Drew "Texas Twister" Daniels
Drew "Tex" Daniels
Portrayed By Jeremy Renner
Gender Male
Date of Birth 11/13/76
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Texas Twister
Place of Birth Amarillo, TX
Current Location NYC
Occupation SHIELD Agent, Barnes Instructor
Known Relatives All deceased
Significant Other Victoria "Shooting Star" Starwin
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Aerokinesis, Wind Manipulation, Flight, Tornado Generation, Superhuman Reflexes and Resistance, Cowboy skills, SHIELD Training, Occult Knowledge
First Appearance Fantastic Four #177

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When you think of Texas, you think big, you think strong, you think hero! Well there is no greater hero from Texas, than the Texas Twister, himself. Heck, he is so proud of where he is from they he even incorporated the state into his codename. So now you will learn, the story of the Texas Twister.

Drew Daniels was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. His life was typical for a Texan youth. His parents raised him ona farm and he grew up wanting to be nothing more than a cowboy. His life wasn't so idyllic as that of his Western Heroes like Two-Gun Kid or Wyatt Earp. In the Wild West, robbing trains and banks was what made these men legendary. In this day and age, robbing a train or a bank will land you in jail! And the life of a cowboy is is not the most financially stable.

Drew's parents died when he was only 18 and he was unable to continue his education or afford to keep the farm. Finally becoming bankrupt, he was forced to give up the farm and worked menial jobs either at rodeos or on ranches. It was one day in a ranch in Waxahachie, where his life would forever change his life and bring him closer than ever to becoming the cowboy hero of his dreams.

Drew was working one day at ranch which happened to located nuclear power plant. There had been reports of a tornado a comin', but Drew had to finish his work if he was to get paid. Well, luck or stupidity, he stayed and was caught in the tornado and hurled into the nuclear power plant. Well, not knowing the science of what had happened to him, but the combination of the tornado and the nuclear power plant, he suddenly found himself in the center of the tornado and he was able to control it. Rejoicing with the power, he wanted to be sure he actually had powers. The accident at the nuclear power plant created a nuclear storm. Unsure of how he did, he was able to halt the tornado.

After spending some time, learning what exactly he could do. He could fly and travel via tornado with himself in the center, but he could also generate his own tornadoes without riding them and could halt any wind-based powers. With his abilities in tow, this cowboy went to New York City, where he thought he could make money using his powers. He responded to an ad posted by the Frightful Four. He happened into the room where the Wizard and his crew had captured the Fantastic Four, realizing that he would not get paid, he left the room wanting nothing more of the Frightful Four. The Fantastic Four eventually escaped, but it would not the last time, he would meet the Foursome. A short while after they disbanded, the Human Torch entered a cross-country race. Texas Twister sought him out and he put on a show for the audience, while taking on the Human Torch to a standstill.

It was at this point, that SHIELD actively recruited Drew Daniels. The Corporation, an evil group was actively recruited villains, so SHIELD countered recruiting heroes for the Super Agents program. Drew was recruited after he foiled a bank robbery. He was one of four members into the initial class of agents. With were Marvel Man (who would eventually become the Avenger and cosmic hero, Quasar), Blue Streak, and the Vamp. Texas Twister sparred with Capt. America and Falcon to gain admission into the program. Once in the program, it turned out that Blue Streak and the Vamp were double agents also spying for the Corporation. When Falcon had been captured, the Super Agents (tricked by Blue Streak) once again fought and were defeated by Capt. America. Once the deception had been proven, the group disbanded and Texas Twister found work on his own as a rodeo.

It was while working at the rodeo that Drew met the love of his life. Her name is Victoria Starwin, and she is the hottest most beautiful woman the grand state of Texas has to offer next to miss Anne Oakley herself. Victoria went by the name of Shooting Star as she was the best there was with a pistol. She and Drew became close. Very close. Eventually they became partners both professionally and romantically. It was during this time, that the two would meet another group of heroes who would become teammates and friends. Intercepting a call from Rick Jones to the Avengers, Texas Twister and Shooting Star arrived on the scene to assist in a battle against the Hulk. Also arriving was Firebird, Phantom Rider, and Red Wolf. The five heroes defeated the Corrupter who was originally behind these plan of events, it was then that the five heroes decided to form a group called The Rangers and they would come together from time to time to face threats in the American Southwest. It was during an adventure with The Rangers that the group were kidnapped along with most other heroes on Earth. They were all kidnapped as part of the Contest of Champions between Death and Grandmaster, while not an active part of the contest, Drew remembers the events as he and most of the heroes were helplessly trapped watching the events unfold before them. With the heroes victorious, he and the other heroes were returned to Earth.

