2012-07-16: Dr Antics


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Summary: Another night in the Danger Room

Date: July 16, 2012

Log Title: DR Antics

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Explosions and maniacal laughter ring through the danger room as a session is in progress. No one sees much of Nigel anymore outside of class and even his Danger room sessions are done solo. While he claims it's because there's no one in the school that can keep pace with Wildcard the truth is more likely that when transformed he's too unstable to work within a group. Several students watch from the booth as one of the instructors runs the scenario. An Urban environment, the chosen enemy.. SHIELD Mandroids. The living Cartoon grinning from ear to ear as he reachs into both pockets and somehow manages to pull a pair of .44 Tommy guns from them, blasting away at the oncoming squadron. They return fire with a barrage of rockets reducing the area Wildcard stands in to a smoking crater, though scattered cel-shaded body parts suddenly pull themselves back together and he simply reforms. "Ahahahahahaaaa!"

Bridget stands there with the group of students watching. She was surprise by the mutant cartoon but she frowns some to. She does not like standing there watching. She folds her arms under her breast and snorts softly. her pair of skulls float near by here leaving a gap between her and the other students who eye them some. The black skull press right against the glass and looks like he wants to go and join the cartoon. the pink one hides behind Bridget peeking over her shoulder at the mayhem.

Sophie is also present in the viewing area, but judging by the fact that she's blind, odds are she isn't getting much out of watching. More likely, given that she's wearing her danger room outfit, she's waiting for a chance to make use of the room. While she waits, she has a book in hand, and she's busy reading the braille, moving her fingers across the page, line after line. At the sound of the gunfire she flinches, and shakes her head disapprovingly, though her fingertips don't miss a word.

This goes on for several minutes, the machines trading shots with the demented toon. He's blown up, incinerated, riddled with gunfire, even cut in half and just keeps coming back for more. The onlooking students visibly wincing and making comments "How does he do that? Hell WHY does he do that?" The instructor frowns and calls into the Mic "Enough Ranged combat Wildcard, engage them hand to hand." Wildcard grins and produces an oversized Cartoon Mallet, his legs curling into springs as he bounces into the air. "Gummi Bears! Bouncing here and there and everywhere!" He begins richocheting off buildings like a deranged pinball, shooting repeatedly through the group swinging the mallet each time. One of the droids manages to land a heavy uppercut that sends him flying upwards. Though in midair he changes shape.. into a bomb. "INCOMING!!! Ahahahahahahaaaa!" He plummets to the ground and the booths windows are obscured by the flash and dust of the explosion.. the booth actually shakes a bit causing a few of the students to duck for cover.

Bridget is one of the students to duck and she pulls Sophie down with her. The is blind and so has no idea it coming or at lease that what Bridget is thinking. Like Sophie she dressed in her danger room outfit waiting to practice. She frowns, "damn it he nuts. He should be put in a rubber room before he decides to blow up the school." Her skulls still float where they are not minding the blast.

Sophie shrieks, not in response to the explosion, but to being dragged off her seat. Her book goes flying, as does her collapsed cane, which comes loose off her wrist in the process and skitters across the floor. "Mi bondad! Lo que es: por que todo debe ser un juicio?" She sighs heavily, and pulls herself up off her stomach. "Thank you, Bridget," she murmurs, "I appreciate you looking out for me, but… the danger room is stronger than Nigel, si? I do not think we need worry." She remains on her hands and knees, and starts patting the floor, in search of her possessions. "Can you see which way my— ahh, here is my book. Do you see my cane? It is very important."

The instructor sighs and Facepalms.. the scene in the room is devastation. The mandroid squadron decimated but so are the nearby buildings. "Wildcard, your collateral damage is still too high. Seriously enough with the explosions already, you need to focus on the objective without destroying the environment." Wildcard simply reforms again and after a moment shimmers and changes back to Nigel, who sways a bit on his feet and coughs a few times before heading towards the door to the booth. The instructor begins resetting the danger room as most of the students depart now that the show's over. "Alright who's up next?"

Bridget nods and gets her roommates cane, "sorry for scaring you but not sure how much that room can handle" She places the cane in the girls hand before standing up and dusting her self off more a habit then need. She goes to speak up but then Ebony her black skull turns and quickly flies over to the instuctor and in a voice that sounds like a holloween sound track speaks. he bobs up and down in excitment." Bridget sighs at the sight, "Ebony! Stop that! I told you before about that!" The black skull turns and looks at her and speaks again. Bridget frowns, "I know you want to but the instructor chooses" The pink skull nuzzles Bridget and speaks the same way as the black one and the black skull's mouth drops open" Bridget looks at the pink skull, "young lady language!" The pink one drops to the floor and looks away from Bridget" Bridget throws her hands up, "you two are driving me crazy today"

"Thank you," Sophie murmurs as she accepts the cane, and snaps it out to full length as she stands up. Her book, she leaves on her seat, as she sweeps her cane around her feet. "I…" She trails off as Bridget launches into an overall scolding of her… friends, and merely takes a step back, away from all this. "Err, I'm ready," she murmurs, once she has an opportunity to speak again. "If I'm up next, that is. Or going in with anyone else."

