuff with his whole Rush cover band thing."

Tyler laughs shoving his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. "Africa is cool but not my thing. Wouldn't want to make you wait on me while I caught air off some snow ramps, Connor." Robyn gets a sort of Kermit the frog smooshed face expression, "You suck brain juices? You don't seem to be like a killer clown from outer space but you could be in disguise." Totally teasing Robyn as Jem sails into the portal for parts unknown. "Hey, wherever she just went she's pretty stuck since Connor is right here an'all." Sense most are sitting and he's one of the few standing around looking incredibly cool he flops down onto the grass stretching out his legs.

Wherever Jem went to, that is quite between she and the portal. Where she ended up? Well that involves someone else. Perhaps a few someone elses as she suddenly appears from nowhere. Whatever happens in the boy's locker room, stays in the boy's locker room, and it only happens for a few seconds or so. Involves quite a bit of male shocked and embarrassed screams, and a cackling from Jem before she backed out of there quickly. It was kinda worth it, really. Whatever it was she experienced. Though it does have her in a little more of a somber and contemplative mood as she makes her way back. Walking rather than flying or anything. Eventually she does return, with her hands stuffed into her jacket pockets, "Nice trick… A little Willy Wonka without the creepy singing, but the end result was pretty fun. Saw a whole lot of boys. A whole lot of a whole lot of boys. Few impressive, some.. eyhhh.. not s'much. But they were cute!" she smirks. If there is any indication that whatever she saw bothered her it would only be her slight lack of excitability.

Connor gives an idle wave to Jem, and replies, "I hope it wasn't too bad. I can't control what you see in there, I can only control the destination." The wave also causes the portal to vanish, and his shoulders seem to slump a bit before he replies, "Yup… I get the brainsucking artist as my roomie. But it all works out in the end… he puts up with my dysfunctions too." Wrapping an arm around the back of Robin's neck, he hugs his buddy close, "It's cool Tyler… my issue's just I'm no good on the slopes. Don't even skateboard… but gimme a couple months and I'll have my motorcycle license. Owning a car makes no sense in New York, but I still want to drive. That and… I've found a couple cheap bikes I can lay my hands on with a loan from my dad. If he's not still going psycho over the letter he got for me to go to some kind of evaluation at the Barnes Academy."

"What's a Barnes Academy? Is it something to do with the bookstore?" Evelyn wonders, rolling her eyes at her roomie. "Just so long as you didn't slap anyone on the ass and tell them they're a lucky boy." Specifics on who falls into which catagory shall no doubt be chased up later on. "I don't even want to imagine snow. I think my tail might fall off from the cold and I don't have a single pair of pants to wear… At least none I haven't ruined by trying to cut tail holes in."

Robyn shurgs to Jem. "Eh, nothing I haven't seen before. Besides, I have a boy of my own to see that stuff on." He says blushing a bit before grinning at Connor. "Yes you do!" he says throwing an arm around him to return the hug. "I've never skatedboarded or skiied so I don't know much about the flying down hill on a pair of boards. Hey, I'm a New Yorker and I took the chance to get my drivers licence. I just need the car now but I don't think I need one." He says nodding. "Well Evelyn, it can get cold here in the winter. We got down to the negitives last year, it was -cold-. And Barnes is another school like this one but more strict but they also do college stuffs. Our friend Rashmi, who used to be a student here, goes to college there."

Feet wriggle back and forth while Tyler picks up his sketchbook flipping it open to a clean page to start drawing as Jem returns. "Snowboarding is fun though it can get your neck broken if you're not careful. There was this wipe out on ESPN once of a guy who went into the pipe and shot out in some crazy fashion and went tumbling for a few minutes. I stayed off the board for a bit after that. So you're into motorcycles or just cause it's easier to get around New York with one Connor?" Peering up over is shoulder at the girls he starts sketching them onto the piece of paper.

"Eh, don't sweat it, really. I try not to dwell on the bad things too much. Doesn't pay to be mopey, sad or a worry wart. Emo ain't my style." Jem replies to Connor, finding a nice place to where she can lean her back against the a wall behind her, lifting her foot to plant back against it as well. "Interesting power at though. About as weird as mine get, when you start adding things like water and caffeine." Her green eyes cast out about the scenery, making her smirk at Robyn in the end, "Heh, I usually have about 2 or three at a time. I tend to go through boyfriends faster than I do outfits." She is a bit much to handle sometimes. "Anyway.. I'd better be getting something to drink, and maybe a light snack or something. It's getting about that time I think."

The reminder is enough to make Connor slip the hug and stand up, taking several moments to check himself over, oddly plucking at the track pants here and there for the better part of a minute, as if phantom pieces of grass had been stuck to it. The entire time his eyes have a strange concentration to them. Once this seems to have passed, he looks up and smiles at the others, "Allright, sounds like a plan… I've got a jog to finish, then I gotta get beaten up for a bit in advanced combat training. Last session, so it ought to be fun. Catch you guys later." And just like that… buds in, music up, and the teleporter goes back to jogging. He does however yell over his shoulder to Robyn, "See you back at the room! I got some brochures for places to see over the break!"

Evelyn waves at Connor as he dashes off. "If you two had planned on teleport tourism I could totally lend you some pictures," she offers to Robyn, then with a wicked grin she adds "Two or three at a time huh? Is that one for each hole?" Of course the fact Tyler is drawing her hasn't escaped her notice. As she shifts position so that he's drawing her from a more flattering angle. "So what squad are you on Jem? I haven't heard you talk about it much."

