2010-09-04: Drinking Ages

Players: Cloud, July and Magneto

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Summary: Two Xavier's Institute meet outside a bar. An internationally infamous mutant inserts himself into the conversation. Insert punchline of your choice.

Date: Sept 4, 2010

Log Title: Drinking Ages

Rating: G

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

It's late saterday night in the area known as Mutant Town, other than the bar, all the busnesses have closed for the day and there isn't many people about, Cloud is only here because he's hopeing the hot barmaid is working tonight, he's dressed in dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt, black sneakers and a black hoodie with the hood up covering up his bleached blonde hair, he's whistling to himself as he walks though the town towards the bar.

July has been driving by on the way to her place, and decided to stop by the bar to drink something. She wasn't expecting to find anyone she knows, at all. She steps in, and finds Cloud. She blinks softly, before chuckling gently and deciding to approach her friend. "Hey Cloud?" the rubber brunette asks, smiling as she calls his attention.

Magneto watches the street from the roof of the new Genoshan embassy. His arms are crossed and his eyes narrowed, his attention skipping from pedestrian to car to the buildings all around. The past several weeks have been relatively quiet in this neighborhood, and he distrusts this, because he knows that Mutant Town is a target zone. But, for now, it remains quiet.

Down on the street, he sees first one, then a second face which he recognizes from the lists at the Xavier Institute. Indeed, and what are students doing here?

Cloud looks around then smiles when his name is called, "Hey July, long time no see", he changes course and walks over to meet July, "What brings you here?", he hasn't seen the ex-student in a while and didn't expect to see her here.

July shrugs softly, smiling, "Eh, nothing really. I just was driving by." she says, explaining her presence. "I was at a friend's, and the way back to the college dorms is faster if I drive through Mutant Town." She then glances at the bar, before looking back at Cloud, smiling. "And I decided to drink something before going my way. Want to join me?"

Magneto spreads his hands and 'reads' the magnetic lines of force in the area. The two students in front of the bar… yes, and everything around them appears to be normal. Both directions along the block, and to either side, still normal. Will this be that vanishingly rare species, the quiet evening? Perhaps… but not if he goes down there to greet the two. He thinks about that and smiles.

Cloud is about to follow July inside the bar when he gets the feeling he's being watched, he looks around the square but doesn't spot anyone, "Yeah sounds good, are you twenty one then?", he isn't of course but he got away with using his brothers ID here the other night.

July blinks, and then looks around as well, but for completely different reasons. "One minute. I soon will." she says, and she uses her power to grow a couple inches, and fill her body out in a more mature manner, going from her nineteen age to look like in the early twenties as she also elongates her hair. "There. Much better." she smirks, and pulls out her new ID. "Fake ID." she whispers, "Just in case." she winks.

Magneto leans both hands on the parapet of the embassy and watches the students below. July visibly changes, and he can see a certain tension in Cloud's stance. Why…? He does another sweep of the area, but not, still no problems on the horizon. So why are they both behaving oddly?

Then it occurs to him: this is the United States, and underage drinking is a bugaboo here. He doesn't mind a combination of youngsters and alcohol, so long as over-indulgence is avoided. But these two…

A wicked smile. He rises from the roof and falls silently through the air toward the bar, cloak billowing behind him.

Cloud grins when July changes, "Nice one", he pulls out his brother's ID and shows it to July, theres a few differences but it could be Cloud, "Still i didn't think you as one for bending the rules", as Magneto is falling silently, he has yet to notice him.

July giggles softly, "I'm old enough to drive, but not old enough to drink?" she says, shrugging, "Besides, if they don't ask me for an ID, I wouldn't be lying, would I?" she grins a bit, unaware of the approaching Magneto.

"In point of fact, yes, you would be lying, young miss, through omission if nothing else. Or do you think that the penalties you would incur upon yourselfand upon this establishmentwould be less if you were caught, having not confessed up front what you were doing?" Magneto lands with a great flounce of his cloak on the sidewalk in front of Nowhere. He is smiling a smile that is a little too pleased for the circumstances. "Good evening to you both."

Cloud laughs, "Good point", he jumps at the sound of Magneto's voice, he quickly turns to see who it is, "M..Magneto!", he gulps and takes a step backwards, even he knows you do not wanna mess with Magneto, not if you value your safety.

July grins to Cloud, but then she blinks and jumps a bit as Magneto makes his presence known, "Ah! You scared us!" she says, keeping her grounds, though. At the comment of breaking the law, she arches one eyebrow. "While I concede your point, Magneto, come on. I'm old enough to drive, but not to drink? It's like saying I am allowed to carry shotguns around, but not handguns." she chuckles softly. "Are you here to stop us?"

Magneto gathers his cloak on one arm and gives both students a nod of greeting. "Young Cloud. Miss July." He smiles as July faces off with him. "As I understand US gun regulations, you are allowed to carry a shotgun around, in some areas, at a far younger age than you would be allowed to carry a handgun. The difference is, as far as I can tell, that a shotgun is considered more of a tool, for hunting and for ridding farms and similar from vermin, whereas a handgun is a tool for killing other humans. Best leave that to adults, yes?"

Cloud watches in shock as July talks back to Magneto, what is she doing?!, he gives Magneto a nod in return without thinking, even without knowing who he is, the master of magnetism has a very intimidating presance, "W..why are you here?"

July nods to Magneto again and lightly bows to him, "Yes, to the adults. I just can't understand some regulations, which serve more as a hindrance than a help." she chuckles a bit. She glances to Cloud a bit, and chuckles, before looking again at Magneto. "What do we owe for your presence tonight, Magneto?" she asks, smiling.

Magneto gives July a considering stare. "Of course the regulations are a hindrance. That's the point." He turns to Cloud and smiles. "Why am I here? That is a question far more in keeping for me to ask you, young man. The Genoshan embassy is there." He points off down the block. "I trust I do not have to explain why I might choose to be near it. When I saw two Xavier's students on the street, and apparently about to enter an establishment neither of them is old enough to patronize, and therefore run the risk of getting the mutant proprietors and owners of said establishment in trouble with the authorities of this city, who would be only too ecstatic to have an excuse to close said establishment…" He lets his words trail off. "Indeed. What do you owe for my presence?"

Cloud's trouble dodging instinct kicks in, and he shows Magneto the ID, "See twenty one, am completely legal, you're not needed", theres no confidence to his voice, "What does he mean 'we owe'?", this is why his sister told him to stay on his leash.

July rolls her eyes for a moment, and then she sighs, and she seems to deflate, as, at the same time as she sighs, she reverts back to her stature and shape. "I figured." she shakes her head. "Regulations are a hindrance, yes, but the majority of them are to protect everyone." she then shrugs. The older man's last question goes unanswered.

Magneto's smile at Cloud broadens. He doesn't even look at the ID. "I'm sure that is a legal ID," he says. "But since I've read your school file… both of your school files," he gives July a glance and a flash of those white teeth, "I don't think it is legal enough." He gives both students a nod, as if they've agreed with the point. "It is a warm night, however. Are you both thirsty? Come. My treat." He smiles and leads the way to a local bodega which serves cool drinks… of a non-alcoholic variety.

July hmms softly at that, before just shrugging. She doesn't think that Magneto would try anything. "Sure. Why not?" she asks, nodding softly, "Where to?"

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