As Nigel wanders into the booth and flops down into a seat the instructor makes his report. "Wildcard Danger room session, increased aggression and disregard for collateral damage or possible bystanders. Still havn't found any vulnerabilities of his transformed state, will put in a request with the headmistress to increase the danger room's settings beyond standard student parameters to introduce less standard elements. He's got to have a weakness." He then looks to Bridget, seemingly unphased by the skull bouncing around in front of him. "You were next in line I beleive, don't have you on the regular schedual but since the last session for today is over the room is free. Was there somthing you wanted to specifically practice?"

Bridget eyes her skulls, "control of my powers also I like to try combat real world stuff not like alien taken over the world just stuff like I might encounter walking down the street with these two. They refase to go far from me even when others can see them." She frown, "you can see how that could be a problem." Ebony floats over to her and speaks in the some hollween sound track. Bridget shakes her head, "no not everyone likes you" He lets out a wail. Bridget bops it on top of the head but all she really does is hurt her hand.

Sophie pauses for a moment, and bobs her head. "I don't mind waiting," she murmurs. "And Bridget was next in line, I think, si." She resumes her seat, and picks up her book; she thumbs through the pages until she finds the spot she was at before being yanked to the floor, and within moments, she's quite happily reading once more.

The instructor nods and begins typing "Alright I think I can come up with somthing." As he works Nigel gives a stretch and yawn. "Yeesh, that always takes alot out of me. Have fun in there." He looks to Sophie and smiles a little "Hey there, long time no see." He immediately facepalms "Ok.. bad choice of words. Sorry about that." The door in the booth opens to let Bridget into the room.

Bridget frowns at her roommate, "you can come in with me. I don't mind. After all we share a room I don't see why we can't share a misson in the DR." She smiles at the other girl but then remember she can not see it. She looks at the instructor and then nods. She steps into the danger room followed by the two skulls. She waits for it to begin

Sophie blushes softly, "I… they actually moved me to room with Jill," she murmurs, just as the door is closing behind Bridget. "But I—" She pauses as the door clicks shut. "Oh dear." She sighs, and shakes her head as Nigel sits down beside her. "It is alright, Nigel, I do not mind the use of common phrases. There are many that have to do with 'seeing' this or that, if I became upset or offended at every one, I would have no time to be happy. …But, you are correct; and you are well, I hope?"

The room goes dark as the virtual scenario boots up. The enviroment turning into a typical city street scene at night. A few Streetlights and some neon window signs the only illumination as there are a few pedestrians but no vehicle traffic.

Nigel shrugs "I've been doing alright, just trying to finish my course and get the heck out of here really. Hope you're not having trouble with Jill, I heard about what happened."

Bridget frowns at the news and sighs, "fine what ever." She looks around the room or rather street now and walks down it the skulls at her side. The skulls turns this way and that looking for danger. Bridget looks forward walking at a quick pace.

Sophie shakes her head slowly. "No, no problem with Jill," she murmurs. She cants her head to one side as she hears Bridget's reaction, but of course there's no time to say anything, so she simply turns the page in her book and keeps talking to Nigel. "Though, I do worry for Jill, very much. She is a wonderufl person who has had a terrible thing happen to her… and I know not how to help."

The walk continues without incident for a minute or two before three punks emerge from an alley ahead of Bridget. One of them tapping a baseball bat in one hand, the others carrying a knife and a chain. "Where do you think you're going freak?" The bat-wielding thug snears. "We don't like your kind around here, this is our city." The other two grin and make similar statements, flanking the first man and readying thier weapons.

Nigel nods and sighs "Yeah another hard luck case in an entire school filled with them. Honestly I ran out of good advise months ago and try not to get involved in the student issues around here anymore."

Bridget steps back, "well I asked for this didn't I?" She looks at Ebony and then Amour, "okay I'll give you one chance to let me pass and leave in peace." she knows the thugs will not but she like giving chances. Like normal Ebony jumps the gun and flies forward letting out a wail. The black skull bits the thug on the right cheek. It's fangs digging deep into the flesh and it shakes like a wild animal." Bridget face palms and shakes her head, "Damnit Ebony your suppose to wait for my command!"

Sophie perks an eyebrow upwards, and sighs softly. "I am sorry to hear that, Nigel," she murmurs. "But I don't think overly many of us consider ourselves 'hard luck cases', si? …You shouldn't cut yourself off unnecessarily… I know there are many people here who like you, and enjoy your company." She pauses, and tilts her head to one side. "Do you consider me a hard luck case? I hope not; I do not."

