2009-04-10: Dreams to Reality


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Summary: Cyrus and Pallaton discuss the future. Daisuke and July arrive and some fears come to light…

Date: 10th April, 2009

Dreams to Reality

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Lobby

A large chandelier causes light to shine over the polished surfaces of the Lobby creating a bright welcome. A few wooden benches blend in with the wooden walls. A large portrait of Professor Xavier is displayed on the wall. On each wall is a doorway that leads to a different part of the school.

Having just been to the MedBay to get patched up and given Cyrus a piggy-back ride for the most of the journey (getting lost a few times, too), Pallaton seems to have a question for Cyrus. "So, why don't you like the uniforms, come to think of it?"

Cyrus actually enjoys the ride around the mansion. He doesn't think Pallaton gets lost on purpose. He thinks that it may have been intentional. When they get there Cy sits with Pallaton diligently while he gets patched up. "Well, I don't know. I guess it's a few reasons. One in that I don't feel like I am really part of a team and two… I don't feel like a superhero. I feel like they are pushing that on us. I just want to learn control. I mean, there is a chance I may one day be able to turn off my powers if I learn control." He doesn't know for sure but it's a nice dream. "I guess for me, nothing else really matters."

Pallaton tilts his head at the explanation. "I don't know. You have a point, but at the same time, it's just a uniform. Maybe I don't mind because I want to join the X-Men, but I get the feeling it's more to promote cohesion within the team. Helping us help each other, forging bonds between others. Something that a single, large group couldn't pull off effectively." The wound looks a bit nasty when the uniform is removed and it's patched up, but then again, he impaled himself. Kinda comes with the territory.

Cyrus listens and he hmm's. He brings a see through hand up to his chin. While contemplating that statement he says. "I think that it's quite possible that that is what they want. But for me. I don't really feel that unity." He looks at Pallaton for a long moment. "I think you'll make a kick ass addition to the X-men. They'll be lucky to have you. Especially when you master your magic. You will totally be unstoppable." He actually is genuine with his praise. For those who know Cyrus, they know he isn't the type to just say things. Upon seeing the wound he says, "Thank goodness we have healers here man. That looks like it would be nasty. Maybe even leave a scar. And well even though scars can be sexy. It doesn't exactly have the best background story. You'd have to make something else up. Like you were attacked by space pirates while saving lives." He laughs at that.

Pallaton hmms, then looks shocked as Cyrus showers him with compliments. "R-really? Umm, thanks. I… I don't know what to say. I mean, sure, I helped out back in Memphis with Mr Summers, but… Well, I don't think he's the kind to give out 'well done' speeches, to be honest. Either that, or I wasn't good enough in his eyes. I do wonder what'll happen at the end of the semester, though. Will I stick with the Hellions or be moved to the X-Force." Then he suddenly droops. "I bet I'll get another lecture for this from Mr. Summers, though. Ugh…"

Cyrus nods his head, "Yeah, I don't really know what is up with Mr. Summers. He seems so… Gruff? Definitely not the sit down and having a bonding time with the students. Which may also be why I don't feel the whole go team go thing." He looks Pallaton over and he says, "I don't know, The Hellions students all seem to be the students that have issues of some sort. Not that I'm saying you have issues but I think if you end up getting your personal issues resolved, they may move you." He looks at the droopy 'puppy' and says, "I kind of hope they don't switch you around." He knows he's probably not going anywhere as far as team swaps. "Possibly, I think that his super power is to make you feel uncomfortable with his speeches. He's the golden boy after all, and he never makes mistakes." Of course there is a bit of sarcasm to that final statement.

Pallaton looks up, then chuckles. That cheered him up at least. "True. Nobody can do everything perfectly, we're only hu… well, we're NOT human… kinda, but… you know what I mean." He scratches his neck with one hand, continuing to speak. "Oh, I did speak to him about teaching here, though. I'd have to do a two-year course, but… well, it's not going to be easy for me to get into college. It's a shame I can't do it here, otherwise it'd be a lot easier." He pauses, some idea flitting into his mind. "Unless… Can you be home-schooled for college courses?"

Cyrus grins at Pallaton, "Yeah well if anyone can, it's totally Scott Summers. Sometimes I think the only flaw is that he has a stick up his butt." He grins and nods at Pallaton's awkwardness with the comments about being human. "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean." He laughs softly. "That is cool. I'm not really a teaching type. I think I have a few years before I can get to that stage. I need to master my own gifts before I could try to teach someone else about theirs." He cocks his head to the side and says, "Um, you can. They have online college classes you can take and get a degree with. It's totally the new rage with the government giving out all this financial aid for people to go back to school."

Pallaton blinks, looking impressed. "You can? I'll have to look into that. All I have to do is just survive two years." he chuckles. "I'd be teaching what I know, really. Survival, medical sciences… maybe biology. I don't think I'd teach Terramancy, though. It's hard enough to learn for me, let alone teach. And if it's my biology is altering how I'm able to perform Terramancy, then I'm not exactly the best fit for the job."

