2009-03-02: Down the Hydra Hole


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Summary: Spider-Woman gets a tip of about a Hydra base and runs into Winter Solider, calls in Black Widow for backup.

Date: March 2, 2009

Log TitlePG-13 (Violence)

Hydra Base

The walls were polished to a fascist sheen. It's one of those things so many superiors overlook and something so many subordinates take such pride in and, as platoons of heavy boots drum and echo with across the metallic corridors with a shrill, brassy quality, one of the Hydra agents was nearly flush with rage as he stumbled and rushed towards his target; scuffing his beautiful floor. He gnashed his teeth beneath the green cowl as he fumbled with his plasma rifle and loaded a charge cartridge; fidgeting as his field commander raised an arm to slow the column's advance. Drew betrayed us. Hushed murmurs circulated among the pajama-clad soldiers below the clicks and snapping of advanced weaponry; rumors of the boss using the weapon on this one. Of whether or not some stupid bitch like Drew was even worth the trouble.
As the army flooded around the installation and caught movement at the end of the next tunnel, the base's PA system clicked on for the 'fearless' commandant to try and appeal to Jessica's nature. "Surrender now, Agent Drew! We'll let you live and walk away! What does the glory of /Hydra/ have to fear from you, anyway?!" He croaks, the field commander nodding to his men with the barked requests. The rifles snapped from 'stun' to 'kill' in perfect unison.

Jessica is smarter than most and didn't get where she was today by worring about a few men with guns. They should know what she is, what she can do but it appears that they weren't informed of that. Moving without a sound along the walls, spider-climbing from shadow to shadow to say out of site. Just because there's a silly warning on a PA system doesn't mean she's about to reveal her local up above as she moves to make her way behind enemy lines. She hasn't even begun to think about the many tricks up her sleeve.

Agent Gary is not smarter than most and probably won't get the opportunity for any advancement in his organization, especially with the escalation of force brewing behind the near-transparent, Hydra facade. They don't see her. A fist raises once again and lowers as the Field Commander signals for the agents to do what they do best and, as the ranks begin to drop to knees and rest weapons upon shoulders and heads, the block of terrorists becomes a formidable wall of man and weapon; anxiously anticipating the thrill of slaughter. Being a peon, Gary is on bottom, angry and uncomfortable as the plasma cell of a rifle rests on top of his head.
"This is your last chance, Drew! Come out with your hands up or we'll make you /wish/ you had!" The crackling speaker shrieks, sending a collective wince through the horde.

Jessica drops down silently behind the enemy lines and there's a smile, the only thing that can really be seen since her mask covers everything else. She has two options and she picks the more violent of the two. She reaches out and gives a venom blast to one guy, just enough venom to render him unconsious before moving to attack the second guy. With her super strenght, agility and duriblity combined with her training she moves through the crowd trying to make her way through to knock the group of men out. What's more fun than beating up those stupid men in green jammies anyway.

He drops like a sack of rocks. The front of the mob struggles to turn in alarm as they realize the grave miscalculation of their superiors and, much to the chagrin of their field commander, the formation implodes into a mass of wriggling pajamas and rifles. Panicked streaks of light begin to erupt from one then all of the weapons as soldiers try to hit drew; ignoring everything in their way. Including the Field commander, who takes a bolt in the chest and gets sent a sprawling heap towards Spider-Woman.
Forget this! Agent Gary screams like a woman, startling nearby peers as he bolts away from the mass and back into the labyrinth that is the Hydra base. He'll live.
"Stop! Check your fire! SHOOT THE WOMAN! KILL DR-" The PA starts, cutting itself off as a tiny red light descends from the ceiling and begins flashing in alarm.
"Shut all blast doors! Seal her in and deploy the soldier!" The Commandant wails. Massive steel doors begin shutting with a pneumatic hiss.

"Oh yes, shut all blast doors, that's a genius idea." Jessica says shaking her head. There's always air ducts that are so easy to go through, that was one of the first things Hydra taught her all those years ago. As she beats through the guys and some scatter she doesn't seem at all alarmed at mention of 'the soilder'. There's always, what they thing, as a trump card of some sort. She crawls up the wall and waits on the celling just waiting for her next target. Just in case she hits the button that Nick Fury gave her if she needed any help. It's good to take precautions.

