Andrew "Drew/Tsunami" Farris
Drew Farris
Portrayed By Jesse McCartney
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 14, 1992
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Tsunami
Place of Birth Phoenix, AZ
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation None
Known Relatives None
Significant Other(s) Dmitri, Kaden, and Keith
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Water Manipulation, Serial Immortality, Cold Immunity
First Appearance (in Wiki-log) Don't Be a Dick



Though he doesn't know it, Drew is the currentin carnation of the spirit of water. At all times, there are five elemental spirits in the world. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit. A spirit can go their entire life without meeting one of the others, but when they do, they KNOW each other on sight. Any of the spirits can be extremely damaging if they don't gain control of themselves.

Drew was born from a pair of second generation hippies. Rare though they may be, they do still exist. Certain things were instilled in him at an early age. Be kind to one another. Mother earth needs to be protected. And if it comes from the earth, it's a good thing. School wasn't as important as enjoying life to its fullest. While he made good grades, he didn't push himself to excel, even if he could.

He was always a mellow, laid back child. The only thing is, there were always certain oddities that were noticed about him from early on. He loved bathing, swimming, and anything with water. He could stay under water longer than anyone he knew. As he began to enter puberty, though, things began to change. Water began to appear around him in random ways. Occasionally, there would be rain falling without a cloud in the sky, simply because he was upset. Or, the swimming pool would begin sloshing in waves like the ocean. He never could explain it, but he let it go, not letting it worry him.

Despite all of the easy going ways he was taught, certain things will have an impact on a teenager. His parents and he were driving out on a roadtrip. There was no real plan, just driving until they decided to come home. They figured it would be a few months. After about two weeks on the road, something happened. The car they were driving crashed. Both of his parents and himself were killed instantly. However, Drew woke up the next morning, in the hospital. His eyes were open, but he couldn't bring himself to speak. His body was covered in a six-inch shield of water. It would not leave, no matter what people did to him. When anyone came near, the water would lash out, trying to shove them away. He sat in the hospital for a week. Where his nourishment came from, nobody could tell. After a week, he stood up and walked out of the hospital, letting the water take him where it would. Eventually, it led him to a misty island off the coast of New York. One of the small islands that doesn't have a name. However, it did have a few things that he could make use of.

However, his presence was alerted to Xaviers by one of the hospital staff where he was held for a while. It's possible they may have found a way to track him, but for the moment, he's living on the island and coming into the city to get what he needs. He has no problem with taking what he needs if he really needs it, and right now, that's all he has.



February 03 Drew and Kaden go to pull Ethan back to their home. Leaving
February 05 Drew talks a bit to Ethan and Kaden. Tells them he found a job. Warm Comforts
February 10 Drew talks to Xane about future plans. Heart of Water


  • "Here, wanna take a puff? Might help ya relax."


  • Drew grows his own stash of marijuana. What he grows is his parents' secret blend.
  • Drew actually has quite a green thumb.
  • Drew and Dmitri are the more stable of the elements, much more able to deal with basic day to day living problems.


Being the living Spirit of Water, Drew's powers are all directly linked to water. He can control water in any of it's states, (either water, steam, or ice), however he cannot change it from one form to water into ice or water into Steam. He can (depending on temperatures) convert either to water. He can control up to 100,000 cubic feet of water at one time (about the amount used for an olympic sized swimming pool). He can pull water from objects, as long as it exists there. In the desert, he will not have much water to use (thus being a major drawback to his powers.) He can manipulate how the water moves, and even use it as an attack, either for surrounding something, or as a physical blast about twice the strength of a firehose.


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