Cyrus nods his head slowly. "Yeah, you can totally take college courses online." He smiles at him. "I don't care what degree you get though. I'm not calling to Professor Pallaton." He laughs at the idea. "Hopefully I'll be graduated before you get to that stage. I think it would be awkward calling someone who gave me a great piggy back ride professor. Unless I can call you Professor Puppy." He grins and then moves to playfully swat Pallaton's arm. "Those are cool. Who knows where your Terramancy will be in two years? I mean, who knows. Maybe working together you will be able to maximize your potential. I am sure that once your magic clicks with you, you could teach others. Especially if they have a natural talent for it. I'd do it on a case by case basis. But overall… I think I could possibly see you teaching."

Pallaton chuckles, grinning. "Think of it as student-teacher bonding." He lifts a clawed hand to ruffle Cyrus's hair. "To be honest, I don't mind students just calling me 'Pallaton' if I was to start teaching. Besides, it'd only be a degree, not a doctorate or anything. It'd be 'mister' at a push." At the magic comments, he thinks a bit, scratching his chin. Or at least the closest approximation on a muzzle. "Maybe if I was to know more about myself, I'd be able to understand how better to alter and control the flow of energy through my body… Not that it matters much here, I know I won't be trying it again out here, any time soon. Not until I develop regeneration or something first." he chuckles.

Cyrus laughs softly. "I don't know how Mr. Summers would feel about that kind of student-teacher bonding. In fact, I don't know how he would feel about any kind of fun." He ponders this. "Mister Puppy!" He shakes his head. "No, I think you'd have to go all the way, Doctor Puppy." He laughs at that. His stormy gaze watches as Pallaton scratches his chin. "Well, I can actually surround you with a protective shield on my air days. It's hard to explain how it works but it could be used to protect you. I'd just have to stand behind you and channel the shield while you worked it over."

Pallaton nods. "True, but maybe some professional tutoring would be best. If I train under supervision, I can get some assistance immediately if things do go wrong, as well as pointers, maybe. Thanks anyway, though." He looks out towards the gates, then laughs. "You know, I can seriously see that. Mr. Summers just banning all forms of fun…"

Cyrus takes a deep breath. "Yes, well I honestly have not heard of another person with Terramancy. Have you asked Eddie, he seems to know everything about everything as far as superheroes and stuff. Maybe the teachers here can find you a mentor who would at least give you some pointers and stuff." He pauses and then just laughs. "Yes." He changes his voice to try and do his best Scott impersonation, it sounds like the announcement he made about the school being on lockdown. "Students, I am pleased to announced that we will be banning all sorts of fun. You are not allowed to laugh, giggle or even smile. Nothing more then a stoic pursing of the lips will be tolerated! Breaking these rules will have severe consequences of me optic blasting you out of the school. Thank you and have a serious day." He actually giggles at his own impersonation.

Pallaton hmms, but his thoughts are completely distracted by Cyrus's Cyclops impersonation. He bursts into loud laughter, before wincing, his arm going towards the wound on his side. "Ow. Laughed too hard… Haha… ow…" He checks it for a second, nodding his head. "Nothing damaged, that's good." For those arriving, he seems to be in his Hellions uniform, a bandage wrapped around his waist, a little red stain visible on his left side. Seems like something pierced his side and came out his back. "But yeah, even just a magic teacher would work. I've got the basics of alteration, creation and destruction, it's just the flow of energy I need to work on. It's both a basic and complex skill, to be honest. It's just practicing to control that energy. You saw the results twice already, now." He scratches the back of his neck, embarrassed again.

After spending a bit of time out in the city today doing some clothing shopping, Daisuke returns the school carrying a bag full of new clothes, well second hand but to him they're new. Instead of just going to the dorms, he's decided to head inside and grab some food. He steps into the Lobby just in time to hear Cyrus's Scott impression and he can't help but laugh. "Why are you all bandaged up Pallaton and why are you in your uniform, we're not having a danger room session that I missed are we?

Cyrus has still not replaced his shirt. Which is really interesting because since he was with Pallaton he hasn't even realized that his transparent naked torso exposed. The comfort level with the wolf man is so high. "Ahh, well that's good. I'd hate to have to cart you back to medical bay and then have to hear a lecture about how I caused damage making you laugh. It would be the final straw… definite banning on all laughing." He nods his head at Pallaton. "Yeah you seem to have the raw power behind you. It's just learning the control." He was kind of startled to see and hear Daisuke. He takes a deep breath. "Sorry, you didn't hear that." He crosses his arms over his naked chest. He lets Pallaton explain the injury. He is wearing the bottom half of his Hellions uniform too. But he was out flying before, he had a reason for being in his uniform.