The Rangers continued to have adventures. But it was also during this time, that Texas Twister had the worst time of his hero career. During this time, the villain, Master Pandemonium, had believed that one of his missing pieces of his soul was actually in the Ranger, Firebird. It was at this point, that he unleashed the demon Riglevio. The demon ended up possessing Shooting Star and tricked the Rangers into a confrontation with the West Coast Avengers. The Avengers realized that Shooting Star was possessed by a demon and held her captive at their compound. The demon had claimed to always have been Victoria and there never was a real Shooting Star. When this happened, the Twister left the Rangers. It turns out that Drew knew all along about the possession and what had really happened. Drew had been been losing his powers and when approached by Riglevio, he asked for his powers to return. Drew was given his powers, but when Riglevio returned to possess Drew, he begged him to take another's soul and that soul was Victoria's. After leaving the Rangers, Drew spent time studied the occult and learned how to free Victoria. He returned to the Avenger's compound and fought Hawkeye until he was able to reach Victoria. Upon reaching her, he declared his love for her and kissed her freeing her from the demon, but the demon now possessed him. It took the combat teamwork of Hawkeye and Shooting Star to defeat Riglevio and free Drew.

This point is up until the cutoff: Since those events, Victoria and Drew have split up. They still love each other, but Victoria cannot forgive him for allowing a demon to possess her. Drew has since returned to working for SHIELD, as an agent and is looking forward to becoming an instructor and mentor at Barnes Academy.


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Powers & More

Aerokinesis Overview:
Due to his barrage by nuclear particles during a tornado, Texas Twister has the aerokinetic ability to accelerate air molecules to high velocity, thereby creating a tornado-like mass of swirling wind around him. Although he usually creates the tornado with himself at the center, he can create tornadoes up to 100 feet (30 m) away from his body. He can control the size of the tornado at will and can create a tornado 200 feet (61 m) in diameter with outer winds moving at speeds up to 225 mph (362 km/h). Such a wind swirling about his body is capable of lifting him off the ground and supporting him in midair. He has superhuman reflexes, and various abilities enabling him to withstand the rigors of motion inside a tornado, such as denser skin to prevent unwanted heat loss, friction burns, and particle abrasions, enhanced eyesight, and a high degree of resistance to dizziness and motion sickness.

Wind Manipulation: Texas Twister is able to generate anywhere from small cool breezes to high velocity winds (max height and speeds listed in the overview). He can generate these around him with himself at the center or create them away from him around and towards others.

Flight: When generating a tornado with himself at the center, he is able to be lifted midair and move with the tornado in various directions at speeds of up to 225 mph. His body is able to withstand the rigors of traveling in such a capacity.

Tornado Generation: His main ability is to create high velocity winds to near tornado levels. They cease to exist when he is knocked out or not paying attention to them. The greater the height, speed, and dangerous, the more concentration is required. Also, he can cause naturally existing (or created by other sources) winds and tornadoes to cease. His ability to halt or stop tornadoes from other super beings depends on their or his level of expertise and experience and willpower. A tornado created by Thor or Storm, he would not be able to stop without causing extreme exertion and a massive battle of wills, which he would most likely lose. More inexperienced aerokinetics would probably fall to his experience of be knocked out after a tremendous battle of wills.

Superhuman Reflexes and Resistance: Due to the pressures caused by his wind powers, Drew's body has adjusted to the point, where he can move slightly superhuman levels when generating his powers and his body can withstand the rigors of massive tornadoes and so his skin had adjusted properly with density making him slightly superhumanly dense.

Cowboy skills: Texas Twister is a true cowboy or as much of a cowboy as one can be. He is an expert rodeo rider, lasso thrower, and sharpshooter. His skills have only increased by his various jobs working a s rodeo hand and performer and his sharpshooting skills have increased when he was romancing Shooting Star.

SHIELD Training: He has also undergone SHIELD unarmed combat training, due to his membership in the SHIELD Super Agents program and he received combat training from Falcon.

Occult Knowledge: Texas Twister left the Rangers for a brief period of time to research the occult to free Shooting Star form possession. While he is nowhere near the level of Dr. Strange, he understands enough to recognize when someone may be possessed and can offer novice level information on the occult. He CANNOT cast spells or anything supernatural. He just knows more than the average person.


  • He is a certified cowboy.
  • He let his girlfriend get possessed by a demon, so he could keep his powers.
  • His cowboy hat has never fallen off his head.
  • He is a Ranger


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