The rest of the wriggling pile have, by now, begun to reorient themselves to the room and their apparent abandonment, turning scornful glares towards the wall-crawling woman as 15 rifles fire simultaneously. "Ice the bitch!" One of the flunkies screams. "Kill 'er dead!" Adds another. "Please don't kill me!" Begs a cowering agent in back, earning a few rolled eyes as his neighbors pick up their rate of fire to cover the slack.

"Gentle extraction, or is the situation hot?" A black leather glove presses gingerly over an ear piece, eyes closed. A slow smile spread over ruby lips as the sound of a gun safety clicking off echoes through the cockpit of the Quinn jet. "Good," Natasha murmurs as the jet comes to a hover over the compound, a door sliding open as the leather clad figure slides down a rope to a nearby air duct. With the alarms blaring, the doors will be harder to get through. "Having fun without me?" A voice purrs from behind Jessica as Natasha drops in behind her, a blast from a Widow's Bite sniping the blubbering man in the forehead as he falls to the ground unconcious.

Jessica jumps and twists in the area landing as she's avoided most of the gun fire. She's got a few cuts and bruises but nothing that she can't fight through. "Always." The curvy woman says in response to Black Widow. "Actually I'm not sure if this is even fun anymore since it's just too easy." She says as she turns to give the nearest guy an elbow in the gut and with her super strength it's got a bit more force than any other elbow.

Little by little the morale of the terrorists is whittled away as the platoon is narrowed to a handful of men by the femme fatales until there's only a pair of men remaining. With little doctrine and promise of a new world order to support them, even that pair drops their rifles and raises their hands. They're done. And, unusually, so is the alarm. Another pneumatic hiss rings out as one of the doors begins to open; the sound enough to muffle the clattering entrance of an innocuous flashbang to come skidding under the narrow opening of the rising blast door. POP!

"Flashbang!" Widow calls as she watches the grenade skitter across the floor. She dodges towards the wall, hiding her eyes in her elbow as she presses her head against the wall to press against her eyes tighter, sacrificing her hearing for her eyesight. She waits for the pop, wincing as her ears ring. She counts back from five, letting it fade before she whips back around, gun at the ready as she scans the room for the culprit.

Having hightened hearing, Jessica shuts her eyes tight, turns away from the device and sticks her fingers in her ears. That'll do a lot more damage to her ears if she didn't protect them. She can fight blind, she can't fight deaf. Her ears are still rining a bit but at least she can hear even if her eyesite is a bit out of focus for the time being. "We're at war with another dimension, Hydra has the worst timing, even worse than Morgan Le Fay."

A shimmer at the end of the open door is the only warning before a half dozen throwing knives come raining down towards the pair, followed by a series of thuds and crashes at the end of the hall growing nearer. As the source become stronger it becomes obvious the shifting and cracking is movement in the ventilation system. Almost imperceptible is the sharp scent of plastic explosives.

Natasha flips backwards as she sees the shimer of knives coming towards the two of them. Ducking behind the body of one of the unconcious men, she waits for the rain of blades to stop, eyes sliding up to the ventilation system as she watches it shift with movement. Green eyes narrow into slits as she props the gun on her hip, sending a spray of bullets in front of the estimated next movement, cutting off any further movement from the hidden threat as the vent splits. "Enough games, show yourself," she hollars a little too loudly thanks to the ringing in her ears.

Jessica jumps in the air and turns herself in ways that seem almost inhuman as she avoids the knives. She gives Natasha a look that says 'serioulsy? Throwing Knives?' as she flys up and sticks to the wall right above the ventialtion shaft after Natasha fires a spray of bullets. She waits to see what comes out hoping that it's a person bacause as soon as she sees them, they're getting a heathly does of venom. She's been using her venom blast sparingly as to not use it all.

POP POP POP POP! A quartet of controlled blasts rumble above, sending shudders through the bullet-ridden steel until after a loud, squealing groan, the oversized panel bends and gives way, crashing downwards and threatening to squash those below like a pair of…well. Spiders. Through the dust of the cave-in the Winter Soldier remains crouched, braced for the landing and immediately unleashing a hail of lead on the women with a pair of pistols.

Natasha returns Jessica's look with a smirk and a headshake before her game face returns. "This guy's realy starting to get on my nerves," she calls out over the sound of cracking metal and flying bullets. A couple of the bullets impact against her suit, eyes narrowing as she hisses a breath of stinging pain and irritation. She jerks back a couple of steps before planting her feet and returning fire in controlled blasts. The gunfire slows after a second as green eyes go wide. "…" She takes a few steps forward, lowering to a crouch as she sends a rope out to try and snag his ankles. "James?!"