Pallaton nods, then looking up to Daisuke, scratching his neck. "A little bit of private training gone wrong. I, uuh… lost control of my Terramancy and ended up impaling myself. Not after having a rock explode in my hands, though. Couldn't control the energy build up." His gaze drops to the bag, tilting his head. "Oh, been shopping? What'd you get?" For those arriving, Pallaton seems to be in his Hellions uniform, but sports a nasty-looking wound on his side, like something stabbed through him. It's bandaged up, though, so it's been taken care of.

Daisuke gives a bit of a shy wave to Cyrus and smiles. He's only met him once or twice. "We haven't really had any Hellions meetings yet." He comments seeing the two in their uniforms. "I was just going clothes shopping, I needed some new stuff since a lot of my clothes got destroyed in the attack. So you're all right, even though you impaled yourself?" He asks with some level of concern in his voice.

Cyrus just nods slowly at Pallaton. "Yeah, but it was pretty cool. If it was someone trying to hurt me. Pallaton would have totally kicked some butt with that rock spear thingy." He nods his head. "Yeah, no Hellions meetings. I hate the uniform, but it's good for flying. Very aerodynamic and stuff." He peers at Daisuke. "I am not a fan of shopping. I have a very limited wardrobe because of that." A nod of his head. "I think he's alright, Going to need a new uniform shirt. It kind of got turned into a bandage. Pal is just lucky that they didn't have to shave him. Would have been awkward if he had two bald spots on his stomach and back."

Pallaton nods, chuckling. "Like Cyrus said, we managed to plug the bleeding until I got in for proper treatment. Disinfected, stitched it up and bandaged it. I just have to take it easy for a while, that's all." He then nods, thinking. "That's a point… I think the other groups have had their meetings already… what's taking us so long?"

July knows no meeting! She had /just/ finished homework and now just wants some free time to relax and maybe talk with the people she met, or meet new people. Maybe both. She hurries down the stairs, grinning, "Finally done, finally done… Heheh…" she says, and arrives to the living room only to find it already populated. The rubber girl then stops at the entrance, she blinks and looks to the people inside. "Hey. What's up?" she asks, smiling a bit.

"You have to stop being like me Pallaton, I'm the one who usually ends up in the medbay." Daisuke says with a chuckle. He's been a lot happier and more cheerful lately and some of that defeated feeling he always carries is gone. "Though I don't think it's going to be much of a problem anymore with who my boyfriend is now, wow, that's just weird to say that, my boyfriend." He says grinning like an idiot.

Cyrus looks at Pallaton, "Yeah, I barely even know who all of the members of the Hellions are. Pretty sure I haven't even met all of us." He looks Pallaton over and then looks over at Daisuke. "I am hoping to stay out of the medbay. Not really good in medical facilities." He blinks at Daisuke, Cy is not really in the loop as far as gossip and all that. "Oh really? Who are you dating?" He doesn't even grumble, which is odd for him. He's expressed a great dislike of all the 'pairing' off that has been going on. Which is usually the thing that happens in Spring but for someone who doesn't have many friends let alone someone to date. Well the spring pairing is not a good thing. Cy does note July, he smiles at her. "Hello July." Yeah he met her briefly at the pool, at least he got her name in passing.

Pallaton looks interested too, but since Cyrus already asked, there's no point in asking again. Instead, his attention turns to July, and the large, lupine mutant gives a nod. "Not a lot, just making a mental note to dodge the uncontrollable rocks I end up creating. How're things? Settling in well?" Despite his appearance, he's smiling warmly to her, as if trying to make her feel welcome. Of course, he'll always be trying to make her feel welcome, but he does that with everyone. It's a canine thing…

July rubs the back of her head as she smiles a bit, "Ah, yes, getting along fine." she says, nodding to Pallaton, before looking to Cyrus. "Hey, hi Cyrus. What are you all doing? Waiting on someone?" she asks.

Biting his lower lip with a bit of a blush, Daisuke smiles. "Eddie's brother, well not really brother but Dr. Parker-Mayfair's son, Jared." He says running his hand through his hair. "Anyway, hi, I'm Daisuke, or just Dai." He says offering a hand to July. "So you two just practicing then? And I know us three are on the Hellions, Dr. Parker-Mayfair's leading the team and and I don't know who else is on it with us. Is Pryce?"

Cyrus smiles at Pallaton. "Yes, well I am sure that we can work on that in the future. I'll help you if you want." He smiles at the wolfman. They all just got him on a good day. He's in a great mood today, all warm and friendly and barely a single grumpy remark. Not that his temperament doesn't change as much his powers do. He turns to July. "No, we just kind of ended up here. We were out by the lake earlier. It is an air day, my favorite of all. I got to fly before. And then I got to fly Pallaton's fuzzy butt back. It was a different experience for me. I've never had to carry anyone. It was… exciting. Pallaton doesn't fly very well though. Nearly dropped him in the lake, he was squirming a lot at first." He smiles at the other people. "Oh… well that's nice, that you two are all official." Jared doesn't particularly care for Cy but that's because he doesn't appreciate his 'emo' attitude that he frequently gets into.