The bat-wielding thug screams and claws at the skull as it latchs onto his face. The one with the chain wraps it around his hand and punchs at Ebony to dislodge it from his buddy. "Kill that freak!" The thug with the knife runs at Bridget brandishing his weapon.

Nigel sighs "Didn't mean it like that. I just get tired of dealing with people like Nicholas and Quenton who's personal issues seem to dominate everything they do and get tossed at anyone that gets near them. Sick of being insulted or glared at just for trying to be me or just enjoy myself a little because god forbid anyone do anything around them that isn't focused on whatever little mental meltdown they're having at the time. Don't trust in what I'd do if I got pushed the wrong way and finally started pushing back."

Sophie ahhs softly. "That makes more sense," she murmurs. "I am sorry, Nigel, I misunderstood you. …We all have issues, si; just some are more… focused on them, than others." She shrugs her shoulders, and quietly bookmarks her page, and snaps her book shut. "Quenton and Nicholas are not bad people," she murmurs. "They are just… having greater difficulty with the things that trouble them, si?"

Ebony is as hard as tank armor so the hits have not effect on him. Ebony finally pulls away from the man and wit it a mouth full of fleash which it drops on the ground. Bridget steps back and Amour flies forward and bit the knife weilding thug wrist. Ebony turns and faces the thug that gone after Bridget and with a wail it shots a golf ball size blue fireball from it's mouth. If it hits the man the man will feel a extrem waves of dark and negative (fear, hate, panic, and so on).

The thug with the knife manages to avoid Amour and for a moment it seems he'll get within range to slash at Bridget before he's struck with the fireball and stifens like a board. Shaking he drops to his knees at the emotional overload and trembles violently. While the thug that had the bat clutchs his face screaming the remaining one picks up his dicarded bat and swings at Ebony determined to hit a home run. The other bystanders on the street have began running now as screams of "Help! Mutant!" begin drifting through the air.

Nigel nods "It's ok, not having the best year myself. Still having a hard time coping is no reason to take it out on everyone else. Anyway I just try to keep to myself these days. Wildcard scares people."

The blind girl smiles pleasantly. "I don't know what Wildcard looks like," she replies, "But I have heard about it from a few students, si? But it is good that you are responsible enough to keep your powers in check. Some people could learn from you, I think." She bobs her head, and purses her lips as she listens to the sounds coming from the danger room. "It really is a pity that sometimes, people actually do react that way," she laments.

Bridget back peddles away from the fighting in truth her power are those skulls with out them she a normal teenager. As the bat hits Ebony it breaks but the skulls does not flinch. It turns slowly and changes the thugs bitting the other cheek now shaking and ripping at it again. Amour turns to the other thug and she reaches speeds of 25 miles per hour and slams into the man's torso.

Amour's impact doubles over the thug with the knife, as ebony latchs onto the first thug's face again causing another round of screaming. The sound of police sirens heralds more trouble coming on the horizon as at least one of the bystanders likely had a cell phone.

Nigel sighs and nods again "Yeah well all we can do is keep going. Anyway I need to grab some sleep so mabye we'll run into each other tomorrow Sophie. Have a good evening."

Bridget frowns at the sirens, "damn it. Ebony! Amour! Come!" Amour turns and quickly returns to Bridget but Ebony keeps the bitting. She frowns, "Ebony! NOW!" the black skull lets go and flies over to her. Bridget frowns at the blood, "man you really messed him up." She shakes her head, "time to leave." She wraps a arm around each skull and holds them tight. The skulls fly up and over the roof tops away from the street.

"And you, Nigel, have a good evening. God bless you." The blind girl smiles, and nods her head to Nigel as he makes his exit; and then, she simply goes back to waiting for her turn.

Two Police cruisers pull up a few moments after Bridget goes airborne. Soon everything freezes as the simulation ends, the instructor's voice coming over the speakers. "Well you managed to avoid capture and took care of your attackers. But your control still needs work, as well as your choice of attack. With your powers those three should not have been much of a threat the skull's projectile attacks would have been sufficient to drive them off. The use of potentialy deadly force was unecessary. Also I would reccamend getting involved in the school's non-powered self defense classes. Your skulls are formidable but had there been more thugs involved some of them likely would have gotten close enough to do some damage."

The Skulls lower her to the ground and she pets the skulls as they nuggle her, "yah i know they never listen to me about holding back. They seem to take it personal if I am threatened." She looks down at Ebony and it mops at the look. She looks up again, "yah self defense sounds good. Why didn't I think of that." She walks back to the control room, "At leaset I don't have to clean blood and flesh from their teeth."

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