Jessica is on the wall, above the ventilation shaft so the bullets fly by and don't even touch her. It even keeps her safe from the ventilation panel as it crashes downwards. Sometimes it's nice being part spider. She doesn't want to give away her position and it's hard to see the confusion in her face as Natasha calls 'James' thanks to the mask she's wearing. She's still waiting though for who ever it is to come out and then take her move.
From his point on the floor, the Soldier doesn't even react to his name, tumbling aside to take refuge from Natasha's shots and providing some cover of his own before pulling out another flashbang and pulling the pin; careful to hold it in his hands rather than throw it immediately.

Natasha frowns as she watches him dodge to the side. He doesn't know. He doesn't remember. But she does. She remembers tat awful machine they had him in. God damn these monsters. But she also knows that he'll kill them if he's given a chance. Eye's narrow on the grenade in his hand and she runs and kicks off of a wall, flipping behind the broken piece of metal from the ceiling. "Winter Soldier," she calls, voice demanding, "Stand DOWN." She pulls a disc from her belt and tosses it through the air, waiting for it to get closer to him before taking a shot at it, releasing the sleep glass from within.

Jessica flys down behind Winder Soilder and instead of using her Venom blast, which she would have done but with the flashbang, it's not a good idea. "Why don't you just put that pin back in?" Jessica almost purrs as she turns on her pharemons and hopes that Winter Soilder gets a good inhalation of them. She does this around the same time Natasha throw the disc with sleep gas, which seem to have no effect on Jessica as she breaths it in.

"Afraid it doesn't work like that, doll." The Winter Soldier says, relaxing behind his concealment and tossing the flashbang back around the corner to Natasha. Those dark, deep eyes are enraptured by Jessica's curvy form, and the almost giddy grin spreading across his face betrays the excitement of his fluttering heart. Accelerated as he clutches a knife. And thrusts it into his own hand. His face contorts with rage as he snaps himself back, snarling under his breath as he throws a cybernetic fist towards Drew to knock her back and beat a hasty retreat. He was ill prepared.

The familiar voice, one she hasn't heard in many, many years forces eyes to narrow further. "..James," she says again, but goes still for a moment as she watches him turn to Jessica with that look in his eyes. Good, maybe she can reel him in more peacefully than with a barrage of bullets. The blade flashes, gun lifting again to try and ping a bullet off of his metal arm, just enough to move it's position she he can't punch full force.

As soon as Winter Soilder pulls out the knife and stabs himself, Spider-Woman's fist starts to glow with the bio-electrical Venom Blast. As she reaches out to touch him, she's met with a punch that causes her to back up a bit. She's more durable, she won't go flying back from a punch. She recovers quickly and right after Natasha fires her shot, she moves in and goes low, aiming a sweeping leg kick at Winter Soilder to knock him off of his fee.

As the bullet ricochets off of his arm the Soldier cringes, instincually backflipping away from Jessica and over her sweep to disengage into an immediate, sprinting retreat; pistols raised once more and firing at Natasha to herd the woman towards the waiting flashbang.

Natasha sees the lure and the trap and has to make a quick decision. She chooses the one that doesn't sacrifice her eye sight, ducking to cover her head as the bullets impact on her costume, leaving welts beneath black leather as she skitters back across the floor and out of the flashbang's radius. She skids, slowing herself with an outstretched hand and a grunt, lifting one hand to shoot a few stray bullets towards the retreating Winter Soldier.

Jessica choose to let the sidekick formerly known as Bucky go and rushes to Natasha's side. "Let's get out of here, at least you know who he is and we can get him later. We have more important things on our plate anyway." She says kicking herself for knowing this was a trap and walking into it anyway.

Natasha rises, blowing hair from her eyes with a glare following the man's retreat. "Yeah. I couldn't agree with you more," she says with a tone of irritation. She checks her gun, letting the clip clatter to the floor as she slams a new one in and cocks the weapon. "Alright. Lead the way. Are we going to be fighting our way out, or taking the easy way?"

"They closed the blast doors so I'm thinking the ventilation shaft is the best method." Says Spider-Woman as she flys up into the air and crawls into the shaft. She's could use a nice long bubble bath right now.

Natasha smirks. "Aw, no fun at all," she says as she pushes off the wall, leaping up to grab the edge of the ventilation shaft and slipping inside after Jessica. "The Quinn Jet is waiting, let's get the hell out of here."

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