"That's…kinda skeevy." Robyn says to Jem about her boyfriends. "Well it was nice meeting you Jem, I gotta get going myself. I have class soon and tomorrows the test so we're going overy all that mathy stuff." He says making a face as he pushes hismelf up. "And Robyn needs cookies badly." He's an oatmeal cookie addict. "Later Connor!" He says watching his roommate run off. "Well, off to class for me. See ya later Tyler, Evelyn and Jem." He says nodding slightly as he makes his way back to the main mansion building.

The scratching of a pencil stills as people start to break up. Resting his tool down onto the pad, "Goodbye to everyone heading out. Robyn, I'll try to catch you later or something. I'll even make a note here!" Taps the pencil to his book a few times. "Have a good afternoon, yall." THis leaves the blonde haired boy with the two girls he's been sorta sketching for a few minutes. "You guys off as well? I might as well go do something useful with myself if so."

Jem just smirks at Robyn's assessment of her relationship history. "Kiss the boys, make them cry. In actuality, things rarely get that physical with any of them. I do have my limits right now. I just…" she shrugs, "Don't really get too close to anyone like that. Never really fallen in love. Things are fun for a brief time, then the fun is over and I have to move on." As the song goes, 'I'm like a bird' and all, right? "Heh, yep take care you guys." she waves to the departing. "Squad? Well, actually I dunno yet. Cloud was hoping I get on his squad, but I haven't heard anything yet. Only been a few days, and it's the end of the year. I won't really start much till next year. But we'll see how things pan out." she grins.

"I didn't have anything special planned for today," Evelyn admits, shrugging too. "I'm on Clouds squad. Same as Robyn and Star, plus the popstar megaflirt Mason. At least so rumour says anyway. I don't really know him yet. Maybe they're holding off your assignment until after people have left? Move you into an empty slot and stuff."

Tyler finishes up his drawing then slips the pencil into the spiral part of the sketchbook before flipping the book closed. "Think I might go get something to eat before I have to go to my first class." Pushing himself up off the grass he briefly dusts off the broken blades of grass stuck to him then uses his foot to pop his skateboard up to carry it. "I'll see you ladies around." Bit of a wave and he starts heading down the path mumbling something about needing to pick up his UM clothes.

"Later.." Jem affords Tyler an incline of her head, pulling out a sucker from her pocket and popping off the wrapper. It's popped into her mouth, her teeth biting down on the stem a bit as she talks around the morsel. "Maybe. I'm actually more patient than I seem to be, so.. I'll just let things fall where they might. For now though," she grins, "I get to have a bit of fun. School doesn't really start for me till next year here, so.. I got a bit of a break. I was hoping to find someone that could hang. Buuuuut, not too many people that are my speed around here."

Evelyn waves at Tyler, then sprawls out on the grass once he's gone. "People are probably a little bit too worried about getting lynched if they go wild," she ventures idly. "I don't mind having a few drinks, maybe a little smoke, but it's not really the type of school where you can get away with it. Not like practically every other boarding school I've ever been to where /someone/ always had something they shouldn't have." Her tail settles on an especially warm patch of sunlight and stops swishing. "I know what you mean about school not really starting. My records will take a while to get sorted before they can properly place me. The squad work stuff is… erm… odd. I hope I'm never in /any/ of the situations they've made us try so far."

"Mm. I suppose that is true, if you focus on the ugly in the world. But I usually don't. I was born here the same as anyone else, and no one has the right to take away my right to do what I do, or even what they do as well. And I'll be damned if I am going to sit around and let them. Or slow me down." Jem technically wasn't born here, she was more reborn, but those are details she has no idea about. "To be honest, for all the things that I do do, I don't really get into drinking or even smoking much. Works for other people, but there is just no point in it for me." she pushes herself off of the wall, standing, "All I know is, my brother graduated from here 2 years ago, and if he can do it, I can do it too." she looks over and smirks, "With style." the stud of her tongue ring plays around the ball of candy in her mouth.

Evelyn laughs. "I'm not sure I even want to try drinking or smoking now. Lose control once and I might find myself shifting and never changing back," she admits wryly. "Which is basically how I ended up here. If they hadn't got a telepath who was able to help me re-find my focus I'd probably be in Central Park or possibly the local zoo." There is a little pause as she stretches out. "As for being born here.. I'm pretty uncommon in that I don't really have a country I could even call home. I've spent at most three or so years in once place at once, even then I'd always leave for several weeks in a year. If you're ever bored I'll show you my scrap books, got all kinds of neat pictures of places. But then when your dad is a photographer you kinda tend to collect that sort of thing."

"Oh, I get bored a lot. Trust me. I'll have plenty of time to do all sorts of things like that. Though I do hope I get the chance to advance with what I can do. I'm not the kind of person who likes to stay stationary for too long." It is quite true, she is usually on the move. "It seems like everyone around here is artistic in one way or another. I guess I'm a combination of both athletic and artistic. Figure skating takes a certain amount of artistic coordination." Her stomach growls a bit, and Jem's brows knit together, "And lots of food. Geesh, I really need to find something to ear. Alright.. well.. I'm out for now. But I'll see you back at the room or something."

Evelyn sticks her hand up and waves. "I'll cya around then. I think I might go take a look around the woods," she informs. "See what's what. There is supposed to be a private lake or something out there. I might even take a little swim… Or at least discover Margays can't swim. Hopefully before drowning!"

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