Pallaton nods, scratching his neck again. Is that… he looks a little scared. "I'm never flying again, unless it's the Blackbird…" That seems to be all he says on that for a while, before shaking it off. "Um, yeah. There's us… Pryce is there… and James? I've not met him myself, but I room with Pryce. He's a bit different from what I'm used to. I mean, he said he's working on a machine to get rid of my loose fur. I can't exactly help it when I start losing my winter coat…"

July rubs her neck a bit while listening to the group, "You two are planning on going flying?" she asks, out of curiosity, "How?" Entering a conversation in the middle of it doesn't help understanding the subject, huh? Then July finally notices Pallaton's dressed wound and her eyes widen a bit, "What happened to you, Pallaton?"

"Well some people's powers allow from them to fly." Daisuke says and looks at Pallaton. "Really, I enjoy flying and my lessons have been going well. They've even modified my costume so I fly easier though the arm sails do look kind of silly." He says with a chuckle. "I guess we're all official Cyrus I mean we act it and, I dunno." And there's that idiots grin again. "I've met James I haven't met Pryce yet. James is kind of quiet."

Cyrus looks at Pallaton and he says, "Oh, well you know what? I'll get you up and into the air again. I need to practice and you are a perfect guinea pig. I'll carry you around and you can let me ride you again. I think the piggy back ride was great. Haven't had that much fun in years." He laughs at that. "It's an air day, I can fly today. Can even take others with me. It slows down my speed a great deal and I can't go that far, but it was enough to help Pallaton get back to the school." He pauses. "I have not really met a lot of the students." Which is really funny because he's been here for a very long time. His own fault for being anti-social.

Pallaton scratches his neck as he explains the wound to July. "I messed up with my Terramancy. Ended up impaling myself with a stalactite. It missed internal organs and muscle, though, so it's superficial." Then he looks back to Cyrus in shock, sliding away and waving his hands. "Nononononononono, I am NOT flying again. Never. Not even if my life depended on it, I am NOT getting back up in the sky like that. I'l… I'll turn you to stone, or something if you do!"

July winces a bit as she looks at that wound again, "You gotta be more careful, Pallaton…" she says, shaking her head, but then she blinks at the wolf-man's reaction to flying, and she looks at Cyrus. "You can make other people fly? How does that work?" she asks, looking at the transparent guy now.

"I'm sorry I have a hard time as picturing Pallaton as a guinea pig, sure they're both fuzzy but the size is a factor. And Pallaton, did you get hurt from flying at all?" Daisuke asks as he knows what it's like to be scared of something but he also knows he has to get over his fears. "This is Xavier's July, we all have powers that we want to learn new things with, I think we've all had or are going to have accidents."

Cyrus nods his head slowly. "Yeah but it was a little scary and a little bad ass all the same. I'm hoping he can duplicate that if someone ever attacks us." He looks at Pallaton and pouts at him. "Aww fine, no flying for Pallaton." He juts out his lower lip and trembles it, he's pretending to be offended. "You would turn me into stone." He shakes his head, "I'm not peter pan. I just held onto him and guided the winds to pick us both up. I guess that sorta makes me able to make other people fly." He looks at Pallaton, "He's a fuzzy puppy. Big and yet gentle." He hasn't seen ferocious Pallaton yet. "Air power is my most proficient of my powers."

Pallaton takes a breath of relief as Cyrus confirms the no-flying rule, but shakes his head. "We don't kill, Cyrus, we're X-Men… kinda. That was just me losing control. I'd never push myself that hard in a real-life situation unless I knew I could control it. I've already told you what I think of these." He lifts a hand, showing the sharp claws on each finger. He then nods to Daisuke. "Yeah. Like I said to Cyrus, I'm thinking that, if I'm able to control it, I could theoretically give people rock armor. If they can take the weight, it could be useful."

July chuckles a bit at Daisuke, "I know, I mean…' but then she just shakes her head, "Never mind, that's ok. Still trying to find out about mine, too." The girl just shrugs softly before looking at Cyrus again, "Yes, I recall you talking about your powers back at the pool…" she nods to that.

"Well why don't you practice in the danger room Pallaton? Then you don't have to worry about this happening." Daisuke says putting his hand gently above the bandage, he looks at July and grins. "No no, I meant it in a humorous way, sorry if my jokes fall flat sometimes. I'm really not good at joking." He admits with a grin, running his hand through his hair. "Yeah I think this is the first time I've really seen you as Air, I know I've seen you as Earth I think."

Cyrus nods at Pallaton, "Yeah and I'm not saying that I would use it against someone. But, as you demonstrated it doesn't have to be fatal. And I know for a fact that the X-men have been known to do substantial damage. Just because it doesn't kill them, doesn't mean they don't make them feel a lot of pain." He looks around. "I love flying, it is so amazing." He nods at Daisuke, "I was water, yesterday, Earth the day before. And tomorrow it's fire." He smiles at Daisuke. "Which means that tomorrow I'll probably be all cranky again. I don't sleep very well at night and interestingly enough it has nothing to do with my roommates glowing."

Pallaton nods to Daisuke. "I would've, but the Danger Room was taken, and I really wanted to work more on it. I'm not much of a Terramancer if I can only shoot pebbles…" He looks over to Cyrus, looking a bit concerned. "I still wouldn't do it. I was lucky I didn't hit a major artery and bled to death right there on the beach. Magic isn't exact, it's wild and unpredictable if in the wrong hands. Even if I managed to pull it off once and not kill someone, there's no guarantee I would be able to do it again. I have these claws and teeth, yes, but I never use them because it's wrong. If I start mutilating bad guys, that won't exactly look good, for me and for everyone else."

July rubs the back of her head as she looks to Cyrus, "I can see your body changes a lot as you change elements. Do you have mood swings too according to the elements?" she asks, curious about it. But when the Danger Room is mentioned again, she blinks, "The Danger Room? Haven't been there yet, but don't you have to be a teacher with you to assist you down there?"

Daisuke grins and nods. "Ah Leo, and I used to have trouble sleeping but I've been starting to sleep a lot better lately." Though for him he's just usually nightmare prone. In his sleep he can't hide his feelings and memories. "And seriously Pallaton, please be careful. But they train us to not be fatal Cyrus though I know I could easily kill someone with my scream I'd never want to do that. It's not a good feeling, killing someone." He says. "Oh yeah, I've been to the Danger room a lot July but I've been here for almost two years now. It's a lot of fun if not intimidating at first."

Cyrus looks at July, "No, I am just a sour puss most of the time. Which means I should probably worry about the puppy chasing after me." He laughs, definitely in a good mood today. "I like to wallow in my own self pity. And I have a lot to wallow in. There is no direct tie to my emotions and the elements but… I always seem to be in a better mood on Air days. It's just like wearing your favorite pair of jeans. You just feel the most comfortable in them." He looks at Daisuke, "I think I'd sleep better if I had a teddy bear." He laughs. "I hate to admit it but I am a cuddler, I sleep with my arms around my extra pillow." His expression changes as Daisuke talks about it not being a good feeling killing someone. He suddenly feels the discomfort creeping up wrapping around his stomach. It squeezes his gut. He looks like he's going to be sick. "Excuse me." And he's off, running towards the nearest bathroom.

Pallaton nods, going quiet and looking to Cyrus. And then Cyrus runs off. "C-Cyrus…" He'll be back… and it's likely he'll hear the effects. Enhanced hearing can be a burden sometimes. He looks concerned, but looks back to the other two. "I've never really had any problems with nightmares, so I don't know what it's like. Though it always seems to be the same one when I do get them… strange…" He then nods to Daisuke's Danger Room comment. "Just watch out for Logan's training sessions. You'll forget quickly they're simulations and start worrying." He shakes as if someone just slipped a cold finger down his spine.

July rubs the back of her head as Cyrus makes a hasty departure, "Well, I only had nightmares when I was little, usually when going to sleep right after eating a lot, or after watching horror movies." she says and then shrugs, "Haven't had nightmares once I grew up a bit. But…" but then she blinks as she listens about Logan. "Logan's Danger Room sessions? What about them?"

Daisuke gets a worried expression on his face and then looks down. As much as his self confidence has been building up, it's still very fragile. "I didn't mean to say anything to make him upset. And I can relate to what he said about the cuddling making it easier to sleep and having a lot of self pity to wallow in." Though Dai's learned how not to but he does sigh. "I just hope I didn't upset him."

Pallaton shakes his head. "It's not that he's upset, it's just hi-" He stops, his ears flattening against his head and his eyes closing, looking although he's about to puke himself. "I wish I could un-hear that…" He shakes his head, speaking a little louder to try and drown out the rather unpleasant sounds he's picking up. "I'm not sure why he became sick all of a sudden, but I don't think he's upset. Just… ill, all of a sudden." He pauses, looking a bit queasy himself. "By the Great Mother, I can still hear it…" Then he groans, putting his hands over his ears. "And I can smell it, too… It isn't pretty…"

July gets a little green herself as Pallaton makes a rather graphic description of what Cyrus' doing, "T-thanks, but we don't need to know what, Pallaton…" the rubbergirl says, covering her lips, "Shall we move elsewhere, then, so you don't, ah, hear him?"

Daisuke sighs and looks down. "I'll have to apologize to him later and we don't need a play by play Pallaton, he probably doesn't want us to know either." Pallaton knows Dai so he'll know that he's feeling pretty bad about something he brought up, just doesn't know what. "I should just keep my mouth shut about things."

The puking over, the toilet flushed and then the sound of running water. When Cyrus comes out of the bathroom, it's not possible for his ghost like appearance to be any paler. His face is wet and his hair is wet too. His stormy eyes have gone very dark. "Sorry guys." He looks rather sad at that. He was enjoying himself so much, guilt kicked in with just a few simple words. And that was enough to kick his ass, but at least he is starting to realize he can be happy. He looks at Pallaton and the reaction he caused from getting sick and he looks really apologetic. "I'm really sorry Pallaton." He swirls the air around him to cool himself off and it also blows the offending smell away from the enhanced senses of the wolfman. "I… I am sorry. I should probably get going." Two steps forward, three steps back.

Pallaton shakes his head to July, cringing. "No point… I can hear Logan complaining about the lack of alcohol in the kitchen from my dorm at nights…" Eventually, it seems to calm, and Pallaton shakes his fur and looks over to Cyrus. "N-no, it's fine. Cyrus… Be honest with us. We're all Hellions…" He looks over to July. "/Mostly/ Hellions." he corrects himself. "Are you sure you're okay?" He stands and heads over, kneeling down to look Cyrus in the eyes, his hands on Cyrus's shoulders. "Please, don't keep it bottled up. We Hellions look out for another." Looks like Pallaton's about to give Cyrus the 'we're a pack' speech…

July rubs the back of her head as she looks at Cyrus'… paler pale form, and as the guy takes a few steps back, "Hey, man, it's no biggie if you're ill." she says, smiling softly, "You got an upset stomach? Cafeteria food gone bad?" She asks, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

Daisuke looks up at Cyrus and shakes his head. "No, don't go. You might find that if you open up all people might have more in common. And I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to upset you at all." He gives Cyrus a smile but he does genuinely feel bad. "And Pallaton here has a way to get you to open up to him, Nathaniel's worse though.

Cyrus looks at Pallaton for a moment. The two have bonded a great deal today. He just forces a smile out. "I'll be okay. I just, forgot. I was enjoying myself so much with you that it made me forget." He looks at Daisuke, "You didn't do anything." He sighs and it lets out a gust of air from the elementalist that sends his long strands of hair flying wildly. "We are Hellions. It's just that I actually forgot… I forgot that that I killed them." And thus the reason for getting sick. The guilt upturned the contents of his stomach. Which wasn't much, but enough. He is so shaken up, he doesn't even get to make the joke about Pallaton and Nathaniels way to get people to open up.

Pallaton nods slowly, then just pulls Cyrus into a hug. And he didn't even need to break out the eyes… "I don't know how that feels, but I'm here for you. We all are, not just the Hellions. I know I sound like Mr. Summers when I say it, but I'll keep saying it until you're sick of it, if that's what it takes. We're one big pack, and a pack looks out for one-another, they protect one-another and they're there, through thick and thin, for one-another." Well, that's the lecture over, at least.

Daisuke looks at Cyrus and nods not saying anything at the moment. He doesn't know who he killed but he does know what it's like to kill someone, or someones, even if it was against his will. "If you ever want to talk Cyrus, I can listen and I won't play those my stories worse than your story games, I don't like doing that. But you do have friends here and we're a team and we should be more than just people who fight next to each other." He says reaching over to put a hand on Cyrus's shoulder.

Cyrus tenses up as Pallaton takes hold of him and gives him a big wolf hug. He sighs and nods his head, slowly he begins to accept the hug and he kind of melts against Pallaton's fuzzy embrace. "I know, I appreciate it Pallaton." He actually does laugh at the talk of Cyclops. "You don't sound like Mr. Summers, you sound like Professor Puppy." He forces the smile out on his face and he hugs Pallaton back. "You'll make a great Professor one day Pallaton. Really you will." He nods at Daisuke, "Thank you Dai. I appreciate that." He hasn't really fought next to anyone anyway. He's never really been in a combat situation.

Pallaton chuckles. "Professor Puppy it is, then." He breaks off the hug with a ruffle of Cyrus's hair and a grin. Then he stops, looking puzzled and sniffing the air. He's caught the scent of something. "I smell pork cutlets…" Food, of course. He sniffs again, then makes a 'yeuch' face. "And cauliflower."

"Mr. Mayfair-Parker's probably in there cooking." Daisuke says with a shrug. He still feels bad about what he said but that's just Daisuke. He's easy to be hard on himself. "Professor Puppy? I think I'm going to stick with Pallaton or just Pally for now." He says with a grin. "And you don't sound like Professor Summers, you sound too caring and nice and not like a hard ass stiff."

Cyrus looks at Pallaton for a moment and he smiles. "Yes, Professor Puppy indeed." He then scrunches his nose. "Yuck, totally don't want to eat right now. If you guys want to eat. I could go and take a shower. Get myself cleaned up and stuff." He nods at Daisuke, "Not everyone can do a Professor Summers impersonation like I can." He grins. Definitely feeling a little bit better. "It's been a long day, I think the strain of carrying puppy's butt that distance just kind of took a lot out of me."

Pallaton nods and shakes his head to Cyrus. "I'm not hungry… yet, anyway. That smells /really/ good, I think it must be…" He then looks back to Cyrus. "Hey, I didn't exactly get the choice to say 'no'. You were already dangling me above the lake before I knew what you were doing…"

July giggles softly as she rubs the back of her head again, "Well, so what do you guys gonna do now? I was thinking about relaxing a bit before returning to my room to try my powers a bit more, to not make so bad of a first impression when I'm called to the Danger Room." she says, smiling, "That is, that was the plan until I met you all."

"I don't know, I still got to go back to my room and drop my clothes off and I don't know if Jared's going to be around tonight or home with his family so I was thinking about drumming later but for now I'm content with hanging out." Daisuke says with a smile. "I think trying to carry his fuzzy butt any where would be a strain, I don't even want to know how much you weigh Pally.

Cyrus grins at Pallaton, "Yeah well you would have bled the entire walk back to the school if I had given you a choice in the matter." He grins and playfully swats at Pallaton. "I need the training. I may need to fly someone else out in an emergency. It's good to know I can do it without dropping them. And you are a big guy, I am proud of myself." He ponders this too. "Yeah, I probably should put on a shirt." He spent the entire time without really noticing it. That's a major improvement for the self concious elementalist." He looks at Daisuke, "He's oddly enough not that heavy. It's all the fur that is deceptive. Besides, He paid me back by giving me a piggy back ride. It was actually a lot of fun." He is excited as he remembers the piggy back ride that lupine mutant gave him. Cy isn't starting to get smitten with Pallaton or anything. Not in the slightest.

Pallaton looks over to Daisuke with a start. "Hey, I'm not THAT heavy!" He then looks over to Cyrus as he explains, grumbling something about being a wolf, not a guinea pig. "I've got nothing else to do. I can't train until I've healed up properly and I've already done all my classwork. The only thing I'd do is find Fenrir again, but…" He pauses, looking lost in thought, then shakes his head. "No, it's nothing. Besides, I've got other things on my mind… Any of you know how to decipher dreams? That nightmare I keep having is bugging me, now that I think about it…"

July rubs the back of her head again, "Fenrir? Dreams? Nightmares?" She asks, and then she crosses her arms in front of her chest as she thinks, her head leaning back, her eyes staring to the ceiling a she things for a few moments, before looking back down to Pallaton. "Well, I guess there are books about dreams and such. Maybe there's some at the library here?" The fact one can ask for help from one of the sensitives doesn't even cross her mind.

"I don't know how to decipher dreams at all, I just keep having the ones about my Father and Sinister and I think those are pretty obvious. What are these nightmares of yours about?" Daisuke asks curiously hoping his friend is alright. "You can always check the internet too?"

Cyrus laughs softly at Pallaton grumbles. "Mmm hmmm, well you got back and I didn't drop you once." He smiles. "I'll break you of your fear of flying, I promise." He doesn't know Fenrir either. "No, sorry. I don't really know about dreams either. I'm sure we could also look it up on the magical internet if you like. What is going on in your dream?" He looks at July. "Yeah they probably have a lot of books on dreams and psychology here. Lot of messed up students."

Pallaton looks down a bit, off to one side. "I'm not sure. It's like when I was a baby. I couldn't see much, but I could tell I hadn't finished mutating. But in the dream, I just feel… really, really upset, as if someone died or was going away and might not come back. There's three people, but I can't make out their faces. I can hear the voices, and I know two are mother and father, but I don't know the third. But it still sounds really familiar and comforting, even if she isn't happy at all. I can't remember it exactly, but… I think she was saying something about me being killed. Or, rather, someone attempted to a lot…" He gives a sniff before continuing. "Every time I wake up, I'm crying. And I don't know why. I don't have it often, but it's the same every time. Am I going crazy?"

July shakes her head softly to Pallaton, "No, dreams don't mean someone is going crazy. But if you're having a recurring theme to your nightmares, it's a good idea to go to the headmasters and speak to them about it. Maybe they can send you to a shrink that is good on analyzing dreams." she nods to that.

Daisuke looks at Pallaton and puts an arm on his. "It almost sounds like a suppressed memory or something. You might want to talk to a physic like Addision, he might be able to figure out what's going on up here." He says pointing to his head. He knows Addison is good with mental stuff. "And tell me about it Cyrus, there's more than enough of us messed up kids here. I don't think Dr. Parker-Mayfair will ever be out of a job."

Cyrus just looks at Pallaton as he explains his dreams and he says, "Yeah, it sounds like a suppressed memory to me. It may be the only way to get answers. It doesn't sound like a symbolic dream. From what I know about dream translations. Which admittedly is not very much." He frowns as he hears that Pallaton wakes up crying. "Sorry to hear that Pallaton, well if you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a nightmare you are free to come to my room. My roommate is glowing at all hours of the night. So he's always up and I don't sleep very well anyway. So I am up all the time and don't mind being woken up. Especially for a fellow Hellion."

Pallaton looks worried, even as Daisuke tries to re-assure him. "A suppressed memory? But…" He looks upset, on the verge of tears almost. "Th-that'd mean…" He blinks a few times, then changes all of a sudden. "No! I-It's just a dream! It's not a memory!" Even despite the sudden shouting, his eyes are watering up. "I-it can't be… It just can't! Th-that's impossible!" He sniffs again, looking at his hands as tears run down his face. "Wh-why am I crying…"

July sighs softly as Pallaton reacts badly to that piece of guess. "Because… it can be true. Whatever that mean, if it's a lost memory or just a simple dream, it has to have some deeper meaning or connection to you, Pallaton." The brunette says, looking at the wolfguy. "I'd like to ask you to talk to the headmasters about that. I'm sure they can help." She says with a soft smile, before waving lightly, "I'm sorry, but I'm going to go back to my room. I still have some stuff to finish before I start training my powers. Take care, you all, and, Pallaton? Please, go see the teachers, or headmasters?"

"Pallaton…." Daisuke says reaching out to hug his friend like he's done so many times to him. "Pally, it's okay, talk to Dr. Parker-Mayfair, he's actually a really good person to talk to." Dai says as he doesn't really know what can't be true or impossible. "Nothing's certain right now but if you wake up with the nightmare you should maybe go find Cyrus. Even if you don't have these nightmares." Maybe he's noticed Cyrus beginning to get smitten.

"Aww puppy." Okay see now it's his time to comfort. Cyrus lifts himself up into the air and looks Pallaton in the eyes with his own stormy eyes. He places his hands on either side of the lupine muzzle. "Hey, it's okay. It is just a dream right now. If it isn't, we'll cross that path when he get there okay." He is surprisingly gentle when dealing with the wolfman. "We'll get through it all together, that's what being part of a pack means. Being able to lean on each other." He repeats some of the words Pallaton used with him. "I'm here for you puppy. We all are, just like you're here for us." The elementalist raises a see through hand to gently wipe away tears and to pet the furry head afterwards. Unfortunately he is unable to say goodbye to July, he's a little distracted right now. He has to return the comfort he was so openly provided with before.

Pallaton sniffs, listening as Cyrus speaks and tears stream from his eyes. It takes him a minute to form a coherent sentence, but he eventually does it. "I-if this is a m-memory… m-mother and father aren't my p-parents… I-It can't be r-right… I-in the dream, I w-was white-skinned… Th-that can't be right, c-can it?" Yeouch. Talk about heavy. "I-If it's r-real… who a-am I really?"

"Pallaton, who cares who your 'real' parents were, the people who you believe to be your parents are your parents and you are Pallaton, that's who you are. Your Mother and Father will always be your parents not matter what happens. There are things thicker than blood Pallaton, trust me." Daisuke says as he feels bad for his friend but he's not the best at comforting. "Who you are really is who you believe to be."

Cyrus leans in and he places a gentle kiss on the head of the lupine mutant. "It doesn't matter right. You may have been white skinned when you were born. Your mutation may not have kicked in until later. It doesn't matter who your parents are, just that they love you." He is an orphan now, he knows what it is to be without parents. Not only that, but he accidentally killed his parents. "You don't need to look for the answers if you don't want to Pallaton. It's your past, you can leave it buried if you want to. At least you have that, you have the option to decide if you want to learn more if you want to. I think deep down, you may want to know the truth. Because you're experiencing the dreams for a reason. Whatever you decide, we'll be here for you Pup. If you want our help figuring it out, we are here for you. If you don't… then we'll be here for you either way."

Daisuke nods with Cyrus's words. He had a father he hated so any thing that can be a parent, even if not by blood, is a good thing. "Talk to Dr. Mayfair-Parker Pally, it might help." He looks at Cyrus and nods as Pallaton goes off. "You two seem like you're good for each other and unfortunately I should go too. It was nice getting to know you Cyrus." Daisuke says with a smile. "I look forward to our sessions as Hellions." He says before taking off himself.

Cyrus takes a deep breath as Pallaton runs off. "I'll be in my room if you need me Pup." He understands the need to be alone. He doesn't move once the wolfman is gone. He turns to look at Daisuke. "Maybe, I don't know. Is it a good idea for Damaged goods to be helping other damaged goods? I just don't want to him to get hurt. He is very nice." And then Dai has to go too. "I'll see you around Dai. It was very nice. I think the sessions as the Hellions will definitely be… different."

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